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October MTAT Round-up; Shows, Releases, BYAF, More!

This last month or so has been possibly the busiest period in the history of Make-That-A-Take Records. We’ve hosted four absolutely banging shows over the last six weeks and have been working tirelessly in the background getting things ready for Book Yer Ane Fest VII and the releases that we’ve got coming out before the end of the year. The shows with Arliss Nancy, Mini-Fest with The Smith Street Band, Great Cynics, The Murderburgers and more as well as the last two shows with Elway and Direct Hit have been some of the most fun shows that I’ve ever been part of, so thank you so much to everyone involved, especially those who have come out and supported the shows and all the bands for being awesome. It’s nice to be reminded that punk rock can still reinvigorate and refresh! The Priceduifkes may also be the nicest dudes in punk rock.

I’ve gotten a little behind with regards to catching up with sorting all the videos I’ve taken at shows recently, but there are over 300 videos from across the years available for your viewing pleasure on Cowpunk TV.

Next up show-wise, we are very excited about the return of Franz Nicolay and the Bearing Torches tour with The Cut Ups on Tuesday 19th November at Kage Nightclub, Dundee. This tour is unique insofar as both Franz and The Cut Ups shall be performing two sets each night; one with The Cut Ups as Franz’s electric backing band and one with Franz performing keys with The Cut Ups, as he did on last year’s “Building Bridges. Starting Here” LP. This will be Franz’s first show in Dundee since absolutely tearing Cerberus apart last August and will also be the first time that Exeter’s finest have visited Dundee since way back at Book Yer Ane Fest IV.

franz cut ups

The really rather wonderful Broken Stories shall be opening the show with half an hour of their super-melodic uplifting fiddle-driven acoustic folk-punk that has grown from strength to strength over the course of the last six months. They are truly one of the most interesting and exciting acoustic acts that I’ve seen recently. Kev has always been a great songwriter but he seems to be coming into his own and gaining in confidence with each performance. This promises to be a unique and rewarding night all round. Advanced “Will Call” tickets are available here and come with a free instant download of the Broken Stories EP.

After that, we’re moving onto pre-BYAF at The Banshee Labyrinth in Edinburgh on Thursday 28th November with The Murderburgers, Billy Liar, UNIFORMS, The Walking Targets and Maxwell’s Dead and then BOOK YER ANE FEST VII itself, running from Friday 29th November through Sunday 1st December. I posted the BYAF Day and Venue splits in the blog a couple of weeks ago and you can find the full details of them right here.

poster safe tay

You can also get yourself an Earlybird Weekend Ticket for the princely sum of £20 right here. You’ll bag yourself an immediate download of BYAF VII; The Comp (Part One) when you do so too.

On the subject of Billy Liar and The Murderburgers, both are currently on tour around the USA promoting their new releases and making their way towards Florida to play Fest 12 in Gainesville. Da Boigas have just dropped the “These Are Only Problems” LP on Asian Man Records and will be playing at Loosey’s on Sunday night at 10.10pm. Billy Liar is also supporting his new “All I’ve Got” digital single that he’s released through MTAT, with the physical version to follow in time for BYAF. Billy is play The Lunchbox in Gainesville on Saturday at 7.20pm, just after our buddy Jeff Rowe. The wonderful Mark McCabe is also playing Fest, as are our pals in Bangers, Great Cynics, Leagues Apart and countless more. Hope everyone who is at Fest has an awesome time!

Our next vinyl release is the “ROASTER” 4-Way Split 10″ on REIGN IN BLOOD coloured wax featuring UNIFORMS, Sink Alaska, Question The Mark and The Walking Targets. Now, I should probably provide some context for this release; the songs from both Uniforms and QTM come from the split 7″ that was supposed to come out earlier this year. However, for reasons beyond our control, that record didn’t happen. As such, we thought it prudent to do what we could to get these songs out there and they are finally seeing the light of day as part of this split with two of Scotland’s most exciting new punk bands in the shape of Sink Alaska and The Walking Targets, both of whom are contributing brand new recordings. The record itself will be released and available at Book Yer Ane Fest VII with a stream and pre-order going live in the next couple of weeks. All four bands will be performing across the BYAF weekend too.


The tracklisting is as such;

A1; UNIFORMS – “Keep On Keeping On”

A2; Sink Alaska – “Hitless Wonder”

A3; Question The Mark – “Whatgoesaroundcomesaround”

A4; The Walking Targets – “Count Me Out”

B1; The Walking Targets – “Self-Deprecating Evenings”

B2; Question The Mark – “Ignorance Is Piss”

B3; Sink Alaska – “Footnotes”

B4; UNIFORMS – “Father’s Day”

The record was mastered by Ross Middlemiss of Engineered Audio Recordings who has recorded such luminaries as Kaddish, Bonehouse, The Shithawks and heaps more. The release is a split project between the bands, MTAT and Team Beard Records and will come with download codes. Pre-orders will come with immediate downloads of the tracks in your preferred format and the physical records will follow at the end of November/start of December. These songs mean a lot to me personally so I’m very pleased that they’ll finally be available on record. We’ve also started doing some demos for our LP so keep your eyes peeled for any songs that may pop up from that.


We are also very pleased to be involved in an international collaborative project between a bunch of European punk rock labels and seven of Sweden’s finest skate/punk/hardcore bands to release SWEDEN THE DEAL, a compilation featuring some of the best bands from the thriving scene. Officially set for a December 10th release, we will have some advanced physical copies at BYAF VII. The release features two brand new songs from Rebuke and From The Tracks, both of whom play BYAF alongside Sweet Empire and Antillectual from The Netherlands, meaning that the busy Euro-punk scene is well represented.

The bands; Kept, Trevolt, Rebuke, From The Tracks, Lapdog, Same Old Story, Broken Aris

The labels; Lockjaw Records, Riot Ska Records, TNS Records, Dead Lamb Records, Socks Off Collective, Less Talk More Rock Records, Make-That-A-Take Records.

Big thanks to all the bands and all the labels involved for having us be part of such an exciting international project. The CD will be available from distros across the continent, so make sure and keep your eyes peeled.

On the subject of distros, if anyone is interested in stocking any of the upcoming MTAT releases, please get in touch. Thanks also to Ryan and the dudes at Get Better Records from Greenville, South Carolina for their trades recently. We’ve got a bunch of new stuff in the distro from the likes of The Anchor, Rubrics, Warm Needles and a bunch more.  We have also just taken delivery of some copies of the Cleavers / The Kimberly Steaks split 7″ that is out through Fuzzkill Records. It’s an absolute banger and I’d strongly suggest picking one up. You can get your paws on it here and can check out the rest of the distro and merch stuff here. We’ve just got re-stocks of both black and white BURST COW shirts as well as some banging new MTAT HXC koozies printed by our pals At His And Her Prints.

Right, I think that’s about as much as my brain can handle at the moment. Thanks to everyone for their kind words yesterday for my birthday and to everyone involved in helping me celebrate at the weekend. It’s not so bad getting older, it just hurts a little more when you trip out of a van.




(Click cover for download link!)

Today marks the release of the fourth instalment of the MAKE YER ANE COMP series. This is by far the biggest one that we’ve ever done and it features 33 absolute bangers from all branches of the Make-That-A-Take family tree; punk, hardcore, emo, ska, acoustic, indie,  folk; there’s plenty to feast upon.

The comp also features a number of exclusives, including being the very first place to listen to and download a brand new track from the upcoming Kaddish LP as well as tracks from the forthcoming UNIFORMS/Loaded 45 and Maxwell’s Dead/The Walking Targets splits on MTAT Records.

This is also the first comp that we’ve charged for and we hope that you don’t find £2 (or more if you’re feeling generous!) to be unreasonable.  It’s looking like 2013 is going to be a crazy year for the collective with loads of awesome shows, our first ventures into putting out other bands and putting out vinyl, all leading up to Book Yer Ane Fest VII at the end of November.

We couldn’t do what we do without the people who support us. Thank you all so much. We sincerely hope you enjoy MAKE YER ANE COMP IV. Please feel free to spread it around and share it with your friends.


