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Month: September, 2013

Round Up; Arliss Nancy, Pre-BYAF VII, Mini-Fest!

With Book Yer Ane Fest VII fast approaching, things have been pretty busy for the Make-That-A-Take posse. We kicked off our “Road To Wrestlemania” on Friday night at Kage when we had the distinct pleasure of hosting Arliss Nancy from Fort Collins, Colorado for the second time this year. They were being driven by Christian Tollner, our favourite German, and we hadn’t seen him since he was driving Cobra Skulls on the UK tour that Uniforms did with them last year, so that was a treat as always. The show itself was absolutely blinding and Kage was packed out, so thank you so much to everyone who came out to the show. I saw a lot of people walking around afterwards carrying “Wild American Runners” records and sporting Arliss Nancy shirts, so very well played for buying a shit-ton of merch too.

arliss nancy kageThe wonderful Davey Nolan opened proceedings and charmed everyone with his infectious blend of traditional arrangements and modern folk-punk storytelling. He handled his hecklers with aplomb and even threw in a cheeky Paul Simon cover (“Graceland”) and perfect set the tone for an evening of rootsy rock’n’roll. The Barents Sea took to the floor next and performed as a two-piece for the very first time, as bassist Mark McCabe was working and the partner of their guitarist had just given birth. We hooked Grant up through a guitar amp and a bass cab and they were off bursting through thunderous renditions of their back catalogue. They were joined by former bassist Kieran Andrews of Robot Doctors and Davey Nolan for a spirited romp through my personal favourite song “Born In A Ghost Town” and it was deece. Dundee’s Robot Doctors rounded out the local supports and their brand of soaring melodic emo/rock is getting better with every live outing and they sounded absolutely huge in Kage. Those boys can certainly shred and definitely know their way around an infectious chorus or two. They’ve been in the studio recording new stuff recently so we can expect a new release some time later in the year, hopefully in time for BYAF VII.

Arliss Nancy are some of the nicest dudes that we’ve met in our years of putting on shows and it was great to catch up with them again. They took to the floor at 10pm and proceeded to rip straight through a collection of bangers from last year’s classic “Simple Machines” LP as well as treating us to some of the finer cuts from the new “Wild American Runners” album. We were very lucky as Gunner Records had furnished the guys with some advanced vinyl copies of the album, despite the fact that it doesn’t receive its official release until next week. Kage was packed by the time these guys started and everyone seemed to have a great time, shouting and singing along with multiple unison hand claps. Arliss Nancy played four around 45 minutes before being heckled back for not one, but two encores. I’d usually be a little concerned about this but the fact that it was Kenny who was chanting for an encore, I figured that we’d be okay!

Once again, thanks to everyone who played and everyone who came out to support what was an incredible show. Talking to the band after the gig, it seems as though they’ll be back next spring so if they are, I’ve no doubt that we’ll be seeing them back in Dundee again. Here’s video that was shot by Jonny Domino, Keep your ears peeled for a cheeky Iron Chic section in the middle eight of the new song!

Next up, this coming Saturday, we have MINI-FEST!!! We’ve been looking forward to this show ever since the Great Cynics / Smith Street Band tour was first mooted way back in spring and we are delighted that we’ll be hosting the Australian’s first ever show in Scotland. Barry The Kydd may very well end up a weeping, emotional mess as soon as Smith Street begin and I know that he won’t be alone in being super-stoked to see them.

We’re hoping that the show is going to be a busy one and while we’re all very excited, I’d like to remind (some!) people that there are appropriate ways to express your unbridled joy; it doesn’t necessarily mean jumping on everyone’s heads, knocking gear over or kicking microphones into the front teeth of vocalists! This is a DIY floor show, we don’t have any barriers or security or any of that sort of caper, so please do have an awesome time but have some consideration for your fellow gig-goers and those performing as you do so *punk granddad lecture over*

mini fest

For my money, this is a spectacular and unique one-off bill. You won’t see a line-up like this anywhere else and I’m personally very excited as I love all of the bands. Things will be getting started sharp and The Walking Targets will be kicking things off at 6.15pm, so please make sure you get down for doors to catch them. Not that I’d want to give anything away, but it may also be in everyone’s collective best interests to get down to Kage before doors as there very well may be a special treat for y’all. That all depends on you guys tho!

