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“The Frankie Stubbs School of Economics”

Disclaimer; the views expressed herein are purely my own and are not necessarily representative of the collective beliefs/feelings of MTAT Records.

My intention is not to throw anyone under a bus; that would be an exercise in counter-productivity; and it is not my place to make judgments pertaining the booking practices of others. This piece is purely from my own perspective and any beef should be directed towards me (email please) and not my comrades.

byaf first

There seems to have been a lot of talk and controversy on the internet recently about charity gigs and benefit festivals. It’s not just been one or two people talking about it, it seems to be a polarising topic and many people across the punk and wider music scenes have been engaged in debate about the rights and wrongs, do’s and don’t’s, yes’s and no’s surrounding charity events and benefit gigs. I’m not here to tell anyone that they’re right or wrong, people are free to do as they wish, but I aim to address how we do things with Book Yer Ane Fest.

Hosting Leatherface at Book Yer Ane Fest V was one of the highlights of my life. When we started BYAF back in 2008, there was never any goal in mind; we just put a show together for Joey Terrifying that ended up as an all-dayer. We wanted to contribute positively to a local charity that meant something to us, that cause being Safe-Tay, following on from the great work done by our friends the PCC that they had started with the two Motionfests in 2006/7. The fact that things have evolved and developed as they have is equal parts good fortune, serendipity, perseverance and hard graft; “be good to your punk scene and your punk scene will be good to you” and such capers. Sometimes when you gamble, things turn up trumps. Other times, you’re in the shitter. As I seem to be fond of saying; ye cannae enjoy Premier League glory every week, there will always be the shitty 0-0 away games in the rain in deepest, darkest February; not every show can be a 300 troops through the door sell-out.

We always strive to support charities that mean something to us personally and, specifically, we aim to work to benefit charities that work in our locality. Yes, we have done (and will continue to do) benefit shows for wider international organisations such as Doctors Without Borders, the Haiti Earthquake Appeal, Skateistan and many more, but I feel it is equally, if not more, important to engage with charities that do essential work on our doorstep; Safe-Tay, Tayside Mountain Rescue and Dundee Foodbank specifically (check out TINS FOR TUNES for more information). We also aim to do benefit shows year-round, rather than just on isolated occasions. This is something that was always been woven into the fabric of what we do and something that we will unapologetically continue to do. It’s not about scoring points or being seen to be doing something, it’s about engaging with and supporting local and national communities and the people who undertake the often thankless tasks associated with charity work. I have volunteered for charities for most of my life, donate personally to charities that I support and do everything I can to support those that need supporting. This has nothing explicitly to do with punk rock or music but with who I am as a person. This doesn’t make me any better than anyone else, it’s just my view of the world and something that I personally feel needs done. It’s also not something I feel compelled to crow on about at length, so I’ll leave that part of it at that.

However, when it comes to charity shows, specifically BYAF, it’s a slightly different kettle of fish. As things have grown and evolved, our expenses have grown. It’s a fairly tricky operation to book, accommodate, feed and water 40 odd bands from across the globe, many of whom may be on tour, and keep everybody happy and fulfilled when you’re trying to make money for charity. Sometimes we’ve had success, sometimes we’ve been met with failure. Some BYAFs have made a couple of grand, some have barely made a couple hundred. In total, we’ve raised over eight grand for Safe-Tay and the causes they support. We also continue to do shows and work with them throughout the year; from including literature from the Samaritans with our merch orders to hosting awareness-raising shows. This is something we will continue to do without an end in sight and for nothing more than the desire to do so.

To address the point at hand; to me, there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to booking bands for charity benefits. Obviously the aim is to make as much money and create as much awareness for the cause as possible, but it’s also imperative to remember that there is no benefit for anyone involved if there aren’t the bands playing that people want to see. From my (our) end, the aim is always to provide an interesting, diverse yet complimentary line-up that is reflective not only of eclecticism but also cohesion of message and intent. There are bands that we’ll never book (insert countless thousands of names) and we’ll never book bands aren’t in some way knowledgeable about what BYAF is all about, or at least interested in developing an understanding, as it’s hardly quantum theory, it’s a fucking DIY punk benefit. Essentially, any careerist bands that are looking to make fat cash can get fucked as it’s never going to happen. On another point, local bands generally know what they’re getting involved in and we strive to be unambiguous with all bands when it comes to booking BYAF; it started as a local charity all-dayer and in my heart of hearts, that is exactly what BYAF remains.

When it comes down to it, we will never pay any band more than we paid Leatherface for BYAF, hence the “Frankie Stubbs School of Economics”. I’m not going to discuss specific sums of money but Leatherface came out for a fraction of their usual cost and were absolute gentlemen about the whole thing. Leatherface are also one of my favourite bands of all time and if ever there was a band that I’d have made allowances for, it would have been them, but they responded positively and were more than happy with what we offered. If it’s good enough for Frankie Stubbs, it’s more than good enough for whatever flash-in-the-pan indie rockers that are this month’s flavour or some broken down rehabilitated punk dinosaurs that were barely relevant in the first place.

