Interview; Fraser Murderburger


Okay, I admit it; I’ve been slacking. This interview was conducted last month and was originally intended to by published in the first physical edition of Write Yer Ane Zine. The good intentions have gone to pot, however, and I don’t have the zine finished as I’ve been up to my eyeballs with all of the other uninteresting shit as per usual. Abbie and I are moving house though, so that’s deece.

Anyways, given that our pals The Murderburgers kick off their massive 60-date European Tour at Kage, Dundee tomorrow night (with us roasters in Uniforms, Lancashire pop-punks Don Blake and our fellow cowpunkers Lachance playing their first full band show), I thought it prudent to get this interview out there into the world. A physical edition of the zine will appear, just not immediately!


Thanks a lot to Fraser for the interview. You can keep up to date with everything that Da Boigas are up to on the road at their facebook page and website. You can find all of their records for purchase/download at their bandcamp page too.

WYAZ; It’s been a while since we last “officially” spoke and in that time The Murderburgers have been one of the busiest bands on the planet; releasing your latest album and touring the US/EU. Focussing on the album, who do you feel about it now that it’s been out a while and how has your experience of working with Asian Man Records been?

Fraser; I’m really proud of the new album, and I don’t think it could have turned out sounding or looking better. We definitely spent more time on this album than we did on “How To Ruin Your Life”. I wanted all of the artwork to tie in with the song content this time, and Steve did a great job doing just that. It’s the first time I’ve written an album as an album, if you know what I mean. “How To Ruin Your Life” turned out well but it was more of a “right, we have 15 new songs so let’s do an album” kind of record, whereas all of the songs on “These Are Only Problems” were written about a specific and incredibly bleak period of my pathetic excuse for an existence. It’s also the first album we’ve done where we are all happy with playing all of the songs live. I’m definitely not sick of playing any of the songs yet. Working with Asian Man Records has been an absolute pleasure. I spoke to Mike Park on the phone last October for the first time and he could understand my shitty accent, which was a relief. Monster Zero are still involved as well. Kevin from MZ still claims he can still only understand 70% of what I say after knowing him for over 5 years.

WYAZ; The record dropped in September (?) and you went out on the road immediately afterwards. How do you feel the record has been received? How was the US tour on the back of it and how was your first experience of The Fest in Gainesville?

Fraser; The record came out on Oct 8th last year, which was the first day of our US/Euro tour. The response has been overwhelming. People seem to be really diggin’ it and only a couple of people have given us shit for it not strictly being a straight up pop punk record. After spending so much time writing the album it’s good to know that it wasn’t all for nothing. We were really happy with the record when we finished recording it and knew that we had done a good job, but after waiting for it to be mixed and mastered, and then sitting on the album for a while when we were finding a label to put it out, and then waiting for it to be pressed and released, we started to worry that the songs aren’t as good as we thought they were in the first place, or at least I did. So when it’s finally out there and people are really into the songs it’s a huge relief. The US tour was awesome. I flew out a week early to do some recording for a new band with Brad from Dear Landlord and Kat from The Strait A’s called Rat Toilet, which for being something Brad and I joked about for ages actually turned out sounding like a real band. The first week of the tour was with Strong City from Iowa, then the rest of the tour was with Lipstick Homicide from Iowa and Boys from Ohio. All three of those bands are amazing and are great people to tour with. The Fest was incredible and definitely took a few years off of my life. We played the pre-Fest in Ybor and then did a house show in Tampa before heading to Gainesville. We all drank way too much, saw a lot of great bands, made a lot of new friends and caught up with a lot of old ones. We got a tour of the No Idea house, which was pretty cool. Our set at The Fest was one of my favourite ever. We seem to attract some pretty crazy people at shows these days. A good kind of crazy though.

boigas pic

WYAZ; Most bands would want to come home and recharge after such a lengthy US tour, but you guys went straight back out on the road in Europe, finishing up at BYAF VII. How was this European tour? Did Cock’s vital organs make it in home intact?

Fraser; His vital organs did alright this time! The tour was great, as Europe always is. Our good friend Davey was TMing/driving us around and took good care of us. The only things that sucked were the French road tolls, the snow, and the guy that tried to overtake us during a traffic jam in Italy, which resulted in the left wing mirror of the van being smashed off. Italian drivers need to simmer down.

WYAZ; How do you keep yourself motivated and entertained in the midst of such lengthy tours? How did it feel to get home and have a riot of a finish at BYAF VII? Did you have fun at the “secret” acoustic show?

