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PMX – EU Tour Report (May 2017)


Things have been pretty quiet on this here blog recently. This isn’t for lack of anything to say or thoughts to impart, quite the opposite in fact, but things have been somewhat the grind. This isn’t a complaint but in getting shit done there is little time leftover for personal reflection, let alone pissing in the ocean of spacejunk that is the internet. I fail, of course.

All that said, there’s been HUNNERS of shit going on, including the troops in PMX tearing it up across Europe for the second time already this year. As such, I asked Matt to throw together a little tour diary about their travels.

How do?

Derrick asked me to write a few things down about our recent tour of Europe so here goes!

Fifteen days on the road. Hitting up six countries for shows whilst passing through ten. A total of 4700 miles. It’s nice to be back in the land of three prong plugs, driving on the left hand side of the road and proper toilet seats but I’d jump in the van and head off again today in a heartbeat.

Anyone that has been on tour will know the excitement and trepidation that comes with setting foot in the van on day one. The knowledge that when you leave it again on the final day you will be broken, dirty and exhausted. If you make it to the final day and you are none of these things then you are not fucking doing it right!

We left on my 34th birthday which was a pretty cool way to both celebrate that milestone and kick off two weeks of gigging and debauchery! I was hungover from our show the night before in Edinburgh so the day seemed to pass reasonably quickly. 9 hours on the road later and we were boarding the Dover to Dunkirk ferry where several pints were welcomed with open arms.

Being on tour does seem like it’s a lot of fun and although it is, I don’t think it’s as romantic as it seems to anyone who has not done it before. The daily routine is as follows;

  • You wake up early (usually hungover) in a strange place trying to piece together the previous nights goings on.
  • You jump in the van and plan your route to the next town. Some days this can take as little as 3 hours, some days it can take 16.
  • You hunt out a service station or supermarket to stock up on supplies if need be. Now if, like me, you have special dietary requirements, this can be a challenge. Luckily enough I stocked up on noodles, soya milk and 9bars before we left so was able to suck it up when the closest thing to a vegan sandwich was a BLT!
  • You arrive at the venue, usually several hours before you have to play, in order to load in your gear and sound check.
  • You sit around in the venue drinking the free beer and eating the free food (which again due to my aforementioned dietary requirements can be hit or miss).
  • You play. Always the best bit of the day. If you don’t enjoy that part then what the fuck are you doing on tour!?!
  • You pack up all your gear into the van again with Tetris-like precision. Of course, by this point you are usually soaked through with sweat and somewhat inebriated.
  • You head off to your designated sleeping spot, whether it’s someone’s floor, a hostel, a practice room floor, a shipping container or just in the venue itself.
  • Repeat daily.
  • For 2 weeks.

There might be a chance to see some other cool shit whether it be touristy or not but in general that’s about it. So now you have a better understanding of ‘tour life’ or at least as how I see it, I am not gonna bore you with the finer details of every day, every drive and every venue. Instead I’m just gonna list a bunch of stuff that I thought was fucking cool.

  • Driving through the Alps is cool as fuck! Your not gonna see as beautiful scenery as that every day of the week. Just don’t stop for food or drink, you need a bank loan.
  • Slovenia is a rad country. Everyone there is super nice and it is real beautiful. We washed in a river one day and it was proper cold but unforgettably cool at the same time. When I say cold I mean painfully cold. I’m gonna fucking die cold. Colder than witches tit as they say.
  • Italy is a fuckover for tolls, kinda like France. Other than that, we played three shows that were all awesome. Every single person we met there was friendlier than the last and they couldn’t do enough for us. If I get the chance I will head back to both Livorno and Remini for a holiday again.
  • I’ve always liked Germany. I went there a few times in my youth and remember everyone being real nice and the place itself being pretty sweet. I can now report that nothing’s really changed. We went and saw a giant hole in the ground that was home to the world’s biggest moving machine. I have seen it before but it still managed to get my geekier side moist again!
  • The Netherlands and Belgium were once again great fun. Got compared to Belvedere who had played the venue we played in Naaldwijk, NL a good 15 years earlier. Nice to know we keep our music current and relevant haha!
  • Some cool bands to check out that we met along the way are Tear Them Down from Sweden, The Peterlees from The Netherlands, Bare Teeth from France, Start At Zero from Slovenia, Struggling For Reason from Belgium, United And Strong from Germany, Deadends from Austria and Danger Jerk from Germany.

