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Month: January, 2014

Jan 2014 – Dae Yer Ane Podcast; Episode 2, Tins for Tunes, First Shows + More!

Dae Yer Ane Podcast; Episode 2 is now available for streaming and download from the MTAT Bandcamp page. I’m going to aim to get a podcast done at least once a month. As this is only the second podcast that I’ve done, it’s not perfect but I’m learning as I go along. I’ve tried to keep the inane chat to a minimum but hopefully those who listen to it can understand what I’m banging on about.

Please take a minute to check out the bands and if you like what you hear, seek them out for and discover more. Bonus points if y’all can tell me what movies the samples come from. If you think you’ve got it licked, feel free to email me with your answers and I’ll furnish ye with some kind of reward.

Kept – “Jehova”
The Putrid Flowers – “Midnight In Mid-America”
Bear Trade – “Pride Makes A Rotten Companion”
Robot Doctors – “Three Days Dead”
Last Of Us – “So Much More”
Calvinball – “Season 4, Episode 20”
Stay Clean Jolene – “Green”
Little Anchors – “My Grandfather Was A Projectionist”
Wonk Unit – “Guts”
The Lemonaids – “Summer Crush (On You)”
The Stay Gones – “Home”
Vamos – “Hands”
Blood Lines – “Digging Holes”
Arliss Nancy – “Hold It Together”
The Fall Of Boss Koala – “No, Everything’s Not Alright”
Clocked Out – “Striving For Rejection”

Whilst I was recording the podcast, I was making a stencil for spray painting CDs at the same time and I’ve spent my morning using said stencil to paint CDs for exchange in the TINS FOR TUNES campaign. The campaign will be kicking off one week from today on Friday 31st January at our first show of 2014 which will feature four of the finest flavours of Scottish hardcore ripping Kage Nightclub apart. Please bring non-perishable food items and exchange them for CDs (while stocks last) and download codes!

filthpact local poster

The campaign will be running until the end of April so please support if you can. After next week’s show, the bangers started coming in thick and fast. We’ll be hosting the first ever SPILL YER GUTS acoustic show featuring myself playing THT style alongside Little Anchors and Broken Stories at Ceberus Bar on Tuesday 11th February.

spill yer guts 1

We will then be back at Kage on Saturday 15th February to bring you Robot Doctors / The Shithawks / Captains / The Rag’N’Bone Man before The Murderburgers kick off their European Tour on Thursday 13th March. Ye can keep up to date with all the shows as they are announced here.

february 15

On the UNIFORMS front, we have a shit-ton of stuff coming up over the next few months. Even though BYAF VII seems like ages ago, we haven’t been idle these last couple of months. We play our first show of the year next Saturday with our pals Get It Together in the basement of Barnton Street Music in Stirling. It’s an early show, kicking off at 7pm and it’ll be wrapped by 9.30pm at the very latest. As it’s a music shop, capacity is super-limited so get down early to make sure you can get in as doors will close come 7.30pm. I shall also be playing a solo acoustic show at Europa Music on Friar Street, Stirling from 4pm the same afternoon, so do come along and grab some MTAT releases in the coolest record shop in the central belt.

The night after the Stirling shows, I’ll be playing Tragical History Tour style at this absolute peach at Plan B Books in Glasgow alongside Marc Ruvolo of The Fur Coats, Phil Taylor from Paws and The Kimberly Steaks playing a super-rare acoustic set. Should be good fun for sure!

plan b acoustic

Our next little run of shows are all with our pals Sink Alaska and we’ll be hitting Glasgow, Leeds and Bolton on February 21/22/23rd respectively before we head off to Ireland for the first time for a long weekend of shows with Vamos and Sheepy across St. Patrick’s Day weekend. That will be something special for sure and I cannot wait to cross the Irish Sea for the first time, as it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do. We shall then be doing a bunch of Scottish dates with our pals in Bangers in April, including an incredible half-dayer at Audio in Glasgow alongside Elway, Joe McMahon of Smoke Or Fire, Roscoe Vacant and The Walking Targets on Sunday 27th April. Full details and poster, etc will all be sorted very shortly but in the meantime you can keep your eye on all our dates as they are announced here.


Right, that’s enough from me for now. We are still hosting our JANUARY SALE over at the MTAT bandcamp page and even though we’ve sold out of a fair few items, there are still some deece bargains to be had.  2014 Season Tickets are also still available for the bargain basement price of £100 and that includes entry to every MTAT show of the year (including a three-day weekend pass for Book Yer Ane Fest VIII) as well as advanced copies of every physical MTAT release of the year. Definitely worth checking out!