Fraser; I find it pretty easy to keep myself motivated on tour these days. Whenever I start feeling like shit I just have to remind myself that being on tour is way better than being stuck at some shit job at home. We have a lot of good things going for us at the moment, so it would be stupid not to keep that in mind and get the most enjoyment out of it as possible. I much prefer longer tours and fitting in as many shows as possible, so the longer the tour is the more excited I get about it. For entertainment I usually just listen to music and sleep, or try to write new songs in my head. When you’re stuck in a van for weeks on end you get a lot of thinking done, so by the time I get home I’ve always got a bunch of new ideas for songs and lyrics done. I also like to wind up Cock. That passes a lot of time. Finishing at BYAF VII was seriously the best way to end a tour ever. All of the Scottish shows at the end of the tour were just what we needed I think. We were all getting really bummed out about the tour almost being over, so coming back and playing to good crowds with a lot of familiar faces that we hadn’t seen for a while made being home a lot more bearable. Our set at BYAF was, as you know, pretty fuckin’ insane. Biggest human pyramid ever! The acoustic show was a lot of fun as well. Definitely a good cure for a hangover.

WYAZ; The UK punk scene seems to be in some rare health at the moment. Given that you’ve been in bands for years, do you see a difference between how things and now and how they were, say, 6/7 years ago? What UK bands do you dig?

Fraser; There’s definitely a big difference between how things are now and how they were when we started out 7 years ago. The main difference is that it used to suck back then and now it doesn’t. It’s great to see so many bands and people really pushing things, and people actually giving a shit. It’s encouraging to see so many younger bands appearing now, so hopefully the scene will continue to grow. There’s a lot of UK bands that I dig. Too many to list really, but I’ll name a few. Recently I’ve been listening to The Walking Targets a lot, and The Kimberly Steaks too. Both bands have just recorded new albums which I can’t wait to hear. I finally got round to buying PAWS “Cokefloat!”, which is an awesome album. I’ve not stopped listening to Martha‘s E.P yet. Vamos are amazing and great guys. I wish I’d written “Hands”. Bangers rule, and so do River Jumpers and Leagues Apart.  I listen to Great Cynics a lot. Oh, and the mighty Wonk Unit!

WYAZ; Since you’ve been home you’ve recorded a live session for the Radio One Punk Show and cut a new EP. When can we hear the 7″, what label will it be on and how is your next EU tour shaping up?

Fraser; The recording of the new EP should be finished by mid-Feb, and then it should be out in the summer. It’ll be released on Bloated Kat Records and will be called “How To Ruin Your Laptop”, because we (or just Cock) broke Servo from Bloated Kat’s laptop when we were drunk in Atlantic City last October. It’ll be 2 brand new songs, 1 re-recording of an old song and a Chinese Telephones cover. The next European tour is shaping up nicely. It’s another long one. 60 days throughout Scotland, England, Wales, Belgium, France, Italy, Austria, Germany and Holland. I’m still working on it every day, but it’s coming together well. I’m just at that annoying stage of needing details from people and having to hassle them, but overall it’s been less of a headache to book than most other tours I’ve dealt with.

handsome bastards

WYAZ; What’s next for the band? Are you thinking about a new album already or are you biding your time with it? Can we expect more of the typical gonzo Moidaboigas tour scheduling this year?

Fraser; I’ve been working on some new songs, but we have no immediate plans to do a new album anytime soon. We briefly spoke about aiming to start properly working on a new one this time next year. It all depends on our touring schedule though. We want to tour for “These Are Only Problems” as much as we can this year anyway. Once we get back from the Spring tour we have plans to record a full band acoustic split CD with Billy Liar followed by a 2 week UK tour in July to support it. I’ve been talking with Mike at Asian Man about getting back to the US around Oct/Nov, and I’ve been working on some other stuff to keep us busy before then. I’ve been talking to a couple of booking agents in Japan for a while now and would really like to make it out there at the end of the year if possible, but we’ll have to wait and see. I promised Cock we would make it to Japan soon, and also promised him that we would make it back to Spain since he missed out on the Spanish dates in 2012 after his appendix shat the bed, causing him to leave the tour

WYAZ; What has been your highlight of the band’s existence thus far and what are you most looking forward to in the future?

