Round Up; Arliss Nancy, Pre-BYAF VII, Mini-Fest!

by writeyeranezine

With Book Yer Ane Fest VII fast approaching, things have been pretty busy for the Make-That-A-Take posse. We kicked off our “Road To Wrestlemania” on Friday night at Kage when we had the distinct pleasure of hosting Arliss Nancy from Fort Collins, Colorado for the second time this year. They were being driven by Christian Tollner, our favourite German, and we hadn’t seen him since he was driving Cobra Skulls on the UK tour that Uniforms did with them last year, so that was a treat as always. The show itself was absolutely blinding and Kage was packed out, so thank you so much to everyone who came out to the show. I saw a lot of people walking around afterwards carrying “Wild American Runners” records and sporting Arliss Nancy shirts, so very well played for buying a shit-ton of merch too.

arliss nancy kageThe wonderful Davey Nolan opened proceedings and charmed everyone with his infectious blend of traditional arrangements and modern folk-punk storytelling. He handled his hecklers with aplomb and even threw in a cheeky Paul Simon cover (“Graceland”) and perfect set the tone for an evening of rootsy rock’n’roll. The Barents Sea took to the floor next and performed as a two-piece for the very first time, as bassist Mark McCabe was working and the partner of their guitarist had just given birth. We hooked Grant up through a guitar amp and a bass cab and they were off bursting through thunderous renditions of their back catalogue. They were joined by former bassist Kieran Andrews of Robot Doctors and Davey Nolan for a spirited romp through my personal favourite song “Born In A Ghost Town” and it was deece. Dundee’s Robot Doctors rounded out the local supports and their brand of soaring melodic emo/rock is getting better with every live outing and they sounded absolutely huge in Kage. Those boys can certainly shred and definitely know their way around an infectious chorus or two. They’ve been in the studio recording new stuff recently so we can expect a new release some time later in the year, hopefully in time for BYAF VII.

Arliss Nancy are some of the nicest dudes that we’ve met in our years of putting on shows and it was great to catch up with them again. They took to the floor at 10pm and proceeded to rip straight through a collection of bangers from last year’s classic “Simple Machines” LP as well as treating us to some of the finer cuts from the new “Wild American Runners” album. We were very lucky as Gunner Records had furnished the guys with some advanced vinyl copies of the album, despite the fact that it doesn’t receive its official release until next week. Kage was packed by the time these guys started and everyone seemed to have a great time, shouting and singing along with multiple unison hand claps. Arliss Nancy played four around 45 minutes before being heckled back for not one, but two encores. I’d usually be a little concerned about this but the fact that it was Kenny who was chanting for an encore, I figured that we’d be okay!

Once again, thanks to everyone who played and everyone who came out to support what was an incredible show. Talking to the band after the gig, it seems as though they’ll be back next spring so if they are, I’ve no doubt that we’ll be seeing them back in Dundee again. Here’s video that was shot by Jonny Domino, Keep your ears peeled for a cheeky Iron Chic section in the middle eight of the new song!

Next up, this coming Saturday, we have MINI-FEST!!! We’ve been looking forward to this show ever since the Great Cynics / Smith Street Band tour was first mooted way back in spring and we are delighted that we’ll be hosting the Australian’s first ever show in Scotland. Barry The Kydd may very well end up a weeping, emotional mess as soon as Smith Street begin and I know that he won’t be alone in being super-stoked to see them.

We’re hoping that the show is going to be a busy one and while we’re all very excited, I’d like to remind (some!) people that there are appropriate ways to express your unbridled joy; it doesn’t necessarily mean jumping on everyone’s heads, knocking gear over or kicking microphones into the front teeth of vocalists! This is a DIY floor show, we don’t have any barriers or security or any of that sort of caper, so please do have an awesome time but have some consideration for your fellow gig-goers and those performing as you do so *punk granddad lecture over*

mini fest

For my money, this is a spectacular and unique one-off bill. You won’t see a line-up like this anywhere else and I’m personally very excited as I love all of the bands. Things will be getting started sharp and The Walking Targets will be kicking things off at 6.15pm, so please make sure you get down for doors to catch them. Not that I’d want to give anything away, but it may also be in everyone’s collective best interests to get down to Kage before doors as there very well may be a special treat for y’all. That all depends on you guys tho!

All of the bands are distinct and worthy of your support; The Shithawks have just issued their first recordings for download and are one of the finest live bands that Dundee has produced in some time. Aberdeen’s Carson Wells are weel kent faces around these parts and for good reason; they play an infectious blend of angular math rock and emocore and also released the wonderful “Wonderkid” LP last year. This will also be the last Scottish show from our pop-punk princes The Murderburgers before their new “These Are Only Problems” LP is released on Asian Man Records and they disappear off around the United States and Europe for the next two months.

This show should truly be something very special indeed. As we’re thinking it’s going to be busy, it’s a good idea to buy an advanced “Will Call” ticket. You get a free download of Make Yer Ane Comp IV when you do so, so you know it makes sense. You can get you advanced tickets from the MTAT Bandcamp merch page.

Finally, for now, we have announced that this year’s Pre-Book Yer Ane Fest show will be held on Thursday 28th November at The Banshee Labyrinth in Edinburgh and it will be the homecoming / belated record release show for The Murderburgers and they’ll be joined by Billy Liar, UNIFORMS, The Walking Targets and Maxwell’s Dead. The show will be kicking off at 7pm and will cost £3, although will be free if you’ve got yourself a Weekend Ticket for BYAF VII.

Cheers y’all! Hope to see ye out at a show in the next couple of weeks. Don’t forget about Elway next Friday too!!!

elway 2013