Bands for benefit shows have to be taken on a case-by-case basis; there’s a world of difference between the need to have expenses covered (a basic necessity of the touring band) and bands being money-grabbing arseholes. I know for a fact that a well-known band took a four-figure sum for a recent festival that actually lost money. To me, that’s bullshit, especially when said band took to social media and crowed on about how great of a cause they were supporting. So great of a cause that they saw fit to deprive the charity of any profits for the festival. To me personally, as a “musician” and “promoter”, such actions are unconscionable. I understand all the “but they’re professionals and need the money” blahblahblah; I call horseshit on that as no band NEEDS a grand to play a show, whether it’s a one-off, part of a tour or otherwise. That said, we’ve had instances (rare, to be fair) at BYAF when bands have “held us up” for more money than was originally guaranteed; those bands will never be asked back and are on the shitlist. Most bands, however, are more than keen to support the cause and get involved, and most are more than happy to be involved.

I often get asked about how best to get bands on BYAF; for locals it’s simple – come and get involved in your local music community, contribute something positive other than bitching and moaning, and actually do some research before getting in touch (I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve posted the FAQ). For touring/national/international bands, it’s case-by-case. If we can make it work, we will, but no one band is bigger than the festival itself. BYAF is generally a “cowpunk family” affair; it takes more than just one person to make this shit work. We also don’t book bands for BYAF that we wouldn’t book a regular show for. For me/us and everyone else involved, ye have to be sensible and realistic about things, but that works two ways. For example, we collectively need to realise that it’d be foolhardy to book Flavour of the Week and The Tasteless Scoots for a grand and hope for the best while only paying Respected Punks and The Internet Darlings fifty quid to drive from London or wherever.

Anyways, long story short; it’s called Book Yer Ane Fest so I’m in no position to tell people what to do and what not to do when it comes to booking their own shows/festivals/benefits/whatever. What I can say is that we strive to be open and honest with the bands that comes to play for us, let them know in plenty of advance what it is we are doing and what we are trying to achieve and that they’ll have a rad time with an attentive (and appreciative audience), will be well taken care of and their presence greatly appreciated. Finances (or the lack thereof) are always negotiated well in advance so there are no surprises for either party. If any band, regardless of “status” has issue with it, we just won’t book them. It’s that simple really.

We aim to provide a quality weekend of diverse DIY punk/hxc/emo goodness for a reasonable price whilst supporting charities that work within our local communities. I hope that is something that we achieve every year. If we fail in this objective, I feel that we have ultimately failed in our mission. This year the price for BYAF is going to be slightly higher than in previous years. This is unavoidable as we no longer have the run of our own space (that’s an entirely separate issue, which we’ll get to soon), but we still operate on the same premise and the objective remains the same. If bands/punters have any issue with how we operate, then they can feel free to let the boots do the talking and stay away or go elsewhere or, indeed, book their ane fest.

It’s important to be realistic but it’s also important to keep things in perspective. Ye can’t expect Recently Reformed 90s Nostalgia Band to play for a door deal any more than ye can expect Super Hyped Local Rock Stars to be grateful for their slot, but there is a middle ground where everyone can be happy (or at least contented) and everyone, specifically the charity, can benefit. That, after all, is exactly the fucking point of a benefit show; not ego, not earning fat cash, not taking the piss.

With all that said, a limited number of Earlybird Tickets for BOOK YER ANE FEST IX will go on sale on Monday 15th June alongside the announcement of the first batch of bands. Ye can ensure your entry to BYAF IX and all other shows this year by grabbing a MTAT HALF SEASON TICKET for £50. Now that’s a fucking bargain.

As Biohazard so eloquently put it; THERE IS NO BLACK AND WHITE, ONLY SHADES OF GREY.


Jan 2014 – Dae Yer Ane Podcast; Episode 2, Tins for Tunes, First Shows + More!

Dae Yer Ane Podcast; Episode 2 is now available for streaming and download from the MTAT Bandcamp page. I’m going to aim to get a podcast done at least once a month. As this is only the second podcast that I’ve done, it’s not perfect but I’m learning as I go along. I’ve tried to keep the inane chat to a minimum but hopefully those who listen to it can understand what I’m banging on about.

Please take a minute to check out the bands and if you like what you hear, seek them out for and discover more. Bonus points if y’all can tell me what movies the samples come from. If you think you’ve got it licked, feel free to email me with your answers and I’ll furnish ye with some kind of reward.

