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Month: August, 2013

BYAF VII; The Acoustic Stage

Earlybird Weekend Tickets for Book Yer Ane Fest VII will be going on sale for the bargain price of £20 one week from today. We will have the lion’s share of the line-up announced by then and will have news about this year’s chosen cause from the good people of Safe-Tay. Last year we donated to Tayside Mountain and Water Rescue and the money went towards the purchase of a new life-raft. Since BYAF’s inception, we’ve raised over £5000 for Safe-Tay and their supported causes; something that we’re proud of and that wouldn’t be possible without those who have helped make BYAF what it is. I think it’s important to keep the primary purpose of BYAF in mind; to raise money and awareness for a cause that is close of our collective hearts. We aim to continue this tradition.

BYAF VII will also see a couple of firsts; it will be the first time that all three days have been hosted in Kage and also the first time that we’ll be running the Acoustic Stage over two days. Bands will be upstairs in the main part of the venue and we’ll be running the Acoustic Stage in the downstairs bar. While it presents some logistical gymnastics for us goofs to tackle, there will be no crossover between acts, so we should have performances running pretty much from when doors open until the club nights begin. We are as excited by the challenge as we are the line-up!

Lach is the “King Of The East Village”, the man who hosted the longest running open mic night in New York City that gave birth to the “anti-folk” scene and helped launch hundreds of careers, from the likes of The Moldy Peaches and Jeffrey Lewis to Lady Gaga. Fresh off a hugely successful and critically-acclaimed run of “Anticdotes” performances at the Edinburgh Festival and a new “Chronicles” show on BBC Radio 4, it is our absolute pleasure to host Lach’s very first show in Dundee and we’re delighted that he’ll be headlining the acoustic stage on the Sunday of BYAF VII.

Divided Heaven is the solo acoustic project of Jeff Berman from Florida punks Protagonist. Now transplanted to LA, Divided Heaven released the “A Rival City” LP through Paper + Plastick / No Panic Records in 2011 and has been touring the world ever since with the likes of Joey Briggs, Into It Over It and loads more. It is our pleasure to welcome Jeff to BYAF for his first Scottish show headlining on the Saturday night.

Billy Liar, Scotland’s finest angry young man turned enchanting storytelling troubadour returns to BYAF for the fourth consecutive year. Having sold out of “The Ghost Of Punk Rock” EPs earlier this year, Billy will be touring the USA for the first time in 2013 leading up to Fest 12 in Gainesville and has played at Rebellion, Strummercamp and heaps more festivals throughout the summer. New single coming soon too!

Some Sort Of Threat is a one man acoustic punk/freak-folk riot from Exeter. Influenced in equal parts by Dead Kennedys and Paul Simon, Rory Matthews is a very accomplished singer/songwriter and incredible guitarist who carves out impassioned intelligent melodic hardcore bangers. The new “Not The End Of The World” 7″ is out now on Specialist Subject Records.

Virtuoso punk-infused rowdy country/folk/blues madness from Leeds courtesy of the front man of aggro-punx Bootscraper, Tim Loud will deliver smart and intelligent sea shanties guaranteed to get your feet stomping. We’re very pleased to have him back after his riotous show at Cerberus at the start of the year. New split EP with Billy Liar and X-Ray Cat is coming soon.

Beautiful and haunting introspective melancholic lo-fi acoustic indie/emo jamz, Gone Wishing is the alter-ego of Owen from Bonehouse and The Won Over. Having played his first solo show at BYAF last year, Owen has grown tremendously as a solo performer and has released the incredible “Gone Wishing Tape” through Wolf Town DIY.

Mark McCabe is a troubadour in the finest sense of the tradition; an imaginative and emotive singer/songwriter, Mark has travelled all over Europe armed with only an acoustic guitar and thinks nothing of driving 8 hours for one show. From rural Angus via Paris, it is always our pleasure to have Mark play for us. New album is coming soon, we’re assured!