All of the bands are distinct and worthy of your support; The Shithawks have just issued their first recordings for download and are one of the finest live bands that Dundee has produced in some time. Aberdeen’s Carson Wells are weel kent faces around these parts and for good reason; they play an infectious blend of angular math rock and emocore and also released the wonderful “Wonderkid” LP last year. This will also be the last Scottish show from our pop-punk princes The Murderburgers before their new “These Are Only Problems” LP is released on Asian Man Records and they disappear off around the United States and Europe for the next two months.

This show should truly be something very special indeed. As we’re thinking it’s going to be busy, it’s a good idea to buy an advanced “Will Call” ticket. You get a free download of Make Yer Ane Comp IV when you do so, so you know it makes sense. You can get you advanced tickets from the MTAT Bandcamp merch page.

Finally, for now, we have announced that this year’s Pre-Book Yer Ane Fest show will be held on Thursday 28th November at The Banshee Labyrinth in Edinburgh and it will be the homecoming / belated record release show for The Murderburgers and they’ll be joined by Billy Liar, UNIFORMS, The Walking Targets and Maxwell’s Dead. The show will be kicking off at 7pm and will cost £3, although will be free if you’ve got yourself a Weekend Ticket for BYAF VII.

Cheers y’all! Hope to see ye out at a show in the next couple of weeks. Don’t forget about Elway next Friday too!!!

elway 2013

Review; Caves – “Betterment”

I must start with an apology to Bombed Out Records; I was sent this album for review purposes ages ago and while I’ve listened to the record innumerable times, I’ve totally slept on doing the actual review. For that I can make no real excuses other than the fact that I’m slack (as you may have noticed), so all apologies for the delay.

Caves are a three-piece punk rock band from Bristol and “Betterment” is their second full-length album and was released in July on CD by Bombed Out Records and on LP by Yo-Yo Records. Produced by Peter Miles (The Cut Ups, Crazy Arm, The King Blues), the sound of the record is massive and as far as nailing your colours to the flag goes, there’s no clearer manifesto than kicking off your album with the refrain of “I don’t care, I don’t care, go fuck yourself”. With that, we take off at light speed with fast, chugging guitars married to stomping drums and some nifty bass work, with a big fat sound that brings to mind The Breeders and such like.  There are plenty of “woahs” present, adding to the anthemic nature of the opening track, a theme that continues throughout the record.

caves tour poster

The relentlessness continues on “Build Against” with grungey riffage giving way to the refrain of “come back to what you know”, suggesting a comfort in familiarity and community. “Sometimes, sometimes leaving is hard” is a fitting lyrical theme for a band that tours as hard as Caves do; they are currently in the midst of a month-long European tour and have traversed the continent and the States many times. This is borne out in the evident tightness and dynamics; guitars are given room to breathe before things kick back in at a frenetic pace.

The “boy-girl” dual vocal attack brings to mind RVIVR, and while it may be somewhat the lazy comparison, if you can imagine the driving pop-punk of said band mixing with the melodic nuance of Lemuria, then I think you’re in the ballpark. The pace and infectious energy of the first half of the record is brought to a close by Lou’s solo acoustic rendition of the title track; a slow-building introspective number that sounds like it was recorded live in the middle of the night somewhere, like a punk rock lullaby with its cry of “I’ve never believed in you” that comes to an abrupt end before giving way to the sound of footsteps walking away.

We’re then met by the wail of mangled guitars before things kick back into high gear on the aptly named “Run” with the fist-in-the-air sing-a-long woahs and “running, running, running” refrain. The energy displayed is unrelenting and the record sails past in a blur of fast, infectious guitars, fuzzy bass runs and clattering drums with plenty four-on-the-floor tom action that often sounds on the edge of complete collapse before things are brought right back with one of many deep hooks prevalent throughout the record. This is a hard-rocking melodic punk record of the finest calibre, with only the closing track “Ender” breaching the three minute mark, but also a pop-punk record that manages to avoid the clichéd pitfalls on the genre, displaying great maturity, insightful subject matter and a grasp of dynamics far beyond the characteristic blur.