Kept – “Jehova”
The Putrid Flowers – “Midnight In Mid-America”
Bear Trade – “Pride Makes A Rotten Companion”
Robot Doctors – “Three Days Dead”
Last Of Us – “So Much More”
Calvinball – “Season 4, Episode 20”
Stay Clean Jolene – “Green”
Little Anchors – “My Grandfather Was A Projectionist”
Wonk Unit – “Guts”
The Lemonaids – “Summer Crush (On You)”
The Stay Gones – “Home”
Vamos – “Hands”
Blood Lines – “Digging Holes”
Arliss Nancy – “Hold It Together”
The Fall Of Boss Koala – “No, Everything’s Not Alright”
Clocked Out – “Striving For Rejection”

Whilst I was recording the podcast, I was making a stencil for spray painting CDs at the same time and I’ve spent my morning using said stencil to paint CDs for exchange in the TINS FOR TUNES campaign. The campaign will be kicking off one week from today on Friday 31st January at our first show of 2014 which will feature four of the finest flavours of Scottish hardcore ripping Kage Nightclub apart. Please bring non-perishable food items and exchange them for CDs (while stocks last) and download codes!

filthpact local poster

The campaign will be running until the end of April so please support if you can. After next week’s show, the bangers started coming in thick and fast. We’ll be hosting the first ever SPILL YER GUTS acoustic show featuring myself playing THT style alongside Little Anchors and Broken Stories at Ceberus Bar on Tuesday 11th February.

spill yer guts 1

We will then be back at Kage on Saturday 15th February to bring you Robot Doctors / The Shithawks / Captains / The Rag’N’Bone Man before The Murderburgers kick off their European Tour on Thursday 13th March. Ye can keep up to date with all the shows as they are announced here.

february 15

On the UNIFORMS front, we have a shit-ton of stuff coming up over the next few months. Even though BYAF VII seems like ages ago, we haven’t been idle these last couple of months. We play our first show of the year next Saturday with our pals Get It Together in the basement of Barnton Street Music in Stirling. It’s an early show, kicking off at 7pm and it’ll be wrapped by 9.30pm at the very latest. As it’s a music shop, capacity is super-limited so get down early to make sure you can get in as doors will close come 7.30pm. I shall also be playing a solo acoustic show at Europa Music on Friar Street, Stirling from 4pm the same afternoon, so do come along and grab some MTAT releases in the coolest record shop in the central belt.

The night after the Stirling shows, I’ll be playing Tragical History Tour style at this absolute peach at Plan B Books in Glasgow alongside Marc Ruvolo of The Fur Coats, Phil Taylor from Paws and The Kimberly Steaks playing a super-rare acoustic set. Should be good fun for sure!

plan b acoustic

Our next little run of shows are all with our pals Sink Alaska and we’ll be hitting Glasgow, Leeds and Bolton on February 21/22/23rd respectively before we head off to Ireland for the first time for a long weekend of shows with Vamos and Sheepy across St. Patrick’s Day weekend. That will be something special for sure and I cannot wait to cross the Irish Sea for the first time, as it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do. We shall then be doing a bunch of Scottish dates with our pals in Bangers in April, including an incredible half-dayer at Audio in Glasgow alongside Elway, Joe McMahon of Smoke Or Fire, Roscoe Vacant and The Walking Targets on Sunday 27th April. Full details and poster, etc will all be sorted very shortly but in the meantime you can keep your eye on all our dates as they are announced here.


Right, that’s enough from me for now. We are still hosting our JANUARY SALE over at the MTAT bandcamp page and even though we’ve sold out of a fair few items, there are still some deece bargains to be had.  2014 Season Tickets are also still available for the bargain basement price of £100 and that includes entry to every MTAT show of the year (including a three-day weekend pass for Book Yer Ane Fest VIII) as well as advanced copies of every physical MTAT release of the year. Definitely worth checking out!



Book Yer Ane Fest; First Timers

poster official

Book Yer Ane Fest always seems to throw up some “firsts”, usually some idiotic decisions that we as a collective have made; from making BYAF a three-day event to adding extra stages and venues, each year there seems to be something happening that didn’t happen the year before. This time round, for example, we’re running all three days in Kage nightclub, as well as running some pre-BYAF shows at Henry’s Coffee House and Cerberus Bar before the main event kicks off at the club itself. I’ve written about the full day and venue breakdowns previously and you can check out that post here. However, with less than a week to go until things officially kick off, I want to focus on the important stuff; the bands, more specifically, the bands who will either be playing BYAF for the first time, paying their first visit to Scotland and, in some cases, playing their very first show!

First Ever Shows!

Last Of Us are a brand new band of “well ken’t” faces. They are indeed the last remaining members of Perth punk legends PMX and their opening performance on the Sunday of BYAF will be their first ever show. If you know any of these dudes’ previous projects, you’ll know that we are in for some tightly-honed, super-precise powerful melodic rock’n’roll and, having heard the demos and being friends with the dudes, I know that these guys are going to rip it up. John Harcus will also be playing solo on the acoustic stage later in the day, but I’d recommend getting down to Kage earlybells on Sunday to catch these guys. It’ll be well worth your while.

I find it hard to believe that for a band so polished and kick-ass, that BYAF will be the first ever show from Manchester punks Stay Clean Jolene. Last year’s “3 Songs” 7″ on Drunken Sailor Records may well be one of the finest debut releases from a punk rock band that I’ve heard this century and given the calibre of the members’ previous bands (The Great St. Louis/ The Leif Ericsson), that comes as no great surprise. I’ve been in love with that record since Jamie first sent it to me sometime last summer and we’ve been trying to nail them down for a show ever since. I am absolutely mad stoked that they’ll be playing their first ever show in Dundee. They play Saturday afternoon so make sure you’re there.

