BOOK YER ANE FEST VI – Finished Line-Up (as it stands!)

by writeyeranezine

My heid is burst but this is pretty much the existential craic with BYAF VI. A shitload of effort from a shitload of people goes into making this shit happen. However, if there’s any beef with the line-up, I’m pretty much exclusively to blame, by virtue of nagging everyone else in the MTAT collective into it (in some cases..LOLZ). Err, please buy an earlybird ticket (only £15 before Halloween for a weekend ticket or £20 thereafter) and come to the shows. They’ll be moich. Your attendance will be appreciated. Thank you to all the bands and everyone involved. Please enjoy your Red Stripe responsibly otherwise 6 weeks from now you’ll be hitting a whitey on Castle Street before your last bus/train/taxi/stumble/blackout.

Make-That-A-Take proudly presents…


3 days of punk/hardcore/emo goodness to benefit Safe-Tay (

After the resounding success of last year’s event, we hope that you will support us in making this the biggest and best BYAF yet.

(Bands not in order of appearance; day splits coming soon!)


Scottish anti-fascist anarcho-punk/progressive street crust legends return to Dundee for the first time in nearly a decade to headline the Friday night of BYAF VI with a Scottish exclusive winter show. One of the most active and influential political punk rock bands in history, it is truly an honour for MTAT to host one of the most important bands of all time. Coming on like Crass meets Motorhead, Oi Polloi have toured the world many times over and continue to rage, fight, scream and kick against the pricks. With their new record “Duisg!” out soon on Plastic Bomb/Active Rebellion, this is sure to a very special occasion indeed.


After missing out last year, we are very pleased to welcome Scotland’s most handsome and hard-working pop-punk band back to BYAF. 2012 has been an incredible year for them having released their new LP “How To Ruin Your Life” through Monster Zero/All In Vinyl, toured Europe with The Copyrights and a undergone a massive US tour with Dear Landlord. This should be one hell of an end of year party!


Swansea’s finest hard-grafting punk rock’n’rollers return to Dundee after their riotous set as Friday night headliners at BYAF V. These guys have had another busy year including a west coast US tour alongside Dead To Me and Broadway Calls and this will be one of only a handful of UK dates after they return for their east coast US tour with Static Radio NJ and Luther, which will see them playing The Fest in Gainesville for the third year running. These guys will be a blast, as always.


Blackened metallic hardcore madness from the Granite City of Aberdeen bringing their unique brand of bleak sludgy hardcore to a MTAT show for the very first time. Their “First Rites” EP has gained these heavyweights a lot of well-deserved acclaim and seen them grace the cover-mount CD of Metal Hammer, who dubbed them “Metal gods”. That tells you about everything you need to know. Think Converge/Black Sabbath/Black Flag/Eyehategod and you’re in the ballpark.


Hearty anthemic melodic bangers from one of the UK’s most beloved punk rock bands playing their first Scottish show since way back at BYAF III. The Cut Ups from Exeter play passionate punk straight from the heart, like a mix of The Bouncing Souls/Billy Bragg/Against Me, and are committed to pacifism, love and justice. Their third full-length record is released on September 24th through Household Name Records. This will be a treat.


Intense screamo/punk jamz from one of Scotland’s hardest working DIY bands. Formed in Aberdeen at the tail end of 2010, they have released three split records, an EP and a tape, as well as undertaking two UK and one European tour. Their new 12″ EP “Coping” is a touch of class and is available now through Dog Knights Productions and a host of other labels. Mixing equal parts melodic hardcore and Euroskramz, these guys play cathartic, throat-shredding punk rock.


London-based melodic punk rock lunatics Wonk Unit return to Dundee for the first time in over 18 months and will be bringing their brand new record “Muffy” with them. With a band that often-times features Duncan Redmonds of punk legends Snuff, it’s highly likely that things are going to get weird. The Wonk have built a cult-like following over the past few years and it’s our pleasure to host them on the first night of BYAF. Expect mayhem as standard and melodic yet miserable bangers.


Bonkers noisy spit-in-your-face lo-fi garage punk two-piece from Kent on Girl Fight Records and road touring with Wonk Unit. Alex Wonk Unit reckon the new Slaves record is one of the best he’s heard in over 20 years involved in the DIY punk scene, so that’s hearty recommendation enough for me. Expect a combination of comedy, aggro, noise and choice cuts from their 21 minute album “Sugar Coated Bitter Truth”.


