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A Love Letter To Bangers (2008-2016)


Ahead of their final show at the Specialist Subject Records all-dayer in London tomorrow, I felt it prudent to write a few words about how wonderful I believe the three humans that comprise Bangers to be, how great I thought their band was and how bummed I am that they are calling it a day. I just wanted to write a little something to express how bummed I am but also to express my gratitude for their existence and for all the inspiration they’ve unwittingly gifted to me across the years.

I’m fairly certain that the first time I saw Bangers live was when they supported Iron Chic alongside Shields Up and Citizens at a This Is Our Battlefield show at the 13th Note in Glasgow in June 2011. That was the same night that we decided that we were going to form Uniforms, so pumped were we after the show driving back to Dundee in big G’s motor. They always exuded a weirdness unlike many of their UK punk contemporaries and I know that Jonny was always a big fan of Hit The Beach from back in the day. That show was the first time I felt that they had a profound impact on me; there was something about the live show that transmitted their oddness more directly than their recordings allowed. From that moment on, they had me!


In the five years since then I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Bangers play countless times. They’ve released three quality LPs (all of which come highly recommended) and a slew of 7″s and interesting releases, including the massively inspiring “Mysterious Ways” album that was conceived, written and recorded in 48 hours, with tremendous results. That creative spirit, that playfulness and willingness to actively engage in silliness, was a massive part of their appeal, yet they rarely strayed too far from the underlying existential questioning and cynicism that pervaded their narrative; a juxtaposition of light and shade. By allowing themselves that creative freedom to experiment, to conform to no standards but their own, excited and engaged me. By bowing out on their own terms, they continue this tradition. I think over the years I’ve managed to track down all of the vinyl releases they’ve done, although I suspect I may still be missing something.

They always had their own way of doing things, marched to the beat of their own drum, and that was hugely inspiring, especially to us in Uniforms. I think we felt a kinship; here was another bunch of weirdos from outwith the metropolitan centre weaving their own eccentricities and, crucially, humour, into the fabric of punk rock. I’ve always thought there was something of an idealistic, somewhat whimsical yet cosmically contemplative folk influence within Bangers, a unique storytelling narrative that could only be forged in isolation. Most importantly, however, they rocked and certainly *ahem* knew their way around a banger.

Their work ethic was also an inspiration; in the eight years they were together, they toured all over the UK, Europe and the USA (I think I saw them play at Fest 10 in Gainesville, although I cannot be absolutely sure) and played over 450+ shows. These dudes know and there’s no enlightenment can be attained like that from meditative time spent in stinking transit. Uniforms had the pleasure of playing loads of shows with them, including a DIY Rock Shop matinee show in Perth where Roo imparted the sagacious words of “take all the free drugs you can” to an audience of entranced teenagers. We were lucky enough to have them come and play Book Yer Ane Fest on two occasions, first at BYAF V with Leatherface in 2011 and again two years later at BYAF VII, which remains in my mind one of the craziest and most memorable sets in BYAF history.

Photo by GGM Photography.

Photo by GGM Photography.

Specialist Subject Records is the best punk label in the UK and have been an inspiration to us at MTAT. It can’t be overstated how much of a help Andrew was to me when MTAT transitioned from being an informal collective to a “business” and I’m not sure that I’ve ever adequately thanked him for his assistance and patience. So Andrew, thank you so much for all your help; you guys are an paragon of virtue and self-determination. To me, Specialist Subject is the prime of example of how to run a record label; it’s a family that nurtures a community and unifies people whilst prodigiously releasing records from some of the UK’s finest bands. Just check out their catalogue and you’ll see what I’m talking about; Great Cynics, The Arteries, Muncie Girls, The Fairweather Band, Sam Russo, Above Them; gem after gem. I’ve spent a lot of money on the Specialist Subject webstore and I’d recommend that you do the same.

I got my copy of the “Last Songs” 7″ in the mail this week, threw it on the turntable and felt a sadness unlike any other I’ve felt in some time when it comes to listening to a band’s final recordings. One of the best British punk bands ever, they will be a loss to our community. Three of the nicest, most intelligent and engaging punks I know (and impeccable house guests) I’m very grateful that I have had the chance to get to know them through punk rock and for the memories that they’ve created for me over the years; whether it’s Abbie and Hamish sharing the last of the pop tarts, screaming along in the front row while trying to ensure crowd surfers don’t hurt themselves and/or kick the mic into Roo’s teeth or just listening to their records at home, I’m thankful for everything they’ve created and the times we’ve had together.

I unreservedly feel that Bangers have been one of the most important bands in UK punk over the last eight years, certainly for me personally, and I’m real sad that I won’t be able to see them one last time. Everyone who can make it to The Lexington in London tomorrow should certainly do so.

RIP Bangers, it’s been rare.


Thank you Andrew, Hamish and Roo. See you in hell.


Review; Bangers – “Bird” LP (Specialist Subject)


“Bird” is the third “proper” LP from Cornwall punks Bangers and is quite possibly their finest piece of work to date. Bangers have long been one of the most interesting bands in the country, eschewing trends and “coolness” in favour of being true to themselves and their inherent oddities as a punk rock band from one of the rural outbacks of the UK. In coming from the north-east of Scotland, I feel kinship there and it’s this refusal to engage with current trends and notions of “cool” that makes Bangers one of the most irresistible and joyous bands in UK punk.

The first thing that is clear as soon as opener “No!” blasts through the headphones is that the band’s first time in a “proper” recording studio has done nothing to temper their boisterousness and sense of fun. Instead, where some bands feel panicked in a “professional” environment, Bangers have turned this new-found luxury to their advantage and have created a record that is equal parts “pro” and unequivocally “punk”. While not recorded in a shed, the studio environment serves to enhance everything that we already love about the band; the hooks, the stories, the sing-a-longs; amplifying the size and further developing their sonic subtleties, of which there are many on this record.  Thankfully, the studio doesn’t wash Bangers clean of their grime.

“I Don’t Feel Like I’ll Ever Be Clean Again” is the first “single” taken from the record and it’s an impeccable slice of pop-punk that’s easy to picture on heavy rotation on MTV2 back in the day, like Sum 41 playing a Weezer cover. There’s a knowing sense of fun in the stomp and the chorus is glorious, made even better by the fact the song is literally about getting covered in shit. It’s classic songwriting married to irresistible hooks that will stick for days. I dare you not to sing along. The ever-present mischievousness remains, especially in the playfulness and lyricism of Roo’s surrealist storytelling, as evidenced in the likes of “Mannequin” and  “The Trousers of Time”. Even when exploring themes of worthlessness and emotional detachment, the sound is one of joyfully defiant.

“Oh, I feel like someone else’s satellite”.