Lachance will be playing their first ever show on the Acoustic Stage on Saturday afternoon. Featuring our pal Baz from the MTAT collective as well as our friends Gerold and Gav (of Contra/The Hijacks and Terrafraid/From The Tracks respectively), they play fast, melodic, urgent emo-tinged acoustic punk rock that is as nostalgic as it is uplifting. I have personally been waiting a long time for these guys to come out with a new project so I’m very much looking forward to seeing them perform for the very first time. I’ve heard rumours of some sort of super-limited release being available at BYAF too, although you’ll have to wait and see.

First Time in Scotland

Friday night headliners Broadcaster are not only paying their first visit to Scotland, their ongoing tour has seen the New Yorkers visit the UK and Europe for the very first time also. Alongside their tour buddies Muncie Girls from Exeter (also playing their first Scottish show), this will be the only Scottish performance of their month long European tour and we’re delighted that they are going to spend it with us. Super-catchy melodic pop-punk/indie rock goodness like Weezer/The Weakerthans/Superchunk, these dudes are guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face. The new “A Million Hours” LP on Jump Start Records is a banger and I look forward to picking one up (my bank account isn’t too pleased with the amount of cash I’m going to wax on records next weekend, though).

Dividers are a band that I have long admired from afar and yet, despite all of the shows, miles and travelling, our paths have yet to cross. Therefore, I am very pleased that these Welshmen are making the trek north to play Scotland for the first time and am doubly pleased that it shall be happening on the Saturday afternoon of BYAF, where they’ll meet up with previous tour buddies Antillectual. Dividers play honest, heartfelt gruff pop-punk and, to my mind, are pretty much the perfect Saturday afternoon BYAF band. There will be other Welshmen present also, so there may well be heckling.

Andy Thomas’ Dust Heart is the solo project from the Denver, Colorado native and former Tin Horn Prayer frontman of the same name. Our friend Josh of Loaded 45 hooked this up and we are delighted to host Andy at what will be his first ever shows outside of North America and the only shows that he’ll be playing in Europe this year. Andy will be playing the pre-BYAF acoustic show at Henry’s on Friday before giving us the full Dust Heart treatment at Kage later on in the evening. I’m looking forward to this greatly as the LP is a cracker full of Waits-esque gravel-punk murder balladry.

BYAF will also see the first visit to Scotland from our London punk rock’n’roll pals The Rocco Lampones. Unfortunately they won’t be coming in their fully revved up plugged in incarnation, but we are still very pleased to host them on the acoustic stage on Saturday afternoon. We met Justin in Gainesville a couple of years ago then Uniforms went to London to play at what has now become a somewhat infamous New Year’s Eve house show. All I’ll say is that if things are even a fraction as chaotic as that night, then we’ll be in for a rare old treat!

First Time in Dundee

Words cannot adequately describe how stoked I am to have Chicago punk rock legends The Bomb closing out the Sunday night of Book Yer Ane Fest. These guys don’t play out very often and this is the first time that they’ve been in the UK for over four years, so I am very pleased that we can host them this year. We always try to pay tribute to our punk rock roots and I can’t think of a band with a higher calibre to wrap things up than these dudes. With records out on No Idea Records, The Bomb feature Jeff Pezzati of Naked Raygun alongside members of The Methadones, Big Black and All Eyes West. Those are some mighty big shoes to fill and The Bomb have bucketloads of bangers to keep us pogoing until the final curtain.

Fast-as-fuck ultra-tech super-melodic dual-guitarring skate-punk madness from Sweden! These dudes are incredible and shred in a way the likes of only Propagandhi/A Wilhelm Scream can. They are also part of the “Sweden The Deal” compilation alongside a host of their fellow punk rock countrymen that will be receiving it’s “official” UK release at BYAF. We’ve been in touch with these guys for a while now and we’re very pleased that we are finally able to get them up to Dundee and double stoked that it’ll be happening on the Saturday night of BYAF. Widdle-fingers in the air for sure!

Lach is the “King of the East Village”; the man responsible for launching the careers of a thousand artists and the popularising the genre known today as “Anti-Folk”. If you’re a singer/songwriter, there’s every chance that you’re influenced by Lach and that you don’t even know it. A New York native now relocated to the mean streets of Edinburgh, Lach will be bringing this critically acclaimed blend of storytelling, music and stand-up comedy to Dundee for the very first time. Having conquered NYC, the Edinburgh Festival, BBC 4 and everything in between, it is our humbled pleasure to have Lach headlining the acoustic stage on the final night of BYAF VII.

That’s it for now folks, thanks for very much for reading. I look forward to every Book Yer Ane Fest and this year is no exception. I’ll be playing at least three or four sets over the course of the weekend, so keep your eyes peeled for where I and many others may pop up. Don’t forget about the MYSTERY GUEST HEADLINERS at the Acoustic Brunch Club show at Cerberus on Saturday 30th November too, kicking off at 12 noon. Get stoked.

