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Month: November, 2014

Book Yer Ane Fest VIII; Timetables

This is the final draft of set times for BOOK YER ANE FEST VIII. Things may change a little so please keep your eye on facebook and twitter for any amendments. Three Day Weekend Tickets will be on sale until 12 noon tomorrow, so grab one now if you haven’t got one. Weekend tickets will be available on the door on FRIDAY NIGHT ONLY. Thereafter, there will be day tickets on the door priced £7/12/12 for Friday/Saturday/Sunday respectively. This is shaping up to be one of our wildest fests yet so please enjoy yourselves. Respect each other, respect the space and rammy hard!

pre BYAF Glasgow updated

Please note the venue change for tonight’s Pre-BYAF show in Glasgow. The gig will now be at Shadow Central (formerly The Arc), 65 Commerce Street, Glasgow. The bill remains the same as do all other details except that it’s now BYOB. Please chuck us a buck for corkage if you’re going to be boozing as you’ll be saving beans!

Friday timetable-page-001(1)Saturday timetable1-page-001Saturday Main Stage-page-001Sunday Timetable early-page-001Sunday Main Stage-page-001


Book Yer Ane Fest; A Survival Guide by Baz

baz3Many of you may have tread this path before but for some, this could be your first foray into the collective madness of a Book Yer Ane Fest Weekend. Having attended all, and come out the other end in varying states of disrepair each time, I’m going to provide you with some hints, tips and tricks to maximise your fun while preserving your body long enough to make it Sunday nights headliners Kaddish and Fat Goth.

Now, some of you may not be taking a drink this weekend, as is your right to choose what does and does not go into your own body. In the case of the teetotaller, you won’t need to adjust your lifestyle a great deal in order to see this out, it’ll be a walk in the park. Plenty good fluids, food and rest will sort you out. The only thing you may be wary of is screaming your throat out to your favourite band, but a cheeky wee lozenge here and there is plenty adequate. The main concern here is those of you who will be booting the arse clean oot it all weekend, you are all old enough to make your own decisions so all I am offering is a simple guide to what has helped, and what has humbled me in the past –

The Classic “Peaked too early” Case

One thing that has broken me more times than not in the past, certainly since we moved to a 2, then a 3 day format, is going too fast too quick on the Friday night. Now this is easier done than you might imagine, usually down to the quality of the line ups and that Friday night is the classic night for touring bands to hit BYAF with a view to moving on to somewhere equally decent on the Saturday. So you may end up having a scenario of, your most anticipated band is playing the Friday night and you want to enjoy it, and you may also very well see them throughout the night enjoying a steady “refreshment” themselves and be more inclined to get in on the act! Before you know it you’ve tanned quite a few and are steadily heading towards the “WFC Bracket”* and you don’t want that tag, as you will keep it ALL weekend. Make sure you at least last long enough to see the bands you want to see, people have been ejected, or fallen asleep pretty early on the Friday before.

Another trapdoor on the Friday night is the fact a club night will start right after the last band has played and the stage is clear. You may find yourself making the executive decision to hit the hay to prepare for Saturday and as you say your goodbyes -boom, your jam comes on! Taps are aff and shit is lost. Before you know it your back at the bar buying shots for ABDY and the rest is a blur. The rest of you’re weekend you will be a shadow of your true self and so will your bank account. If you’re staying out and determined to party all night of every night then mix it up, take on plenty water especially toward the end of the night, simple advice but until I started actually doing it I didn’t see how much good it does!

If you are sensible, or just lucky, then you’ll wake up raring to go on the Saturday. The day starts a lot earlier on Saturday and Sunday so pacing yourself is key to making the most of the full days. 12+ Hours solid drinking is never going to be advised, but I’m not gonna kid on and say that it won’t happen, some of you will hop on this crazy train and to you I say good luck. Basic advice is the same, take on water throughout the day, a killer headache at a music festival is bad times. Make sure you eat throughout the day. Unfortunately there is no scheduled break in action during the Sat or Sun so you’ll need to check line ups and pop out when something you care less about it is happening. If you see food/meals being prepared in the club it will be to cater for the travelling bands so please don’t tan a plate and fire in. A lot of prep goes into making sure bands are fed and watered upon arrival, you guys need to fend for yourself I’m afraid!