There’s always been a part of Bangers that reminds me of the genius of Thin Lizzy; the subtle intricacies of Roo’s guitar lines, the knack for knocking out poetic sing-a-long classics with seeming ease, that driving bass sound, the sense of serious play; that classic rock influence shines through even more throughout this record. Hamish and Andrew are one of the tightest rhythm sections in UK punk, you don’t get to be eight years in and not be, but they bringing an elasticity that allows space for Roo’s creative guitar work to add depth and texture throughout the record. There’s a lot going on in the songs beyond simple melodic three-chord punk jams.

That’s not to say that the boys can’t get down and dirty (literally), they’ll never escape their grubby skate punk and hardcore roots, but there’s a sense of assured confidence in the band’s abilities. Bangers have never been a band afraid to take risks, as evidenced by the brilliant yet audacious “Mysterious Ways” project that was written, recorded and available to buy for only 48 hours. That’s not to say that this record is a radical sonic shift but takes all the best parts of Bangers, amplifies and refines then blends them together to create a delicious wholly satisfying whole; there is cohesion in sound and narrative; “everything will fall into place”.

Thematically, Bangers seem to be dealing with some shit, both literally and figuratively, with the the refrain of “I’m so tired of being someone else” from “Stressful Festival” speaking volumes; showing a band that are comfortable with their own identity as a unit but still wrestling individually and collectively with a sense of “self” and “place”. There is desperation, acceptance and hope amongst the metaphysical grappling and self-loathing.  There aren’t many bands that could write a song about a Russian American biochemist/author and turn it into a demented almost Devo-esque robotic punk stomper, as evidenced on “Asimov”. There is also a healthy slice of piss-taking, as “Vibrate” indicates with it’s cry of “I’mma break like a atom”. Science rarely possesses such swag.

Overall, this is Bangers’ most complete and assured body of work to date. “Bird” marries classic Bangers punk (scuzzy, gobby, brilliant) with the ever-present classic rock influence; the sound of a band unburdened by expectations allowing themselves to be themselves. Ironically, amidst identity struggles and trying to find their place in the world, Bangers seem to have found what it is they’ve been looking for and used it to create a record that is everything a fan could want from the band; thoughtful, driving, powerful, thought-provoking intelligent punk rock across the board. It’s also undoubtedly one of the best punk rock records of the year.

“It’s getting better, so much better than it was”.

Stream the record at Punknews.org here.

Buy the record from Specialist Subject Records here.

Bangers kick off their UK tour on Friday 8th August and play Glasgow on Wednesday 12th August with The Kimberly Steaks and Lost Limbs at Nice’n’Sleazy.


“When I Got The Music…”

It’s been a tough couple of weeks. Our musical community lost two bright lights far too soon, a family friend from my youth also passed and Sunday past marked the two year anniversary since Big Mick left us. As my friend Stef said at Jordan’s funeral earlier this year, “music means more at times like this”. If it wasn’t for playing and writing music, I can’t even begin to imagine how I would have begun to process the emotional turmoil and sense of helplessness that comes with dealing with death and loss. Every one of us will suffer loss but no two of us will suffer and grieve in the same way; there is no true shared experience, at least to my mind. Much like god or punk rock, people come to develop their own processes and understandings. Far be it for me to tell someone how they feel, as I’d resent those who would prescribe unto me. Whatever the truth of the matter may be, I am eternally grateful.

I was and continue to be deeply saddened to learn of Morgan Nicol’s passing. I’ve known Morgan for years as he’s a Shire lad and his father Pete used to live down the road from my own father in Alyth. I did sound at what would turn out to be Morgan’s last show with Frown a couple of weeks ago and it is hard to process that the intelligent, talented, passionate and cheeky boy I spoke to about “Under Hot Sun” being a hit single in waiting is now no longer with us. My thoughts and heart goes out to all his family, friends and loved ones, including my friends at the Twa Tams in Perth and the boys in the band. My heart breaks for you my friends.

Then the news broke that Robbie Cooper of Dundee alternative rock legends Laeto finally succumbed to his long battle with cancer last week. I didn’t know Robbie personally but I met him a good few times over the years. When I was a kid first discovering the DIY scene (though I didn’t know what it was at the time), it was bands like Laeto, Mercury Tilt Switch and Tenessee Kait that I looked up to and admired. Robbie did a lot of work for others and last year’s Human Is Not Alone campaign was inspirational, a success of character as well as music and charity. Chris Cusack, formerly of Dead Or American, articulated these thoughts with more clarity than I could possibly muster in his eulogy for The Skinny. Please read that here. My thoughts and those of the collective go out to everyone who’s lives Robbie and Morgan touched.

All money raised from the download of the Human Is Not Alone compilation goes to Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Friday night saw the start of the Bangers / Uniforms Scottish weekender at The Banshee Labyrinth in Edinburgh. Bangers are one of my favourite bands and are wonderful people whom we as a band have long admired. Andrew’s work with Specialist Subject Records is endless and something to aspire to and all three guys in the band are great dudes, not at all like the characters that have been created on certain UK forums. The Walking Targets opened the show and showed once again why they are the best young punk rock band in Scotland. I am fortunate enough to have heard their forthcoming album and it is an absolute gem. There are also a couple of plans in the pipeline with those boys that I’m very excited to get to work on.  We played next at what was our first set since St. Patrick’s Day in Belfast and slipped right back into the swing of things before Doe took to the floor. They’re a great band with a powerful girl/boy vocal dynamic, armed with great songs and intricate guitars but I couldn’t help but miss the bass. Bangers killed it, as expected. I was especially taken on this occasion by Roo’s guitar playing and the thought crossed my mind (not for the only time over the weekend) that Bangers remind me somewhat of Thin Lizzy.

Big thanks to Kev at Anti-Manifesto for hosting a very fine show indeed. AM have just released the “Anti-Manifesto; Round One” compilation tape celebrating their 10 year anniversary. It features music from bands who’ve played AM shows across the last decade including the likes of Bomb The Music Industry!, Mike Park, The Murderburgers, Sweet Empire, Laura Stevenson, Sundowner and heaps more. We roasters of Uniforms are on there alongside Bonehouse representing Dundee. The artwork was done by the mighty Wolf Mask and it comes on your choice of orange or green cassette (I chose orange, obviously). All profits from sales of the tape will go to Cancer Research UK.

Saturday saw us pull double-duty with a matinee show at The Corinna in Perth. It’s quite amusing that Ali and I have talked about doing a combined MTAT / DIY Rock Shop all ages show for years and when we finally got round to making it happen, I lived in Dundee. DIY Rock Shop is an excellent enterprise, providing a “School of Rock”, if you will, for kids aged 9 – 16. Rock’n’roll will never die so long as there are kids out there busting out noisy Nirvana covers and I would have bitten your arms off if such a thing were to exist when I was a teenager. It’s funny also that Ali gave 13 Broken Fingers our first Perth show when she put us on alongside Stoma at The Grill sometime back in the early 00s when Perth was pop-punk capital of Scotland.