There was probably a bunch of other stuff that I thought was cool but it’s either just stupid shit that no one else would ever find cool or I was too drunk/hungover to remember it. It could equally be a fine combination of both!

Anyways, I hope I didn’t bore the tits off you or you are sitting there thinking “what a wanker!”. Being on tour to me is just like a holiday. A free all-inclusive holiday with my best mates. And I hate hearing folk going on about their holiday when they get back!

We’ve got a few more shows lined up here and there in the coming months but we will be mainly concentrating on writing and recording a new record between now and my wedding in August. Aim is to have it out before the end of the year and get touring again as much as possible next year. I will endeavour to produce an equally shite blog post for you when that comes around if you so desire!

Peace and Fucking. Believe.

Matt xXx

PMX are back in Dundee on Friday 26th May with the troops in Get It Together plus MTAT first-timers Hopes Up High (new school pop-punk/hxc from Arbroath) and Us Versus Them (teeth-rattling old school hxc from Fife). Should be a suitably radge hardcore punk tear up of a Friday night.

If ye don’t have a copy of the “Dark Days” EP, remedy that in short order. It’s moich.

Be radical, spread joy.





Book Yer Ane Fest IX is only a couple weeks away and we are beginning to get mad stoked (and freaking out!) about spending a weekend in the company of some of the finest DIY punk bands and best people we know. BYAF has grown into something we’d never envisaged when we started in the back room of Mucky Mulligans in Perth way back in 2008 and for that we are truly grateful. This year marks another step in the BYAF evolution and we’ll be hosting it in Buskers and The Vestry for the very first time. Dougie and the troops have been very understanding and accommodating of us, so hopefully everyone has an awesome time. This will also be the first BYAF with a proper stage (no barrier!) so please behave accordingly and look out for one another!

Thank you also to everyone who has picked Weekend E-Tickets thus far, it’s always a massive stress reliever when you know that people are stoked on what you’re doing. If you haven’t got one yet, you can grab one RIGHT HERE (cheap pop, right?). Ye can check out the day splits on the MTAT website. Also, both Pre-BYAF and Post-BYAF in Glasgow and Edinburgh on Thursday 26th and Monday 30th November respectively are pay-on-the-door and all early shows at Cerberus Bar are free on a first come, first served basis as it’s tiny.

For updates as they occur, keep your eyes on the event page and our twitter.


One of the best things for us about BYAF is the opportunity to bring new and interesting bands to Dundee and to catch up with friends that we may otherwise seldom see. As such, we’d like to extend a very warm welcome to the following bands to shall be playing BYAF for the first time over the weekend;

Make War (USA)

Formerly known as Sad and French, Make War are a three piece melodic punk rock band from New York who will play their first and only Scottish show of their debut European tour on the Friday night at Buskers. They’re touring in support of their new self-titled LP that is out now on Black Numbers / Gunner Records. The band shall also be playing an exclusive acoustic show on Friday evening at the pre-show/weekend ticket collection gathering at Cerberus Bar from 4-6pm.

FFO; Lucero, The Bouncing Souls, Gaslight Anthem

When; Friday 27th November at Buskers.

Above Them (ENG)

After many years of trying, we are absolutely thrilled to finally be able to welcome one of the greatest UK punk rock bands of recent times to Dundee for the very first time. Veterans of the UK DIY scene and venerated throughout the worldwide punk scene, these Yorkshire punks released their new “Water Lane” LP through the wonderful Specialist Subject Records earlier this year and will join us for an exclusive Scottish show.

FFO; The Weakerthans, Hot Water Music, Jawbreaker

When; Sunday 29th November at Buskers.

The Spook School

Currently setting the world on fire with their infectious and vital “Try To Be Hopeful” LP, these Edinburgh queercore indie pop punks join us at BYAF for the first time and play their first Dundee show since playing a packed Cerberus show with ONSIND and Spoonboy way back in February. The Spook School have had an incredible year, playing all over the world and we’re very excited to be hosting them in Dundee.

FFO; The Buzzcocks, The Slits, The Vaselines

When; Saturday 28th November at Buskers.

Good Grief (ENG)

Upbeat bittersweet fizzy bangers from these witty and intelligent Liverpool fuzzy melodic indie punks who will be bringing their lo-fi pop jams to Dundee for the very first time. Well traveled and with releases out on the esteemed Boss Tunage and Drunken Sailor Records and splits with BUZZorHOWL and Eureka California to their name, we’re very excited for a late afternoon sugar rush.