Short walking distance from Kage you will find standard kebab/pizza shops, also Chopstix round the corner for tasty Chinese food and further afield at the foot of the Perth Rd (opposite Groucho’s), a 10 min walk, you will find Dr Noodles where a pretty healthy pot of noodles/veg + meat or tofu is pretty cheap and damn good. If your stuck for options or dietary needs grab one of us or anyone local, but make sure you get some nutrition into your wretched vessel, it will thank you later.

Worst Case Scenario

You’ve woke up on one of the days with a mouth tasting like you’ve been licking a pub carpet, a stomach doing somersaults, a head feeling like its split open and your liver sitting next to you drinking a black coffee calling you an arsehole. Nae good. Old pal water first, get it right doon ye, good couple pints. Then, if you have one, a Resolve or equivalent type of effervescent sachet designed to ease head, settle stomach and hydrate body. Those things are TECKLE. You’ll have to eat something, even if it means spewing it up again, at least it’s been in you. Take a good fresh air walk, then decide whether a hair o the dog will do you good or bad. After that, the days destiny is in your hands.

Ear plugs are always available for free at the club to protect fragile ears, but are recommended for all to use. It should be quite easy to get yourself to a nice stage of cheeriness each day without overdoing it so you still have enough energy to get up and on with it for the whole weekend. That said, I’m the king of saying that and doing the complete opposite, it happens, we’ve all been there, I just hope it doesn’t ruin anyone’s weekend! You’ve paid you’re money, make sure you see everything you wanna see this weekend!


Now, punishing your body with poor drinking decisions aside, couple of major points to be made. Make sure you have fun, make sure you make some new pals and watch some new bands, RESPECT the place you are in and the people around you, especially those working hard to provide you with a good time, make sure you have fun, tip your bar staff if you can afford to; those guys and girls are pulling major shifts over the weekend to keep you lubricated, and make sure you have fun! Good luck to all seasoned vets and first timers alike!

Have a great Fest!

Written by Barry “The” Kydd, MTAT Roaster / Lachance chanter.

BYAF; Dundee First-Timers

pre BYAF Glasgow

Book Yer Ane Fest VIII is now less than a week away and I’m starting to get pumped. As usual, I’m spinning plates but it seems that everything is coming together. One of my favourite things about BYAF, and what we do in general, is getting to bring rad bands to Dundee who have never played here before. We are incredibly lucky to be able to bring a bunch of tours together and welcome punks from all over the world to the city for the weekend. We are very grateful to the wonderful people in the punk and wider musical communities for coming together to make this happen.

poster final

There have been some changes and adjustments to the line-up but a full and (hopefully) final schedule will be published in the next week. Thankfully, there will be NO CLASHES, meaning that everyone should get a chance to see everybody. To keep up to date with changes and announcements as they happen, keep your eyes on the event page and the MTAT twitter page.

Three Day Weekend E-Tickets will be online until 12 noon on Friday 28th November. Groucho’s have physical tickets for sale. A limited number of Weekend Tickets will be available on the door on Friday night only. Individual day tickets will be available on the door and will be £7/12/12 for Friday/Saturday/Sunday respectively.

post byaf

Lipstick Homicide (USA);
Friday, Main Stage @ Kage

Top quality fierce gobby melodic punk rock from Coalville, Iowa three piece who will be headlining on Friday night and playing the only Scottish show of their European tour. “Out Utero” on Bloated Kat is an essential record of fizzy pop bangers, like an Asian Man Records showcase at Gilman Street.

Freddy Fudd Pucker (New Zealand);
Pre-BYAF Glasgow / Saturday, Acoustic Stage @ Kage

Idiot punk rock troubadours have a way of finding each other. Freddy hit me up months ago and introduced me to his one-man-band trash/blues/punk chaos and I felt instant kinship. Freddy comes from New Zealand and has been trotting the globe for the last 5 years. He’ll be joining us for the Pre-BYAF show and will be around all weekend.

 Low Dérive (Italy);
Sunday, Main Stage @ Kage/ Post-BYAF Edinburgh

Our brothers at Team Beard Records have long recommended these hearty Italian punks and we are stoked to finally be able to bring them to Dundee as part of a quality little UK tour to and from BYAF alongside Joe McMahon of Smoke Or Fire and our Welsh roaster comrades Question The Mark. I am very pleased to have played a small role in putting it together, cheers troops!

