The Kimberly Steaks / The Lemonaids UK Tour

by writeyeranezine

kimberly steaks tour poster

The Kimberly Steaks and The Lemonaids, two of Scotland’s premier league pop-punk bands, will be heading out on a quick tour around the UK next week, starting in London on Wednesday before making their way to Cardiff, Leeds, Dundee then wrapping things up in Glasgow next Sunday. If you can make it out to one of these shows, then I’d strongly suggest that you do so.

The Kimberly Steaks are one of the best punk bands in the country and are, to my mind at least, criminally under-rated. They play lightening quick moody 90s Gilman Street melodic punk rock of the highest calibre, falling somewhere between the likes of Fifteen, Scared Of Chaka and Jawbreaker. If short, punchy stabs of bittersweet punk rock is your bag, then you’ve definitely got to make a point of checking out the Steaks. Last year’s “Terminal Boredom” EP was one of the best of 2012, gaining critical acclaim across the board, even managing to raise a smile from some of those hard-to-please critics at They’ve also got a split incoming with the mighty Cleavers that MTAT will have a hand in releasing. Exciting stuff for sure so make sure and check these roasters out.

It seems that summer was made for The Lemonaids. They are a four-piece surf-influenced super-sweet sugary melodic pop-punk rock’n’roll band that sound like they’d be more at home on the beaches and boardwalks of the American West rather than the drizzle-soaked bleakness of Glasgow. Coming across like Screeching Weasel taking on back catalogue of The Beach Boys, The Lemonaids posses a Ramones-like infectiousness that is impossible to ignore. Last year’s “Drop In, Wipe Out” album was produced by Boab at Punk Rock Rammy and is crammed full of harmony-laden pop-punk sweetness.

The Dundee show is on Saturday 8th June and will be the first show in the newly-refurbished Kage Nightclub. The Steaks and Lemonaids will be joined by Edinburgh hardcore punks Spat, who pay their first visit to a MTAT show at what is a rare performance outside the capital as their band members are spread all throughout the UK. Spat play vicious political-fuelled noisy hardcore along the lines of DRI, Discharge and Dead Kennedys and will bring us a refreshing blast of brutality.

Rounding off the bill are moody Dundee pop-punks Panicbyflare who also play their first ever MTAT show. These guys have been gigging around Scotland for a while now and we’re stoked to have another local punk rock band on board. These guys play modern melodic punk akin to the likes of Rise Against and Alkaline Trio put through the Drive-Thru Records blender. Pretty much exactly Jonny Domino’s cut of tea.

steaks lemonaids show

The show is also free because we love you. We hope to see plenty of smiling faces there for our first show in what feels like forever, but is most likely just a month or two. Heaps of shows coming up so if you’re feeling flush and feel like saving money in the long run, you can order a Make-That-A-Take Season Ticket here. It’ll cost you £50 but will gain you entry to all MTAT shows of 2013, including Mini-Fest and Book Yer Ane Fest VII, along with some cool exclusive shit and the usual dose of freebies. You know it makes sense, so go will your boots. We’ve also go 36 releases on our bandcamp page, most of which are available for free/pay-what-you-want download.

Hope everyone has had a great weekend.