UNIFORMS – Not Tonight *exclusive*
The Kimberly Steaks – Self Destruct
The Walking Targets – There’s Nothing Quite Like Indecision *exclusive*
Oi Polloi – Na Geill Is Tu Beo
Kaddish – But A Beat From Your Bones *exclusive*
Billy Liar – The Ghosts Of Punk Rock *exclusive*
It’s Not OK! – The Captain
Sweet Empire – Torches
Bonehouse – A Grasp Too Far
Min Diesel – Love Disease
Terrafraid – Self-Indulgent Spotlight
Carson Wells – Home
From The Cradle To The Rave – 48 Years
Taking Chase – Jaws V
Maxwell’s Dead – Chemicals
The Murderburgers – Gimme Gimme Negativity
Loaded 45 – 3 Beers

Question The Mark – W.t. H. I. H. N (The God One)
A Victory At Sea – We Both Know
Get It Together – Skinned Knees and Bruises
Holiday – They Said We Could Have Everything In The Argos Catalogue
The Screichs – Conrad Brooks *exclusive*
Shatterhand – Just For A Minute
Müg – Tigers and Bears
Boneshakers – Empty Pockets
Dave Hughes and The Renegade Folk Punk Band – Tacitus
Little Anchors – My Grandfather Was A Projectionist
Gone Wishing – A Course You’ve Plot
Broken Stories – First Impression
Mark McCabe – Just Ask Nicely
The Won Over – Chances
Davey Nolan – A Better Model
Algernon Doll – Son of a Gun, Brother To None


Make-That-A-Take Shows – 2012 in Review

First, apologies for the lack of ramblings recently. I haven’t been at my most prodigious due to being up to my eyeballs with everything else, much like everyone else. I’ve been working like fuck since BYAF, including eight days straight over Christmas, and have been working away trying to get things sorted for the upcoming UNIFORMS tour and releases. You know, the fun stuff! However, none of that is of concern for this blog.

What I want to do is have a look back at the shows that the Make-That-A-Take collective put on this year. Personally, I think they’ve been some of our best yet and that the year as a whole has been pretty incredible. I’d like to thank Neil, Barry, Gain, Kenny, Jonny, Jamie, Abbie and Dave from Cerberus for all the hard work that they’ve put in this year. This whole cavalcade of idiocy wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for us all pulling together. “Scenes” can be fragile and fickle beasts, but none if it would happen if it wasn’t for the people who share the same passions for punk rock and DIY as we do; the bands that play, the people who come out to the shows, love the music, buy the merch, etc. That sense of togetherness is, to my mind, what makes it all worthwhile.

Our first show of 2012 was actually in Perth, at The Green Room. It was the only show that we put on there this year, but it was a pretty fucking good one with Bonehouse, UNIFORMS and the sadly now defunct Drug Couple. We’re putting on another show in Perth on Saturday 9th February 2012 at The Corinna. There’ll be noise made about that one in the very near future.

Next up was Dead To Me in Dundee. This was something that we were all very much looking forward to as they are a band that we all collectively love and, as silly as it may be, we were all very excited to be hosting our first ever Fat Wreck Chords band. It also helps that Chicken, Sam and the boys are amongst the nicest fellas that we’ve ever met in punk rock and they tore Kage apart. It’s a pretty rare thing to see so many bodies in one place going absolutely mental, and it was a rare old treat indeed. The Human Project from Leeds smashed it, and we roasters in Uniforms played reasonably. Maxwell’s Dead were quality as well and this was probably the show that made me want to work with them more. Such a good show and massive thanks to everyone who came out to the show. We could have suffered badly if this show had been a disaster, so huge credit to the good taste of the Scottish punks!

We then threw together a somewhat last minute show for our friends in ONSIND at what was only one of a few acoustic shows we put on in 2012, and the only show that we did at Drouthy Neebors. ONSIND are a wonderful band and it was a pleasure to have them back up here and they were joined by the equally charming Eric Ayotte, who definitely made a solid impression and more than a few friends. Davey Nolan was his usual impeccable self and treated us to his charismatic blend of rootsy folk and rocky goodness, while I played a silly set and the marvellous Andy Chainsaw (two-pint) growled at people in the most charming way imaginable. Unfortunately, this is one of a few shows this year where I forgot my camera!


Two days after that, it was The Murderburgers, we roasters in Uniforms, the now deceased The Day I Snapped and the first Dundee show in around five years from The Kimberly Steaks. This show reminded me of the good old days of the “Pre-Entropy Punk Show” where a whole bunch of like-minded idiots would get together at The Balcony before heading along to Kage for Entropy, except this time round the show was in the club and the club night thereafter was Warped! Still, it’s not often that we put on “all local” (ie, non-touring) shows these days, so it’s always a nice little change of pace. That and the fact that all the bands rule, right? I was mostly likely pretty steaming before I had to bolt for the last train home.


Our next show was supposed to be more of a celebration of Uniforms releasing our EP and heading out on tour with Cobra Skulls. Instead it took more of the form of a wake, as it was the first time that I’d seen all of my friends in one place after the death of my father and the first time that we’d played together as a band since his death. We decided that we wouldn’t film any of the bands playing out of respect, but I can say with all sincerity that this was one of the most emotional and heartfelt shows that I’ve ever been involved in. It means so much to me that my friends in The Shithawks and Drug Couple were willing to play at such an important event, and even more so that Barry and Gain played what was one of the most heartbreaking 15 Minutes sets that I’ve ever seen. With my sister and mother in attendance along with 100 or so friends, I struggled to keep my shit together. I think I pulled it off. Thank you to each and every person that came out that night, it means more than you could know.

Next up was Direct Hit! and The Priceduifkes from Belgium with support from Maxwell’s Dead and Third Floor Incident. I think we were somewhere in California at this time, so obviously none of the Uniforms Roaster Originals were present, but the other guys did a great job of making everything ran smoothly in our absence. To say that we were gutted to have missed Direct Hit would be somewhat of an understatement, but them’s the breaks and we can’t really complain as we were losing our minds of the west coast. Thankfully, some video evidence of this event remains, thanks to Graham of No Aims, No Desires.

Our first show after getting back from America was the magnificent All Eyes West from Chicago. We had met these guys at Crash Doubt Festival in Lincoln the previous week although we didn’t get to see them play, so we were excited to finally get a chance to do so. They certainly didn’t disappoint and delivered a powerful set of Husker Du inspired fuzzy nostalgic noisy discordant pop-punk and were one of my favourite bands I saw this year. They were supported by the always gargantuan titans that are Kaddish, who just seem to get more and more intense with every show that they place. Min Diesel from Aberdeen brought their twisted noise pop and The Kimberly Steaks rattled through approximately fifteen minutes of grizzled punk rock anthems to open the show. As far as coherent bills go, I reckon this was one of our finest line-ups of the year.

In July, we hosted our Summer Punk Rock party, which came about as we had two tours crossing over on the same night. Six band bills are usually a bit much for my liking, but Kenny was happy to let us have the run of Kage once again, and for that we are most grateful. Our new pals MüG from London opened the show and treated us to their rapid Descendents/Bad Religion-esque SoCal style punk rock, with their uniquely dry English sense of humour. They are a great bunch of guys and one of those bands that passionately wear their influences on their sleeves. I’d definitely recommend checking them out. The Day I Snapped were up next and this ended up being the last MTAT show that they’d play, as they broke up not long after their UK tour with MüG.

Bear Trade then proved why they are one of the finest bands in UK punk rock. It’d be really difficult for these guys to be anything less than amazing considering the pedigree of their previous bands, including the likes of Blocko and The Mercury League. Plus they feature the mighty Lloyd Chambers and arguably the nicest man in punk rock in the form of Greg Robson. A great band for sure and well worth keeping an eye on. They’ll be on tour with Iron Chic next year so keep your eyes peeled. We played next and rattled through everything far too fast, something we tend to do when playing in Dundee, for reasons I’ve yet to fathom. It probably has something to do with running the shows, getting drunk and playing. There’s never a reason not to party, right?

Fights and Fires from Worcester then took the stage and ripped it up in their Cancer Bats/The Bronx style. These guys are one of the hardest working bands in the UK and have travelled all over Europe this year and it showed in their tightness that they’d just returned from a mammoth tour. Wrapping things up was our brothers in Shields Up. We’ve hosted Shields many times but looking back on it, there is a twinge of sadness about this show as it turned out to be the last show that they’d played for us before their untimely demise in December this year. Whatever the reasons for their break up, it’s a fact that Scotland has lost one of her finest hardcore bands and they will be sorely missed. I just wish that we’d managed to do one more show together. Check out the final EP here as it’s fucking incredible. RIP Shields Up.

August saw the collective host the inimitable Franz Nicolay, supported by the wonderful Algernon Doll, Billy Liar and Davey Nolan. Jamie and I, however, made the decision that we simply had to go and see Social Distortion play Scotland for the first time ever on the same night at The Garage in Glasgow. Abbie had bought the tickets for us long before we had booked Franz and I didn’t realise my error until just a couple of weeks before. Whether or not we made the correct decision is a subject for debate, but I have to confess that I fulfilled one of my lifetime’s ambitions by doing so. By all accounts the Franz show was something pretty special and I’m pretty gutted that we missed it, but we make our decisions and we stand by them! Hopefully we’ll have Franz back over soon and I can explain my choice to him in person. I’m confident that he’ll understand.

