Count Your Bruises

by writeyeranezine

The Flatliners fucking ruled last night.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to conduct my interview as scheduled with Chris as there was serious traffic on the way to Glasgow due to all the flooding. However, I spoke to Chris after the set and, being the lovely fella that he is, he suggested that we do the interview by email instead. So that’s exactly what we’re going to do. He assured me that he’ll get it back to me in a timely fashion once they are home, so I should have it up here soon.

The show itself was fucking rad. As I said, we got there later than we had hoped due to traffic so we loaded our gear in around 10 minutes before Yeah Detroit started. They played a tight set of melodic pop-punk. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to film them as my camera was playing up, so I spent my time trying to fix it. This was their last show for a while as they are looking for a new guitarist, but they were good fun and seemed to be enjoying themselves. Hopefully they’ll be back on the scene before too long. If you haven’t checked them out before, do so!

We roasters in UNIFORMS were up next. We had some drum mic issues early on and at some point during our first song, Luke broke his hi-hat cymbal. Jonny tried to fix it but I suspect he ended up making matters worse! Valiant effort though. As such, I played a song by myself and had some banter with the crowd while the rest of the guys tried to get things sorted. Eventually they did so and we cracked on with a slightly slimmed down set. The sound on stage wasn’t great and I had trouble hearing Jamie’s guitar, but all in all I think we pulled it off. It was also hotter than the bowels of hell in Audio and I think I lost a couple of pounds.

The Flatliners were incredible and seemed so much more up for it than when we played with them in Wales in July. They picked a better setlist in my opinion also and the fact that the crowd was going absolutely bonkers for their first Scottish show in 3 years probably contributed to a massively entertaining set. Some lad got up on stage at one point and invited his girlfriend up. He then proposed marriage and she accepted. While I appreciate the gesture, it’s certainly not the kind of thing that I would do, but fair play to them. I found it somewhat amusing that the band then proceeded to blast into “Eulogy”, perhaps not the most romantic of songs! The crowd was going nuts and there was loads of energy in the room, which all amounted to a great show.

Massive kudos must go to Boab at Punk Rock Rammy, Bruce at Firestorm and the guys at Daily Dischord for putting on a great show. Thanks a lot for having us too!

Here’s a good chunk of The Flatliners. Hopefully they won’t leave it so long until they come back next time.