The two young bands that played were Self Will Run Riot and The Mexican Empire, the former of which were busting out some serious post-rock/progressive metal jamz that belied their youth. I struggle to compose a logically progressive song in my early 30s and I’ve been trying for more than half my life; these kids have got me beat already and they’re definitely a band worth keeping an eye on. It was
a personal affair for us too as Abbie’s five year old cousin Noah (rocking his Uniforms Rat shirt!) came to his first hardcore show and had his brain rattled around his skull in the most posi manner imaginable by our friends Get It Together. Thanks so much to everyone involved and everyone who came out for the show. We’ll definitely be doing another one some time, hopefully in the not too distant future.

Then it was up the road to Dundee to set up for the second time and abuse our pizza privileges before doors and the arrival of the mighty Shithawks at their uncompromising and driving best. Our friends in Sink Alaska were up next and absolutely destroyed. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing their new recordings and I’m very excited that we’ll be working with them to put out their new double A-side 7″ single soon. I’d also like to thank Alshy for the thoughts and sentiments expressed prior to playing “Among The Wretched”. Our set was fun as always when we play at home and Bangers again demonstrated their greatness. A quality show all round before a quick load out and down the road for cups of tea and philosophical discussion.

We kicked off Sunday morning with breakfast before Bangers went to Stirling to fail to record a radio session in what can only be described as a Terry Butcher while we took our time getting to Glasgow for the half-dayer with Elway, Joe McMahon, Roscoe Vacant, The Walking Targets and Andy Chainsaw. Given the week that had passed and the day that it was, I was feeling a little reflective but feeling focussed. Thanks to Andy for the thoughtful shout out before playing “Song For Derrick Johnston To Sing”. As a wise man once said, “when I got the music, I got a place to go”. As Abbie said, “well, you certainly raged”. With a tear rolling down my face as we finished up Father’s Day, I felt my chest rise and heart swell so turned my back to the audience. I felt we achieved our aim of raging it all out. It certainly felt like a purging. To me, that’s what a punk is to do.

Thank you to everyone involved in a memorable weekend. Thanks to Chadbro for telling me we have an image and ideology problem and how punk used to be about “fuck this shit”, yet not knowing who Kathleen Hanna was.

At times like this, music means more.

big mick

“Where You Been, Bro?” / “What’s Happnin’ Bro?”

Things have been busy, as ever, since the last time I blogged here. In a MTAT capacity, we hosted the European Tour kick off for The Murderburgers and they’ve since been announced as both the tour support for the forthcoming Alkaline Trio / Bayside UK tour as well as for Fest 13 in Gainesville and pre-Fest in Ybor City, Florida. Asian Man Records have also announced the second pressing of the amazing new album “These Are Only Problems”, so make sure and pick one up if you haven’t got one already. We were also part of the release of “To Live and Die in West Central Scotland”, the incredible debut full length from The Kimberly Steaks, although we missed the actual release show at the sold-out Stuck In Springtime Fest as we were away in Ireland with Uniforms (check out Jonny Domino’s blog for a full report!). The first pressing of the album is nearly sold out already, but we have ten copies in the MTAT distro, so I’d encourage you to pick one up while you can.


SPILL YER GUTS #2 featuring Mark McCabe, Greg Rekus (CAN) and Oxygen Thief happened at Cerberus Bar last Wednesday and was another cracking little acoustic show. Abbie and I (finally!) moved to Dundee the previous day and I was straight back to work, so once again Jonny picked up my slack and ran the show. I did arrive very late in the game and saw Mark perform his last chorus. Cheers to everyone who came out and donated pennies for the punx and sorry to the guys who played for missing them. Special thanks to the dude in the metal band who drank all night but knocked Jonny back tho 😉

Last Friday saw our Welsh brethren Question The Mark join us in Dundee alongside Terrafraid, The Walking Targets and our own band of big emo kids Lachance, who stepped in to replace The Kimberly Steaks. This was only Lachance’s second show and they performed with a lot more confidence than their first show. Barry in particular seems all the more comfortable, getting back into the role of frontman for the first time in a decade or so. The songs are brilliant too and have that Latterman-type basement punk positivity to them. There is absolutely no doubt how much the music means and it’s heart-warming to see the passion on full display. Bullshit free punk rock for sure. The Walking Targets continue to develop and destroy. I know that I say it so often that it’s likely hyperbolic by now, but there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that they are the best young punk band in the UK. I’ve had the privilege of hearing their forthcoming full length and it is incredible. They’ve also been announced for Fest and I can’t think of a band who deserve it more. Once the Americans get into these troops, they’ll be offski. Destiny awaits boys!

In a move that seems to becoming somewhat of a tradition, the QTM troops travelled up to Scotland without a bass player. They played the Glasgow show the night before as a three piece before Big Ade drunkenly agreed to play bass at the Dundee show. The boy has the mad skillz and learned the entire set in less than a day and stepped up and killed it. I spent most of the set down in front of Yogi’s mic as he cranked out his insane guitar pyrotechnics. There are a few guitarists that I just stand there in awe of; Papa Gain being one of them (along with Bobby Simpson) and Yogi. He’s fucking amazing, flamboyant yet tasteful. Subtlety isn’t usually something I’d associate with these boys, but the subtlety is there adding depth and nuance to the gruff punk bangers.

Terrafraid have just released their first album “Despondent” and it’s an absolute jaw-dropper of a record. An album of great depth, there are layers upon layers of things going on, both musically and lyrically, echoing the finest in both US emo and Scottish indie with a punk rock heart and epic delivery. The album is journey and a magnificent achievement that is more than worthy of your affections; a strong contender for record of the year so far. They rounded out the show and were a riot; less subtle  and considered than on record, playing with fire in bellies and ad-libbing through gear problems (a talent in itself). A band of weel kent pusses, the atmosphere was amazing and it was a fine way to wrap up a reaffirming evening of goodness. Double bonus for me is that I only had a five minute walk home rather than bailing for the last bus/train. I’d call that a home win.