Also, ye can still get Earlybird Weekend Tickets for £20 here.

Book Yer Ane Fest VII; Day Splits!

safe tay logo

***Edited Thursday 21st November***

BOOK YER ANE FEST VII is now only 6 weeks away, so now is as good a time as any to announce the *preliminary* day splits. It would appear as though, once again, things have grown arms and legs (like usual) but we are very hopeful that everything will run smoothly. As with all events, and to borrow some more pro wrestling parlance, the CARD IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

As always, also, there have been some changes since the line-up was first announced. We’ll have a new “official” poster in the next few days. If you haven’t done so yet, you can get your Earlybird Weekend Tickets for £20 with a free download of BYAF VII; The Comp (Part One) here.

Once again, all profits will go to Safe-Tay and the causes they support, this being being Tayside Mountain Rescue.

Thursday 28th November ; PRE-BYAF @ The Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh






Doors @ 7.30pm

£3 tax or free with a BYAF weekend pass.

Friday 29th November; 5-7pm @ Henry’s Coffee House, Seagate, Dundee





Entry by donations with all money going to Safe-Tay.

Friday 29th November; 7.30-11.30pm @ Kage Nightclub, Dundee



UNIFORMS (Split 10″ release show)

SINK ALASKA (Split 10″ release show)



Doors @ 7pm.

£8 on the door with club night until 2.30am.

Saturday 30th November; 12-2.30pm @ Cerberus Bar, Dundee






Doors @ noon. Entry by donation.

Saturday 30th November; 2.30-11.30pm @ Kage Nightclub, Dundee

Main Stage;









CLEAVERS (Reunion Show)



THE WALKING TARGETS (Split 10″ release show)

Acoustic Stage;








LACHANCE (First Ever Show)

£10 Tax on the door.

Plus Club night until 2.30am.

*Also, keep your eyes/ears peeled for impromptu performances*

Sunday 1st December; 2.30-11pm @ Kage Nightclub, Dundee


Main Stage;






QUESTION THE MARK (WAL, Split 10″ release show)






LAST OF US (First Ever Show)

Acoustic Stage;








£10 Tax on the doors

*Also, keep your eyes/ears peeled for impromptu performances*

Get your weekend tickets now!

You can check out the event page here.


Book Yer Ane Fest VII; The Comp (Part One)

Part One of the BOOK YER ANE FEST VII compilation is now available for streaming and download from the Make-That-A-Take Records bandcamp page. For a £2 donation, you’ll get an awesome and unique compilation of 18 artists that will be playing over the BYAF VII weekend. Part Two of the comp will follow in the next few weeks. All monies raised will go to Safe-Tay and the causes that they support; this year being Tayside Mountain Rescue.

Please donate, download and share this comp around. You can get this comp for free if you order an Earlybird Weekend Ticket from the album page too! They can be purchased here.

Thank you so much to all the bands involved for donating their songs to the cause.

Please enjoy!

The Murderburgers – “Another Way Out Of Here”

Antillectual – “Soundtrack”

Bangers – “Part Animal”

UNIFORMS – “Keep On Keeping On”

Stay Clean Jolene – “Green”

Dividers – “There’s No Disgrace Like Home”

The Kimberly Steaks – “Lonesome Surprise” (Refrigerator cover)

Grader – “The War Inside”

Algernon Doll – “Anti-Them”

Some Sort Of Threat – “Henman’s Year”

Bonehouse – “Gentle Bones”

The Sinking Feeling – “Depends”

Question The Mark – “Ignorance Is Piss”

Sweet Empire – “Medicines”

Rebuke – “Without A Shred Of Dignity”

The Rocco Lampones – “You Sunk My Battleship”

Robot Doctors – “The Life You Don’t Deserve”

Broken Stories – “Everything All At Once”

BYAF VII; Earlybird Weekend Tickets On Sale Now!!!

poster first draft

Earlybird Weekend Tickets for BOOK YER ANE FEST VII can now be bought online for the princely sum of £20. All tickets are “Will Call” so just bring your confirmation email and exchange it for a weekend wristband on Friday 29th November. You’ll also be amongst the first to know about any secret shows in the run up to or during the BYAF weekend!

£20 is an absolute bargain when you consider both the quality and the quantity of bands and artists on offer.

Once again all profits will be going to Safe-Tay‘s chosen charitable cause of Tayside Mountain and Water Rescue.

The BOOK YER ANE FEST VII compilation will be going online over the next few weeks too.

Earlybird Weekend Tickets are strictly limited to 100, so don’t sleep on this shit.


Multiple Banger Alert; September Shows!!!