FFO; Superchunk, Dinosaur Jr, J Church

When; Saturday 28th November at Buskers.

Forever Unclean (DK)

Full blast bouncy gobby melodic Europunk from these three piece punkers from Copenhagen, Denmark who visit Dundee for the first time as part of their UK tour around BYAF. Bringing together slacker indie and tight 90s skate punk, their new EP “Shreds” does exactly that and was mastered by Jason Livermore at The Blasting Rooms in Colorado. They’ll be reunited with their old touring buddies Terrafraid, who will themselves be returning from their own three month European odyssey!

FFO; Kid Dynamite, Smoke Or Fire, Broadway Calls

When; Sunday 29th November at Buskers

Will Wood (NZ)

Kick-ass boot-stompin’ countrified punk blues murder balladeer from New Zealand joins us in Dundee for the first time on his UK tour with fellow one-man-band compatriot and partner in crime Freddy Fudd Pucker. Will Wood brings a wild-hearted whisky-soaked punk rock fire in his belly and a glint of wickedness in his eye.

FFO; Steve Earle, Murder By Death, Nick Cave

When; Saturday 28th November at The Vestry.

Great Cynics (ENG)

Another band that we’ve long hoped to play, we are delighted to welcome Great Cynics and their wonderful heart-warming melodic folk/punk bangers to BYAF for the first time. The band released their inspiring “I Feel Weird” LP on Specialist Subject earlier this year and have just returned from having everyone in Gainesville at Fest fall in love with them all over again. Excited to have them in Dundee again after last being seen with The Smith Street Band at Mini-Fest in 2013.

FFO; The Lemonheads, Billy Bragg, The Get Up Kids

When; Saturday 28th November at Buskers.

Chrissy Barnacle

From the “grimy side of the Clyde” comes nylon-stringed acoustic-wielding Glasgow singer/songwriter Chrissy Barnacle who brings her sharp-witted and heart-warming feminist political folk-pop to BYAF for the first time. We’ve been fans of Chrissy and her songwriting for a long time and we’re very pleased to finally be able to play host.

FFO; Kate Bush, Joni Mitchell, Ghost Mice

When; Saturday 28th November at The Vestry.

Rational Anthem (USA)

Life-affirming fist-in-the-air old school gobby melodic pop punk three piece straight outta Sarasota, Florida and out on the road on a European tour with kindred spirits The Murderburgers, Rational Anthem are an explosive fireball of punk rock power and will joining us in Dundee for the very first time. Their “Emotionally Unavailable” LP came out on Bloated Kate Records last year and is rammed full of bittersweet pop punk zingers. Guaranteed to be a fun time!

FFO; Lipstick Homicide, Dear Landlord, Screeching Weasel

When; Saturday 28th November

Lenin Death Mask

Aberdeen indie noise-poppers wrap up their ten day UK tour in celebration and support of their debut “Three Hits” 7″ that is released on November 16th through Fitlike Records, Allende Records and Dingleberry Records in Europe. As part of an active Aberdeen DIY scene, we are very pleased to welcome our east coast comrades to BYAF for the first time.

FFO; Husker Du, Titus Andronicus, The Cribs

When; Sunday 29th November at Buskers.


Glasgow Young Team emo/pop punkers shall be opening BYAF IX with their youthfully energetic take on classic emocore and modern pop punk. These troops have been super active in their local Glasgow scene and have organised a heap of benefit shows as well as touring the UK for the first time this year in support of their split EP with Brightr. One of the best young bands to emerge in Scottish punk in recent times.

FFO; Modern Baseball, Gnarwolves, Spraynard

When; Friday 27th November at Buskers.

Stonethrower (EP Release Show)

 Dundee’s latest Ecossemo punks of weel’ kent faces play their first BYAF and celebrate the release of their new “Swells/Repels” CDEP on MTAT by bringing us their angular and agitated take on alt/punk rock, combining math-y time signatures with an undeniable taste for the ferocious punk banger. Stonethrower are one of the spiciest Dundee bands to emerge over the last year and we’re very proud to be working with them to release the EP.

FFO; Faraquet, Kaddish, Future Of The Left

When; Sunday 29th November at Buskers.


