by writeyeranezine

Jonny Tour Driver has been out on the road this week with our favourite Scottish pop-punk princes The Murderburgers and The Walking Targets on their UK tour. Ever the opportunists, we thought that it’d be prudent for Jonny to take the Make-That-A-Take distro with him, but seeing as it’s taken a bit of a battering over the last couple of months, so there wasn’t a huge amount of stuff left (this has been partially remedied!). As such, I stayed up until 3am one night last weekend and threw together DAE YER ANE SAMPLER, a 12 track compilation from the Make-That-A-Take family.

As there are very few physical CDs left (I think I only put 30 or so together as I had to burn the CDs, print and cut the sleeves, write, print and fold the info sheet and was tired), we’ve put it up online for free download as a SUMMER 2013 SAMPLER of sorts. It also transpires that it was exactly one year ago today that I first posted on this here Write Yer Ane Zine, so it’s a happy coincidence that we have a kick-ass collection of free DIY punk rock goodness to celebrate the occasion.

Thanks as always to all the awesome bands, artists and friends that we have the privilege of working with and to our extended punk rock family, especially everyone who comes to the shows and supports DIY punk worldwide.