Two days after that, we hosted what was expected to be another tight squeeze of a six band bill, but unfortunately Defiance, Ohio were denied entry to Europe for visa reasons so didn’t get to play any of their scheduled tour dates, which is undeniably a massive bummer. However, the show must go on and we played host to a joint effort with GW and welcomed Everyone Everywhere from Pennsylvania alongside their touring buddies Chalk Talk from Massachusetts, ably supported by Kaddish, Bonehouse and us roasters from Uniforms who opened the show. This show was filmed for a forthcoming documentary by Pet Piranha Records, so I didn’t get any live footage from the show, but Abbie did film a new Uniforms song on her mobile phone. All the bands were amazing but I have to say that I think Chalk Talk stole the show. This was another busy night in Kage and once again I’d like to thank everyone for their support as there’s no way that we could do these sort of shows if people weren’t willing to come out, take a punt and put their faith in us to put on a good show, so thanks again everyone!

Another last minute acoustic show followed in September when we played host to Jeff Rowe from Boston. We had originally been in talks to bring Jeff up to Dundee but then it appeared that the routing of the tour just wouldn’t allow for a visit. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), a bunch of Jeff’s scheduled tour dates fell through and we ended up hooking up at pretty much the very last minute. I’m so thankful that we did as the show at Cerberus was one of the most special and intimate of the year. I opened the show in my Tragical History Tour guise, one of the very few acoustic shows that I played this year, and was followed by the supremely talented Mark McCabe and Grant George of The Barents Sea. It’s always a pleasure to have such a talented group of musicians and such a quiet and attentive audience in the cosy confines of any venue, although being at Cerberus seems to make these occasions all the sweeter. Jeff is one of the nicest guys you could possibly hope to meet and any night that you get to spend in the company of Gunner Records‘ tour manager Christian is always going to be a special treat. Hurry back guys, we can’t wait to see you again.

Ten days after the Jeff Rowe show we hosted what was probably Abbie’s favourite show of the year in the form of The Blacklist Royals from Nashville, Tennessee. These southern boys play gritty country-inflected melodic punk rock not a million miles removed from the likes of The Gaslight Anthem and Riverboat Gamblers. They were also some of the most polite boys that we’ve ever put on and had impeccable manners when they came to stay in our little flat in Perth after the show. Once again, Maxwell’s Dead provided the main support and were absolutely hilarious as Russell was clearly burst and is one funny motherfucker. The Shithawks let it all hang loose and blew everyone’s minds whilst The Kimberly Steaks once again dropped in briefly to say hello. This time they were even kind enough to drop in a Jawbreaker cover. I love those boys. Abbie was especially stoked when we got home and Blacklist’s merch man Bryson started dropping stories about how he used to date Taylor Swift in high school. I was more interested in the story of how her father bought one hundred thousand copies of her debut record in order to secure her record deal. I’m also a party pooper as I sent everyone to bed at 3am. To be fair, there is nothing more punk rock than feeding Americans green tea in the early hours. Blacklist also furnished us with heaps of merch including a 7″ flexi-disc that is quite possibly the most bizarre piece of vinyl that I own.

Our final “show” show of the year was another emotional one (seems to have been a few of those this year) from Elway. We’ve met the guys in Elway before whilst over at Fest in Gainesville and they’d experienced some particularly harsh luck whilst on their European tour. Not only were they detained by corrupt police in Russia, they also had over three thousand dollars worth of merch stolen in Germany. Why anyone would want to steal the merch of an obscure punk band, I have no idea but that’s exactly what happened. As such, Barry The Kydd instigated a donation campaign and thanks to the generosity of our community and the hard work of The Doctor at TeesOnTap.com, we were able to donate a sizeable amount of shirts for the guys to sell as they made their way back through Europe before going home.

Trails from England opened the show as they needed to fill in a tour date and I’m very glad that they did as not only did they fucking rip with their groove-laden tech-punk madness, frontman Sam also bailed me out with a ready half-a-step-down-tuned guitar when I broke a string during our frenetic Uniforms set. Leagues Apart were on tour with Elway and it was great to finally get those guys up in Dundee after crossing paths in various ways, shapes and forms across the years. They are a great band and an even nicer bunch of guys. It seems they especially enjoyed getting acquainted with Buckfast, something which is pretty much mandatory when accommodating travelling bands who have never been up this way before. Elway were absolutely incredible and play the kind of classic American sing-a-long punk rock that is impossible not to fall in love with. Unfortunately again I forgot my camera so there’s nothing filmed for posterity, but that’s what we’ve got hearts and minds for.

colour poster

Last but by no means least was the madness that was the weekend of Book Yer Ane Fest VI. It kicked off on the Thursday night with a pre-BYAF show at the Tin Roof art studio in Dundee and was one of the coolest (not to mention coldest) shows that I’ve ever played. Our brothers in Question The Mark had van trouble so Dundee art rockers Playground Tactics stepped in at the last minute to open the show. We then played our first live set in over two months, including all of our new songs from our upcoming split records, and had an absolute blast of a time. Then it was the turn of The Shithawks who, in their natural habitat, were absolutely incredible. They’ve grown so much as a band over the past year and I can’t thank Dan Faichney enough for going to bat for us and sorting out the pre-show. MTAT will be releasing something from those guys in the not-too distant future, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for that one.

The Friday night of BYAF was complete madness, much like every other day of BYAF. The Jackhammers set the tone with their dirty punk before Shatterhand went off like they always do. Big Baby on the drums is one scary looking fucker, let me tell you. Drive By Audio then left jaws on the floor like always and had everybody pissing themselves laughing, with the possible exception of those who were offended. Then Slaves came on and absolutely blew everyone’s minds. For a two-piece, they make a lot of noise but more importantly than that, they have such presence and a strong message. Provocative dark punk at it’s finest. From The Cradle To The Rave were absolutely insane with their drum’n’bass riot-core ska-punk madness before Wonk Unit were just absolutely insane (new album “Muffy” is a work of twisted genius). To bring the curtain down on the Friday night was punk legends Oi Polloi who absolutely destroyed before Vic Galloway provided the soundtrack into the early hours and was told by some roaster that Fugazi are not punk. I was long asleep by this point, on my hotel room floor.

BYAF is always madness so please forgive me if a few of these details are wrong! The Depressants opened the show with their sleazy pop-punk before FUCK! (It’s Pronounced Shit!) annihilated everyone with ten minutes of anxious melodic hardcore madness. The Walking Targets then took to the stage and blew everyone away with their youthful good looks and downright ridiculously good-not-just-for-their-age gruff melodic punk. They were joined by Raph of Turtle Lamone fame for a rip through Hot Water Music’s “Jack Of All Trades” that felt like something approaching a very special moment. Next up, The Hostiles brought with them their usual chirpy ska-punk charm and had everyone skanking away before The Kimberly Steaks once again proved that they are undeniably one of the best punk bands going just now. Check out the “Terminal Boredom” EP as it’s one of this year’s most essential pop-punk EPs. Aberdeen’s screamo juggernaut Cavlacades were next and I was happy to finally have them play a show for us as they are pretty much right up my street. I finally managed to get my hands on a copy of their “Coping” EP on vinyl. I have to say though that I find only using one side of a 12″ a little strange. Still, the music fucking jamz.

Cleavers were next at what was also their first show for us and they were nothing short of magnificent. They’ve been championed by a lot of the more mainstream music personalities in the country as well as by DA PUNX as they are fucking brilliant and play with passion, exactly the way it should be. After them it was more northern bleakness in the form of Prelude To The Hunt who were just devastating on every front. I felt like my brain was caving in, they were that fearsome. Unfortunately, Crusades from Glasgow had to pull out at the last minute so we decided to take a half hour break so folk could get food, chill out, etc before Question The Mark took things up a notch. Such a good band and I can’t wait to hit Europe with these guys in 2013. It’ll be rare. We played next at what was yet another highly emotional show for us, playing a new song called “Father’s Day” live for the first time. That song will be on our split with QTM coming out in March on Team Beard Records.

The mighty Clocked Out then absolutely ripped the place apart. Seriously, these boys are one of the finest bands in the UK and I’ve rarely seen any frontman with as much energy and passion as Crawford. Yes, he’s my friend but he also has one of the most magnetic presences I’ve seen fronting a hardcore band in a very long time. You have to see Clocked Out live to fully appreciate their brilliance. I am confident that we’ll have them back up in Dundee before too long. Next up is what I can only say was perhaps the most fun I’ve had at a punk show in my entire life. I don’t think it’s hyperbolic to state that there aren’t really words to describe the set from The Murderburgers other than sheer madness. Those guys have had an absolutely incredible year and this was almost the perfect way for them to wrap things up. And, just when you thought things couldn’t get any more intense, Kaddish rock up and absolutely devastate everything that has come before them with the kind of emotive hardcore love-in that makes nights like this so special.

