A Poem; “Pineapple Heed“

Apocalypse in satire

A parody of leadership

Kicking holes in fake hate,

you counterfeits.

Towing the line,

doing yer lines,

standing around in a race against time.

Leading the race in testosterone bro rage,

cannae get a date with people yer own age.

You won’t have a hope when the sirens go off.

It doesn’t really matter who gets the last laugh


Mercedes Benz and gold-rimmed glasses

drawing red lines over social classes.

Fuelling the hate and rage of the masses,

you fucking poisonous inbred racists.

Paving the way for more to discriminate,

“they’ve got a lot to say”

Got a fucking lot to say now, yeah?

I’ll be taking these motherfuckers out all day.


but in line you’ll stay.

We’ve got some broken politricks.


Taking bribes in poisoned gold,

a ticking bomb about to explode.

It’s doesn’t matter about yer shitty weekend,

these pineapple heeds will ensure we all end.

But that doesn’t matter to corporate,

the cops

the bigots who make the law.

They’ll never ken the power o’ just chewing yer jaw.

Break the camel’s back

and draw yer last straws.

We’ll never see the world again

the way we do right now.