My personal favourite track may be “Babyccino”, the second last track on the album with its call of “Holding on, holding on strong” and its usual of what sounds like Hammond/B3 organ mixing with sustained octave chords before descending into chaos as it ends and moves into the final track of the record with its bass chords, pained call-and-response vocals and bass/guitar interplay. The familiar cry of “1,2,3,4” greets us once more before kicking into a fat bluesy stomper of a riff before picking up the pace and hurtling towards the end with a thumping instrumental jam that I can picture climaxing with thrown guitars and kicked over cymbal stands with the suitable scream of feedback. Brilliant.

caves edinburgh

All in, I’d say that “Betterment” is undoubtedly one of the finest UK punk rock records of the year and will rank highly when it comes to the ever-so-important end of year listings. Caves are a hard-working, hard-rocking pop-punk rock’n’roll band that have delivered a record full of passion, hooks and sing-a-long earworms that will nestle in your brain for days. They’re currently out on tour through Europe and will be back in the UK next weekend when they play some shows with Pure Graft. They’ll be at The Opium in Edinburgh on September 26 so make sure and pick up a copy of this record on vinyl at one of the shows. You can also get the album as a pay-what-you-want download from their bandcamp page (or the link above).

Inspiring stuff.

Book Yer Ane Fest VII; The Comp (Part One)

Part One of the BOOK YER ANE FEST VII compilation is now available for streaming and download from the Make-That-A-Take Records bandcamp page. For a £2 donation, you’ll get an awesome and unique compilation of 18 artists that will be playing over the BYAF VII weekend. Part Two of the comp will follow in the next few weeks. All monies raised will go to Safe-Tay and the causes that they support; this year being Tayside Mountain Rescue.

Please donate, download and share this comp around. You can get this comp for free if you order an Earlybird Weekend Ticket from the album page too! They can be purchased here.

Thank you so much to all the bands involved for donating their songs to the cause.

Please enjoy!

The Murderburgers – “Another Way Out Of Here”

Antillectual – “Soundtrack”

Bangers – “Part Animal”

UNIFORMS – “Keep On Keeping On”

Stay Clean Jolene – “Green”

Dividers – “There’s No Disgrace Like Home”

The Kimberly Steaks – “Lonesome Surprise” (Refrigerator cover)

Grader – “The War Inside”

Algernon Doll – “Anti-Them”

Some Sort Of Threat – “Henman’s Year”

Bonehouse – “Gentle Bones”

The Sinking Feeling – “Depends”

Question The Mark – “Ignorance Is Piss”

Sweet Empire – “Medicines”

Rebuke – “Without A Shred Of Dignity”

The Rocco Lampones – “You Sunk My Battleship”

Robot Doctors – “The Life You Don’t Deserve”

Broken Stories – “Everything All At Once”

BYAF VII; Earlybird Weekend Tickets On Sale Now!!!

poster first draft

Earlybird Weekend Tickets for BOOK YER ANE FEST VII can now be bought online for the princely sum of £20. All tickets are “Will Call” so just bring your confirmation email and exchange it for a weekend wristband on Friday 29th November. You’ll also be amongst the first to know about any secret shows in the run up to or during the BYAF weekend!

£20 is an absolute bargain when you consider both the quality and the quantity of bands and artists on offer.

Once again all profits will be going to Safe-Tay‘s chosen charitable cause of Tayside Mountain and Water Rescue.

The BOOK YER ANE FEST VII compilation will be going online over the next few weeks too.

Earlybird Weekend Tickets are strictly limited to 100, so don’t sleep on this shit.


Multiple Banger Alert; September Shows!!!