Morayshire’s finest exponents on balls-to-the-wall lo-fi hardcore punk rock’n’roll round out a spectacular year by playing their first ever Dundee show. Having charmed the BBC and national press, playing festivals such as GoNorth and Wickerman, and taken their maniacal brand of rock’n’roll all over Europe, we’re very pleased to finally get Cleavers down to BYAF. Think Black Flag/Jay Reatard/Fucked Up with a delectable northern soul/insanity.


Glasgow’s finest purveyors of hardcore thrash punk rock’n’roll make a welcome return to Dundee after destroying Kage at BYAF V. One of the hardest working and hardest rocking bands around, these troops are the legit real deal and will leave the skin peeling off of your collective faces. As well as rocking like demons, they are also super-nice guys and play a massive role in the Scottish DIY scene. It is absolutely our pleasure to have them back at BYAF.


Fast as fuck super-cynical full-blast melodic hardcore punk rock all about mental breakdowns from Fraser of The Murderburgers. The band have just released their second EP “Still I Cling…” and it clocks in at just a shade over 7 minutes of awesomeness. They’ve only played live a couple of times and it’ll be a treat to have them open proceedings at Book Yer Ane Fest VI.


We are very pleased to welcome Glasgow’s most furious four-piece riff machine Crusades to Dundee for the very first time at BYAF VI. The band have just released their debut EP “Golden Throats” to great critical acclaim through Glasgow’s Overlook Records and have been whipping up a storm across the country. Insane riffage and devastating dual vocals in an At The Drive-In/Converge/The Ghost Of A Thousand style. Post-hardcore but not as we know it.


Absolutely insane hardcore “riot-step” punk rock madness from the minds behind My Own Religion and Pangea, this is hard-hitting political punk rock like you’ve never heard before, mixing ska inflections, hard-hitting lyrics, hardcore urgency and disgusting techno beats. Think Leftover Crack meets Mad Capsule Markets at an underground Berlin rave club. Guaranteed to be bonkers in every way.


One of the greatest screamo/hxc bands in the world keep up their 100% record of playing every single BYAF and return to destroy everything in their path and leave a roomful of jaws on the floor. Their second full-length is nearing completion so expect to hear some new jamz (hopefully) mixed in with some classics. If you have ears, you most likely already love Kaddish. Essential stuff.


Fast and gobby sing-a-long melodic 90s pop-punk worship from the west coast come back to Dundee to play their first ever BYAF. Armed with a new EP and a bucketful of “woahs”, the Steaks will likely blast through 10 songs in around 18 minutes and leave you with a lingering sense of J Church/Osker/Fifteen-esque pop-punk nostalgia. One of the most under-rated bands treading the boards for sure!


None-more-gruff melodic gravel-core beardy punk rockers from Bridgend, South Wales wrap up their European Tour by playing their first ever BYAF. Having just released their latest EP “Smoke Signals” through Team Beard Records, these guys will be visiting Scotland for the second time this year to party with us. Expect grizzled punk rock anthems along the lines of HWM/Samiam/Banner Pilot/The Flatliners.


Full-blast rocking melodic punk rock miserablists from Middlesbrough come to Scotland for the first time to play BYAF and bring with them their brand of driving sing-a-long punk, like a mash-up of NOFX, Smoke Or Fire and Strike Anywhere if they’d put out record on Fueled By Ramen at some point during the early 2000s. Lyrically angsty, melodically inclined and full of rock, these guys should be mad deece.


Tayside’s finest full-blast pissed-off technical hardcore punk rock stompers return to BYAF for what is going to be their first show in almost a year. These guys played a corrosive modern hardcore like Verse/Have Heart/MLIW meets the speedy technical punk chops of the likes of A Wilhelm Scream/Strung Out/Propagandhi. A welcome return to the scene for sure from these heavyweights.


Absolutely incredible balls-to-the-wall insane RAWK’N’ROLL madness from the alumnus of some of Dundee’s finest alt-rock bands return to BYAF to melt faces with a hefty dose of meaty riffage and beasting tunes. Fresh off a live session on the BBC with Vic Galloway and with their new album “Stud” in the bag, these guys will be bringing the rukus in a Jesus Lizard/Melvins/QOTSA style. I expect people will get excited, you should be too.