 Joe McMahon (USA);
Sunday, Acoustic Stage @ Kage/ Post-BYAF Edinburgh

Smoke Or Fire are a band that I have long admired and while it seems that Joe and I have circled each other many times, it wasn’t until earlier this year that we finally met for the first time. Smoke Or Fire were one of the bands we wanted to put on when we started MTAT back in the day and, while that hasn’t happened yet, we’re very pleased to finally be able to bring Joe to Dundee and BYAF.

Guerrilla Monsoon (ENG);
Saturday, Main Stage @ Kage

Guerrilla Monsoon have been tearing it up all over the place over the past year, including their first US show at Fest 13. These dudes play pure melodic punk rock gold and are absolutely smashing it with their new “Big City Plans” EP on Paper and Plastick / Beach Community. We’ve developed a close friendship this year and I couldn’t be more excited that they’re playing their first Scottish show on the Saturday of BYAF.

Austeros (ENG);
Pre-BYAF Glasgow / Friday, Main Stage @ Kage

Three piece super-melodic power-pop punks from Cheltenham with a banging new EP out on Round Dog Records and Don’t Ask, these dudes will be playing their first Scottish shows at Pre-BYAF in Glasgow and on Friday night at Kage with a house full of kindred spirits. Think Superchunk/The Weakerthans/Weezer.

The Doublecross (WAL);
Saturday, Acoustic Stage @ Kage

The Doublecross is the project of singer/songwriter Jonathan Greenwood of esteemed Welsh indie punks The Modern Farewell and This Hidden Switch. “The Timeless Self-Destruction of…” is a wonderful roots-y slice of modern rock storytelling in a Springsteen/Lucero style on Boss Tuneage / Team Beard and sees Jon joined by array of guest musicians. We’re very lucky to be hosting a Scottish exclusive solo show on Saturday evening at Kage.

Fair Do’s (ENG);
Sunday, Main Stage @ Kage

We’ve been trying to get these Manchester skate punks up to BYAF for a few years now and have never been able to work it out until now so we’re very pleased to finally be welcoming them to Dundee. These dudes shred like A Wilhelm Scream/Propagandhi and may well claim the crown for fastest band in a weekend full of super-fast bands.

Dead Neck (ENG);
Saturday, Early Show @ Cerberus Bar

Lancashire melodic hardcore punks who are a pretty last minute addition to proceedings will be bringing the rukus to Cerberus Bar for the early show and is pretty much guaranteed to be absolute chaos. You’d be strongly advised to bring earplugs if you’re suffering a particularly gnarly Friday night festover!

For updated day splits, please see this freshly squeezed post here.



Book Yer Ane Fest VIII; Day Splits and Updates!

***Updated Saturday 22nd November***

Like winter, Book Yer Ane Fest always seems to sneak up on me. We spend pretty much all year planning for it but there is always a rush of things to get done at what kinda seems like the last minute every year. We’re pretty much on point for this year (I think) and BYAF VIII is shaping up to be the busiest weekend of shows that we’ve ever hosted; there will be over 50 separate performances over the course of 5 days, 4 venues and 3 cities across Scotland. If you haven’t yet seen my friend Adam Morrow’s “FILM YER ANE; The Book Yer Ane Fest Documentary“, then I’d thoroughly recommend checking it out as it tells the story with greater elegance than I could likely muster.

It never fails to blow my mind that something that started out as a premise behind a Joey T weekender has evolved into something that I feel is very important (to us). The most important thing to bear in mind, to my mind, is that BYAF is a benefit festival to raise money for Safe-Tay and Tayside Mountain Rescue. Obviously we want everyone to have to most rad of all possible times, but I’d also encourage mindfulness as to why we are gathered together and how we treat each other. With a little respect, everyone can enjoy the best time possible together. Please take a moment to check out the websites of these important organisations and support the vital work that they undertake.