High-octane fiddle and harmony-driven upbeat melodic folk/punk two piece from rural Perthshire. Mixing the introspective lyrics with the uplifting songcraft of the likes of Chuck Ragan/Austin Lucas to the rabble-rousing folk stomp of Flogging Molly with a classic full-blast punk rock delivery, Broken Stories are the real deal and have killed it at every show this year.

Right, those are the first eight acts for the Acoustic Stage this year. The rest of the line-up will be announced next Sunday. Keep an eye on the Make-That-A-Take page for loads of updates throughout the week including news of four bands who’ll all be playing and sharing a split 10″ record that we’ll be releasing at BYAF itself. BYAF is going to serve as the release show for at least two new records that we are involved in and there could well be more by then too!

Nostalgia; Our First CD

I don’t know why I’m feeling nostalgic. Nostalgia is not somewhere I dwell and not something I generally I spend my time with. In fact, it probably merits a place on my ever-growing list of “non-beliefs” alongside pride, nationalism and go-karts. Maybe it’s because I threw Abbie a special Dr. Deeker’s “90s Dance Power Hour” earlier this morning or because I’ve had a particularly shitty work week, but I’ve dug out the old Humus Kife CD and have decided to stick it up online for the first time. I really hope the other dudes don’t mind!

This CD was released in 1999 and was the first thing that the later-to-be members of the Make-That-A-Take collective ever put together. Humus Kife was my high school band and I loved it with all my heart, even though I had pretty much no idea what we were doing. Ben, Gain and Ally were all far more musically accomplished than I, something that hasn’t changed to this day, and I was a teenage roaster. We used to practice in Wedge’s stable/loft in Alyth and we played shows at Jam In The Den, youth clubs, Alyth Gala Day, young offenders institutes and anywhere that would have us, including the ubiquitous high school talent shows (Ben’s previous band Day Star beat my band Supersegway one year).  We played our first Dundee show on my 16th birthday at the old Westport Bar with Tenesee Kait, Agent Orange and Mercury Tilt Switch (I think!). Agent Orange went on to become the mighty Kaddish. Thinking that shit was almost 15 years ago makes me feel old.

This was the first time that we’d ever been in a “proper” recording studio and we spent two days with engineer Mike Greig at Seagate Studios in Dundee. Our songs were pretty juvenile, as you may expect, and our influences were all over the place, as you may also expect from a band of young goons from rural highland Perthshire. Still, it was important to us and I learned a lot from being in a band at such a young age with dudes who are still some of my best friends until this day. I guess there is also some kind of historical “relevance” to this CD too, as it was the first thing that we ever put out. Collectively, we’ve all released a lot of music over the years but I guess this was the CD that started our journey. Gain’s dad paid for the CDs and I’m not sure that we ever did pay him back.

A Quick Round-Up; The Menzingers, Sink Alaska, THT, BYAF VII, shows, more!

Okay, so I’ve been slacking on the blog a little again but what can I say, I’m a busy boy. There’s been lots happening recently and there have been some awesome shows across Scotland in the last few weeks. I haven’t made it to as many of them as I would have liked but all the shows I’ve played and been to recently have been incredible. The Menzingers show in Edinburgh last week was particularly deece, although Bannerman’s was definitely a bit of a strange place to see them. There seemed to be a good few “bros” in the crowd too, but it seemed that everyone had fun, so that’s the main thing.

The band themselves were incredible, as always. They’ve pretty much been continuously on tour since “On The Impossible Past” came out and they did look a little tired, but they killed it as always. Abbie and I arrived just after Turtle Lamone started and he was great as ever and did a great job of translating his intimate DIY piano punk laments to a packed out crowd. I have to admit that I wasn’t particularly interested in Tigers Jaw, although they sounded fine, I’m just not that excited by them. That said, I don’t really know their stuff and those who do seemed to be bang into them. I must be honest and confess I nipped up to the Banshee with Fraser to retrieve the Make-That-A-Take banner during their set. My bad! Kudos as ever to Punk Rock Rammy for another amazing and sold out show!