Given that my last post was essentially just a shill job for Dae Yer Ane Podcast (download/stream here), I guess this entry counts as my first blog post of 2014. As such, I hope that everyone had an enjoyable time over the festive period and that we are all stoked and raring to go in the TWO ZERO ONE FOUR. I, for one, am pretty excited about things as we look towards what’s going to be happening this year. I’ve been sober coming on six weeks now and am filled with a joyousness and enthusiasm, dare I say a “zest”, for life that’s been somewhat absent for a while. Funny that, but we live and learn. Personal shit aside, 2014 is shaping up to be another wild year for Make-That-A-Take with some cool stuff already announced and even more cool stuff to come over the coming months.


Winter can be bleak enough at the best of times, let alone when you are struggling and in crisis and the temperatures are sub-zero. Whilst not exactly a revolutionary idea, we feel obligated to do our part to help our fellow humans and, as such, we’ll be running the TINS FOR TUNES campaign at all of our shows this winter.

The concept is a simple one; bring an item of non-perishable food stuffs to any/all of our shows this winter and exchange it for download codes and free CDs (while stocks last) at the door of the show. The box will then be delivered to Dundee Foodbank (http://dundee.foodbank.org.uk/) to be distributed to those in need.

All support in this endeavour would be very much appreciated. You can find a list of preferred non-perishable food items here.


filthpact local poster

Our first show of 2014 is an absolute beast and offers up four distinctive flavours of Scottish hardcore. Aberdoom’s mighty “Plague Carriers of the Crust Apocalypse” Filthpact are celebrating ten years in the trenches by falling on their sword and breaking up with one last tour. They will be joined on their last show in Dundee from West Lothian grindcore merchants Sufferinfuck, Central Belt posicore kids Get It Together (who’ll be releasing their new “Perspectives” EP) and new filthy hardcore from Perth in the form of Rope Spasm (who’ll be playing their very first show). This will be one noisy affair and it takes place on Friday 31st January at Kage. This will be the first night of Tins For Tunes and we’ll also have the MTAT distro with us, so bring some pennies along and support all the bands.

The next night sees Get It Together and Uniforms playing a basement show downstairs in Barnton Street Music in Stirling, rounding out GIT’s weekend of EP release shows. The show will be kicking off at 7pm and has basement has a strictly limited capacity of 50, so the doors will be closed at either 7.30pm or when capacity is reached, whichever comes first! I’ll be playing a solo acoustic in-store show at Europa Music on Friar Street in Stirling that same afternoon and will be armed with a whole bunch of MTAT releases and perhaps a cheeky little new THT CD, although we’ll have to wait and see on that one!

spill yer guts 1

SPILL YER GUTS is our first attempt at something a little more intimate than the average acoustic show and, as it’s our first time, I shall be the guinea pig and will be performing in Tragical History Tour style. I shall be joined on this journey by my friends in Little Anchors and Broken Stories for what should be an interesting evening of story and song. Imagine VH-1 “Storytellers” in a punk rock bar and you’ll have an idea of the kind of thing that we are going for. If things go well, we’ll look at adding more SPILL YER GUTS events to the MTAT calendar. It’ll be happening at Cerberus Bar, Dundee on Tuesday 11th February and entry will be by donations on the door (please).

After that, we have a local band night at Kage on Saturday 15th February that will feature Robot Doctors (who have found fame recently by being featured on Manchester City’s “Goal of the Month” video) and The Shithawks, plus a couple more local bands to be announced. On the subject of local bands; we are always looking for new bands to come and get involved and play our shows. New blood is vital to a healthy and evolving DIY scene and we want to hear from people who are keen to get involved, so hit us up and let us hear your noise and ideas!

Thursday 13th March sees The Murderburgers kick off their latest European tour by playing the place where they rounded out 2013’s touring at Kage. They’ll be joined by Lancashire pop-punks Don Blake, who are doing the Scottish dates with Da Boigas, as well as by us roasters in Uniforms and our good pals in Lachance playing their first ever full band show. Should be a pretty exciting evening all round. The day after that, Uniforms are off to play our first shows in Ireland and will be visiting Galway, Dublin and Belfast. We’ve still got a couple of things to iron out and firm up but we should be able to share full details with you soon.

stuck in springtime

Stoked though I am on going to Ireland for the first time, a little part of me is gutted that we’re going to miss the very first STUCK IN SPRINGTIME FEST at The 13th Note in Glasgow. The show is going to double as the album launch from The Kimberly Steaks, the first release of the year with which was are involved.  Next up will be 7″s from both Broken Stories and a new EP from Uniforms, swiftly followed by the second full-length from the mighty Kaddish. All things worth getting excited about!


