In the beginning…

by writeyeranezine


I am starting this “zine” or “blog” or whatever to express thoughts, opinions, reviews and general musings about the state of the DIY punk rock scene. I am mostly going to try and be positive and will be writing reviews of records and shows, with the occasional interview and/or profile of bands.

I’ve done this separately to Make-That-A-Take Records as I am writing all of this solo, as opposed to as part of the collective, and I wish to avoid the quagmire that can be the dreaded “conflict of interest”. I also wanted to keep it separate from my personal blog as that is mainly expressions of my own wallowing misery and self-indulgence.

The aim of this page is to talk about music in a way that doesn’t involve clogging up timelines of social networks or whatever. Any and all opinions expressed on this page will be mine and mine alone. I understand that the email address attached to this account is that of MTAT, but that’s purely functional insofar as all of my other email addresses are already accounted for. If anyone cares to discuss these musings with me, either positively or negatively, then please feel free do to so.

I shall post my first review later this afternoon.