An “Integrated Consumer Experience”

by writeyeranezine

Bandcamp has launched some very suave customisable embeddable music players and as a means of testing them out for myself, I thought I’d share with you some of the different options but pimping some top notch Make-That-A-Take shit. That and the fact that I could be doing with shifting a few more 7″s. Merch and gear is taking over our living room and the Moose is getting anxious.

This is the “minimal” version. I think it’s pretty sweet. This was the first release that we put out this year and I think it’s awesome. If you haven’t checked out The Walking Targets (touring the UK with The Murderburgers next month) and Maxwell’s Dead yet, please do so.

This is the smaller “minimal” version and is pretty fly;

And this is the smaller “super-minimal” version;

This is the “standard” version. This is a pretty special EP and all physical copies are sold out. We’ll have news of a forthcoming release featuring the young Billy Liar in the next couple of weeks.

This is the smaller “standard” version with album art;

This here is the silver service version, the all-in piece de resistance with it’s full track listing, merch thumbnails and all sorts of other capers. It’s all really rather clever.