Boots On The Ground Benefit Comp

by writeyeranezine


Make-That-A-Take Records released a special live acoustic punk compilation yesterday to benefit Boots On The Ground, an international non-profit humanitarian aid and charitable organisation dedicated to providing in-field emergency and primary medical care in under-served areas and conflict zones throughout the world. Boots On The Ground was formed by James Clark, who became friends with our own Barry “The” Kydd whilst he was in Dundee and they have remained close friends since. Barry is a keen supporter of BOTG and when news of the tornadoes in Oklahoma broke, we felt it prudent to try to do what we could to help out our friends, no matter how little.

We put this comp together with the help of Samarth Kanal, presenter of The Punk Show; Anarchy in the Air3 Radio Show at the University of Stirling. Samarth has been a great supporter of the Scottish DIY punk scene and had a series of bands drop by the studio across the year. All tracks were broadcast live from the Air3 Radio studios at the historic Airthrey Castle on the grounds of Stirling University (a uni I attended myself). We are delighted to have them together for the first time. Massive thanks are due to The Murderburgers, The Lemonaids, Slackerville, Loaded 45 and The Walking Targets for letting us put their songs on the comp also. There are a couple of Uniforms songs on there too. The artwork was kindly donated by the wonderful WOLF MASK, so again, many thanks to all involved.

We’ve put a minimum £2 donation on the download but please feel free to donate more if you can/feel inclined. Boots On The Ground are currently on the scene in Moore, OK providing emergency relief assistance. 100% of donations taken will go directly to BOTG and directly to those indeed of help.

The Murderburgers – “You’ll Have No Fun Without Me”

The Walking Targets – “Fault Lines”

Loaded 45 – “Joe”

Slackerville – “Another Reason”

Uniforms – “Not Tonight”

The Lemonaids – “I Can’t Surf (Without You)”

The Murderburgers – “My Head Is Fucked Again”

The Walking Targets – “Here’s To The Thoughts We Hold”

Loaded 45 – “Making Enemies Not Memories”

Slackerville – “Red Or Golden”

The Lemonaids – “Summertime’s Up”

Uniforms – “Schoolboy Errors”

The Walking Targets – “Jack of All Trades” (HWM cover)

The Murderburgers – “It’s Over Already”

The download also comes with a document written by Samarth about his experiences with the bands as well as artwork. Please check out the Boots On The Ground website  and support the vital work that they undertake.

All donations for digital downloads for the MTAT bandcamp page will be going to BotG this week too, so if you are downloading, please make a contribution if you can. There’s also a sale of sorts going on at the MTAT merch page as not only will every order come with the usual cool free shit, you’ll also get a FREE MYSTERY CD from the our distro for this weekend only!

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!