So that’ll be summer over then, eh? Just as well September is fixing to be moich show-wise. There’s heaps of shit going on and as Make-That-A-Take moves into our “Wrestlemania” Season in the run up to BOOK YER ANE FEST VII, I am very excited by the plethora of punk rock goodness we have cooking up over the next few months. It all kicks off next Monday night (September 9th) at Cerberus Bar with this banger;


These soulful alt-country/Americana-infused punk rock’n’rollers from Columbus, Ohio will be playing the only Scottish show of their European Tour at this special last minute intimate acoustic performance at Cerberus Bar in Dundee. Having released records through Suburban Home Records (home of Tim Barry, Drag The River, Arliss Nancy), their new record “The Death Of The Self Preservation Society” comes out this month on Last Chance Records. It is our distinct pleasure to be able to help these dudes out at the last minute and host them in Dundee.
FFO; Lucero, Drag The River, Drive-By Truckers.


Acoustic cowpunk rock’n’roll from the Uniforms/MTAT roaster that is equal parts bleak, uplifting, sing-a-long and blackly comedic. Having managed to avoid making a full-length for the past ten years, THT has clocked up many miles and played with the likes of Tim Barry, Sundowner,Mike Park and literally hundreds more. A few super-limited “Summer Demo ’13” CDs will be available on the night.


High-octane fiddle and harmony-driven upbeat melodic folk/punk two piece from rural Perthshire. Mixing the introspective yet uplifting songcraft of the likes of Chuck Ragan/Austin Lucas to the rabble-rousing folk stomp of Flogging Molly and a classic full-blast punk rock delivery, Broken Stories have killed it at every show thus far this year.


.Mark is a troubadour in the finest sense of the tradition; an imaginative and emotive singer/songwriter, Mark has travelled all over Europe armed with only an acoustic guitar and thinks nothing of driving 8 hours for one show. From rural Angus via Paris, it is always our pleasure to have Mark play for us.

First Act at 8pm
Entry by donations on door (£3/4 suggested please!)

This is a last minute show so please give generously. All money goes to Two Cow Garage, so grab some merch while you’re at it!

PJ Bond Edinburgh


Incredible world-traversing passionate acoustic punk rocker from New Brunswick, New Jersey on Black Numbers Records returns to Edinburgh to bring us his unique and sometimes heartbreaking tales of a life lived on the road. One of the nicest guys in the DIY underground, PJ is a humble gentlemen who channels the spirit of Bob Dylan and Black Flag and delivers heartfelt melancholic acoustic Americana that is as charming as it is uplifting. The wonderful “You Didn’t Know I Was Alphabetical” LP has been repressed and is out now on Black Numbers.


Scotland’s finest angry young punk turned incredible tale-telling troubadour plays his first hometown show after wrapping up another busy summer of touring and festivals, including Rebellion, Nice’n’Sleazy and Strummercamp. With a new split release with kindred spirits Tim Loud and X-Ray Cat incoming and the sold out “Ghosts of Punk Rock” EP under his studded belt this year, Billy continues to evolve into something truly special.


Heartfelt and engaging lo-fi acoustic folk/indie/pop rock goodness, likened by Chris T-T as “the John Martyn of punk rock”. Edinburgh-based singer/songwriter Davey Nolan has done his time in the punk rock trenches with the likes of Slaphappy and The Barents Sea and is striking out on his own, mixing soaring melodies and traditional tongue with an emotive delivery and a dry self-deprecating humour.



Charming and witty ukulele-wielding singer/songwriter Nyla, originally from London, now residing in Glasgow. Playing introspective anti-folk along the lines of Kimya Dawson/ONSIND, Nyla has released two EPs; one about making someone smile, one about trying to cheer yourself up. That tells you almost everything that you need to know!

Doors @ 7.30pm
Free Entry!

arliss nancy 2013

This particular banger is on Abbie’s birthday!


We are delighted to welcome back Colorado’s finest whisky-drenched soulful countrified punk rock’n’rollers back to Dundee for the second time this year. Having last visited us in February, Arliss Nancy have charmed everyone they’ve met with their intense and passionate blend of Americana, soul and rock’n’roll delivered with a punk rock energy and this time they’ll be armed with their new LP. The band are only in the UK for one week on this European tour and we’re delighted to bring them back to Dundee for this exclusive Scottish show. “Simple Machines” is a classic LP, get into it before the new one drops. Think Drive-By Truckers / The Replacements / Bruce Springsteen. Anthems, I tell thee.


Big hearted anthemic emo/indie rock from Perth fronted by the inimitable Grant George. This will be the second time that The Barents Sea have played with Arliss Nancy, having struck up a kinship last time they were over. Expect introspective yet ultimately uplifting melodic rock bangers dealing with passions, frustrations and a healthy dose of the small town blues.


Fresh Dundee five-piece with an ear for the infectious melody and a thirst for the balls-out rock’n’roll banger return to Kage for the first time since their debut show back in March. Featuring ex-members of Cole Appleyard, State Of Affairs and The Barents Sea, soaring melodies, hearty riffage and sing-a-long goodness are a guarantee.


Doors @ 7.30pm
£6 Tax (includes entry to club night thereafter)

mini fest


We are delighted to welcome one of UK punk rock’s most beloved, endearing and hard-working bands to Dundee for the first time to headline Mini-Fest; three-piece London punks Great Cynics. Coming on like a more youthful and upbeat Billy Bragg fronting The Lemonheads with a modern punk energy, Great Cynics have grown from being the acoustic project of front man Giles Bidder into the hulking rock beast that they are today. Their second full-length “Like I Belong” is out now on Household Name Records of London and is one of the best records thus far this year.