It’s crazy to think that this is the first time that PMX have played BYAF but the band were already on hiatus when we started this shindig back in 2008. Reunited and refreshed, PMX have blazed back into action in 2015 with the release of the incredible “Dark Days” EP that we’re super proud to have been involved in and they’ve been absolutely shredding it since their return to action. BYAF will be their first Dundee show in over seven years. PMX also play Pre-BYAF at Nice N Sleazy, Glasgow on Thursday 26th November with Murderburgers, Rational Anthem and Dead Neck.

FFO; Propagandhi, Lagwagon, A Wilhem Scream

When; Friday 27th November at Buskers.

Edgarville (ENG)

Tour mates of Terrafraid throughout their three month European tour and veterans of the DIY punk underground, Lancashire two-piece Edgarville bring their folk-ish acoustic indie/pop punk to Dundee for the very first time to conclude their tour. These guys have faced almost every challenge imaginable throughout their time as a band and have lived to tell the tale. Hopefully we’ll be able to provide a happy ending for them at BYAF.

FFO; The Front Bottoms, Apologies I Have None, The Smith Street Band

When; Sunday 29th November at The Vestry.

Bettie Akkemaai (NL)

Bettie Akkemaai is a feminist folk punk singer/songwriter from Den Bosch, Netherlands who joins us in Dundee for the first time as part of a series of shows with her kindred spirit and Different Circle Records comrade Dave Hughes. Inspired by the global DIY anarcho-folk scene, Bettie plays acid tongued witty acoustic folk with bite and intelligence.

FFO; Even Greer, Mischief Brew, Kimya Dawson

When; Sunday 29th November at The Vestry.

The Exhausts (ENG)

These London born, Glasgow based super spiky gobby melodic punks started their European tour in October before playing as Misfits at our Halloween Party and have been on the road ever since with tour concluding at BYAF. The band has just released the awesome “Leave The Suburbs!” album through the excellent Everything Sucks Music and will bring a hefty dose of tongue-in-cheek garage rock’n’roll madness to night one of BYAF.

FFO; Misfits, The Shitty Limits, Bikini Kill

When; Friday 27th November at Buskers.

Paper Rifles

Skyscrapingly melodic beautiful acoustic folk/punk rock from the former Curators man now ploughing the field solo and knocking it completely out of the park. With a busy year behind him, we’re involved in a special little project to be announced soon that will precede the forthcoming 7″ coming soon on Struck Dum Records. One of the strongest voices in Scottish music, we’d highly recommend not missing this.

FFO; Manic Street Preachers, Chuck Ragan, Deacon Blue

When; Saturday 28th November at The Vestry.

Elk Gang

Hard hitting passionate punk rock/post-hardcore from the capital from the troops behind the Anti-Manifesto collective featuring the engine room of Shields Up, these fiery Edinburgh punks will play BYAF for the first time and will bring their lung-bustin’ melodic hardcore and scissor kicks to light a fire under your Sunday afternoon. One of the dark horse bands to watch out for over the weekend for sure.

FFO; Small Brown Bike, Iron Chic, Lifetime

When; Sunday 29th November at The Vestry.

Tim Loud (ENG)

Foot-stompin’ hard-rocking virtuoso country/punk/folk/pop masterclass from Leeds based one man band/singer/songwriter who plays BYAF for the very first time and joins us in the midst of his UK tour with the equally eccentric Tim Holehouse. Last year’s “Born To Lose” album is an under-rated pop masterpiece and was released on MTAT in conjunction with TNS and Gin House Records. Very pleased to finally get Tim up to BYAF.

FFO; The Levellers, Gram Parsons, The Beatles

When; Saturday 28th November at The Vestry.

Salem Street

Dundee Youth Crew wrap up an exceptional 2015 that’s taken them across the UK for the first time and seen them play some massive festivals including Nice N Sleazy. They’ll be bringing their first generation 77 inspired punk with deep reggae/ska grooves to the Sunday afternoon and will be the perfect band to ease your hangovers as ye get started for the last day of festing.

FFO; Stiff Little Fingers, Operation Ivy, One Man Army

When; Sunday 29th November at The Vestry.

Benny Monteux

Edinburgh based acoustic folk/pop punk singer/songwriter joins us at BYAF for the first time as part of his Scottish tour in support of his new single. Benny joined us in Dundee at Cerberus Bar earlier in the year and we are delighted to welcoming this charming, forthright and honest young man back.

