Nostalgia; Our First CD

by writeyeranezine

I don’t know why I’m feeling nostalgic. Nostalgia is not somewhere I dwell and not something I generally I spend my time with. In fact, it probably merits a place on my ever-growing list of “non-beliefs” alongside pride, nationalism and go-karts. Maybe it’s because I threw Abbie a special Dr. Deeker’s “90s Dance Power Hour” earlier this morning or because I’ve had a particularly shitty work week, but I’ve dug out the old Humus Kife CD and have decided to stick it up online for the first time. I really hope the other dudes don’t mind!

This CD was released in 1999 and was the first thing that the later-to-be members of the Make-That-A-Take collective ever put together. Humus Kife was my high school band and I loved it with all my heart, even though I had pretty much no idea what we were doing. Ben, Gain and Ally were all far more musically accomplished than I, something that hasn’t changed to this day, and I was a teenage roaster. We used to practice in Wedge’s stable/loft in Alyth and we played shows at Jam In The Den, youth clubs, Alyth Gala Day, young offenders institutes and anywhere that would have us, including the ubiquitous high school talent shows (Ben’s previous band Day Star beat my band Supersegway one year).  We played our first Dundee show on my 16th birthday at the old Westport Bar with Tenesee Kait, Agent Orange and Mercury Tilt Switch (I think!). Agent Orange went on to become the mighty Kaddish. Thinking that shit was almost 15 years ago makes me feel old.

This was the first time that we’d ever been in a “proper” recording studio and we spent two days with engineer Mike Greig at Seagate Studios in Dundee. Our songs were pretty juvenile, as you may expect, and our influences were all over the place, as you may also expect from a band of young goons from rural highland Perthshire. Still, it was important to us and I learned a lot from being in a band at such a young age with dudes who are still some of my best friends until this day. I guess there is also some kind of historical “relevance” to this CD too, as it was the first thing that we ever put out. Collectively, we’ve all released a lot of music over the years but I guess this was the CD that started our journey. Gain’s dad paid for the CDs and I’m not sure that we ever did pay him back.