Epic swirling introspective lo-fi acoustic pop soundscapes from Glasgow based singer/songwriter Ewan Grant returns to BYAF after wowing the hungover Sunday crowd last year, armed with his debut LP “Camomile” freshly released on vinyl from Newtown Products. Capping off a very productive year, Ewan will bring his passionate blend of Elliot Smith-esque pop and post-rock atmospherics to Non-Zeros to ease tired minds and souls. The perfect Sunday tonic.


Dundee’s finest emo/indie/punk band cap off a successful year that has seen them release their critically acclaimed EP (soon to be released on 7″), record for a split with fellow heavyweights Kaddish and complete a two week completely DIY tour of clubs, houses and basements throughout the UK. Mixing the best of 90s Jade Tree emo/punk and early 00s Euroskramz madness, expect enchanting guitars, rock solid drums and multi-layered vocals invoking mass sing-a-longs and catharsis.


Full-blast ramshackle doom-punk merchants return with their finely honed 30 minutes of complete misery to wrap up what has been a very busy year, including the release of the “Spectacular Terry Butcher” EP, a UK tour with Cobra Skulls and three weeks spent on the west coast of the USA with Loaded .45. At just one year old, things have been moving pretty fast for these MTAT collective members who are looking forward to a weekend-long party!


Scotland’s finest acoustic punk rock poet brings his fiery brand of storytelling back to BYAF at his first Dundee show since supporting Franz Nicolay back in August. Billy has had another incredible year of touring Europe and playing all over the country at the likes of Rebellion, Strummercamp and Strummer Of Love festivals. Expect plenty of sing-a-long classics mixed with tales of woe, love, life, loss and redemption performed with passion in a way only Billy can.


Long-running project from the ever-charming Grant George returns to BYAF for their first east coast show with their brand new line-up, featuring members of Avast! and This Is Geneva. With a new line-up and renewed focus, Grant will be leading his men through huge choruses and sing-a-longs, introspective yet uplifting stories and a fistful of soulful indie rock bangers full of small-town blues.


Glasgow’s merchants of epic, swirling post-rock soundscapes on Overlook Records bring their unique brand of art-school rock to Dundee for the very first time. The band have just released their digital single “Cynthia” for free download, which will be followed by an EP on Overlook in mid-December. One of the newest bands of the BYAF, Vasa will mesmerise and confound. Think Mogwai/Explosions In The Sky/Sigur Ros.


Classic seminal snotty old school punk rock’n’roll mentalists from Glasgow return to Dundee to play BYAF for the first time on the Friday night. These guys play 70s style punk with the stereotypical “fuck you” attitude, but bring with them a bucketful of tunes and lashings of sardonic sarcastic humour. Just don’t compare them to the Sex Pistols. Think FEAR/Zeke/The Supersuckers and you’re in the (Satanic) parish.


One of Scotland’s longest-running and hardest-working ska-punk bands, The Hostiles will bring their well-honed live show, infectious melodies and sing-a-long horn-infested reggae-fuelled ska vibes to BYAF for the first time. Having spent the summer touring with Reel Big Fish and releasing their new “Late Nights and Early Hours” EP, these guys are tighter than ever. Expect a skanking good time to shake off your Friday night hangover!


One of Glasgow’s finest and most consistent of exports, Citizens will return to BYAF to bring us their unpredictable and chaotic brand of jazz-fuelled noisy lo-fi influenced hardcore madness. One of the most hard-working bands on the scene, these guys have toured Europe and the UK relentlessly and bring the kind of taut and tight precision that can’t be faked and can only be honed by playing together almost every single night. They’ve just self-released their “CTZNS” full-length in follow up to 2010’s EP on Art For Blind. Do not miss.


We are stoked that we shall be bringing young Edinburgh punks The Walking Targets up for their first ever Dundee show opening the Sunday at Non-Zero’s. Think a youthful Iron Chic/Red City Radio/Banner Pilot and you’ll be there or thereabouts. It’s awesome to hear younger punks getting into the same jaded, cynical sounds that we spend our lives spending lots of money on the records of! Thanks to Walk The Plank Promotions for the heads-up!


