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Month: April, 2021

Good Vinyl News!

Some posi vinyl news, after the last moan!

The “Legacies” LP from Stonethrower is MTATV024 and is at now at press!

Thanks so much to everyone who got involved in the pre-press preorder, your support is deeply appreciated and we couldn’t have done this without you. Much respect also to Clever Eagle Records for handing North American duties and GoldMold Records for hooking us up with cassette tapes.

Preorders are still available, as are tapes. 50% of proceeds from digital downloads continue to be donated to CRER Scotland. http://www.crer.scot


MTATV021 is the incredible and life-affirming “LIVE FREE” LP from Scotland’s most posi hardcore punks GET IT TOGETHER and was released two years ago today.

The culmination of years of graft, this piece de resistance was produced by John Harcus (PMX) and contains thirteen tracks of raging fists-up bangers. Available on classic black 12” vinyl, six-panel digipack CD and as a digital download. The band have 10% off everything on their Bandcamp page right now too!


Finally, MTATV010 was the “Short-Brain” 7” from Chicago queercore pop-punks THE FUR COATS, co-released with Rad Girlfriend Records and Drunken Sailor. The record was on snot green vinyl with artwork by Wolfmask.

The record has been sold out for ages but we’ve got our hands on EIGHT COPIES. The EP is a short, sharp zap of spiky cynical pop-punk and can be grabbed online now.

Hope awbody is getting on sound.


122 releases on Bandcamp; https://makethatatakerecords.bandcamp.com/

Heaps of vinyl, CDs, tapes, zines, etc; https://makethatatakerecords.bigcartel.com

Have a guid week.



Hello friends, how do?

Everybody knew it was coming but the new reality is here; brexit is already taking its toll and vinyl pressing / shipping costs are going through the roof.

We started the vinyl pressing process for the “LEGACIES” LP from Stonethrower this week to discover that vinyl pressing prices have increased by 10%, with a further 10% increase coming in the next month. That equates to a 20% rise in pressing costs before considering shipping and any potential import taxes.

This, and the fact that major labels and corporates are clogging up record presses worldwide, means that pressing vinyl records is increasingly unsustainable for small DIY / independent labels in the current climate. This, unfortunately, means price rises. We’ve always sought to have our music be accessible and priced accordingly, but a £12 price point for an LP is no longer viable.

As such, we’ve kept the “Pre-Press Preorder” for the Stonethrower LP open. We also still have a few copies of the album on tape, courtesy of our friends at Gold Mold Records. Huge thanks to everyone who has preordered thus far, it’s deeply appreciated.

Grab yours; http://makethatatakerecords.bandcamp.com/album/legacies-lp-order-wax

We’ve also released some new music over the last month or so.

“damaging” is the third EP of explorative lofi diy electronic experimentalism from platitudes (me). The EP contains 40+ minutes of music and is available for free/pay-what-you-want download. A unique 90 minute mix CD is also available in super limited numbers, hand-painted and awhin!


“Exile” is the latest track from the most dangerous band in Scottish pop-punk, or “a b-side disguised as a single” according to Goodbye Blue Monday.

The long-awaited debut LP will be recorded at the earliest possibility post-lockdown and will land in your ears sometime after that. Grab the single for a refreshing fizzy banger!


We also have NEW MUSIC coming next Friday in the form of the new “Anatomy” EP from our psychedelic aberdoom space punk pals SEAS, STARRY.

Recorded in lockdown, the “Anatomy” EP is a collaborative release with RIPCORD RECORDS handling the physical CD release. MTAT will be handling digital duties. The EP is a rager and Ripcord have a cd preorder going right now.

Grab yours; http://ripcordrecords.bandcamp.com/album/anatomy-ep

There are currently 121 releases available on our Bandcamp page, the vast majority of which are free/pay-what-you-want download. The full digital discography download is currently available for £37.99, bargains from the basement!

There is also a whole bunch of new vinyl and music in the distro including the new “Ask More Questions” LP from DEALING WITH DAMAGE, plus releases from ANTI-FLAG, PITY PARTY, KADDISH, CUSTODY, ELDER ABUSE, CAVALCADES, THE MURDERBURGERS, TNS100 and heaps more.


Talking of increased shipping, our friends at RAZORCAKE are also feeling the burn so, unfortunately, prices will also be going up. If ye haven’t got a copy of issue 121 with Obnox, Shawna Potter (War On Women), How Punk Saved Belfast and more, grab one now!


Apologies for this not being the most uplifting of messages. MTAT are still not booking shows but hanging in there the noo. The gratitude for the continued support cannot be overstated.



Stay rad.