Incredible, anthemic, searingly honest and gut-bustingly passionate folk-punk rockers from Melbourne, Australia play their first ever Scottish show on their first visit to the UK. One of the most inspiring and uplifting bands in modern punk rock, The Smith Street Band is based on the songwriting genius of Wil Wagner and have been setting the world alight since 2009. Last year’s “Sunshine and Technology” LP was a masterpiece and the new “Don’t Fuck With Our Dreams” EP is out now on Poison City Records. Expect grown men to openly weep with fists aloft.


Scotland’s greatest pop-punk exports come back to Dundee for the first time since March and the last time before they head off the USA once again to tour to Fest 12 in Gainesville. You know these dudes already; lightening quick super-melodic bittersweet sing-a-long pop-punk bangers played full blast. Freshly signed to the mighty Asian Man Records, their new “These Are Only Problems” LP is due out this “fall” and will blow your mind once again. Make sure you catch them in Dundee before they blow up!


Premier league “Ecossemo” three-piece from Aberdeen come back to Dundee to charm us with their unique and noisy blend of skewed 90s emo, lo-fi 80s indie rock and 00s skramz. One of Scotland’s most treasured bands, the band have toured throughout the UK/EU and last year released the “Wonderkid” LP through Art For Blind/Black Lake Records. It’s always a pleasure to welcome these fine gentlemen back to Dundee.


Dirty, driving and danceable high energy punk rock blues madness from Dundee’s finest art school garage band. There are few bands that kick out the jamz quite like these troops; coming on like Howlin’ Wolf fronting The MC5, The Shithawks are a wild rock’n’roll thrill ride marrying nightmare blues, stoner rock and hardcore into punk rock moonshine. Rumours of an upcoming record are making the rounds too. Get ready to bust out some serious dance moves.


Wise beyond their years Edinburgh young team punks bring their ridiculously infectious brand of grizzled gruff melodic punk rock back to Dundee. One of the most exciting young bands in the country, these boys have toured with The Murderburgers, released the “Controlling The Motions” mini-album and the “Shape Of Cowpunk To Come” split EP with Maxwell’s Dead in the past year. Big things to come from these troops so get in early.

Doors @ 6pm. First band @ 6.15pm
£8 Tax (includes Asylum club night thereafter)

There will also be distro, stalls (including Sea Shepherd and The Rusty Hip Collective) and a mix-tape/CD swapbox, so bring along a mix to swap and some extra pennies for records.

Advance tickets here (includes free download of Make Yer Ane Comp IV); http://makethatatakerecords.bandcamp.com/merch/mini-fest-ticket



BYAF VII; The Acoustic Stage

Earlybird Weekend Tickets for Book Yer Ane Fest VII will be going on sale for the bargain price of £20 one week from today. We will have the lion’s share of the line-up announced by then and will have news about this year’s chosen cause from the good people of Safe-Tay. Last year we donated to Tayside Mountain and Water Rescue and the money went towards the purchase of a new life-raft. Since BYAF’s inception, we’ve raised over £5000 for Safe-Tay and their supported causes; something that we’re proud of and that wouldn’t be possible without those who have helped make BYAF what it is. I think it’s important to keep the primary purpose of BYAF in mind; to raise money and awareness for a cause that is close of our collective hearts. We aim to continue this tradition.

BYAF VII will also see a couple of firsts; it will be the first time that all three days have been hosted in Kage and also the first time that we’ll be running the Acoustic Stage over two days. Bands will be upstairs in the main part of the venue and we’ll be running the Acoustic Stage in the downstairs bar. While it presents some logistical gymnastics for us goofs to tackle, there will be no crossover between acts, so we should have performances running pretty much from when doors open until the club nights begin. We are as excited by the challenge as we are the line-up!

Lach is the “King Of The East Village”, the man who hosted the longest running open mic night in New York City that gave birth to the “anti-folk” scene and helped launch hundreds of careers, from the likes of The Moldy Peaches and Jeffrey Lewis to Lady Gaga. Fresh off a hugely successful and critically-acclaimed run of “Anticdotes” performances at the Edinburgh Festival and a new “Chronicles” show on BBC Radio 4, it is our absolute pleasure to host Lach’s very first show in Dundee and we’re delighted that he’ll be headlining the acoustic stage on the Sunday of BYAF VII.

Divided Heaven is the solo acoustic project of Jeff Berman from Florida punks Protagonist. Now transplanted to LA, Divided Heaven released the “A Rival City” LP through Paper + Plastick / No Panic Records in 2011 and has been touring the world ever since with the likes of Joey Briggs, Into It Over It and loads more. It is our pleasure to welcome Jeff to BYAF for his first Scottish show headlining on the Saturday night.

