On International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day!

Just a wee reminder that the women in your life (and all the ones you don’t know) deserve your respect every single day.

It’s nice that so many of the men I know want to show their respect today, so if that’s genuinely your goal, I have a couple of suggestions.

– If you really need to tell the world how much you respect women, think about whether the post you’re composing/sharing is reductive. “We men wouldn’t be what we are today without the women!” type sentiments are well meaning and often true, but also often carry the implication that we’re still down here, propping up the men. Being thankful that your wife packed you a lunch does not exclude you from the patriarchy. Also, saying “I personally think women are great” kinda translates to me as “Hey women, while you’re all celebrating each other and your achievements, look at me, a man, respecting you!”. Again, this often well meaning sentiment is sweet, but kinda missing the point.

– If you’re a man using International Women’s Day to talk about what women should be doing, in any way, just don’t. If you’re about to share a post that starts “a woman’s place” and doesn’t end with “wherever the fuck she wants it to be.” Then maybe just don’t. You’re probably missing the point.

– If you’re a cis man and you’re posting about international women’s day at all, please consider the possibility that this particular platform isn’t for you. Unless what you are saying genuinely adds something to the conversation that women around you aren’t already saying, or directly addresses the toxicity of the patriarchy, then maybe just don’t.

– Hazel (MTAT)