Book Yer Ane Fest VII; The Comp (Part One)

by writeyeranezine

Part One of the BOOK YER ANE FEST VII compilation is now available for streaming and download from the Make-That-A-Take Records bandcamp page. For a £2 donation, you’ll get an awesome and unique compilation of 18 artists that will be playing over the BYAF VII weekend. Part Two of the comp will follow in the next few weeks. All monies raised will go to Safe-Tay and the causes that they support; this year being Tayside Mountain Rescue.

Please donate, download and share this comp around. You can get this comp for free if you order an Earlybird Weekend Ticket from the album page too! They can be purchased here.

Thank you so much to all the bands involved for donating their songs to the cause.

Please enjoy!

The Murderburgers – “Another Way Out Of Here”

Antillectual – “Soundtrack”

Bangers – “Part Animal”

UNIFORMS – “Keep On Keeping On”

Stay Clean Jolene – “Green”

Dividers – “There’s No Disgrace Like Home”

The Kimberly Steaks – “Lonesome Surprise” (Refrigerator cover)

Grader – “The War Inside”

Algernon Doll – “Anti-Them”

Some Sort Of Threat – “Henman’s Year”

Bonehouse – “Gentle Bones”

The Sinking Feeling – “Depends”

Question The Mark – “Ignorance Is Piss”

Sweet Empire – “Medicines”

Rebuke – “Without A Shred Of Dignity”

The Rocco Lampones – “You Sunk My Battleship”

Robot Doctors – “The Life You Don’t Deserve”

Broken Stories – “Everything All At Once”