We hosted Casually Dressed from Freiburg, Germany alongside their Portsmouth pop-punk tour buddies Midday Committee last Friday with support from First Step To Failure and Maxwell’s Dead. They were all sound folk and I regaled Casually Dressed with my enthralling tales of Eurocamp holidays and purchasing a Freiburg away shirt when we visited the city when I was around 13. That was the same holiday where I fell asleep with my legs hanging out the car window and got sunburn on my feet, Rare. Anyways, all the bands were great; Maxwell’s Dead were super-tight and seem to be finding their feet with Bobby on guitar. I reckon he also adds an extra layer of crust, giving things a dirtier F-Minus kind of vibe in the hardcore parts. The dub sounds a lot slicker too.

First Step To Failure were fucking great too, super-speedy, super-tech melodic hardcore but filled with plenty of hooks and metallic skate-punk bite. We’re definitely going to have those dudes back up here before the year’s end. Midday Committee are probably the closest thing to Fallout Boy that you’ll ever see on a MTAT bill but their saccharine-sweet Americanisms were tight, focussed and super-hooky, so despite not being my cup of tengoo, fault cannot be found. This was their first tour also, so they tackled everything with the youthful enthusiasm that you might expect. Casually Dressed rounded things off and seemed to be having a blast. They’d been on the road for about four weeks by this point, so you could definitely see that the craziness was creeping in. They play a somewhat schizophrenic type of angular post-hardcore meets pop-punk, full of signature changes and yelped vocals; an intriguing proposition for sure and certainly worthy of your attention. We’ll have an exclusive new song from them on Make Yer Ane Comp V when it comes out in a month or so. Top show all round, so big thanks to everyone who came out.

I’m playing some Tragical History Tour shows this weekend. I’ll be at The Green Room in Perth on Friday night alongside The Hostiles and Empty Lungs from Belfast. The show has apparently been merged with another show (double-booking???) so I’m going to be on earlybells at around 8.10pm, so get down there sharp if you’re wanting to catch me. I don’t seem to play many THT shows these days, so I’m quite excited by a couple of shows. It’s been a long time since I opened a ska show too! Then on Saturday I’ll be playing at the Brewdog Punk Weekender at Duke’s Corner in Dundee alongside my pals The Murderburgers and Robot Doctors. Apparently there’s going to be a “mohawk station” and prizes for the “best punk outfit”, which I find somewhat bizarre. Someone alert the punk polis! Philosophical and ethical debates aside, we’ll be there with the MTAT distro on Saturday night. Duke’s will also be hosting Min Diesel, The Shithawks and The Stranger’s Almanac on Friday night to kick off the weekender, so if you’re in Dundee this weekend get along there for sure. All shows this weekend are free too. If you don’t have it yet, you can get my Summer 2013 demo for free.

The demo was recorded by my friend Gerold who, along with Boab, made a live recording of the Break-Ups show last month as an experiment. We’re hoping to put together a Book Yer Ane Fest VII live album and this show served as a trial run. Boab and G are two super-talented and awesome dudes and they’ve done a cracking job, so it’s looking like our long-held dream may finally come true this year. Talking off BYAF VII, the line-up is getting frankly ridiculous. The bill is pretty much 95% booked and we will have the lion’s share of the bands and artists announced by the time Weekend Earlybird Tickets go on sale on Sunday 1st September. All tickets will be “will call” so we’ll have your name on the door, so all you need to do is show up and we’ll furnish you with a weekend wristband and some COOL FREE SHIT. Check out the full line-up here.

Right, time is marching on and I’ve got shit to do before I head to work for the night so I’m going to wrap this shit up quick-fire;

Make-That-A-Take are still having our summer FIRE-SALE. Head on over to our bandcamp merch page and pick yourself up a bargain. We’ve also got 39 releases on our page, most of which are available for free/pay-what-you-want download. Go ahead and fill your boots!

There are some rad shows coming up in the next couple of weeks too;

Oi Polloi/Billy Liar/The Bucky Rage in Glasgow

oi polloi

The mighty Off With Their Heads, The Murderburgers, UNIFORMS and Moonshine Docks in Glasgow (I’ll write something further about my gushing love for OWTH sometime before the show, I have absolutely no doubt).