The Sunday of BYAF is always a testing one; you get the people who have gone too big on either the Friday or the Saturday and everyone seems to be suffering a little, especially as things kick off. I opened proceedings with a quiet yet somewhat amusing Tragical History Tour set before Ross Middlemiss played his very first show under his Little Anchors guise and hooked us all in with his introspective lo-fi. The Shithawks got the main stage rolling and hung loose once again, teasing our forthcoming plans before cowpunk lifer Andy Chainsaw serenaded us once more. I must give the due love to Chainsaw and say that I am truly humbled that he was the first person to scar himself for life with his beautiful MTAT tattoo!

MTAT tattooThe Barents Sea followed up with their first east coast performance with their new line-up and were exquisite as usual. They’ll be back with us supporting Arliss Nancy from Fort Collins, Colorado on Sunday 17th February. Kevin Thomson then made us swoon with his first set since returning from Canada and he brought with him his new fiddle player Gillian, who adds a layer of depth to the already emotive stylings of the young man from Alyth. We’ll be putting out some sort of release with Kevin in 2013 also, so it’s shaping up to be an exciting year. Algernon Doll then took to the main stage and showed us exactly while his LP “Camomile” is one of this year’s finest new records and just how far Ewan has come as a songwriter and a performer of the past year. Truly awe-inspiring stuff that is only going to get better with time. Carson Wells then closed out a year that has seen them release their critically acclaimed and really rather wonderful debut full length in the form of “Wonderkid” and their Sunday afternoon set was nothing short of triumphant before Davey Nolan nearly reduced me to tears with his searingly honest and soaring songwriting.

Drug Couple then played what has turned out to be their final show for now at least as guitarist Jordan is heading to Copenhagen, and they were suitably nuts as one may expect. Gone Wishing, the alter-ego of Bonehouse’s Owen McLaughlin, then played his first ever acoustic show and wowed us with his intricate and weaving storytelling before Sunset Squad devastated absolutely everything in their path with their first show since January, after the return of drummer Kev from Australia. These guys haven’t missed a beat and will likely be tearing it up throughout 2013.  The delectable Mark McCabe then enchanted us with his wisdom and touching songs before Fat Goth absolutely destroyed. Their new record “Stud” drops in January and is likely to have a big impact, so it was a treat to see them in Non-Zero’s at the height of their powers. They won’t be playing Fests like ours for too much longer I don’t think!

John Harcus then played the acoustic stage and concluded his set with what I think is the best song that he’s ever written in the form of “Falling In Love With Strangers”. Check it out if you haven’t already done so. Billy Liar then played what I think is one of the best sets that I’ve ever seen him perform. Billy is one of my closest friends in music and it’s been a pleasure and a privilege to watch him grow from a gobby yet ambitious young punk into a flourishing, articulate artist with the power to transfix an audience using only his acoustic guitar, his flowing and poetic storytelling and his charm-you-to-the bar wit and patter. By this time, things were running a little late and Vasa took to the stage and tripped everyone out with their swaying, hypnotic post-rock/hxc instrumentals. They are a band on the rise for sure and their “Never Have Dreams” EP is a slice of wonderment. Hopefully we’ll have these guys up once again some time in the new year. The wonderful Turtle Lamone then wrapped up his acoustic stage with his bitter-sweet piano-based punk rock balladry before Bonehouse put everything to bed with what may have been one of their finest performances of the year.

All in all, 2012 has been an incredible year. We’re keeping the BYAF compilation online for download for £1 donation until January 1st and it can be found here.

All download donations to the MTAT Bandcamp page in December will be added to the total raised during the weekend of Book Yer Ane Fest. The full total raised will be announced some time during the first week of January.

You can also buy a range of MTAT merch from our shop page including a 2 x CD pot luck sale!

Once again, thank you so much to everyone who has supported us throughout the year and those that continue to do so. We couldn’t do the things that we do without the cooperation and understanding of our community. We know that things can be difficult for us all but nothing makes things seem more worthwhile than when we are all together sharing something that we love. That has been the over-riding theme for me personally this year; that love will see us through anything and everything that is thrown in our way.

Thanking you for everything.

For love, always.

Book Yer Ane Fest VI – Day Splits

Book Yer Ane Fest VI is only a few weeks away and we’re all getting pretty excited about it, mixed with the usual trepidation, fear and nervousness about whether or not all the bases have been covered. Hopefully most of them have been by now. One thing that hasn’t been addressed, however, is which bands are playing on which days. This post shall seek to remedy this.

As usual, things are subject to change, especially with so many bands involved. I’ll only be covering day splits; set times and running order will be announced on the day of the shows themselves, with the exception of Oi Polloi headlining on the Friday night and Vic Galloway‘s DJ set thereafter.

I’m stoked on this year’s line-up. Hopefully you will be too!

Weekend tickets are on sale for £20 here.

All individual days will be £10 on the door, so don’t sleep on the cheap weekend tickets. Physical tickets can also be purchased at Groucho’s Records and Cerberus Bar in Dundee.

Again, bands not in order of appearance! Running order to be announced on the individual days.

Friday 30th November @ Kage Nightclub, St. Andrew’s Lane, Dundee


Anarcho punk legends play their first Dundee show in nearly a decade.


Exeter’s finest return for a flying visit with their new album “Building Bridges. Starting Here”.


London’s darkest punks are back in Dundee armed with their new record “Muffy”.


Riot-step/ska-core/drum’n’bass/hxc mash-up mentalists play their first ever Dundee show.

SLAVES; Dark’n’sleazy London punk two-piece on tour with Wonk Unit visit Dundee for the first time.


Glasgow’s gnarliest punk rock’n’rollers return to bring us their infection.


Fife’s most mental come back to bring us their brand of rap/hxc/metal mayhem.


Saturday 1st December @ Kage Nightclub, St. Andrews Lane, Dundee


Glasgow’s finest hard-working pop-punk princes cap off an amazing year.


Swansea’s finest come back to destory after last year’s riotous Friday night show.


Glasgow’s fastest thrash punk rock’n’rollers will decimate everything in their path.


Aberdeen’s bleakest play BYAF for the first time and bring with grindpunk madness with them.


The heavyweight champions of cathartic screamo/hardcore maintain their 100% BYAF record.


Ramshackle melodic “doom-punks” play their last show of a very eventful 2012.


Shred-tastic melodic post-hxc/tech-core mayhem from Glasgow playing their first Dundee show.


None-more-gruff sing-a-long melodic punk rock from the dark depths of south Wales.


Super-speedy melodic tech-punk from the grim north-east of England.


The fast-as-fuck gobby melodic punk rock equivalent of a nervous breakdown.


Larkhall’s cheekiest pop-punk charmers play their first ever BYAF with new EP “Terminal Boredom” in the bag.


Fuzzed-out garage pop-punk/rock’n’roll/hardcore mercenaries from the far north bring the rukus.


Dundee’s finest purveyors of intense melodic sing-a-long indie/emo/punk jamz crown a cracking year in style.


Fiercely passionate intense screamo/punk/hxc jamz from Aberdeen play their first BYAF. A treat for sure.


None-more-bouncy upbeat ska-punk from Ayrshire full of horns and super-catchy choruses, fronted by an actual American!


Sunday 2nd December @ Non-Zero’s, Castle Street, Dundee


Thoughtful, aching, introspective yet soaring melodic indie rock from Dundee.


Soaring atmospheric post-rock from Glasgow on Overlook Records play their first Dundee show.


Vic Galloway’s favourite hulking rock behemoths return to decimate BYAF one more time.


Epic, swirling soundscapes and hauntingly melodic lo-fi twisted pop goodness from Glasgow-based songwriter Ewan Grant.


Scotland’s finest acoustic punk rock poet returns to charm you all the way to the bar.


The first east coast show from the freshly invigorated and new looking melodic indie rock band with the new line-up.


Scuzzy garage blues punk from Dundee’s most handsome art school dance band.


Dundee’s most menacing hardcore band bring their brutal tech-punk madness back for their first show in a year.


Young Edinburgh melodic punk rockers play Dundee for the very first time.


Tayside’s most brutal and sadistic hardcore band will give you the hangover cure you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.


Acoustic Stage


Soulful piano-led soul punk balladry from Raph, erstwhile frontman of The Stay Gones and perennial punk rock institution.


WeCameFromWolves drummer, former PMX frontman and all-round musical machine John Harcus bares it all flying solo.


Well-travelled acoustic punk rock troubadour brings his soulful tales to BYAF for the first time.


Acoustic cowpunk (at heart) from a young Scottish boy returning from time away in Canada. First show in a year!


“The John Martyn of punk rock” (in the words of Chris T-T) returns to bring his heart-warming/wrenching songs to BYAF one more time.


Andychainsawiswithoutadoubtatwopintgrowler. Absolutely none-more-gruff passionate acoustic beard-core goodness.


