BYAF VI – The Comp (Part One)

by writeyeranezine

Make-That-A-Take have just uploaded Part One of the BOOK YER ANE FEST VI compilation to their bandcamp page. We made a compilation last year and it seemed to go down quite well, so we’ve decided to do it again this year.

Click the image above to download now!

There will be a £1 minimum donation for the download, although please feel free to donate as much as you wish! All money will go to Safe-Tay and the causes that they support. This year, we’re helping to raise money for a lifeboat to assist Tayside Mountain/Water Rescue.

The comp features 18 tracks from a range of bands and artists appearing live in Dundee over the weekend of Friday 30th November through Sunday 2nd December.

Part Two of the compilation will be coming in the next couple of weeks. Please take the time to check out the bands and the causes. Hopefully we’ll see lots of people at BYAF VI itself too.

The tracklisting is thus;

1. The Murderburgers – “Unemployment, Here I Come”

2. Wonk Unit – “Donkey”

3. The Kimberly Steaks – “Terminal Boredom”

4. UNIFORMS – “This Is Not A Joke”

5. Question The Mark – “Tonight We’re Going To Give It 80%”

6. Glass Avalanche – “Bloodshot Eyes”

7. FUCK! (It’s Pronounced Shit!) – “You’ve Not Lived Until You’ve Nearly Died, Baby!”

8. Cleavers – “My Headstone Caves Into Yours” *Exclusive*

9. Clocked Out – “Five & Counting” *Exclusive*

10. The Jackhammers – “Ugly As Sin”

11. Fat Goth – “One Night In Kevin”

12. Crusades – “Harlequin”

13. Prelude To The Hunt – “Black Moon”

14. Sunset Squad – “Grinning Through Bared Teeth”

15. Bonehouse – “Minnesota”

16. Vasa – “Cynthia”

17. The Barents Sea – “Greetings From The Devil’s Playground”

18. Algernon Doll – “Cut-Throat Kid”