by writeyeranezine

Episode 3 of DAE YER ANE PODCAST is dedicated to the memories of Jordan Cameron and Jackson Bromley, both of whom have been taken from us too soon and are laid to rest this week.

Jordan was a funny, intelligent and talented young man who played guitar in Drug Couple and My Castle, Your Castle as well as being an enthusiastic participant of the local scene. Jackson is the son of our good friends Annabel Bromley and Rossko MacGregor. Our thoughts and love are with everyone involved at this time, now and always.

Out of respect, there is no talking on this episode of the podcast. As such, I’ve included links and a little brief about each track below.

Sleep easy, fellas.


Jordan Cameron


Jackson Bromley

Drug Couple – “Victor Crowley”

The last track of the Perth hardcore band’s first and only EP.

Certain Death – “Faker”

Recorded when they were called Drive By Audio and taken from the BYAF V comp.

In Tongues – Entombed By Existence”

Glasgow hardcore’s bleakest, taken from the new EP on Atonement Records.

Prelude To The Hunt – “Blood Moon”

Aberdoom grindcore, taken from the “First Rites” EP.

MAFAFI – “Ed Burns”

PHC’s filthiest purveyors of hardcore punk sleaze.

Kaddish – “Combray”

Eccosemo’s greatest with a track from the out of print split 7″ with Battle of Wolf 359.

Bed Of Wasps – “Plagued”

New blackened hardcore five-piece from Dundee, taken from the “Plagued” EP.

Black Channels – “Feral Children”

Black Channels were a Perth/Glasgow screamo/punk band featuring members of Mesa Verde and Allergo.

Gunfinger – “Smoked Bowls, Saved Souls”

Glasgow hardcore/powerviolence mayhem on Hawkchild/Party Wound.

Fiesta Minor – “Cold”

Glasgow screamo/hardcore.

Bonehouse – “Gentle Bones”

Dundee emo/punk, taken from the 4-Way Split 12″ with Kaddish, Polina (CAN) and Todos Caeran (CAN).

Carson Wells – “Home”

Aberdeen emo, taken from the “Wonderkid” LP on Art For Blind.

Proverbs – “James Nesbitt Is Not A Legitimate Actor”

Perth emo, taken from the “1.24” tape on ZX Tapes.

Cavalcades – “Frayed”

Aberdeen screamo/punk, taken from the “Coping” 12″ EP on Dog Knights.

Departures – “21”

Glasgow hardcore, taken from the “Teenage Haze” LP on Fist In The Air Records.

Torturo Nervosa – “Saturnalia”

Perth punk rock sleazemeisters par excellence.

Cleavers – “Transmission” (Joy Division)

Download-only bonus track from the “I Can’t Wait Around For You”/”Give Up” 7″ record.

Pink Pills – “Ghost Ships”

Pink Pills is Ryan Gallagher, taken from the “Concrete Heartbeat” album.

The Hotel Year – “There Is A Light”

Now “The Hotelier”, this track is taken from the LP of the same title.

My Castle, Your Castle – “Outro”

Taken from “Discography”.