Owen from Bonehouse/The Won Over/Fall Of Boss Koala brings his exceptional talents to his first ever solo acoustic show.


Solocore acoustic cowpunk from UNIFORMS/MTAT man.


First ever solo acoustic show from former Pensioner man, most recently seen behind mixing consoles for the likes of Kaddish and Bonehouse.


That’s it; 3 days and 2 nights of punk/hxc/emo/indie/acoustic/ska/screamo madness in Dundee to benefit Safe-Tay and the projects that they support. This year the money will be going towards buying a new lifeboat for Tayside Mountain/Water Rescue. Hopefully you’ll join us for what should be an amazing weekend for a great cause that is close to all of our hearts.

Part One of the BYAF Compilation can be downloaded for a £1 donation here.

Don’t forget your cheap weekend tickets here.

I look forward to seeing your faces.

BOOK YER ANE FEST VI – Finished Line-Up (as it stands!)

My heid is burst but this is pretty much the existential craic with BYAF VI. A shitload of effort from a shitload of people goes into making this shit happen. However, if there’s any beef with the line-up, I’m pretty much exclusively to blame, by virtue of nagging everyone else in the MTAT collective into it (in some cases..LOLZ). Err, please buy an earlybird ticket (only £15 before Halloween for a weekend ticket or £20 thereafter) and come to the shows. They’ll be moich. Your attendance will be appreciated. Thank you to all the bands and everyone involved. Please enjoy your Red Stripe responsibly otherwise 6 weeks from now you’ll be hitting a whitey on Castle Street before your last bus/train/taxi/stumble/blackout.

Make-That-A-Take proudly presents…


3 days of punk/hardcore/emo goodness to benefit Safe-Tay (www.safe-tay.co.uk)

After the resounding success of last year’s event, we hope that you will support us in making this the biggest and best BYAF yet.

(Bands not in order of appearance; day splits coming soon!)


Scottish anti-fascist anarcho-punk/progressive street crust legends return to Dundee for the first time in nearly a decade to headline the Friday night of BYAF VI with a Scottish exclusive winter show. One of the most active and influential political punk rock bands in history, it is truly an honour for MTAT to host one of the most important bands of all time. Coming on like Crass meets Motorhead, Oi Polloi have toured the world many times over and continue to rage, fight, scream and kick against the pricks. With their new record “Duisg!” out soon on Plastic Bomb/Active Rebellion, this is sure to a very special occasion indeed.



After missing out last year, we are very pleased to welcome Scotland’s most handsome and hard-working pop-punk band back to BYAF. 2012 has been an incredible year for them having released their new LP “How To Ruin Your Life” through Monster Zero/All In Vinyl, toured Europe with The Copyrights and a undergone a massive US tour with Dear Landlord. This should be one hell of an end of year party!




Swansea’s finest hard-grafting punk rock’n’rollers return to Dundee after their riotous set as Friday night headliners at BYAF V. These guys have had another busy year including a west coast US tour alongside Dead To Me and Broadway Calls and this will be one of only a handful of UK dates after they return for their east coast US tour with Static Radio NJ and Luther, which will see them playing The Fest in Gainesville for the third year running. These guys will be a blast, as always.




Blackened metallic hardcore madness from the Granite City of Aberdeen bringing their unique brand of bleak sludgy hardcore to a MTAT show for the very first time. Their “First Rites” EP has gained these heavyweights a lot of well-deserved acclaim and seen them grace the cover-mount CD of Metal Hammer, who dubbed them “Metal gods”. That tells you about everything you need to know. Think Converge/Black Sabbath/Black Flag/Eyehategod and you’re in the ballpark.




Hearty anthemic melodic bangers from one of the UK’s most beloved punk rock bands playing their first Scottish show since way back at BYAF III. The Cut Ups from Exeter play passionate punk straight from the heart, like a mix of The Bouncing Souls/Billy Bragg/Against Me, and are committed to pacifism, love and justice. Their third full-length record is released on September 24th through Household Name Records. This will be a treat.




Intense screamo/punk jamz from one of Scotland’s hardest working DIY bands. Formed in Aberdeen at the tail end of 2010, they have released three split records, an EP and a tape, as well as undertaking two UK and one European tour. Their new 12″ EP “Coping” is a touch of class and is available now through Dog Knights Productions and a host of other labels. Mixing equal parts melodic hardcore and Euroskramz, these guys play cathartic, throat-shredding punk rock.




London-based melodic punk rock lunatics Wonk Unit return to Dundee for the first time in over 18 months and will be bringing their brand new record “Muffy” with them. With a band that often-times features Duncan Redmonds of punk legends Snuff, it’s highly likely that things are going to get weird. The Wonk have built a cult-like following over the past few years and it’s our pleasure to host them on the first night of BYAF. Expect mayhem as standard and melodic yet miserable bangers.




Bonkers noisy spit-in-your-face lo-fi garage punk two-piece from Kent on Girl Fight Records and road touring with Wonk Unit. Alex Wonk Unit reckon the new Slaves record is one of the best he’s heard in over 20 years involved in the DIY punk scene, so that’s hearty recommendation enough for me. Expect a combination of comedy, aggro, noise and choice cuts from their 21 minute album “Sugar Coated Bitter Truth”.




Morayshire’s finest exponents on balls-to-the-wall lo-fi hardcore punk rock’n’roll round out a spectacular year by playing their first ever Dundee show. Having charmed the BBC and national press, playing festivals such as GoNorth and Wickerman, and taken their maniacal brand of rock’n’roll all over Europe, we’re very pleased to finally get Cleavers down to BYAF. Think Black Flag/Jay Reatard/Fucked Up with a delectable northern soul/insanity.




Glasgow’s finest purveyors of hardcore thrash punk rock’n’roll make a welcome return to Dundee after destroying Kage at BYAF V. One of the hardest working and hardest rocking bands around, these troops are the legit real deal and will leave the skin peeling off of your collective faces. As well as rocking like demons, they are also super-nice guys and play a massive role in the Scottish DIY scene. It is absolutely our pleasure to have them back at BYAF.




Fast as fuck super-cynical full-blast melodic hardcore punk rock all about mental breakdowns from Fraser of The Murderburgers. The band have just released their second EP “Still I Cling…” and it clocks in at just a shade over 7 minutes of awesomeness. They’ve only played live a couple of times and it’ll be a treat to have them open proceedings at Book Yer Ane Fest VI.




We are very pleased to welcome Glasgow’s most furious four-piece riff machine Crusades to Dundee for the very first time at BYAF VI. The band have just released their debut EP “Golden Throats” to great critical acclaim through Glasgow’s Overlook Records and have been whipping up a storm across the country. Insane riffage and devastating dual vocals in an At The Drive-In/Converge/The Ghost Of A Thousand style. Post-hardcore but not as we know it.




Absolutely insane hardcore “riot-step” punk rock madness from the minds behind My Own Religion and Pangea, this is hard-hitting political punk rock like you’ve never heard before, mixing ska inflections, hard-hitting lyrics, hardcore urgency and disgusting techno beats. Think Leftover Crack meets Mad Capsule Markets at an underground Berlin rave club. Guaranteed to be bonkers in every way.




One of the greatest screamo/hxc bands in the world keep up their 100% record of playing every single BYAF and return to destroy everything in their path and leave a roomful of jaws on the floor. Their second full-length is nearing completion so expect to hear some new jamz (hopefully) mixed in with some classics. If you have ears, you most likely already love Kaddish. Essential stuff.



Fast and gobby sing-a-long melodic 90s pop-punk worship from the west coast come back to Dundee to play their first ever BYAF. Armed with a new EP and a bucketful of “woahs”, the Steaks will likely blast through 10 songs in around 18 minutes and leave you with a lingering sense of J Church/Osker/Fifteen-esque pop-punk nostalgia. One of the most under-rated bands treading the boards for sure!




None-more-gruff melodic gravel-core beardy punk rockers from Bridgend, South Wales wrap up their European Tour by playing their first ever BYAF. Having just released their latest EP “Smoke Signals” through Team Beard Records, these guys will be visiting Scotland for the second time this year to party with us. Expect grizzled punk rock anthems along the lines of HWM/Samiam/Banner Pilot/The Flatliners.




Full-blast rocking melodic punk rock miserablists from Middlesbrough come to Scotland for the first time to play BYAF and bring with them their brand of driving sing-a-long punk, like a mash-up of NOFX, Smoke Or Fire and Strike Anywhere if they’d put out record on Fueled By Ramen at some point during the early 2000s. Lyrically angsty, melodically inclined and full of rock, these guys should be mad deece.




Tayside’s finest full-blast pissed-off technical hardcore punk rock stompers return to BYAF for what is going to be their first show in almost a year. These guys played a corrosive modern hardcore like Verse/Have Heart/MLIW meets the speedy technical punk chops of the likes of A Wilhelm Scream/Strung Out/Propagandhi. A welcome return to the scene for sure from these heavyweights.