Talking of releases, my pal Andy Chainsaw recently released his new EP and it’s available for download now. It’s called “Do Androids Dream of Electric Cigarettes” and it contains five introspective dark solocore punk ballads. Recorded by Chris of Esperi fame, I think this is by far Andy’s best (bleakest) work to date. Ye can get that here.

failures union april

Our next show is this coming Tuesday at Kage, Dundee and is going to be another banger. Failures’ Union are from Buffalo, NY, feature ex-members of Lemuria and play premier league impassioned American indie/emo punk rock that sounds something like The Lemonheads drinking red wine with The Weakerthans, to my mind. They’ve just released their new record “Tethering” through Dead Broke Rekerds and I’m very much looking forward to picking up a copy of the LP at the show. The band are joined on their EU tour by South Wales indie/punk veterans Bedford Falls, who hit the sweet spot before 80s hardcore and 90s emo. This will be the first time in Dundee for both bands and it should be a treat for a Tuesday night. They’ll be joined by Dundee punks Frown, who are playing their first show at Kage, and Glasgow skramz three piece Lost Limbs, featuring the guitar wizardry of the aforementioned Bobby Simpson, who also play their first Dundee show.

movie premiere

The next night, Kage will host an event that I am equally parts excited by and mortified at the prospect of; the world premiere of Film Yer Ane; The Book Yer Ane Fest Documentary. I haven’t seen the film but there is no doubt  in my mind that Adam Morrow will have made a wonderful film, that it is all beautifully shot and put together, and I find it truly humbling that there is sufficient interest in something that we brought life to that someone would even contemplate making a film about. It’s truly boggling to my mind. What I’m mortified about is sitting in a room full of friends and peers watching myself talk bullshit on a screen, especially as I have no idea what Adam will or won’t have used. That’s my own shit to deal with though and it should certainly make for a very memorable evening. Broken Stories will be kicking the evening off with a fully unplugged performance in the bar at Kage then the film will get its very first public airing, followed by a Q+A of some description. We’ll also be hosting a super-cheap merch sale, so please bring along some pennies and peruse the collection. Entry is free with the doors opening at 8pm. We’ll also be announcing the first batch of bands for BOOK YER ANE FEST VIII the very same night.

The next MTAT shows after that both take place on Saturday 26th April and  are part of the Bangers / Uniforms Scottish weekender. We’ll be playing four shows together over the course of that weekend. We’re playing with some awesome bands across the three days including our friends Get It Together, Sink Alaska and The Shithawks as well as highly rated London emo punks Doe. Should be a top quality weekend all round. For more information on the individual shows, click the link on the flyer.





Dundee; with KAGEMANIA Club night!!!


Glasgow; Half-Dayer w/ Elway (USA) / Joe McMahon + more!!!

glasgow half dayer

These shows will likely be our last before we get our new 7″ out in preparation for our first European tour. We’re going to be in Europe for three weeks in June/July and we’re going to be visiting loads of countries in that time; France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Luxembourg, Belgium, The Netherlands and more. Rest assured, once the full details emerge you’ll be sorry I ever mentioned it as I’ll be sure to let you know! On the subject of 7″s, there is only one copy of our split with Loaded 45 left in the MTAT distro so if you want a copy, act fast before it disappears. There may well be some copies kicking about in record stores throughout the country (Love Music in Glasgow being one), but it’s the very last one we have in stock. Huge thanks to everyone who has picked one up. The songs themselves are available for free/pay-what-you-want download.

There are a heap more quality shows in Dundee happening over the next couple of months, many of which are being put on by Owen and the dudes from the Rusty Hip Collective, including Thin Privilege on their album launch tour alongside Kaddish and Indica at Kage on Friday 18th April, Doe / Bonehouse / Algernon Doll at Kage on April 23rd, Garrett Klahn from Texas Is The Reason at Tin Roof on April 25 and Solemn League from Germany on April 30th.

Coming up in May we have a couple of righteous bangers;

caulfield cult show

The Caulfield Cult will be in the middle of their European tour and will be the first band from Singapore that we’ve ever put on. Their new album “Things Can Only Get Worse From Here” picks up where the genre classic “Leaving Cemetery Junction” left off and is out now.  They are joined on their tour by English post-hardcore kids Godard and local support is Last Of Us and Lung Season from Aberdeen who play their second Dundee show and first at Kage. Then a couple of nights later is the Robot Doctors album launch / Maxwell’s Dead tenth anniversary party and the first ever DAE YER ANE CLUB NIGHT. It truly is all go, and that’s before we’ve even mentioned the forthcoming Kaddish LP, the Jeffrey Lewis and The Jrams show in August or the three reunion bands for BYAF VIII…

dae yer ane club night

Right, that’s quite enough from me for now. If ye want to keep up to date with everything that’s happening, noise us up online or drop me an email. Cheers!

Interview; Fraser Murderburger


Okay, I admit it; I’ve been slacking. This interview was conducted last month and was originally intended to by published in the first physical edition of Write Yer Ane Zine. The good intentions have gone to pot, however, and I don’t have the zine finished as I’ve been up to my eyeballs with all of the other uninteresting shit as per usual. Abbie and I are moving house though, so that’s deece.

Anyways, given that our pals The Murderburgers kick off their massive 60-date European Tour at Kage, Dundee tomorrow night (with us roasters in Uniforms, Lancashire pop-punks Don Blake and our fellow cowpunkers Lachance playing their first full band show), I thought it prudent to get this interview out there into the world. A physical edition of the zine will appear, just not immediately!


Thanks a lot to Fraser for the interview. You can keep up to date with everything that Da Boigas are up to on the road at their facebook page and website. You can find all of their records for purchase/download at their bandcamp page too.

WYAZ; It’s been a while since we last “officially” spoke and in that time The Murderburgers have been one of the busiest bands on the planet; releasing your latest album and touring the US/EU. Focussing on the album, who do you feel about it now that it’s been out a while and how has your experience of working with Asian Man Records been?

Fraser; I’m really proud of the new album, and I don’t think it could have turned out sounding or looking better. We definitely spent more time on this album than we did on “How To Ruin Your Life”. I wanted all of the artwork to tie in with the song content this time, and Steve did a great job doing just that. It’s the first time I’ve written an album as an album, if you know what I mean. “How To Ruin Your Life” turned out well but it was more of a “right, we have 15 new songs so let’s do an album” kind of record, whereas all of the songs on “These Are Only Problems” were written about a specific and incredibly bleak period of my pathetic excuse for an existence. It’s also the first album we’ve done where we are all happy with playing all of the songs live. I’m definitely not sick of playing any of the songs yet. Working with Asian Man Records has been an absolute pleasure. I spoke to Mike Park on the phone last October for the first time and he could understand my shitty accent, which was a relief. Monster Zero are still involved as well. Kevin from MZ still claims he can still only understand 70% of what I say after knowing him for over 5 years.

WYAZ; The record dropped in September (?) and you went out on the road immediately afterwards. How do you feel the record has been received? How was the US tour on the back of it and how was your first experience of The Fest in Gainesville?