Billy Liar, Scotland’s finest angry young man turned enchanting storytelling troubadour returns to BYAF for the fourth consecutive year. Having sold out of “The Ghost Of Punk Rock” EPs earlier this year, Billy will be touring the USA for the first time in 2013 leading up to Fest 12 in Gainesville and has played at Rebellion, Strummercamp and heaps more festivals throughout the summer. New single coming soon too!

Some Sort Of Threat is a one man acoustic punk/freak-folk riot from Exeter. Influenced in equal parts by Dead Kennedys and Paul Simon, Rory Matthews is a very accomplished singer/songwriter and incredible guitarist who carves out impassioned intelligent melodic hardcore bangers. The new “Not The End Of The World” 7″ is out now on Specialist Subject Records.

Virtuoso punk-infused rowdy country/folk/blues madness from Leeds courtesy of the front man of aggro-punx Bootscraper, Tim Loud will deliver smart and intelligent sea shanties guaranteed to get your feet stomping. We’re very pleased to have him back after his riotous show at Cerberus at the start of the year. New split EP with Billy Liar and X-Ray Cat is coming soon.

Beautiful and haunting introspective melancholic lo-fi acoustic indie/emo jamz, Gone Wishing is the alter-ego of Owen from Bonehouse and The Won Over. Having played his first solo show at BYAF last year, Owen has grown tremendously as a solo performer and has released the incredible “Gone Wishing Tape” through Wolf Town DIY.

Mark McCabe is a troubadour in the finest sense of the tradition; an imaginative and emotive singer/songwriter, Mark has travelled all over Europe armed with only an acoustic guitar and thinks nothing of driving 8 hours for one show. From rural Angus via Paris, it is always our pleasure to have Mark play for us. New album is coming soon, we’re assured!

High-octane fiddle and harmony-driven upbeat melodic folk/punk two piece from rural Perthshire. Mixing the introspective lyrics with the uplifting songcraft of the likes of Chuck Ragan/Austin Lucas to the rabble-rousing folk stomp of Flogging Molly with a classic full-blast punk rock delivery, Broken Stories are the real deal and have killed it at every show this year.

Right, those are the first eight acts for the Acoustic Stage this year. The rest of the line-up will be announced next Sunday. Keep an eye on the Make-That-A-Take page for loads of updates throughout the week including news of four bands who’ll all be playing and sharing a split 10″ record that we’ll be releasing at BYAF itself. BYAF is going to serve as the release show for at least two new records that we are involved in and there could well be more by then too!

Boots On The Ground Benefit Comp


Make-That-A-Take Records released a special live acoustic punk compilation yesterday to benefit Boots On The Ground, an international non-profit humanitarian aid and charitable organisation dedicated to providing in-field emergency and primary medical care in under-served areas and conflict zones throughout the world. Boots On The Ground was formed by James Clark, who became friends with our own Barry “The” Kydd whilst he was in Dundee and they have remained close friends since. Barry is a keen supporter of BOTG and when news of the tornadoes in Oklahoma broke, we felt it prudent to try to do what we could to help out our friends, no matter how little.

We put this comp together with the help of Samarth Kanal, presenter of The Punk Show; Anarchy in the Air3 Radio Show at the University of Stirling. Samarth has been a great supporter of the Scottish DIY punk scene and had a series of bands drop by the studio across the year. All tracks were broadcast live from the Air3 Radio studios at the historic Airthrey Castle on the grounds of Stirling University (a uni I attended myself). We are delighted to have them together for the first time. Massive thanks are due to The Murderburgers, The Lemonaids, Slackerville, Loaded 45 and The Walking Targets for letting us put their songs on the comp also. There are a couple of Uniforms songs on there too. The artwork was kindly donated by the wonderful WOLF MASK, so again, many thanks to all involved.

We’ve put a minimum £2 donation on the download but please feel free to donate more if you can/feel inclined. Boots On The Ground are currently on the scene in Moore, OK providing emergency relief assistance. 100% of donations taken will go directly to BOTG and directly to those indeed of help.

The Murderburgers – “You’ll Have No Fun Without Me”

The Walking Targets – “Fault Lines”

Loaded 45 – “Joe”

Slackerville – “Another Reason”

Uniforms – “Not Tonight”

The Lemonaids – “I Can’t Surf (Without You)”

The Murderburgers – “My Head Is Fucked Again”

The Walking Targets – “Here’s To The Thoughts We Hold”

Loaded 45 – “Making Enemies Not Memories”

Slackerville – “Red Or Golden”

The Lemonaids – “Summertime’s Up”

Uniforms – “Schoolboy Errors”

The Walking Targets – “Jack of All Trades” (HWM cover)

The Murderburgers – “It’s Over Already”

The download also comes with a document written by Samarth about his experiences with the bands as well as artwork. Please check out the Boots On The Ground website  and support the vital work that they undertake.

All donations for digital downloads for the MTAT bandcamp page will be going to BotG this week too, so if you are downloading, please make a contribution if you can. There’s also a sale of sorts going on at the MTAT merch page as not only will every order come with the usual cool free shit, you’ll also get a FREE MYSTERY CD from the our distro for this weekend only!

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!