Tragical History Tour – “Live at Kesbri Studios”

“Change alone is eternal, perpetual, immortal.” 
– Arthur Schopenhauer 

Recorded live at Kesbri Studios, Bolton at various points along the “Aphorisms” LP trail throughout 2017/2018. 

Performed by Tragical History Tour.

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Ant Booth.

Artwork by Gordon MacKenzie.

This collection contains tracks that originally appeared on benefit compilations. We continue to support these causes and would encourage folx to check out their vital work. 

SkatePAL –
Samaritans –
Scottish Association for Mental Health –

This collection contains covers of Bob Dylan, Dolly Parton, Tim Holehouse, Uniforms and traditional songs.
All rights reserved by the copyright owners, etc. Thank you to all the labels for being rad.

I owe debts that can never be repaid.
Eight folds, twelve steps, one life.
For Elise, Blake, Hannah, Matty D & Elwen.

Photo by Gordon MacKenzie

“My name’s Derrick or Deeker or Deek…”

I’m pretty sure those were the first words Deek ever said to me. You’d expect so, anyway. It would be a weird thing to say midway through a conversation.

I first met Deek at the Zebra pub in Cambridge. I’d gone down to watch local favourite Sam Russo, and Tragical History Tour – as well as Billy Liar and Ed Ache – rounded off the bill. Myself and James Hull were putting together the first issue of our zine – “Excuse Me, Do You Have Any Cocaine”, later renamed “Kill Your Own” after James left – and attempting to interview whoever was willing. We managed to pin Deek down for an interview and thus began a decade+ friendship between myself and my North-of-the-Border-Brother-From-Another-Mother.

I’d get to know Deek and keep an eye on Tragical History Tour – as well as Make-That-a-Take Records, Book Yer Ane Fest, and everything else Deek is involved in – and would end up co-releasing the THT full length “Aphorisms” on MTAT and my own Aaahh!!! Real Records. I’m proud of most of the things I’ve released, but Aphorisms is definitely in the ‘God Tier’ of Aaahh!!! releases. MTAT even co-released my last release under my “MC iPod” moniker, which would help spread my white-boy-nerd-rap to a new audience.

So, when Deek suggested I write a short intro for this live release, I jumped at the chance. Mostly to give myself another opportunity to thank him for everything he’s done for me, and to publicly state how proud I’ve always been – and continue to be – of him.

I love you brother.”

Ian / Aaahh!!! Real Records

4th February 2021