Fraser; The record came out on Oct 8th last year, which was the first day of our US/Euro tour. The response has been overwhelming. People seem to be really diggin’ it and only a couple of people have given us shit for it not strictly being a straight up pop punk record. After spending so much time writing the album it’s good to know that it wasn’t all for nothing. We were really happy with the record when we finished recording it and knew that we had done a good job, but after waiting for it to be mixed and mastered, and then sitting on the album for a while when we were finding a label to put it out, and then waiting for it to be pressed and released, we started to worry that the songs aren’t as good as we thought they were in the first place, or at least I did. So when it’s finally out there and people are really into the songs it’s a huge relief. The US tour was awesome. I flew out a week early to do some recording for a new band with Brad from Dear Landlord and Kat from The Strait A’s called Rat Toilet, which for being something Brad and I joked about for ages actually turned out sounding like a real band. The first week of the tour was with Strong City from Iowa, then the rest of the tour was with Lipstick Homicide from Iowa and Boys from Ohio. All three of those bands are amazing and are great people to tour with. The Fest was incredible and definitely took a few years off of my life. We played the pre-Fest in Ybor and then did a house show in Tampa before heading to Gainesville. We all drank way too much, saw a lot of great bands, made a lot of new friends and caught up with a lot of old ones. We got a tour of the No Idea house, which was pretty cool. Our set at The Fest was one of my favourite ever. We seem to attract some pretty crazy people at shows these days. A good kind of crazy though.

boigas pic

WYAZ; Most bands would want to come home and recharge after such a lengthy US tour, but you guys went straight back out on the road in Europe, finishing up at BYAF VII. How was this European tour? Did Cock’s vital organs make it in home intact?

Fraser; His vital organs did alright this time! The tour was great, as Europe always is. Our good friend Davey was TMing/driving us around and took good care of us. The only things that sucked were the French road tolls, the snow, and the guy that tried to overtake us during a traffic jam in Italy, which resulted in the left wing mirror of the van being smashed off. Italian drivers need to simmer down.

WYAZ; How do you keep yourself motivated and entertained in the midst of such lengthy tours? How did it feel to get home and have a riot of a finish at BYAF VII? Did you have fun at the “secret” acoustic show?

Fraser; I find it pretty easy to keep myself motivated on tour these days. Whenever I start feeling like shit I just have to remind myself that being on tour is way better than being stuck at some shit job at home. We have a lot of good things going for us at the moment, so it would be stupid not to keep that in mind and get the most enjoyment out of it as possible. I much prefer longer tours and fitting in as many shows as possible, so the longer the tour is the more excited I get about it. For entertainment I usually just listen to music and sleep, or try to write new songs in my head. When you’re stuck in a van for weeks on end you get a lot of thinking done, so by the time I get home I’ve always got a bunch of new ideas for songs and lyrics done. I also like to wind up Cock. That passes a lot of time. Finishing at BYAF VII was seriously the best way to end a tour ever. All of the Scottish shows at the end of the tour were just what we needed I think. We were all getting really bummed out about the tour almost being over, so coming back and playing to good crowds with a lot of familiar faces that we hadn’t seen for a while made being home a lot more bearable. Our set at BYAF was, as you know, pretty fuckin’ insane. Biggest human pyramid ever! The acoustic show was a lot of fun as well. Definitely a good cure for a hangover.

WYAZ; The UK punk scene seems to be in some rare health at the moment. Given that you’ve been in bands for years, do you see a difference between how things and now and how they were, say, 6/7 years ago? What UK bands do you dig?

Fraser; There’s definitely a big difference between how things are now and how they were when we started out 7 years ago. The main difference is that it used to suck back then and now it doesn’t. It’s great to see so many bands and people really pushing things, and people actually giving a shit. It’s encouraging to see so many younger bands appearing now, so hopefully the scene will continue to grow. There’s a lot of UK bands that I dig. Too many to list really, but I’ll name a few. Recently I’ve been listening to The Walking Targets a lot, and The Kimberly Steaks too. Both bands have just recorded new albums which I can’t wait to hear. I finally got round to buying PAWS “Cokefloat!”, which is an awesome album. I’ve not stopped listening to Martha‘s E.P yet. Vamos are amazing and great guys. I wish I’d written “Hands”. Bangers rule, and so do River Jumpers and Leagues Apart.  I listen to Great Cynics a lot. Oh, and the mighty Wonk Unit!

WYAZ; Since you’ve been home you’ve recorded a live session for the Radio One Punk Show and cut a new EP. When can we hear the 7″, what label will it be on and how is your next EU tour shaping up?

Fraser; The recording of the new EP should be finished by mid-Feb, and then it should be out in the summer. It’ll be released on Bloated Kat Records and will be called “How To Ruin Your Laptop”, because we (or just Cock) broke Servo from Bloated Kat’s laptop when we were drunk in Atlantic City last October. It’ll be 2 brand new songs, 1 re-recording of an old song and a Chinese Telephones cover. The next European tour is shaping up nicely. It’s another long one. 60 days throughout Scotland, England, Wales, Belgium, France, Italy, Austria, Germany and Holland. I’m still working on it every day, but it’s coming together well. I’m just at that annoying stage of needing details from people and having to hassle them, but overall it’s been less of a headache to book than most other tours I’ve dealt with.

handsome bastards

WYAZ; What’s next for the band? Are you thinking about a new album already or are you biding your time with it? Can we expect more of the typical gonzo Moidaboigas tour scheduling this year?

Fraser; I’ve been working on some new songs, but we have no immediate plans to do a new album anytime soon. We briefly spoke about aiming to start properly working on a new one this time next year. It all depends on our touring schedule though. We want to tour for “These Are Only Problems” as much as we can this year anyway. Once we get back from the Spring tour we have plans to record a full band acoustic split CD with Billy Liar followed by a 2 week UK tour in July to support it. I’ve been talking with Mike at Asian Man about getting back to the US around Oct/Nov, and I’ve been working on some other stuff to keep us busy before then. I’ve been talking to a couple of booking agents in Japan for a while now and would really like to make it out there at the end of the year if possible, but we’ll have to wait and see. I promised Cock we would make it to Japan soon, and also promised him that we would make it back to Spain since he missed out on the Spanish dates in 2012 after his appendix shat the bed, causing him to leave the tour

WYAZ; What has been your highlight of the band’s existence thus far and what are you most looking forward to in the future?

Fraser; The Maida Vale session was definitely a highlight. I used to wait up to 2am to listen to the Radio 1 Punk Show when I was a teenager and ask one of my friends to tape for me in case I missed it, so doing a live session for it a few years later isn’t something I expected to happen. The whole Asian Man Records thing is obviously a highlight. We’ve done so much shit over the past 2 years that I still can’t get my head around, so I guess the past 2 years has been the highlight. I’m mostly looking forward to touring more and seeing where we end up.

WYAZ; Any last words?

Fraser; Thanks for letting me ramble on. I turn 27 in a couple of days and I still can’t grow a beard. How shit is that?