So that’ll be summer over then, eh? Just as well September is fixing to be moich show-wise. There’s heaps of shit going on and as Make-That-A-Take moves into our “Wrestlemania” Season in the run up to BOOK YER ANE FEST VII, I am very excited by the plethora of punk rock goodness we have cooking up over the next few months. It all kicks off next Monday night (September 9th) at Cerberus Bar with this banger;


These soulful alt-country/Americana-infused punk rock’n’rollers from Columbus, Ohio will be playing the only Scottish show of their European Tour at this special last minute intimate acoustic performance at Cerberus Bar in Dundee. Having released records through Suburban Home Records (home of Tim Barry, Drag The River, Arliss Nancy), their new record “The Death Of The Self Preservation Society” comes out this month on Last Chance Records. It is our distinct pleasure to be able to help these dudes out at the last minute and host them in Dundee.
FFO; Lucero, Drag The River, Drive-By Truckers.


Acoustic cowpunk rock’n’roll from the Uniforms/MTAT roaster that is equal parts bleak, uplifting, sing-a-long and blackly comedic. Having managed to avoid making a full-length for the past ten years, THT has clocked up many miles and played with the likes of Tim Barry, Sundowner,Mike Park and literally hundreds more. A few super-limited “Summer Demo ’13” CDs will be available on the night.


High-octane fiddle and harmony-driven upbeat melodic folk/punk two piece from rural Perthshire. Mixing the introspective yet uplifting songcraft of the likes of Chuck Ragan/Austin Lucas to the rabble-rousing folk stomp of Flogging Molly and a classic full-blast punk rock delivery, Broken Stories have killed it at every show thus far this year.


.Mark is a troubadour in the finest sense of the tradition; an imaginative and emotive singer/songwriter, Mark has travelled all over Europe armed with only an acoustic guitar and thinks nothing of driving 8 hours for one show. From rural Angus via Paris, it is always our pleasure to have Mark play for us.

First Act at 8pm
Entry by donations on door (£3/4 suggested please!)

This is a last minute show so please give generously. All money goes to Two Cow Garage, so grab some merch while you’re at it!

PJ Bond Edinburgh


Incredible world-traversing passionate acoustic punk rocker from New Brunswick, New Jersey on Black Numbers Records returns to Edinburgh to bring us his unique and sometimes heartbreaking tales of a life lived on the road. One of the nicest guys in the DIY underground, PJ is a humble gentlemen who channels the spirit of Bob Dylan and Black Flag and delivers heartfelt melancholic acoustic Americana that is as charming as it is uplifting. The wonderful “You Didn’t Know I Was Alphabetical” LP has been repressed and is out now on Black Numbers.


Scotland’s finest angry young punk turned incredible tale-telling troubadour plays his first hometown show after wrapping up another busy summer of touring and festivals, including Rebellion, Nice’n’Sleazy and Strummercamp. With a new split release with kindred spirits Tim Loud and X-Ray Cat incoming and the sold out “Ghosts of Punk Rock” EP under his studded belt this year, Billy continues to evolve into something truly special.


Heartfelt and engaging lo-fi acoustic folk/indie/pop rock goodness, likened by Chris T-T as “the John Martyn of punk rock”. Edinburgh-based singer/songwriter Davey Nolan has done his time in the punk rock trenches with the likes of Slaphappy and The Barents Sea and is striking out on his own, mixing soaring melodies and traditional tongue with an emotive delivery and a dry self-deprecating humour.



Charming and witty ukulele-wielding singer/songwriter Nyla, originally from London, now residing in Glasgow. Playing introspective anti-folk along the lines of Kimya Dawson/ONSIND, Nyla has released two EPs; one about making someone smile, one about trying to cheer yourself up. That tells you almost everything that you need to know!

Doors @ 7.30pm
Free Entry!

arliss nancy 2013

This particular banger is on Abbie’s birthday!


We are delighted to welcome back Colorado’s finest whisky-drenched soulful countrified punk rock’n’rollers back to Dundee for the second time this year. Having last visited us in February, Arliss Nancy have charmed everyone they’ve met with their intense and passionate blend of Americana, soul and rock’n’roll delivered with a punk rock energy and this time they’ll be armed with their new LP. The band are only in the UK for one week on this European tour and we’re delighted to bring them back to Dundee for this exclusive Scottish show. “Simple Machines” is a classic LP, get into it before the new one drops. Think Drive-By Truckers / The Replacements / Bruce Springsteen. Anthems, I tell thee.


