by writeyeranezine


Okay, I confess; this isn’t a blog about International Workers’ Day or global anti-capitalist action, although I do stand firmly in solidarity with the workers of the world; “there is the elite and the dispossessed”.

I myself have some time off work without obligation for what feels the first time in years and I thought it prudent to catch up with all matters Make-That-A-Take. We’ve got some big plans for across the summer and things are busier than they have ever been. The Uniforms / Loaded 45 split 7″ inches are on their way to us and will be assembled and posted out as soon as possible to those who have pre-ordered, likely within the next couple of weeks. This is the first time that we’ve ventured into the world of vinyl and we’re pretty excited about it. Maybe we should throw a release party or something? Who knows. Regardless, you can pre-order the record at the Make-That-A-Take bandcamp page and it comes with instant digital download. There are also a limited batch of record/shirt deals, so go grab one of them if that’s your bag. Thanks to DyingScene and For The Love Of Punk for all their support. I’ve still got some download codes left so if anyone wants one for review/zine/podcast/radio/whatever purposes, please drop me an email.

Talking of first ventures, we are involved in putting on our first ever Edinburgh show next week in collaboration with Billy Liar and Forest Records. It’s our pleasure to put on Fist City, an oddball punk rock band from Alberta, Canada. They’ll be joined by equal oddities Cleavers, The Kimberly Steaks and FUCK! (It’s Pronounced Shit!) at The Banshee Labyrinth and is sure to be a bit of a special treat. Huge thanks to Drunken Sailor Records and Billy for getting this sorted out. Get the full details here.

fist city edinburgh

Talking of Edinburgh, we have also moved The Cut Ups‘ show from Dundee to the capital on Thursday 1st August as there was a gig clash with a Rusty Hip CollectiveGW show at Kage featuring the wonderful Football Etc, Plaids, Bonehouse, Carson Wells and The Sinking Feeling, so to avoid any split, we’ll be hosting them at The Banshee once again. It’s been almost four years since The Cut Ups played in Edinburgh, playing at The Wee Red Bar with Joey Terrifying, Dick Dangerous and The Love Bastards and Billy Liar way back before Book Yer Ane Fest III. This time around they’ll be joined by us roasters in Uniforms, The Kimberly Steaks and the guys from The Walking Targets. Those dudes were on The Punk Show on Air3 Radio with Samarth Kanal and recorded some live acoustic stuff that you can download here. Talking of which, Uniforms and Loaded 45 did the same thing when we popped in before the Stirling show of tour and you can download the sounds of nine idiots pissing themselves laughing here.

ghost mice dundee 2013

Back on the home front, we’ll be hosting our first acoustic show of the summer at Cerberus Bar, Dundee on Monday 24th June and we are very excited to welcome Ghost Mice from Bloomington, Indiana back for the first time since their tour with Paul Baribeau way back in 2007. That night we hosted a little acoustic punk rock party in the basement of Drouthy Neebors that was opened by Kevin Thomson, who will also be playing this return leg with his new folk-punk two-piece Broken Stories. Kev and Gillian have released a little gem of an EP which you can download here. They’ll be joined by the ever-loquacious Billy Liar, the piano-punk balladry of Turtle Lamone and a first MTAT show from Glasgow based ukulele-wielding singer-songwriter Nyla. It’s been a while since we’ve hosted a show like this one and it’ll be a donations on the door deal. It’d be great if you kind people could come and join us for what’s sure to be in interesting night with the Plan-It-X guys. You should definitely check out Chris Clavin’s book “Free Pizza For Life” book; a heart-wrenching tale of love, friendship and DIY punk.

We shall also be putting on a Dundee show as part of The Lemonaids/Kimberly Steaks tour and it will be a free show at Kage on Saturday 8th June. We’ll have full details of that bad boy in the next week or so. Beyond that, we’ll be hosting Break-Ups from south England alongside the mighty Sink Alaska and others on Friday 19th July then we’ll be welcoming German post-hardcore troops Casually Dressed on Friday 9th August. We’ve also got some incredible shows to announce for later in the summer but I am forbidden from spilling the beans about any of them at this point in time. I will, however, advise that you mark Saturday 28th September in your diaries as we will be playing host to a cheeky little half-day “mini-fest” of sorts at Kage. This is a show that we are all sorts of excited about. You may also wish to pencil in both the fourth and twenty-sixth of October, and maybe the days after too. Just saying!

Then it’ll be time for Book Yer Ane Fest VII, running this year from Friday 29th November through Sunday 1st December. There will also more than likely be a pre-BYAF show of some description on the Thursday night beforehand. We’re having a big MTAT meeting tomorrow night so I may be able to shed a little more light on what special treats we have planned after then. It seems that this year is going to feature the most travelling bands that we’ve ever hosted so will be on the hunt for volunteers who would be keen to help us out with things over the weekend, such as accommodating/feeding bands, acting as guides, etc, in exchange for a free weekend pass and other cool shit. If this sounds like it may be your cup of tea, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Running a three-day event can be a total ballache so any help that may be out there is certainly appreciated.

Finally on the MTAT front, we are going to be releasing Make Yer Ane Comp for download this summer. If any bands would like to get involved, please get in touch. We’ll be making a limited run of physical CDs too and we are now currently taking submissions (I just felt like a total roaster typing that, but I’ll leave it in for authenticity’s sake).

This month also marks two years since our Bandcamp page went live. We currently have 33 releases available for streaming and download, many of them for free/pay-what-you-want download and the rest of them for super-cheap. We’ve had an incredible number of plays/downloads and the donations that people have made (and continue to make) really are incredible. It truly makes me personally feel like we must be doing something right and it gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling in my tummy (lolz). Seriously though, the worldwide DIY punk community is inspiring to me. Like I wrote in my guest Pet Piranha blog, the DIY community really is based upon friendship. All of this would be pointless pissing in the wind if there weren’t people out there who share your passions and/or visions. It’s nice to feel you’re not alone!

There are some fucking great records up there if I do say so myself, including all four in the MYAC series and all the BYAF comps. Thank you again to everyone who continues to support what we do. There’s a merch store up there too for all your boutique cowpunk needs and you’ll also find some distro shit up there. We’ll get around to uploading the CD catalogue very shortly, I promise. If any bands/labels out there want involved in our distro or if you’d like us to carry anything (zines, etc), please get in touch with us.

Right, I’ve rambled on for quite long enough for today. I’ve been procrastinating, drinking coffee, doing housework, listening to records and doing various “paperwork” tasks for hours and I still haven’t made it out to the Post Office to send the latest batch of merch out. I’ve been massively distracted due to listening to “The Ballad Of Tony Montana”, the new 25 minute punk rock masterpiece from PMX which is not only the first material that they’ve released since 2004’s “Rise and Shine”, but it may also be the longest punk rock song/rock opera of all-time, outrunning everything from “The Decline” to Crass to Fucked Up. That in itself is some achievement; the fact that it’s mind-bogglingly tech and ambitious as fuck and pulled off with maximum aplomb is quite another. Now I just need to talk them into doing that shit live at BYAF VII! Go download it now, it’s essential listening.