OWTH praper

Then we’ve got a MTAT/GW collaborative brain-mangler of a show with Leeds punks Etai Keshiki and their touring pals Amorous Dialogues alongside Min Diesel and Little Anchors. Check the event page for full details!

etai keshiki dundee

Finally, if you haven’t download DAE YER ANE SAMPLER yet, what are ye waiting for??? Thanks a lot GED, hopefully see some friendly faces over the weekend!

Make-That-A-Take Summer Sale!

Make-That-A-Take Records are having a summer sale on our Bandcamp merch page. All CDs/records/shit is reduced and all orders come with COOL FREE SHIT. Season Tickets are still available for £50 and give you entry to all upcoming MTAT shows in 2013, including a full weekend pass for Book Yer Ane Fest VII. Talking of which, a limited amount of Earlybird Weekend Tickets for BYAF will be going on sale from Sunday 1st September for £20. There will also be news of some pre-BYAF shit soon.

There are also 39 releases available on our Bandcamp page, most of which are up for free/pay-what-you-want download. All of our releases are cheap in both physical and digital form. I’ve said it before but it bears repeating that every single purchase goes straight back into the collective/label and allows us to keep going. We couldn’t do it without the support of you guys, so thank you very much for your continued support. Have a look and pick yourself up a summertime bargain.

12″ Records (£7);

Algernon Doll – “Citalo-pop” LP (comes with instant digital download)

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Shatterhand / Cigarette Crossfire – Split 7″ (Unsane Asylum)

CLEAVERS – “Life Is Shit” (Dada Tunes)

Struck A Nerve – S/T (Seven Inch Records)

Clowns / Michael Crafter – Split 7″

Try Hards/Upstarts/Mutley/Eastfield/Planeteers – Split 7″ (GFN? Records)

CD Albums (£4);

15 Minutes – “Together, Forever” (w/ digital download)

A Thousand Arrows – “Defalliance”

A Victory At Sea – S/T (w/ download of “Hopeful” EP)

Murderburgers – “How To Ruin Your Life” (Monster Zero)

Pete Bentham and The Dinner Ladies – “Hip Potater” (Free Rock’n’Roll)

Pete Bentham and The Dinner Ladies – “The New Underground” (Free Rock’n’Roll)

Shatterhand – “Chaos and the Art of Dissent” (Mystical Records)

Shatterhand – “Random Acts of Defiance” (Mystical Records)

The Brothel Corpse Trio – “Hanging In The Whore House

The Brothel Corpse Trio – “Death Shop Pit Stop

CDEPs (£3);

Algernon Doll – “A.D.

Maxwell’s Dead / The Walking Targets – “Shape of Cowpunk To Come” Split CD (w/ digital download)

Broken Stories – S/T EP (w/ digital download)

Elmo and The Styx – Sexy Clowns” (Antipop Records)

Loaded 45 – “No Coast Punk’n’Roll” (w/ digital download)

Shatterhand – “Bone Palace Ballet” (Mystical Records)

Sink Alaska – S/T Demo (£2 w/ digital download)


Videos; The Cut Ups / UNIFORMS / The Kimberly Steaks / The Walking Targets

Last Thursday’s show with at The Banshee Labyrinth in Edinburgh was, in my opinion, a triumph. The Cut Ups are an incredible band and incredible people. Jon is one of the nicest people that I know and we’ve been friends for quite a long time now. He’s one of the good guys in life and it shines through in his band. I’m very excited about their return alongside Franz Nicolay in November.

I reckon it’d be an asshole move to review a show that I played and that the collective put on, but I’d like to especially thank Billy Liar and Fraser Murderburger for taking care of everything on the Edinburgh side of things. Thanks also to the Chainsaws and everybody who came along to what was an incredibly busy show for the first night of the Edinburgh Festival.

Our friends at Anti-Manifesto have written a far more objective review than I could muster, so you should read that here.