pre BYAF Glasgow

Our first ever Glasgow pre-BYAF show happens exactly three weeks from tonight at the 13th Note Cafe and it’s going to be a banger. Scotland’s finest west coast east-bay punk rockers The Kimberly Steaks will be joining us to celebrate an amazing year that has seen them release on of their best records of the year in the form of “To Live and Die in West Central Scotland”; truly a modern pop-punk masterpiece. They’ll be joined by Round Dog Records’ newest recruits Austeros who played rowdy power-pop like The Weakerthans covering Jawbreaker, Glasgow melodic punk veterans Sink Alaska who are fresh from releasing their first 7″ single and their good friends Mug from London. The line-up is rounded out by the one man tour de force that is Freddy Fudd Pucker from New Zealand who will be joining us for the weekend. Doors open at 7.30pm and it’s a fiver a skull unless you’ve got yourself a Super Earlybird Weekend Ticket.

poster final

I’m going to be writing a zine of sorts for BYAF this year, a programme of events if you will. Set times will be posted both online and contained within the zine, but times will also be posted up on the walls of the venues over the course of the weekend. What will follow below is a breakdown of day splits. Times will be posted later and this division does not necessarily reflect the running order of events across the weekend. As always, with all of these things, the card is subject to change. Cannae legislate for folk, ken?

Please note that all shows at Cerberus Bar are free but priority entry will be given to those with Super Earlybird Weekend Tickets. After that, it’ll be first come, first served. The place is pretty small so we’d encourage to get there early to make sure you get in. Please bring earplugs as you’ll likely need them! Also, please be aware that BYAF will be being recorded, filmed and photographed by a number of people for a number of projects throughout the weekend so you may well be caught on camera. If anyone is uncomfortable with that, please get in touch and make yourself known. Beyond that, please be cool and have an amazing weekend!

Get your Three Day E-Ticket for £25 here. Physical tickets are also available for £25 plus booking fee from Groucho’s, Dundee. Day tickets will be available in limited amounts on the door only and will be £7 on Friday night and £12 each on both Saturday and Sunday.

Friday 28th November

Cerberus Bar (4-6.30pm); Maxwell’s Dead / Terrafraid / Tragical History Tour + More (Free)

Kage Nightclub (Doors @ 6.30pm, First band @ 6.45); The Murderburgers / Lipstick Homicide (USA) / The Kimberly Steaks / Austeros (ENG) / Mug (ENG) / The Lemonaids / Lachance + Warped Club (£7 on the door)

Saturday 29th November

Cerberus Bar (12-2.30pm); Dead Neck (ENG) / Gone Wishing / Brian Curran / Mystery Guests

Kage Nightclub (Doors @ 2.30pm, First band @ 2.45pm); PAWS / Bear Trade (ENG) / Departures / Leagues Apart (ENG) / Guerrilla Monsoon (ENG) / Algernon Doll / Uniforms / Get It Together (7″ Launch Show) / In Tongues / Terrafraid / Sink Alaska / A Victory At Sea (ENG)

Acoustic Stage; Eric Ayotte (USA) / The Doublecross (WAL) / Billy Liar / Freddy Fudd Pucker (NZ) / James “Bar” Bowen (ENG) / esperi / A Hopeless Cause / Lovers Turn To Monsters

Sunday 30th November

11am; Keep your eyes on @makethatatake for details!

Cerberus Bar (12-2.30pm); Shitgripper / “The Menzingers” / Mystery Guests

Kage Nightclub (Doors @ 2,30pm, First band @ 2.45pm); Fat Goth / Kaddish / Avast! / Low Derive (ITA) / Chris T-T and The Hoodrats (ENG) / Bonehouse / Carson Wells / Venetian Love Triangle / Question The Mark (WAL) / Fair Do’s (ENG) / Alburn / Robot Doctors

Acoustic Stage; Joe McMahon (Smoke or Fire, USA) / Broken Stories (10″ Launch Show) / Tim Holehouse (ENG) / John Harcus / Dave Hughes and the Renegade Folk Punk Band / Turtle Lamone / Andy Chainsaw

Monday 1st December; Post-BYAF w/ Anti-Manifesto

The Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh (doors @ 7.30pm, £5 Tax); Low Derive (ITA) / Joe McMahon (Smoke or Fire, USA) / Question The Mark (WAL) / Paper Rifles

Poster to follow!

Think that’s it for now. Please keep your eyes on the facebook event page and the aforementioned twitter page for further and up-to-date information. A previously updated version of the Book Yer Ane Fest FAQ can be found here.

We’ll also be running the #BYAF photo competition again so if you’re uploading pics of the weekend, please use the hashtag to be in with the chance of winning a prize. We shall also be hosting the traditional tombola, merch sales, records and heaps more!