Thu 13 March @ Kage, Dundee (SCO)

Fri 14 March @ Downstairs, Aberdeen (SCO)

Sat 15 March @ Stuck In Springtime Fest, 13th Note, Glasgow (SCO)

Sun 16 March @ Retro Bar, Manchester (ENG)

Mon 17 March @ Bar Santiago, Leeds, (ENG)

Tue 18 March @ The Lughole, Sheffield, (ENG)

Wed 19 March @ The Soundhouse, Leicester, (ENG)

Thu 20 March @ The Blueberry, Norwich, (ENG)

Fri 21 March @ UtrechtSkatePark, Utrecht, (NL)

Sat 22 March @ Crossbonefest, JH The Bassment, Houthalen, (BE)

Sun 23 March @ Le Gibus Cafe, Paris (FR)

Mon 24 March @ Canadian Cafe, Tours (FR)

Tue 25 March @ The Cafe Latin, Angers (FR)

Wed 26 March @ La Scene Michelet, Nantes (FR)

Thu 27 March @ TBC, Limoges (FR)

Fri 28 March @ La Mecanique Des Fluides, Toulouse (FR)

Sat 29 March @ Up & Down Bar, Montpellier (FR)

Sun 30 March @ Venue TBC, Marseilles (FR)

Mon 31 March @ Private show, La Fare les Oliviers (FR)
* if somebody wants to come to the show, write an e-mail to “will@pandarecords.fr*

Tue 1 April @ *acoustic show* La Zonmé, Nice (FR)

Wed 2 April @ Venue TBC, Torino (IT)

Thu 3 April @ Venue TBC, Milano (IT)

Fri 4 April @ Venue TBC, Imperia (IT)

Sat 5 April @ (IT) *Date available, please email Kasper: pantherbooking@gmail.com*

Sun 6 April @ (IT) *Date available, please email Kasper: pantherbooking@gmail.com*

Mon 7 April @ Venue TBC, Livorono (IT)

Tue 8 April @ Venue TBC, Rome (IT)

Wed 9 April @ Venue TBC, Ancona (IT)

Thu 10 April @ Venue TBC, Forli (IT)

Fri 11 April @ Arci Dallo, Brescia (IT)

Sat 12 April @ Venue TBC, Udine (IT)

Sun 13 April @ SUB, Graz (AT)

Mon 14 April @ DasBACH, Vienna (AT)

Tue 15 April @ Venue TBC, Vocklabruck (AT)

Wed 16 April @ PMK, Innsbruck (AT)

Thu 17 April @ Bela Lugosi, Nuremberg (DE)

Fri 18 April @ ZKU, Leipzig (DE)

Sat 19 April @ (DE) *Date available, please email Fraser: themurderburgers@gmail.com*

Sun 20 April @ (DE) *Date available, please email Fraser: themurderburgers@gmail.com*

Mon 21 April @ (DE) *Date available, please email Fraser: themurderburgers@gmail.com*

Tue 22 April @ Jagerklause, Berlin (DE)

Wed 23 April @ Venue TBC, Hanover (DE)

Thu 24 April @ Rote Flora, Hamburg (DE)

Fri 25 April @ Q1, Bergisch Gladbach (DE)

Sat 26 April @ The Eldorado, Nordemham (DE)

Sun 27 April @ Sentiments HQ, Petersburg-Osnabruck (DE)

Mon 28 April @ TBC *Date available, please email Fraser: themurderburgers@gmail.com*

 Tue 29 April @ Club Lola, Groningen (NL)

 Wed 30 April @ Sub071, Leiden (NL)

 Thu 1 May @ Groezrock Acoustic Punk Meeting IV (Campsite BBQ Area), Meerhout (BE)

 Fri 2 May @ TBC

 Sat 3 May @ TBC

 Sun 4 May @ TBC *Date available, please email Fraser: themurderburgers@gmail.com*

 Mon 5 May @ The Cherry Tree, Canterbury (ENG)

Tue 6 May @ Grumpy Whiskers, Cheltenham (ENG)

Wed 7 May @ The Moon Club, Cardiff, (WAL)

Thu 8 May @ TBC, Swindon (ENG)

 Fri 9 May @ WTFEST Official Aftershow, Unit, Southampton (ENG)


Jan 2014 – Dae Yer Ane Podcast; Episode 2, Tins for Tunes, First Shows + More!

Dae Yer Ane Podcast; Episode 2 is now available for streaming and download from the MTAT Bandcamp page. I’m going to aim to get a podcast done at least once a month. As this is only the second podcast that I’ve done, it’s not perfect but I’m learning as I go along. I’ve tried to keep the inane chat to a minimum but hopefully those who listen to it can understand what I’m banging on about.

Please take a minute to check out the bands and if you like what you hear, seek them out for and discover more. Bonus points if y’all can tell me what movies the samples come from. If you think you’ve got it licked, feel free to email me with your answers and I’ll furnish ye with some kind of reward.

Kept – “Jehova”
The Putrid Flowers – “Midnight In Mid-America”
Bear Trade – “Pride Makes A Rotten Companion”
Robot Doctors – “Three Days Dead”
Last Of Us – “So Much More”
Calvinball – “Season 4, Episode 20”
Stay Clean Jolene – “Green”
Little Anchors – “My Grandfather Was A Projectionist”
Wonk Unit – “Guts”
The Lemonaids – “Summer Crush (On You)”
The Stay Gones – “Home”
Vamos – “Hands”
Blood Lines – “Digging Holes”
Arliss Nancy – “Hold It Together”
The Fall Of Boss Koala – “No, Everything’s Not Alright”
Clocked Out – “Striving For Rejection”

Whilst I was recording the podcast, I was making a stencil for spray painting CDs at the same time and I’ve spent my morning using said stencil to paint CDs for exchange in the TINS FOR TUNES campaign. The campaign will be kicking off one week from today on Friday 31st January at our first show of 2014 which will feature four of the finest flavours of Scottish hardcore ripping Kage Nightclub apart. Please bring non-perishable food items and exchange them for CDs (while stocks last) and download codes!

filthpact local poster

The campaign will be running until the end of April so please support if you can. After next week’s show, the bangers started coming in thick and fast. We’ll be hosting the first ever SPILL YER GUTS acoustic show featuring myself playing THT style alongside Little Anchors and Broken Stories at Ceberus Bar on Tuesday 11th February.

spill yer guts 1

We will then be back at Kage on Saturday 15th February to bring you Robot Doctors / The Shithawks / Captains / The Rag’N’Bone Man before The Murderburgers kick off their European Tour on Thursday 13th March. Ye can keep up to date with all the shows as they are announced here.

february 15

On the UNIFORMS front, we have a shit-ton of stuff coming up over the next few months. Even though BYAF VII seems like ages ago, we haven’t been idle these last couple of months. We play our first show of the year next Saturday with our pals Get It Together in the basement of Barnton Street Music in Stirling. It’s an early show, kicking off at 7pm and it’ll be wrapped by 9.30pm at the very latest. As it’s a music shop, capacity is super-limited so get down early to make sure you can get in as doors will close come 7.30pm. I shall also be playing a solo acoustic show at Europa Music on Friar Street, Stirling from 4pm the same afternoon, so do come along and grab some MTAT releases in the coolest record shop in the central belt.