We are continuing to hold our JANUARY SALE at the Make-That-A-Take Bandcamp page and have a heap of cool shit going real cheap. Prices are;

All 7″s – £3

All 10″s – £5

All 12″s – £6

All CDEPs – £2/3

All CD Albums – £4

We also have a bunch of shirts, koozies, patches and the like as well as bundles going super-cheap. Many of the distro items are down to the very last copies, so if you are wanting something, please get in there quick. All orders will come with the usual COOL FREE SHIT.

2014 Season Tickets are also available and will be shipping out during the first week of February. For a one-off £100, a Season Ticket gives you entry to every MTAT show of the year (including a full three-day weekend pass for Book Yer Ane Fest VIII), advanced physical copies of every MTAT release of the year, a “Welcome Pack” that includes a BURST COW shirt and more, plus you’ll be the first to know about any “secret” shit that we may be planning, as well as getting the occasional surprise in the mail. Many bargains all round!

We now also have 47 releases available from our Bandcamp music page and have added a bunch of new stuff, most of which is available for free/pay-what-you-want download. This morning we posted the debut album from Colorado ska-punkers Bad Karma Kings. The album is called “Nothin’ To Lose” and was recorded by Christopher Fogal at Black In Bluhm Studios in Denver, Colorado. We’ve got a few copies in the distro too, so check that shit out for sure.

Right, that’s enough rambling on for now. We’ve got some cool stuff to announce over the next week once we’ve sorted some of the finer details but we’ are very pleased that we’ll be hosting our pals in Question The Mark and Bangers on separate occasions over the coming months.

Thanks for the continued support and all the best for the TWO ZERO ONE FOUR.

Dae Yer Ane Podcast; Episode 1

Okay, I admit it; I am a philistine when it comes to music and technology. I dislike I-Tunes and tend to stick to what I know when it comes to downloading and such like. I’ve recorded music onto computers but have never done so myself, as I’ve always had someone there clicking the buttons and telling me when to start. However, my new-found sobriety has ignited some kind of fire in me and I’m keen to learn new things. As such, I finally did a little bit (very little bit) of light reading about podcasting and home-recording, then proceeded to download Audacity and have my first blast at creating a Make-That-A-Take podcast.

Naturally, I christened this new adventure in hi-fi as “Dae Yer Ane Podcast”. It only makes sense. I decided to start with a podcast as it’s something that I’ve talked about doing for ages but have never got round to doing it. That or I’ve never found anyone willing to give me free reign on a microphone. Either way, I have finally gotten round to it. So delightful did I find the experience that I imagine I shall do it again, although I’m not going to make any promises about how frequently they’ll be done as I seem incapable to sticking to any sort schedule when it comes to the written word, let alone the spoken.

Regardless of my foibles and scatter-shot timekeeping, doing the podcast was a little bit of fun if nothing else. It’s also a mighty fine excuse for my to listen to some of my favourite bands, not that any excuse is needed. If there’s anyone out there that has enjoyed the podcast, has any advice and/or criticism to impart, would like to get their band played on the podcast, or whatever else, please feel free to get in touch.

2013 was rare. Here’s to a belter in 2014.

Happy new year.

 Sink Alaska – “Hitless Wonder”
The Walking Targets – “Count Me Out”
The Kimberly Steaks – “All My Friends Are Ghosts”
Bangers – “Part Animal”
Sweet Empire – “Torches”
Get It Together – “Skinned Knees and Bruises”
Filthpact – “D-Beat Is Love”
Sufferinfuck – “Phoney Wars”
Rope Spasm – “Marlboro Man”
Black Cop – “Brain Contractor”
Billy Liar – “The Ghosts of Punk Rock”
Loaded 45 – “Joe”
Uniforms – “The Trouble With Trying”
Rebuke – “Going to Japan and Back”
Broken Stories – “Everything All At Once”
Mesa Verde – “Post-Youth”
Kaddish – “Treading”
Lachance – “Old Haunts”
The Murderburgers – “Turning 25 Was Shit”

PS – Free download of the “Roaster” split to the first person to email MTAT correctly stating the movie from which the opening sample on the podcast is taken.