Big hearted anthemic emo/indie rock from Perth fronted by the inimitable Grant George. This will be the second time that The Barents Sea have played with Arliss Nancy, having struck up a kinship last time they were over. Expect introspective yet ultimately uplifting melodic rock bangers dealing with passions, frustrations and a healthy dose of the small town blues.


Fresh Dundee five-piece with an ear for the infectious melody and a thirst for the balls-out rock’n’roll banger return to Kage for the first time since their debut show back in March. Featuring ex-members of Cole Appleyard, State Of Affairs and The Barents Sea, soaring melodies, hearty riffage and sing-a-long goodness are a guarantee.


Doors @ 7.30pm
£6 Tax (includes entry to club night thereafter)

mini fest


We are delighted to welcome one of UK punk rock’s most beloved, endearing and hard-working bands to Dundee for the first time to headline Mini-Fest; three-piece London punks Great Cynics. Coming on like a more youthful and upbeat Billy Bragg fronting The Lemonheads with a modern punk energy, Great Cynics have grown from being the acoustic project of front man Giles Bidder into the hulking rock beast that they are today. Their second full-length “Like I Belong” is out now on Household Name Records of London and is one of the best records thus far this year.


Incredible, anthemic, searingly honest and gut-bustingly passionate folk-punk rockers from Melbourne, Australia play their first ever Scottish show on their first visit to the UK. One of the most inspiring and uplifting bands in modern punk rock, The Smith Street Band is based on the songwriting genius of Wil Wagner and have been setting the world alight since 2009. Last year’s “Sunshine and Technology” LP was a masterpiece and the new “Don’t Fuck With Our Dreams” EP is out now on Poison City Records. Expect grown men to openly weep with fists aloft.


Scotland’s greatest pop-punk exports come back to Dundee for the first time since March and the last time before they head off the USA once again to tour to Fest 12 in Gainesville. You know these dudes already; lightening quick super-melodic bittersweet sing-a-long pop-punk bangers played full blast. Freshly signed to the mighty Asian Man Records, their new “These Are Only Problems” LP is due out this “fall” and will blow your mind once again. Make sure you catch them in Dundee before they blow up!


Premier league “Ecossemo” three-piece from Aberdeen come back to Dundee to charm us with their unique and noisy blend of skewed 90s emo, lo-fi 80s indie rock and 00s skramz. One of Scotland’s most treasured bands, the band have toured throughout the UK/EU and last year released the “Wonderkid” LP through Art For Blind/Black Lake Records. It’s always a pleasure to welcome these fine gentlemen back to Dundee.


Dirty, driving and danceable high energy punk rock blues madness from Dundee’s finest art school garage band. There are few bands that kick out the jamz quite like these troops; coming on like Howlin’ Wolf fronting The MC5, The Shithawks are a wild rock’n’roll thrill ride marrying nightmare blues, stoner rock and hardcore into punk rock moonshine. Rumours of an upcoming record are making the rounds too. Get ready to bust out some serious dance moves.


Wise beyond their years Edinburgh young team punks bring their ridiculously infectious brand of grizzled gruff melodic punk rock back to Dundee. One of the most exciting young bands in the country, these boys have toured with The Murderburgers, released the “Controlling The Motions” mini-album and the “Shape Of Cowpunk To Come” split EP with Maxwell’s Dead in the past year. Big things to come from these troops so get in early.

Doors @ 6pm. First band @ 6.15pm
£8 Tax (includes Asylum club night thereafter)

There will also be distro, stalls (including Sea Shepherd and The Rusty Hip Collective) and a mix-tape/CD swapbox, so bring along a mix to swap and some extra pennies for records.

Advance tickets here (includes free download of Make Yer Ane Comp IV); http://makethatatakerecords.bandcamp.com/merch/mini-fest-ticket