The night after the Stirling shows, I’ll be playing Tragical History Tour style at this absolute peach at Plan B Books in Glasgow alongside Marc Ruvolo of The Fur Coats, Phil Taylor from Paws and The Kimberly Steaks playing a super-rare acoustic set. Should be good fun for sure!

plan b acoustic

Our next little run of shows are all with our pals Sink Alaska and we’ll be hitting Glasgow, Leeds and Bolton on February 21/22/23rd respectively before we head off to Ireland for the first time for a long weekend of shows with Vamos and Sheepy across St. Patrick’s Day weekend. That will be something special for sure and I cannot wait to cross the Irish Sea for the first time, as it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do. We shall then be doing a bunch of Scottish dates with our pals in Bangers in April, including an incredible half-dayer at Audio in Glasgow alongside Elway, Joe McMahon of Smoke Or Fire, Roscoe Vacant and The Walking Targets on Sunday 27th April. Full details and poster, etc will all be sorted very shortly but in the meantime you can keep your eye on all our dates as they are announced here.


Right, that’s enough from me for now. We are still hosting our JANUARY SALE over at the MTAT bandcamp page and even though we’ve sold out of a fair few items, there are still some deece bargains to be had.  2014 Season Tickets are also still available for the bargain basement price of £100 and that includes entry to every MTAT show of the year (including a three-day weekend pass for Book Yer Ane Fest VIII) as well as advanced copies of every physical MTAT release of the year. Definitely worth checking out!




Given that my last post was essentially just a shill job for Dae Yer Ane Podcast (download/stream here), I guess this entry counts as my first blog post of 2014. As such, I hope that everyone had an enjoyable time over the festive period and that we are all stoked and raring to go in the TWO ZERO ONE FOUR. I, for one, am pretty excited about things as we look towards what’s going to be happening this year. I’ve been sober coming on six weeks now and am filled with a joyousness and enthusiasm, dare I say a “zest”, for life that’s been somewhat absent for a while. Funny that, but we live and learn. Personal shit aside, 2014 is shaping up to be another wild year for Make-That-A-Take with some cool stuff already announced and even more cool stuff to come over the coming months.


Winter can be bleak enough at the best of times, let alone when you are struggling and in crisis and the temperatures are sub-zero. Whilst not exactly a revolutionary idea, we feel obligated to do our part to help our fellow humans and, as such, we’ll be running the TINS FOR TUNES campaign at all of our shows this winter.

The concept is a simple one; bring an item of non-perishable food stuffs to any/all of our shows this winter and exchange it for download codes and free CDs (while stocks last) at the door of the show. The box will then be delivered to Dundee Foodbank (http://dundee.foodbank.org.uk/) to be distributed to those in need.

All support in this endeavour would be very much appreciated. You can find a list of preferred non-perishable food items here.


filthpact local poster

Our first show of 2014 is an absolute beast and offers up four distinctive flavours of Scottish hardcore. Aberdoom’s mighty “Plague Carriers of the Crust Apocalypse” Filthpact are celebrating ten years in the trenches by falling on their sword and breaking up with one last tour. They will be joined on their last show in Dundee from West Lothian grindcore merchants Sufferinfuck, Central Belt posicore kids Get It Together (who’ll be releasing their new “Perspectives” EP) and new filthy hardcore from Perth in the form of Rope Spasm (who’ll be playing their very first show). This will be one noisy affair and it takes place on Friday 31st January at Kage. This will be the first night of Tins For Tunes and we’ll also have the MTAT distro with us, so bring some pennies along and support all the bands.

The next night sees Get It Together and Uniforms playing a basement show downstairs in Barnton Street Music in Stirling, rounding out GIT’s weekend of EP release shows. The show will be kicking off at 7pm and has basement has a strictly limited capacity of 50, so the doors will be closed at either 7.30pm or when capacity is reached, whichever comes first! I’ll be playing a solo acoustic in-store show at Europa Music on Friar Street in Stirling that same afternoon and will be armed with a whole bunch of MTAT releases and perhaps a cheeky little new THT CD, although we’ll have to wait and see on that one!

spill yer guts 1

SPILL YER GUTS is our first attempt at something a little more intimate than the average acoustic show and, as it’s our first time, I shall be the guinea pig and will be performing in Tragical History Tour style. I shall be joined on this journey by my friends in Little Anchors and Broken Stories for what should be an interesting evening of story and song. Imagine VH-1 “Storytellers” in a punk rock bar and you’ll have an idea of the kind of thing that we are going for. If things go well, we’ll look at adding more SPILL YER GUTS events to the MTAT calendar. It’ll be happening at Cerberus Bar, Dundee on Tuesday 11th February and entry will be by donations on the door (please).

After that, we have a local band night at Kage on Saturday 15th February that will feature Robot Doctors (who have found fame recently by being featured on Manchester City’s “Goal of the Month” video) and The Shithawks, plus a couple more local bands to be announced. On the subject of local bands; we are always looking for new bands to come and get involved and play our shows. New blood is vital to a healthy and evolving DIY scene and we want to hear from people who are keen to get involved, so hit us up and let us hear your noise and ideas!

Thursday 13th March sees The Murderburgers kick off their latest European tour by playing the place where they rounded out 2013’s touring at Kage. They’ll be joined by Lancashire pop-punks Don Blake, who are doing the Scottish dates with Da Boigas, as well as by us roasters in Uniforms and our good pals in Lachance playing their first ever full band show. Should be a pretty exciting evening all round. The day after that, Uniforms are off to play our first shows in Ireland and will be visiting Galway, Dublin and Belfast. We’ve still got a couple of things to iron out and firm up but we should be able to share full details with you soon.

stuck in springtime

Stoked though I am on going to Ireland for the first time, a little part of me is gutted that we’re going to miss the very first STUCK IN SPRINGTIME FEST at The 13th Note in Glasgow. The show is going to double as the album launch from The Kimberly Steaks, the first release of the year with which was are involved.  Next up will be 7″s from both Broken Stories and a new EP from Uniforms, swiftly followed by the second full-length from the mighty Kaddish. All things worth getting excited about!