Absolutely incredible balls-to-the-wall insane RAWK’N’ROLL madness from the alumnus of some of Dundee’s finest alt-rock bands return to BYAF to melt faces with a hefty dose of meaty riffage and beasting tunes. Fresh off a live session on the BBC with Vic Galloway and with their new album “Stud” in the bag, these guys will be bringing the rukus in a Jesus Lizard/Melvins/QOTSA style. I expect people will get excited, you should be too.




Epic swirling introspective lo-fi acoustic pop soundscapes from Glasgow based singer/songwriter Ewan Grant returns to BYAF after wowing the hungover Sunday crowd last year, armed with his debut LP “Camomile” freshly released on vinyl from Newtown Products. Capping off a very productive year, Ewan will bring his passionate blend of Elliot Smith-esque pop and post-rock atmospherics to Non-Zeros to ease tired minds and souls. The perfect Sunday tonic.




Dundee’s finest emo/indie/punk band cap off a successful year that has seen them release their critically acclaimed EP (soon to be released on 7″), record for a split with fellow heavyweights Kaddish and complete a two week completely DIY tour of clubs, houses and basements throughout the UK. Mixing the best of 90s Jade Tree emo/punk and early 00s Euroskramz madness, expect enchanting guitars, rock solid drums and multi-layered vocals invoking mass sing-a-longs and catharsis.




Full-blast ramshackle doom-punk merchants return with their finely honed 30 minutes of complete misery to wrap up what has been a very busy year, including the release of the “Spectacular Terry Butcher” EP, a UK tour with Cobra Skulls and three weeks spent on the west coast of the USA with Loaded .45. At just one year old, things have been moving pretty fast for these MTAT collective members who are looking forward to a weekend-long party!




Scotland’s finest acoustic punk rock poet brings his fiery brand of storytelling back to BYAF at his first Dundee show since supporting Franz Nicolay back in August. Billy has had another incredible year of touring Europe and playing all over the country at the likes of Rebellion, Strummercamp and Strummer Of Love festivals. Expect plenty of sing-a-long classics mixed with tales of woe, love, life, loss and redemption performed with passion in a way only Billy can.




Long-running project from the ever-charming Grant George returns to BYAF for their first east coast show with their brand new line-up, featuring members of Avast! and This Is Geneva. With a new line-up and renewed focus, Grant will be leading his men through huge choruses and sing-a-longs, introspective yet uplifting stories and a fistful of soulful indie rock bangers full of small-town blues.




Glasgow’s merchants of epic, swirling post-rock soundscapes on Overlook Records bring their unique brand of art-school rock to Dundee for the very first time. The band have just released their digital single “Cynthia” for free download, which will be followed by an EP on Overlook in mid-December. One of the newest bands of the BYAF, Vasa will mesmerise and confound. Think Mogwai/Explosions In The Sky/Sigur Ros.




Classic seminal snotty old school punk rock’n’roll mentalists from Glasgow return to Dundee to play BYAF for the first time on the Friday night. These guys play 70s style punk with the stereotypical “fuck you” attitude, but bring with them a bucketful of tunes and lashings of sardonic sarcastic humour. Just don’t compare them to the Sex Pistols. Think FEAR/Zeke/The Supersuckers and you’re in the (Satanic) parish.




One of Scotland’s longest-running and hardest-working ska-punk bands, The Hostiles will bring their well-honed live show, infectious melodies and sing-a-long horn-infested reggae-fuelled ska vibes to BYAF for the first time. Having spent the summer touring with Reel Big Fish and releasing their new “Late Nights and Early Hours” EP, these guys are tighter than ever. Expect a skanking good time to shake off your Friday night hangover!




One of Glasgow’s finest and most consistent of exports, Citizens will return to BYAF to bring us their unpredictable and chaotic brand of jazz-fuelled noisy lo-fi influenced hardcore madness. One of the most hard-working bands on the scene, these guys have toured Europe and the UK relentlessly and bring the kind of taut and tight precision that can’t be faked and can only be honed by playing together almost every single night. They’ve just self-released their “CTZNS” full-length in follow up to 2010’s EP on Art For Blind. Do not miss.




We are stoked that we shall be bringing young Edinburgh punks The Walking Targets up for their first ever Dundee show opening the Sunday at Non-Zero’s. Think a youthful Iron Chic/Red City Radio/Banner Pilot and you’ll be there or thereabouts. It’s awesome to hear younger punks getting into the same jaded, cynical sounds that we spend our lives spending lots of money on the records of! Thanks to Walk The Plank Promotions for the heads-up!




These Kirkcaldy based rap/metal/hxc mentalists way well have an identity crisis and questionable morals with regards making fat cash when it comes to video games, but there’s no denying that they are arguably the most rukus band to every come out of the Kingdom of Fife, and that is really saying something! These troops are absolutely guaranteed to bring the mayhem and tasteless banter, but they’re equally guaranteed to bring the mosh and leave you with a goonish grin on your face.




Tayside’s most feared collective of Crowley-esque noise merchants bring their unsociable and exhilarating brand of hardcore/powerviolence/punk to BYAF for the very first time to confound and confuse in equal measure. Rest assured, there is no other live experience quite like these gentlemen. With an EP and shows with the likes of Full Of Hell and a tour with Sufferinfuck in the bag, this is the hangover cure you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy, in the best way possible.




The last band (maybe? really? hmm, don’t trust you anymore, eh?) to be announced for Non-Zero’s on the Sunday of BYAF VI is The Won Over, a four-piece indie rock band from Dundee creating majestic, slow-burning anthems to melt your heart featuring alumni of many of our city’s finest. A true and genuine treat.





You may know Turtle Lamone as Raph, proprietor of Edinburgh’s finest DIY institute Walk The Plank Promotions. You may also know Raph as the erstwhile soulful frontman of much-missed gravelpunks The Stay Gones. Soon, with any justice, you’ll know Raph for the achingly beautiful piano-led soul-punk he write under his pseudonym. We’re stoked to have him playing Non-Zero’s on the Sunday of BYAF VI.




Seasoned veteran, We Came From Wolves drummer, former PMX frontman and all-round musical machine returns to play the acoustic stage at Non-Zero’s. Having spent more than half his life playing in bands, John crafts thoughtful, technically superb, passionate songs with a bellyful of fire in the stripped down and reflective vein of City and Colour/Dustin Kensrue/Frank Turner.




We are very, very excited to be hosting the first ever live show from our good friend Little Anchors. LA is Ross Middlemiss, former Pensioner, engineer/producer for the likes of Kaddish and Carson Wells, and all round super-talented gentleman. It was very much our privilege to host his first show on the Sunday of BYAF VI.




we’d like to welcome Mark McCabe to his first BOOK YER ANE FEST after what seems like a very long wait. Mark is currently on tour with the guys in Antillectual and is making his way down to Gainesville where he’ll play at THE FEST. We are more than a little jealous that he’s there and we’re not, but we’re stoked on having him at Non-Zero’s in Deeeeeeeeeeecember.




DIY punk rock lifer, man of the massive ginger beard, all-star cowpunk bleakster Andy Chainsaw comes back to BYAF armed with his battered acoustic guitar and some of the finest gravelled tales of punk rock joy ye could possibly hope to hear, along with a big dose of love and some amazing song titles. One of the best dudes.




A cowpunk at heart from the small town of Alyth, Kevin Thomson is an accomplished singer/songwriter who has spent the last year exploring Canada and the north-western USA. Having played in bands for years, his true voice is found with his acoustic. This is his first show being home and is bound to be emotional!




Gone Wishing is the solo project of GW! of Bonehouse / The Won Over / The Fall Of Boss Koala infamy and is a slice of melancholic lo-fi acoustic goodness who will be playing one of his first ever solo shows at BYAF VI. Owen is an exceptional talent and seeing him play with his soul bared will be an experience for all involved. Definitely not to be missed.




Davey Nolan is a gentleman, a journeyman and a treasure. He’ll be at BYAF VI to serenade us with this heart-wrenchingly honest acoustic-led tales much like “the John Martyn of punk rock”, according to Chris T-T. A more apt description one could not possibly apply. Last seen in Dundee supporting Franz Nicolay back in August.





Scottish radio legend and champion of DIY/underground music Vic Galloway will be our special guest DJ on the Friday night of BYAF. Playing a mix of 50/60s rock’n’roll, 70s punk, 80s hardcore 90s grunge/alt and a whole lot of classics!



Friday 30th November / Saturday 1st December 2012

@ Kage Nightclub, St. Andrews Lane, Dundee

Sunday 2nd December 2012

Bitter North Make-That-A-Take Recordsn-Zero’s (formerly Dexter’s), Castle Street, Dundee





BYAF VI – THE COMP (Part One) is now available for download with a £1 minimum donation from;http://makethatatakerecords.bandcamp.com/album/book-yer-ane-fest-vi-part-one




From Ego to Emo.

