Status Update!

by writeyeranezine

corporate punx

It’s safe to say that we are a long way from being drunk in the back room of Big Mick’s place after playing a house party show there sometime in the mid-noughties, probably 2005/6. That’s when Papa Gain and I first “officially” scribbled some ideas onto a piece of paper that effectively represented the first ever Make-That-A-Take manifesto. To paraphrase, it read something like “nobody else gives a shit so we give a shit ourselves”. That simple statement remains true in my heart of hearts unto this very day. The first show we ever put on was when we were teenagers in Alyth Guide Hut. We’ve muddled through and learned along the way. This tale is in no way unique, but it’s our tale. The tale has been told in greater depth many times, most notably in Adam Morrow’s “FILM YER ANE; The BOOK YER ANE FEST Documentary”. The purpose of this blog is to close one chapter and start another.

Long story short, Make-That-A-Take Records is now an official company. We’ve been a DIY purely voluntary collective for the thick end of a decade now and we’ve done things that were beyond our wildest dreams when we first started putting on shows, mostly in houses, Drouthy’s and The Balcony Bar. Together, we’ve created some memories that will live with me forever; a rammed Kage for Dead To Me on a Wednesday night, a sold-out Book Yer Ane Fest V (heading onto VIII this year, what the fuck???), Frankie Stubbs dancing to “Call Me Al”,  putting out heaps of CDs, moving onto vinyl; I am grateful for each and every one of those moments and it continues to blow my mind that we’re still here doing this after all these years. To me, however, it feels like we are just getting started.

This is not a decision that has been taken lightly but we feel that it is necessary in order to move forward as we wish to. What started as gentlemen’s agreements and drunken idea-throwing has evolved into something larger and more wide-ranging than ever imagined, and to that end I feel it is essential that all affairs are properly managed. What it essentially means is a whole lot more paperwork for us and little to no change for you troops! Our priorities remain the same; to put on great inclusive punk rock shows, to put out music that we believe in and to support our friends and the punk community. We will continue to do benefit shows, treat bands as we’d wish to be treated ourselves, put on what we feel to be value-for-money shows and do everything with the same heart and soul as we’ve always done. All money that comes in will continue to go straight back out into records/shows/projects/etc.

Personally, this is something that I’ve wrestled with for many years, but feel wholeheartedly that the time is right to formalise matters.  Sometimes punk rock means having your shit together. All told, that’s what I’m trying to do here. None of this would have been possible if it weren’t for the people who come out to the shows and those in the collective that continue to bust a gut to make shit happen. Thank you to everyone for the support, I hope that you’ll continue to support and engage with what we do, starting with the ACOUSTIC RAMMY TOUR tomorrow night!

acoustic rammy tour