FFO; Kris Roe, The Gaslight Anthem, The Wonder Years

When; Saturday 28th November at The Vestry

Brendan Dalton

Bruised and introspective lo-fi acoustic singer/songwriter from rural Perthshire playing solo at BYAF for the first time having played BYAF III with his former pop punk band Versailles many moons ago. Brendan in a talented and intelligent writer who’s had a great year including putting out his first single “Medium” through the emergent indie label Meraki Records. No stranger to Dundee, we’re delighted to welcome Brendan to BYAF.

FFO; Bon Iver, Belle and Sebastian, Ryan Adams

When; Sunday 29th November at The Vestry.

Please, Believe!

From the ashes of Ecossemo stalwarts Bonehouse comes Please, Believe! Ploughing a similar field as their predecessors in terms of emotive DIY post-hardcore/punk rock, PB bring an added sense of urgency and chaos to proceedings, creating a cathartic and noisy expulsion of emotion. No recordings yet but with such pedigree, we can guarantee some prime cuts of east coast Ecossemo goodness.

FFO; At The Drive In, Sinaloa, Life At These Speeds

When; Sunday 29th November at Buskers.


Can’t wait, bring it on yo!

The Show Must Go On – Sunday 10th August

Unfortunately there is bad news for cowpunks to bear; Chicago skate punks Counterpunch have been confirmed as appearing at Rebellion Festival in Blackpool on Sunday 10th August and, as a result, won’t be able to make the show at Kage the same night. This is through no fault of the band as between us we did everything we could to make things work, it’s just one of these circumstances that cannot be helped. The band will still be playing at Audio in Glasgow with Australian punks Local Resident Failure, First Step To Failure and Veto the following night (Monday 11th August) so Scottish punks will still have a chance to see them. We hope to bring the dudes to Dundee when they return to Europe some time in the next 18 months or so!


As regards our own show, THE SHOW MUST GO ON! The show at Kage Nightclub will still be happening and will now feature Scottish punk legends Shatterhand (who have just come off the Summerslam Weekender with Saudi Arabian/Canadian mentalists Clepto and the mighty Certain Death), Perth post-hardcore rockers Last Of Us playing a rare Dundee show and the aforementioned Glaswegian skate punkers First Step To Failure, who just fucking rip and will be dropping their new album soon. I’ll be opening the show armed with my acoustic guitar. Entry will now be £4 and there will be free download codes for everyone. If people are looking for a refund, please get in touch and we’ll sort it out. Likewise, if anyone still wants to attend and would like a partial refund, please let us know, if not we’ll sort you out with something from the distro by way of thanks and compensation.

We’ll have an updated poster for your delectation shortly.


BYAF VII; Videos (Part One)

I’ve been trying to write my Book Yer Ane Fest recap but that shit is currently running at a couple of thousand words and we’ve only just wrapped up “Day One” thus far, so rather than drip-feed bits and pieces, I thought it prudent to horse up some of the live videos that I’ve managed to wade through thus far. I’m not keen on serialisation and if a picture says a thousand words then moving images, music and song must say more than any artist can express.

I’ll be adding more videos to Cowpunk TV over the next couple of weeks and will (hopefully) get round to finishing my autobiographical BYAF opus by the end of the week. In the meantime, please enjoy the videos and share them round as you see fit.

Thank you so much to everyone involved in an incredible weekend. To add to the amount raised for Safe-Tay over the weekend, all donations for digital downloads from the Make-That-A-Take bandcamp page during December will also be added to our grand total, so please fill your boots!







Book Yer Ane Fest; First Timers

poster official

Book Yer Ane Fest always seems to throw up some “firsts”, usually some idiotic decisions that we as a collective have made; from making BYAF a three-day event to adding extra stages and venues, each year there seems to be something happening that didn’t happen the year before. This time round, for example, we’re running all three days in Kage nightclub, as well as running some pre-BYAF shows at Henry’s Coffee House and Cerberus Bar before the main event kicks off at the club itself. I’ve written about the full day and venue breakdowns previously and you can check out that post here. However, with less than a week to go until things officially kick off, I want to focus on the important stuff; the bands, more specifically, the bands who will either be playing BYAF for the first time, paying their first visit to Scotland and, in some cases, playing their very first show!

First Ever Shows!