This week was a fairly busy one, both for myself and for the Make-That-A-Take collective. I was faced with a serious dilemma; I had tickets for the Social Distortion show in Glasgow at the same time that the collective was putting on Franz Nicolay in Dundee. While it was a tough choice, I simply HAD to see Social D as they are one of the bands that I hold dearly to my heart that I had yet to see live. Abbie had bought me the tickets before we booked Franz and, difficult though it was, I had to go see Social D. This is only the second time that I’ve missed one of the collective shows, the other being Direct Hit when Uniforms were away in the States. From all reports, the Franz show was a major success that was very nearly a sell-out. Franz is coming back next summer and it’s highly likely that we’ll be putting on some sort of all-dayer, or something along those lines, when he does so. I’d like to sincerely thank the other guys in the collective for taking care of everything and to Billy Liar, Algernon Doll and Davey Nolan for playing too.

Jamie and I, however, jumped on the train to Glasgow after work and other commitments were fulfilled, went for a quick pint and arrived in the sold out Garage just in time to hear Dave Hause strumming his first chords. I always find it slightly strange when singer/songwriters play solo shows with electric guitars, but it didn’t impact on my enjoyment of his set. It picked up a gear when he switched to his acoustic guitar and I’m sure that he converted a few of the rabid Social D fans, many of whom didn’t seem interested in anything other than skelping pints and hollering along with Mike Ness. Dave himself didn’t look particularly well with big bags under his eyes, but he has been doing some serious touring so that can be forgiven. His passionate delivery was undimmed and he appeared genuinely humbled to be supporting one of his favourite bands. His set was well-received and he seemed happy when I spoke to him in the merch area afterwards. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Edinburgh show the next night would have been incredible, as was reported to me by everyone who went. I also bought Jamie the 7″ collection that was on sale. I can be uncharacteristically sound like that on occasion.

Social D were up next and the first thing that grabbed my attention was the amount of knick-knack artefacts that Mike Ness had on top of his amps and the fact that they had rugs taped to the stage floor. Our friend Ryan had related some stories about Mike Ness as told to him by a certain transgender punk when we were in the States and, to my observations, it seems as though all the horror stories are true! One thing that I thought was telling was that Johnny Two Bags only played guitar solos when the band did Johnny Cash covers and never on their own songs. Something else that was odd was the fact that the band had apparently told security to stop people filming and taking photographs, despite the fact that Mike spent half of the show posing as opposed to singing. The thing that properly took the biscuit though was when they pulled a 14 year old kid on stage, gave him £20 and said something along the lines of “fuck school tomorrow, you’ll be the coolest kid around ‘cos you were at the Social D show”. In a moment of unintentional comedy genius, Mike called for his tech to come and switch the microphones before he’d let the kid speak into it. A man of the people for sure is our Mike!

Massive egos and unintended hilarity aside, the band were incredibly tight and they reeled out all the hits, as you may have expected them to. The place was absolutely rammed, as befitting their first ever Scottish show, but I can’t help but feel that there was a little something lacking. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so glad that I got a chance to see them but I can’t hide my slight disappointment. It’s like the old cliché says, never meet your idols. Not that I met Mike Ness, but it would’ve been nice if he didn’t come across as such an asshole. The look on Johnny Two Bags pretty much said it all. I’ve never seen someone looking so depressed and miserable playing rock’n’roll in my life. It was strange for me too as I hardly ever go to “big” shows these days, so there was a real disconnect for me. Still, the songs speak for themselves and Social D are undeniably punk legends, so I remain happy with my choice. I also stood at the back and filmed a little bit of their encore;

Then on Friday night, it was all hands on deck as the collective co-promoted the Everyone Everywhere / Chalk Talk / Kaddish / Bonehouse / Uniforms show with GW! at Kage Nightclub. It was a bummer that Defiance, Ohio and Some Sort Of Threat had to pull out and cancel their tour on account of visa problems, but we still had an amazing line-up on our hands. I had been in a mad rush after finishing work, going to my doctor’s appointment and stopping by the printers, not once but twice by virtue of me originally sending the wrong file to be printed. As such, I was running around like a mad man and forgot to pick up my video camera, which annoyed me no end. Luckily, Andy McGarry of Pet Piranha Records had organised for the show to be filmed by his pal Liam from Man Alive Studios. The footage should be available for your viewing pleasure before too long.

Abbie and I rushed to the train and got to the venue for around 6pm, then set about getting the new posters on the walls and flyers cut up whilst the PA was being set up. Everyone Everywhere then soundchecked before Uniforms set up to open the show. Everything was in place and we went on at bang on 8pm and were off less than 20 minutes later. We played a couple of new songs live for the first time and considering the fact that we had all had pretty shitty days (and I’d just come off a sleepover at work) and hadn’t practised in a couple of weeks, I thought we played pretty well. I’m really enjoying our new songs and was so happy to get to play Jolene, my beautiful new Les Paul, at a show for the first time. Abbie filmed our opening song on my phone and, given the quality, I probably should’ve filmed everyone on it. Please accept my apologies for not doing so but I was absolutely shattered after we had played and no matter how many times I went outside between bands, I just couldn’t seem to cool down!

Bonehouse were up next and absolutely nailed it. You can tell that they’ve been on tour as it shows not only in their tightness, but in their levels of comfort both with one another and with the crowd in front. I was very heartened by the fact that a lot of people had made the effort to come down early and catch all the opening bands, standing close and engaging with them like they would a headlining band. It’s always a good sign when you don’t recognise the majority of the faces in the audience and I have to thank the people that went to a lot of effort to make plans and travel to the show from all of the country. I believe there was a couple that had come to Dundee from Norwich for the weekend, inspired by wanting to come to this show. That’s dedication right there. People of Dundee, please take note! I’ve written about Bonehouse quite extensively before and they more than deserve it, so if you haven’t done so already, please make a point of checking them out. They absolutely nailed it on the night and it’s safe to say that they are rapidly becoming one of the finest bands in the country. I also spoke to Owen and Dave about them playing Book Yer Ane Fest VI, so that’s definitely going to happen.

The mighty Kaddish were up next. I could spend all day being hyperbolic about how much I love this band, but then again, pretty much everyone that comes to our shows loves this band. Hell, everyone in the country loves this band. They rattled through a quick six song set that included “To Another”, the epic jam that closes out their first LP. They also ripped through some new jamz from their upcoming second LP including “But A Beat From Your Bones”, an abrasive emotionally-charged belter. To be fair, that description could be used to describe any of their songs and characterises every Kaddish performance. Their intensity levels surpass almost any band I’ve ever seen and there are very few bands, especially locally (ie, Scotland), that inspire such levels of awe and devotion. I spent the majority of the set “dancing” down at the front and screaming along before helping to clear the “stage” for the touring bands. Honestly, Kaddish are fucking amazing and their new record is going to blow minds when it eventually comes out. As ever, I nagged the guys about donating a song to the forthcoming Make Yer Ane Comp IV collection that will be out before Book Yer Ane Fest. You can bet your botton dollar that Kaddish will be making an appearance that weekend too. Such a jaw-dropping band. In the absence of any new footage at the moment, here’s one from a few months ago;

Next up were Chalk Talk from Amherst, Massachusetts. They’re a three-piece basement-style east coast emo/punk band who played brilliantly poppy lo-fi indie rock that really comes alive in  the live setting. Jonny and I were speaking to the guys in the band room before the show started and it continually amazes me how people and bands in the worldwide DIY community can so easily bond over the shared experiences of touring and putting on shows. We shared a couple of mutual horror stories, but being “accommodated” by Ukrainian neo-nazis is definitely worse than being bumped by 80’s hardcore relics at a biker bar in downtown San Diego. The Chalk Talk guys were lovely fellas and appeared genuinely humbled to be getting taken care of so far away from home. It’s pretty easy to keep touring bands happy if you can give them some food, get a couple of beers down them, get them a place to crash and pay them (at least as close to) what you agreed to pay them originally. On the hospitality front, I have to give a big shout out to Papa Gain and Dave McCaffer for sorting out the food and to Owen for sorting the guys out with a place to stay. Much appreciated chaps. It’s this sort of community and togetherness that makes our scene so special. Regarding their actual performance, Chalk Talk absolutely nailed it and definitely won everyone over with their unassuming charm. I think they did pretty well on the merch sales side of things too, although I didn’t manage to get my paws on a record myself as I always seem to leave these things to the last minute when putting on shows and the merch was already in the back of the van by the time I remembered about it. Ah well, I’ll pick one up from them when we’re over in the States next year. Bryce, I look forward to playing in your basement!