We are continuing to hold our JANUARY SALE at the Make-That-A-Take Bandcamp page and have a heap of cool shit going real cheap. Prices are;

All 7″s – £3

All 10″s – £5

All 12″s – £6

All CDEPs – £2/3

All CD Albums – £4

We also have a bunch of shirts, koozies, patches and the like as well as bundles going super-cheap. Many of the distro items are down to the very last copies, so if you are wanting something, please get in there quick. All orders will come with the usual COOL FREE SHIT.

2014 Season Tickets are also available and will be shipping out during the first week of February. For a one-off £100, a Season Ticket gives you entry to every MTAT show of the year (including a full three-day weekend pass for Book Yer Ane Fest VIII), advanced physical copies of every MTAT release of the year, a “Welcome Pack” that includes a BURST COW shirt and more, plus you’ll be the first to know about any “secret” shit that we may be planning, as well as getting the occasional surprise in the mail. Many bargains all round!

We now also have 47 releases available from our Bandcamp music page and have added a bunch of new stuff, most of which is available for free/pay-what-you-want download. This morning we posted the debut album from Colorado ska-punkers Bad Karma Kings. The album is called “Nothin’ To Lose” and was recorded by Christopher Fogal at Black In Bluhm Studios in Denver, Colorado. We’ve got a few copies in the distro too, so check that shit out for sure.

Right, that’s enough rambling on for now. We’ve got some cool stuff to announce over the next week once we’ve sorted some of the finer details but we’ are very pleased that we’ll be hosting our pals in Question The Mark and Bangers on separate occasions over the coming months.

Thanks for the continued support and all the best for the TWO ZERO ONE FOUR.

Dae Yer Ane Podcast; Episode 1

Okay, I admit it; I am a philistine when it comes to music and technology. I dislike I-Tunes and tend to stick to what I know when it comes to downloading and such like. I’ve recorded music onto computers but have never done so myself, as I’ve always had someone there clicking the buttons and telling me when to start. However, my new-found sobriety has ignited some kind of fire in me and I’m keen to learn new things. As such, I finally did a little bit (very little bit) of light reading about podcasting and home-recording, then proceeded to download Audacity and have my first blast at creating a Make-That-A-Take podcast.

Naturally, I christened this new adventure in hi-fi as “Dae Yer Ane Podcast”. It only makes sense. I decided to start with a podcast as it’s something that I’ve talked about doing for ages but have never got round to doing it. That or I’ve never found anyone willing to give me free reign on a microphone. Either way, I have finally gotten round to it. So delightful did I find the experience that I imagine I shall do it again, although I’m not going to make any promises about how frequently they’ll be done as I seem incapable to sticking to any sort schedule when it comes to the written word, let alone the spoken.

Regardless of my foibles and scatter-shot timekeeping, doing the podcast was a little bit of fun if nothing else. It’s also a mighty fine excuse for my to listen to some of my favourite bands, not that any excuse is needed. If there’s anyone out there that has enjoyed the podcast, has any advice and/or criticism to impart, would like to get their band played on the podcast, or whatever else, please feel free to get in touch.

2013 was rare. Here’s to a belter in 2014.

Happy new year.

 Sink Alaska – “Hitless Wonder”
The Walking Targets – “Count Me Out”
The Kimberly Steaks – “All My Friends Are Ghosts”
Bangers – “Part Animal”
Sweet Empire – “Torches”
Get It Together – “Skinned Knees and Bruises”
Filthpact – “D-Beat Is Love”
Sufferinfuck – “Phoney Wars”
Rope Spasm – “Marlboro Man”
Black Cop – “Brain Contractor”
Billy Liar – “The Ghosts of Punk Rock”
Loaded 45 – “Joe”
Uniforms – “The Trouble With Trying”
Rebuke – “Going to Japan and Back”
Broken Stories – “Everything All At Once”
Mesa Verde – “Post-Youth”
Kaddish – “Treading”
Lachance – “Old Haunts”
The Murderburgers – “Turning 25 Was Shit”

PS – Free download of the “Roaster” split to the first person to email MTAT correctly stating the movie from which the opening sample on the podcast is taken.

Book Yer Ane Fest VII; The Comp (Part One)

Part One of the BOOK YER ANE FEST VII compilation is now available for streaming and download from the Make-That-A-Take Records bandcamp page. For a £2 donation, you’ll get an awesome and unique compilation of 18 artists that will be playing over the BYAF VII weekend. Part Two of the comp will follow in the next few weeks. All monies raised will go to Safe-Tay and the causes that they support; this year being Tayside Mountain Rescue.

Please donate, download and share this comp around. You can get this comp for free if you order an Earlybird Weekend Ticket from the album page too! They can be purchased here.

Thank you so much to all the bands involved for donating their songs to the cause.

Please enjoy!

The Murderburgers – “Another Way Out Of Here”

Antillectual – “Soundtrack”

Bangers – “Part Animal”

UNIFORMS – “Keep On Keeping On”

Stay Clean Jolene – “Green”

Dividers – “There’s No Disgrace Like Home”

The Kimberly Steaks – “Lonesome Surprise” (Refrigerator cover)

Grader – “The War Inside”

Algernon Doll – “Anti-Them”

Some Sort Of Threat – “Henman’s Year”

Bonehouse – “Gentle Bones”

The Sinking Feeling – “Depends”

Question The Mark – “Ignorance Is Piss”

Sweet Empire – “Medicines”

Rebuke – “Without A Shred Of Dignity”

The Rocco Lampones – “You Sunk My Battleship”

Robot Doctors – “The Life You Don’t Deserve”

Broken Stories – “Everything All At Once”


Make-That-A-Take Records presents…


Classic mid-western American punk rock bangers from Fort Collins, Colorado on their first UK tour playing their FIRST AND ONLY SCOTTISH SHOW.  On Red Scare, they are label mates with the likes of Nothington / The Holy Mess / The Copyrights and last year’s “Delusions” was one of the best records of 2011. “Hence My Optimism”, the new 7″, is out now.


One of the hardest working bands in punk rock, Leagues Apart have toured all over the USA and Europe, played Fest in Gainesville and toured with the likes of The Menzingers, The Flatliners and Red City Radio. They are joining Elway on their UK tour. Top quality gruff melodic punk rock from Manchester.


Ramshackle doom punk finely honed to 30 minutes of complete misery. East coast cowpunks have had a busy 2012; releasing their first EP, supporting Cobra Skulls on their UK and having a 3 week adventure across the American West. New stuff coming soon too!


Soaring mathy, angular, riff-laden melodic punk/pop/alt-rock from Guildford, Surrey featuring members of The JB Conspiracy and Overthrow. This is their first ever Scottish show. Think RX Bandits/Biffy Clyro with a hefty skate/tech-punk influence.

Sunday 30th September 2012 @ Kage Nightclub, Dundee

7.30pm doors. £5 Tax.

Facebook event page here.