Fraser; The Maida Vale session was definitely a highlight. I used to wait up to 2am to listen to the Radio 1 Punk Show when I was a teenager and ask one of my friends to tape for me in case I missed it, so doing a live session for it a few years later isn’t something I expected to happen. The whole Asian Man Records thing is obviously a highlight. We’ve done so much shit over the past 2 years that I still can’t get my head around, so I guess the past 2 years has been the highlight. I’m mostly looking forward to touring more and seeing where we end up.

WYAZ; Any last words?

Fraser; Thanks for letting me ramble on. I turn 27 in a couple of days and I still can’t grow a beard. How shit is that?

Thu 13 March @ Kage, Dundee (SCO)

Fri 14 March @ Downstairs, Aberdeen (SCO)

Sat 15 March @ Stuck In Springtime Fest, 13th Note, Glasgow (SCO)

Sun 16 March @ Retro Bar, Manchester (ENG)

Mon 17 March @ Bar Santiago, Leeds, (ENG)

Tue 18 March @ The Lughole, Sheffield, (ENG)

Wed 19 March @ The Soundhouse, Leicester, (ENG)

Thu 20 March @ The Blueberry, Norwich, (ENG)

Fri 21 March @ UtrechtSkatePark, Utrecht, (NL)

Sat 22 March @ Crossbonefest, JH The Bassment, Houthalen, (BE)

Sun 23 March @ Le Gibus Cafe, Paris (FR)

Mon 24 March @ Canadian Cafe, Tours (FR)

Tue 25 March @ The Cafe Latin, Angers (FR)

Wed 26 March @ La Scene Michelet, Nantes (FR)

Thu 27 March @ TBC, Limoges (FR)

Fri 28 March @ La Mecanique Des Fluides, Toulouse (FR)

Sat 29 March @ Up & Down Bar, Montpellier (FR)

Sun 30 March @ Venue TBC, Marseilles (FR)

Mon 31 March @ Private show, La Fare les Oliviers (FR)
* if somebody wants to come to the show, write an e-mail to “*

Tue 1 April @ *acoustic show* La Zonmé, Nice (FR)

Wed 2 April @ Venue TBC, Torino (IT)

Thu 3 April @ Venue TBC, Milano (IT)

Fri 4 April @ Venue TBC, Imperia (IT)

Sat 5 April @ (IT) *Date available, please email Kasper:*

Sun 6 April @ (IT) *Date available, please email Kasper:*

Mon 7 April @ Venue TBC, Livorono (IT)

Tue 8 April @ Venue TBC, Rome (IT)

Wed 9 April @ Venue TBC, Ancona (IT)

Thu 10 April @ Venue TBC, Forli (IT)

Fri 11 April @ Arci Dallo, Brescia (IT)

Sat 12 April @ Venue TBC, Udine (IT)

Sun 13 April @ SUB, Graz (AT)

Mon 14 April @ DasBACH, Vienna (AT)

Tue 15 April @ Venue TBC, Vocklabruck (AT)

Wed 16 April @ PMK, Innsbruck (AT)

Thu 17 April @ Bela Lugosi, Nuremberg (DE)

Fri 18 April @ ZKU, Leipzig (DE)

Sat 19 April @ (DE) *Date available, please email Fraser:*

Sun 20 April @ (DE) *Date available, please email Fraser:*

Mon 21 April @ (DE) *Date available, please email Fraser:*

Tue 22 April @ Jagerklause, Berlin (DE)

Wed 23 April @ Venue TBC, Hanover (DE)

Thu 24 April @ Rote Flora, Hamburg (DE)

Fri 25 April @ Q1, Bergisch Gladbach (DE)

Sat 26 April @ The Eldorado, Nordemham (DE)

Sun 27 April @ Sentiments HQ, Petersburg-Osnabruck (DE)

Mon 28 April @ TBC *Date available, please email Fraser:*

 Tue 29 April @ Club Lola, Groningen (NL)

 Wed 30 April @ Sub071, Leiden (NL)

 Thu 1 May @ Groezrock Acoustic Punk Meeting IV (Campsite BBQ Area), Meerhout (BE)

 Fri 2 May @ TBC

 Sat 3 May @ TBC

 Sun 4 May @ TBC *Date available, please email Fraser:*

 Mon 5 May @ The Cherry Tree, Canterbury (ENG)

Tue 6 May @ Grumpy Whiskers, Cheltenham (ENG)

Wed 7 May @ The Moon Club, Cardiff, (WAL)

Thu 8 May @ TBC, Swindon (ENG)

 Fri 9 May @ WTFEST Official Aftershow, Unit, Southampton (ENG)