These Kirkcaldy based rap/metal/hxc mentalists way well have an identity crisis and questionable morals with regards making fat cash when it comes to video games, but there’s no denying that they are arguably the most rukus band to every come out of the Kingdom of Fife, and that is really saying something! These troops are absolutely guaranteed to bring the mayhem and tasteless banter, but they’re equally guaranteed to bring the mosh and leave you with a goonish grin on your face.


Tayside’s most feared collective of Crowley-esque noise merchants bring their unsociable and exhilarating brand of hardcore/powerviolence/punk to BYAF for the very first time to confound and confuse in equal measure. Rest assured, there is no other live experience quite like these gentlemen. With an EP and shows with the likes of Full Of Hell and a tour with Sufferinfuck in the bag, this is the hangover cure you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy, in the best way possible.


The last band (maybe? really? hmm, don’t trust you anymore, eh?) to be announced for Non-Zero’s on the Sunday of BYAF VI is The Won Over, a four-piece indie rock band from Dundee creating majestic, slow-burning anthems to melt your heart featuring alumni of many of our city’s finest. A true and genuine treat.



You may know Turtle Lamone as Raph, proprietor of Edinburgh’s finest DIY institute Walk The Plank Promotions. You may also know Raph as the erstwhile soulful frontman of much-missed gravelpunks The Stay Gones. Soon, with any justice, you’ll know Raph for the achingly beautiful piano-led soul-punk he write under his pseudonym. We’re stoked to have him playing Non-Zero’s on the Sunday of BYAF VI.


Seasoned veteran, We Came From Wolves drummer, former PMX frontman and all-round musical machine returns to play the acoustic stage at Non-Zero’s. Having spent more than half his life playing in bands, John crafts thoughtful, technically superb, passionate songs with a bellyful of fire in the stripped down and reflective vein of City and Colour/Dustin Kensrue/Frank Turner.


We are very, very excited to be hosting the first ever live show from our good friend Little Anchors. LA is Ross Middlemiss, former Pensioner, engineer/producer for the likes of Kaddish and Carson Wells, and all round super-talented gentleman. It was very much our privilege to host his first show on the Sunday of BYAF VI.


we’d like to welcome Mark McCabe to his first BOOK YER ANE FEST after what seems like a very long wait. Mark is currently on tour with the guys in Antillectual and is making his way down to Gainesville where he’ll play at THE FEST. We are more than a little jealous that he’s there and we’re not, but we’re stoked on having him at Non-Zero’s in Deeeeeeeeeeecember.


DIY punk rock lifer, man of the massive ginger beard, all-star cowpunk bleakster Andy Chainsaw comes back to BYAF armed with his battered acoustic guitar and some of the finest gravelled tales of punk rock joy ye could possibly hope to hear, along with a big dose of love and some amazing song titles. One of the best dudes.


A cowpunk at heart from the small town of Alyth, Kevin Thomson is an accomplished singer/songwriter who has spent the last year exploring Canada and the north-western USA. Having played in bands for years, his true voice is found with his acoustic. This is his first show being home and is bound to be emotional!


Gone Wishing is the solo project of GW! of Bonehouse / The Won Over / The Fall Of Boss Koala infamy and is a slice of melancholic lo-fi acoustic goodness who will be playing one of his first ever solo shows at BYAF VI. Owen is an exceptional talent and seeing him play with his soul bared will be an experience for all involved. Definitely not to be missed.


Davey Nolan is a gentleman, a journeyman and a treasure. He’ll be at BYAF VI to serenade us with this heart-wrenchingly honest acoustic-led tales much like “the John Martyn of punk rock”, according to Chris T-T. A more apt description one could not possibly apply. Last seen in Dundee supporting Franz Nicolay back in August.



Scottish radio legend and champion of DIY/underground music Vic Galloway will be our special guest DJ on the Friday night of BYAF. Playing a mix of 50/60s rock’n’roll, 70s punk, 80s hardcore 90s grunge/alt and a whole lot of classics!

Friday 30th November / Saturday 1st December 2012

@ Kage Nightclub, St. Andrews Lane, Dundee

Sunday 2nd December 2012

Bitter North Make-That-A-Take Recordsn-Zero’s (formerly Dexter’s), Castle Street, Dundee





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