Drug Couple

by writeyeranezine

I was in Dundee the other day attending Dundee Together, a show of solidarity against the Scottish Defence League who were coming to town on the anniversary of the Nazi invasion of Poland. Tasteful, I’m sure you’ll agree. As it happens, around 40 of them showed up and were contained by police just beside the Overgate in Dundee, with around 250/270 odd anti-fascist protesters facing them off. There wasn’t really much to it and the SDL were an embarrassment to both themselves and sound-thinking individuals. Kudos to the police also, many of whom appeared bemused by the whole affair.

Before I went home, I stopped by Beat Generator Live very briefly to catch Drug Couple play their first show for a few months at the album launch of Excellent Cadaver. They were the only band that I saw as I had evening plans, but they were most entertaining, as always. Here’s the lion’s share of their set.

The key exchange contained within may be “Stop smoking crack!”, “we will when he gives us our wine back”. Check out their EP here.