Last Of Us are a brand new band of “well ken’t” faces. They are indeed the last remaining members of Perth punk legends PMX and their opening performance on the Sunday of BYAF will be their first ever show. If you know any of these dudes’ previous projects, you’ll know that we are in for some tightly-honed, super-precise powerful melodic rock’n’roll and, having heard the demos and being friends with the dudes, I know that these guys are going to rip it up. John Harcus will also be playing solo on the acoustic stage later in the day, but I’d recommend getting down to Kage earlybells on Sunday to catch these guys. It’ll be well worth your while.

I find it hard to believe that for a band so polished and kick-ass, that BYAF will be the first ever show from Manchester punks Stay Clean Jolene. Last year’s “3 Songs” 7″ on Drunken Sailor Records may well be one of the finest debut releases from a punk rock band that I’ve heard this century and given the calibre of the members’ previous bands (The Great St. Louis/ The Leif Ericsson), that comes as no great surprise. I’ve been in love with that record since Jamie first sent it to me sometime last summer and we’ve been trying to nail them down for a show ever since. I am absolutely mad stoked that they’ll be playing their first ever show in Dundee. They play Saturday afternoon so make sure you’re there.

Lachance will be playing their first ever show on the Acoustic Stage on Saturday afternoon. Featuring our pal Baz from the MTAT collective as well as our friends Gerold and Gav (of Contra/The Hijacks and Terrafraid/From The Tracks respectively), they play fast, melodic, urgent emo-tinged acoustic punk rock that is as nostalgic as it is uplifting. I have personally been waiting a long time for these guys to come out with a new project so I’m very much looking forward to seeing them perform for the very first time. I’ve heard rumours of some sort of super-limited release being available at BYAF too, although you’ll have to wait and see.

First Time in Scotland

Friday night headliners Broadcaster are not only paying their first visit to Scotland, their ongoing tour has seen the New Yorkers visit the UK and Europe for the very first time also. Alongside their tour buddies Muncie Girls from Exeter (also playing their first Scottish show), this will be the only Scottish performance of their month long European tour and we’re delighted that they are going to spend it with us. Super-catchy melodic pop-punk/indie rock goodness like Weezer/The Weakerthans/Superchunk, these dudes are guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face. The new “A Million Hours” LP on Jump Start Records is a banger and I look forward to picking one up (my bank account isn’t too pleased with the amount of cash I’m going to wax on records next weekend, though).

Dividers are a band that I have long admired from afar and yet, despite all of the shows, miles and travelling, our paths have yet to cross. Therefore, I am very pleased that these Welshmen are making the trek north to play Scotland for the first time and am doubly pleased that it shall be happening on the Saturday afternoon of BYAF, where they’ll meet up with previous tour buddies Antillectual. Dividers play honest, heartfelt gruff pop-punk and, to my mind, are pretty much the perfect Saturday afternoon BYAF band. There will be other Welshmen present also, so there may well be heckling.

Andy Thomas’ Dust Heart is the solo project from the Denver, Colorado native and former Tin Horn Prayer frontman of the same name. Our friend Josh of Loaded 45 hooked this up and we are delighted to host Andy at what will be his first ever shows outside of North America and the only shows that he’ll be playing in Europe this year. Andy will be playing the pre-BYAF acoustic show at Henry’s on Friday before giving us the full Dust Heart treatment at Kage later on in the evening. I’m looking forward to this greatly as the LP is a cracker full of Waits-esque gravel-punk murder balladry.

BYAF will also see the first visit to Scotland from our London punk rock’n’roll pals The Rocco Lampones. Unfortunately they won’t be coming in their fully revved up plugged in incarnation, but we are still very pleased to host them on the acoustic stage on Saturday afternoon. We met Justin in Gainesville a couple of years ago then Uniforms went to London to play at what has now become a somewhat infamous New Year’s Eve house show. All I’ll say is that if things are even a fraction as chaotic as that night, then we’ll be in for a rare old treat!

First Time in Dundee

Words cannot adequately describe how stoked I am to have Chicago punk rock legends The Bomb closing out the Sunday night of Book Yer Ane Fest. These guys don’t play out very often and this is the first time that they’ve been in the UK for over four years, so I am very pleased that we can host them this year. We always try to pay tribute to our punk rock roots and I can’t think of a band with a higher calibre to wrap things up than these dudes. With records out on No Idea Records, The Bomb feature Jeff Pezzati of Naked Raygun alongside members of The Methadones, Big Black and All Eyes West. Those are some mighty big shoes to fill and The Bomb have bucketloads of bangers to keep us pogoing until the final curtain.