The magnificent Everyone Everywhere rounded out the live musical entertainment side of things for the evening with a passionate and well-received set. These guys have just released their eponymous second record and played a good chunk of it along with some choice cuts from their back catalogue. They went on around 10.45pm and played for around 40 minutes, although the did appear somewhat confused at the end of their set when everyone began chanting “one more tune”. They obliged, however, and wrapped things up with “Tiny Planet”, one of the finest cuts from their first full-length. By this point in the evening I was absolutely shattered and spent the majority of their set watching everybody’s heads bopping up and down from the back but their somewhat delicate, introspective yet rocking jamz went down an absolute treat with everyone in attendance.

Again, I can’t over express how heartening and inspiring it is to see a room full of people who are totally on the same page being united in an experience, especially when soundtracked by a band who have never visited these shores before. To me, that’s what the DIY community is all about; having a safe space where everyone involved is united in purpose and looking out for one another, having respect for both the similarities and the differences that we all share. That may sound idealistic but in this instance, it was the absolute truth. After the show, Kenny and crew quickly loaded out the PA then everyone got involved in loading out the gear. I spent a little time talking to the Everyone Everywhere guys and explained to them the concept of “the blag” is I duly “blagged” a record from them. There are varying degrees of “the blag” and in some cases it’s absolutely not appropriate, but I felt that it was okay for these guys. It was pointed out to me that my most frequently asked question of touring bands is “everyone happy?”. It’s important to me that bands, not just touring bands but every band that we deal with, is happy as without happy bands and happy punters, there are no shows.

Abbie and I left about an hour into the Entropy club night thereafter as we had to jump on the last train to Perth. We left utterly exhausted but jubilant at what had been an amazing show and an amazing experience of togetherness for our scene. No two bands on the bill sounded alike yet were afforded both the respect and the attention of the audience. Yes, it was loud as all hell and there was no way that you’d be able to hold a conversation even if you wanted to, but the focus was on the bands, the music and the release afforded you when you feel like you can be yourself. Knowing so many disparate groups involved in the scene, it’s these moments of unity and togetherness that make all the hard graft worthwhile.

Thank you to everyone involved in making the show so special, from the other members of the collective to the bands to the people who travelled from both near and far. These are the kind of nights that restore faith. Let’s please keep this up!

Next up we’ve got Blacklist Royals in Dundee. Should be sweet.

Much love.

Upcoming Make-That-A-Take Shows

Wednesday 22nd August;
Franz Nicolay (USA) / Billy Liar / Algernon Doll / Davey Nolan.
Cerberus Bar, Bell Street, Dundee
7.30pm, £5/6

Friday 24th August;
Defiance, Ohio (USA) / Everyone Everywhere (USA) / Chalk Talk (USA) / Kaddish / Bonehouse / UNIFORMS / Some Sort Of Threat (ENG)
Kage Nightclub, St. Andrews Lane, Dundee
6.30pm, £8/10. More here.

Sunday 23rd September;
Blacklist Royals (USA) / Maxwell’s Dead / The Shithawks / The New Times
Kage Nightclub, St. Andrews Lane, Dundee
7.30pm, £5

Sunday 30th September;
Elway (USA) / Leagues Apart (ENG) / UNIFORMS / Trails (ENG)
Kage Nightclub, St. Andrews Lane, Dundee
7.30pm, £5

Friday 30th November – Sunday 2nd December
Fri/Sat @ Kage Nightclub, St. Andrews Lane, Dundee
Sun @ Non-Zero’s, Castle Street, Dundee



Tickets available here. More info here.

Brain Fever (Can) / Bonehouse / Kaddish / The Shithawks

Sunday night at Kage Nightclub saw the Brain Fever/Bonehouse tour wrap up with a hometown show for the Bonehouse boys in Dundee. The two bands have covered most of the UK over the last two weeks and I could detect a sense of excitement in the air surrounding the last show. Bonehouse have seen a great response to their July 2012 demo (which I reviewed previously) and have been destroying venues around the country since it came out. Jamie had given me the heads-up that they were incredible in Edinburgh on Saturday night, so I was very much looking forward to catching their last show of tour. It’s pretty just a matter of fact that bands get infinitely tighter when they’ve spent any amount of time on the road and that theory would once again be proven correct.

The Shithawks kicked things off with their patented brand of noisy slacker garage punk. They are a pretty wild band musically, constantly teetering on the brink of chaos but always managing to keep things together with a sleazy riff and some demented hollering from frontman Dan. The Shithawks play punk rock with a definite artschool twist and they have some great stage banter. They haven’t been a band for too long, really just getting started after the demise of Gong Fei, but they definitely made some more fans this evening. My personal highlight of the set may well be the new song “Dick Blues”, a video of which you can see below. The next time we will be graced with the presence of The Shithawks will be at the Blacklist Royals show at Kage on Sunday 23rd September. Full details of that banger can be found here.

Next up were the mighty Kaddish. Again, much like The Murderburgers, is absolutely no secret that Kaddish are one of my favourite bands, not just locally, but favourite bands period. Once again, they stepped up to the plate and delivered an intense and heart-wrenchingly passionate set of their distinctive abrasive hardcore/skramz jamz. The new stuff is sounding absolutely incredible and I, along with many others I’m sure, are waiting in patient anticipation of their upcoming second full length. It’s a massive trauma for any band when they lose a lead vocalist, but Kaddish seem to have taken that challenge and morphed into an even more intense proposition. The pure anguish in Dom’s vocal delivery is the kind of thing that stands the hair on the back of your neck on end, and tonight was absolutely no exception. Blasting through a six song set, Kaddish were over all-too quickly, but left us wanting more as they always do. The new record will absolutely destroy, of that I have complete and utter faith. Once Kaddish manage to get themselves out on the road again, they will decimate everything that they come into contact with. Undoubtedly one of the greatest screamo/hardcore bands in Europe, if not the world. Call me hyperbolic if you must, but I absolutely believe that to be true. Here’s a good 10 minutes of their set from last night. Stunning.

Brain Fever from Calgary, Alberta, Canada were up next and were a fearsome proposition indeed. I was speaking to them earlier in the evening and the only anecdotal facts about Calgary I could furnish them with were stories about the Hart family. Being a pro wrestling geek, I tend to get rather over-excited about these things, as my own bandmates would attest to. As it stands, they knew of the Hart Foundation but weren’t particularly excited by said story. Can’t say I really blame them and they seemed a little confused that some Scottish goon at a hardcore show was talking to them about wrestling legends. Such is life. Anyways, I digress. During said previous conversations, the drummer told me that they try to always use a different time signature in every movement of every song. Little did I know how accurate that assertion would turn out to be!

Brain Fever play ridiculously intense, frantic, skull-splitting hardcore that pauses for breath only to reel you into a false sense of security before absolutely pummelling you once more. Perhaps it’s a lazy comparison based on both having female vocalists, but Brain Fever very much reminded me of Circle Takes The Square. Mathy, angular, desperate screamo/hardcore madness that devastates is how I would describe it, played with passion and an exuberance that you just can’t fake. All the guys in the band seemed super-nice and everyone was very excited to be playing music overseas, although there was definitely a hint of sadness in the air as the tour was drawing to an end. They certainly didn’t let it stop them as they ripped through their set with zeal and encouraged everyone else to get involved. Inclusive, introspective hardcore? Yup. Incredible band, if you can get your head around it! You can get their new record now from Pint Sized Records and can stream it online here.

Last up were Bonehouse. I spoke to them all at various points prior to their set, including Dave immediately beforehand in the lavs, hurrying him on as I had to catch the last train back to Perth. It was clear from talking to them that the tour had been a success, perhaps not monetarily but in terms of inspiration. That was a word that I heard numerous times throughout the evening. Touring is inspiring, as there’s few things in life better than seeing new places and playing the music that you love.

Playing every night also makes your band fucking tight. That was instantly apparent when Bonehouse kicked in; the radge parts were suitably radge, the quiet parts suitably introspective and intense, dynamics sharpened. It was clear, to my mind at least, that this was an important show. Dave was more talkative onstage and spent more time facing the audience, seemingly more comfortable in his role of frontman. This comes across in his vocal delivery also, more of a yelp against Owen and Sean’s smoother croons. Plenty of singing along and hand-clapping down the front too.

Unfortunately I missed the end of set invitation stage invasion as I had to boost to run for my last train. I didn’t really get a chance to say goodbye to anybody as I sneaked out, but Bonehouse were rocking it and appeared to be having a great time doing it. If you haven’t already done so, get the new recordings from their bandcamp. Don’t send them e-cheques though, whatever the hell they are.

Cracking show all round, especially for a Sunday night in Dundee. There’s a few rad Sunday night shows coming up over the next few months, including the Blacklist Royals show we announced today, so it’d be good to keep the ball rolling!