by writeyeranezine

a legacy of conquest.

ethnic cleansing before the words “genocide” or “crimes against humanity” existed

the Socratic oath

entry into this realm and the comedown from the ecstasy of pre-human form

the gift and the curse of both

crimes of empire, the royal british legion, standard-bearing, cub scouts

repressed assault; bullies now polis

a stolen football shirt, heroin, double-murder

chords to an old song, four bank accounts.

Duncan’s island descent in strange tongue

flag bastards screaming “progress” as the demons climb the rungs

the rapist. the metal bands. the clowns.

the blackened lungs. the hatred. the loathing. knowledge of how to

“safely use guns”.

high school biology.

that parents lie to their children

the inbreeding of fascist parasites

masquerading as the divine right of

kings. Brasso for brass, silver for blades.

how much I love purp’s face and smile

that a single bite can save a life

a boat trip back from an island to

it’s aggressive hostile neighbour and

a video of a toddler eating humous.

Price Edward Island. Geneva. Venice.

a lack of positive male role models.

the fuckin’ moonboot from Amebix

genius is merely insight, the separation of

art and artist.

church and state.

the impermanent impermanence of

all things for eternity experienced

through a youthfully underdeveloped

palette and how old cunts can

be thanked for brutal lessons.

tough love.

that the fiend club is home tomorrow

that home is where they let you in.

the existential misery of being

a lifelong dundee united supporter.

Love is real.