Fast-as-fuck ultra-tech super-melodic dual-guitarring skate-punk madness from Sweden! These dudes are incredible and shred in a way the likes of only Propagandhi/A Wilhelm Scream can. They are also part of the “Sweden The Deal” compilation alongside a host of their fellow punk rock countrymen that will be receiving it’s “official” UK release at BYAF. We’ve been in touch with these guys for a while now and we’re very pleased that we are finally able to get them up to Dundee and double stoked that it’ll be happening on the Saturday night of BYAF. Widdle-fingers in the air for sure!

Lach is the “King of the East Village”; the man responsible for launching the careers of a thousand artists and the popularising the genre known today as “Anti-Folk”. If you’re a singer/songwriter, there’s every chance that you’re influenced by Lach and that you don’t even know it. A New York native now relocated to the mean streets of Edinburgh, Lach will be bringing this critically acclaimed blend of storytelling, music and stand-up comedy to Dundee for the very first time. Having conquered NYC, the Edinburgh Festival, BBC 4 and everything in between, it is our humbled pleasure to have Lach headlining the acoustic stage on the final night of BYAF VII.

That’s it for now folks, thanks for very much for reading. I look forward to every Book Yer Ane Fest and this year is no exception. I’ll be playing at least three or four sets over the course of the weekend, so keep your eyes peeled for where I and many others may pop up. Don’t forget about the MYSTERY GUEST HEADLINERS at the Acoustic Brunch Club show at Cerberus on Saturday 30th November too, kicking off at 12 noon. Get stoked.

Also, ye can still get Earlybird Weekend Tickets for £20 here.



Okay, I confess; this isn’t a blog about International Workers’ Day or global anti-capitalist action, although I do stand firmly in solidarity with the workers of the world; “there is the elite and the dispossessed”.

I myself have some time off work without obligation for what feels the first time in years and I thought it prudent to catch up with all matters Make-That-A-Take. We’ve got some big plans for across the summer and things are busier than they have ever been. The Uniforms / Loaded 45 split 7″ inches are on their way to us and will be assembled and posted out as soon as possible to those who have pre-ordered, likely within the next couple of weeks. This is the first time that we’ve ventured into the world of vinyl and we’re pretty excited about it. Maybe we should throw a release party or something? Who knows. Regardless, you can pre-order the record at the Make-That-A-Take bandcamp page and it comes with instant digital download. There are also a limited batch of record/shirt deals, so go grab one of them if that’s your bag. Thanks to DyingScene and For The Love Of Punk for all their support. I’ve still got some download codes left so if anyone wants one for review/zine/podcast/radio/whatever purposes, please drop me an email.

Talking of first ventures, we are involved in putting on our first ever Edinburgh show next week in collaboration with Billy Liar and Forest Records. It’s our pleasure to put on Fist City, an oddball punk rock band from Alberta, Canada. They’ll be joined by equal oddities Cleavers, The Kimberly Steaks and FUCK! (It’s Pronounced Shit!) at The Banshee Labyrinth and is sure to be a bit of a special treat. Huge thanks to Drunken Sailor Records and Billy for getting this sorted out. Get the full details here.

fist city edinburgh

Talking of Edinburgh, we have also moved The Cut Ups‘ show from Dundee to the capital on Thursday 1st August as there was a gig clash with a Rusty Hip CollectiveGW show at Kage featuring the wonderful Football Etc, Plaids, Bonehouse, Carson Wells and The Sinking Feeling, so to avoid any split, we’ll be hosting them at The Banshee once again. It’s been almost four years since The Cut Ups played in Edinburgh, playing at The Wee Red Bar with Joey Terrifying, Dick Dangerous and The Love Bastards and Billy Liar way back before Book Yer Ane Fest III. This time around they’ll be joined by us roasters in Uniforms, The Kimberly Steaks and the guys from The Walking Targets. Those dudes were on The Punk Show on Air3 Radio with Samarth Kanal and recorded some live acoustic stuff that you can download here. Talking of which, Uniforms and Loaded 45 did the same thing when we popped in before the Stirling show of tour and you can download the sounds of nine idiots pissing themselves laughing here.

ghost mice dundee 2013

Back on the home front, we’ll be hosting our first acoustic show of the summer at Cerberus Bar, Dundee on Monday 24th June and we are very excited to welcome Ghost Mice from Bloomington, Indiana back for the first time since their tour with Paul Baribeau way back in 2007. That night we hosted a little acoustic punk rock party in the basement of Drouthy Neebors that was opened by Kevin Thomson, who will also be playing this return leg with his new folk-punk two-piece Broken Stories. Kev and Gillian have released a little gem of an EP which you can download here. They’ll be joined by the ever-loquacious Billy Liar, the piano-punk balladry of Turtle Lamone and a first MTAT show from Glasgow based ukulele-wielding singer-songwriter Nyla. It’s been a while since we’ve hosted a show like this one and it’ll be a donations on the door deal. It’d be great if you kind people could come and join us for what’s sure to be in interesting night with the Plan-It-X guys. You should definitely check out Chris Clavin’s book “Free Pizza For Life” book; a heart-wrenching tale of love, friendship and DIY punk.

We shall also be putting on a Dundee show as part of The Lemonaids/Kimberly Steaks tour and it will be a free show at Kage on Saturday 8th June. We’ll have full details of that bad boy in the next week or so. Beyond that, we’ll be hosting Break-Ups from south England alongside the mighty Sink Alaska and others on Friday 19th July then we’ll be welcoming German post-hardcore troops Casually Dressed on Friday 9th August. We’ve also got some incredible shows to announce for later in the summer but I am forbidden from spilling the beans about any of them at this point in time. I will, however, advise that you mark Saturday 28th September in your diaries as we will be playing host to a cheeky little half-day “mini-fest” of sorts at Kage. This is a show that we are all sorts of excited about. You may also wish to pencil in both the fourth and twenty-sixth of October, and maybe the days after too. Just saying!

Then it’ll be time for Book Yer Ane Fest VII, running this year from Friday 29th November through Sunday 1st December. There will also more than likely be a pre-BYAF show of some description on the Thursday night beforehand. We’re having a big MTAT meeting tomorrow night so I may be able to shed a little more light on what special treats we have planned after then. It seems that this year is going to feature the most travelling bands that we’ve ever hosted so will be on the hunt for volunteers who would be keen to help us out with things over the weekend, such as accommodating/feeding bands, acting as guides, etc, in exchange for a free weekend pass and other cool shit. If this sounds like it may be your cup of tea, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Running a three-day event can be a total ballache so any help that may be out there is certainly appreciated.

Finally on the MTAT front, we are going to be releasing Make Yer Ane Comp for download this summer. If any bands would like to get involved, please get in touch. We’ll be making a limited run of physical CDs too and we are now currently taking submissions (I just felt like a total roaster typing that, but I’ll leave it in for authenticity’s sake).

This month also marks two years since our Bandcamp page went live. We currently have 33 releases available for streaming and download, many of them for free/pay-what-you-want download and the rest of them for super-cheap. We’ve had an incredible number of plays/downloads and the donations that people have made (and continue to make) really are incredible. It truly makes me personally feel like we must be doing something right and it gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling in my tummy (lolz). Seriously though, the worldwide DIY punk community is inspiring to me. Like I wrote in my guest Pet Piranha blog, the DIY community really is based upon friendship. All of this would be pointless pissing in the wind if there weren’t people out there who share your passions and/or visions. It’s nice to feel you’re not alone!

There are some fucking great records up there if I do say so myself, including all four in the MYAC series and all the BYAF comps. Thank you again to everyone who continues to support what we do. There’s a merch store up there too for all your boutique cowpunk needs and you’ll also find some distro shit up there. We’ll get around to uploading the CD catalogue very shortly, I promise. If any bands/labels out there want involved in our distro or if you’d like us to carry anything (zines, etc), please get in touch with us.

Right, I’ve rambled on for quite long enough for today. I’ve been procrastinating, drinking coffee, doing housework, listening to records and doing various “paperwork” tasks for hours and I still haven’t made it out to the Post Office to send the latest batch of merch out. I’ve been massively distracted due to listening to “The Ballad Of Tony Montana”, the new 25 minute punk rock masterpiece from PMX which is not only the first material that they’ve released since 2004’s “Rise and Shine”, but it may also be the longest punk rock song/rock opera of all-time, outrunning everything from “The Decline” to Crass to Fucked Up. That in itself is some achievement; the fact that it’s mind-bogglingly tech and ambitious as fuck and pulled off with maximum aplomb is quite another. Now I just need to talk them into doing that shit live at BYAF VII! Go download it now, it’s essential listening.