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Mailed myself back to the light as a bundle of old records, unsold, packaged by a friend, destined for the ashes of grandmothers’ only village. Wrong flag, braw times, royally shafted. Together, legions, we drones play shepherds by voodoo’s smoke. 5XgmTV, aye but, how the why, asked Jojo yo-yo the fighter pilot.

Quality assurance, I guarantee thee, non-compliant sheep, perfidious dog, lie down, crown of crowded cornrows; fuckkk farming, croft yer ane Bristol crème, cunts run countries. Six counties doth not a coalition conceive, but criminality. Duco fucked a monk foetus to save children of Israel in Catalonia catacombs.

Tradesmen, ocean grown. Hollywood’s greatest directors worship idolatrous illustrations o’ Ben Hur, evolutionary biology heretical, your supremacy, I swear upon thy burning cross. Ken, the one ye nailed the sun to, bathing satanic majesty in da Nile. The greatest Reich, Einsenhower, shuffles Roosevelt’s tarot.

Iron man, DC aye? Celtic Unity, hysteria. Gallus frog marches Pepe, misunderstood existentially; Scratchy, Big Mo, Homer; sketched before disappearing wisdom fell acidic allies down Eric’s forked tongue, towards ska-punk gallows. Fascism fears paella not, olive oil drown my illusion, omertà shit.

How many fukkkin times, chef? Insubordination, old school, meant plank meet posture. Some-necked giraffes ken karate; pencils, untrained, snap aforementioned ligaments. Excuse me, violence, reality burled. Feel bad ye what, shat yersel? Maestro called, call him bounced cheque, mate.

Wake, bake, ye walking wake’n’wank, this is yer conscious speaking. No sunbirds, statistics, post-match analysis necessary, take aw yer pull, grind them. Queensferry rules, bring yer ane bombs, bullshit battalions bail before “bad boys” bully bullies, armed with voice, bass, guitar, skateboard. Cake?

Toots, listen, Brad’s an archetype; the Joe Rogan with insight, if ye insist, yet resist. Psychic linguistic Pictish cider, no brain damage on this, Mike. Roy, the wee or big wan. Fuck roundabouts, Zebedee, real magic is Bungle’s pain in stereo silence. Broken speakers. Tell no lord, lies commander.

Smitty? Saw him wes’on glock over flock street, UZIfied fishing, TECKLE. Karl, Ash nipped off themsel, why bother rushing? Greed, meet Envy in Zionist hate, almighty me squire, what jolly spiffing flasks full of falafel, yessir. Three bags, indeed, sir. Bargains for big baws, wee Johnny Part Time, count yer jaws.

Ken fine I kick it, cunto, ken? If in doubt, spit it out, forever friends, GISM. Poker. Malt liquor. Salt lakes. Suck my dildo, van heeder. Pounded fist in ham peace, guggit, barkers, honkin’, ye reeking maggot jam tart bar steward walking union street queen. A mole.

Offend me in GCHQ magazine, full frontal, beamed in, Scotty Boy, too hot for TV, paid with Kaufman’s unscripted credit card removal company, pissed on by carer’s deserving means but lacking production. Kippers, nae per diem. Did it, done it, lined it up, snorted, burnt doon. Straw men? Chip rappers.

Flood windmills with Steve Bannon. Information overload; chessboard overlords of the annihilated sewers, all roads lead to broken promises, land theft, Rome. Picked it up, irish irony, in the north, karma west of white cliffs, Nelson. Port and lemonade indulgence, Dennis. A river.

Denial is potent. 0141.com

For eighty eight zombie corpses

Dragged through the streets

To hang their heads off.

Divine intervention.

Sweet. Sweet papaya.


JANUARY BARGAINS & more propaganda from the cowpunk cult


The full 142 release MTAT discography download music collection is available with 50% off the usual price, now downloadable in one package for £44.99. That’s like 30p per release!


We’ve got new music, including the preorder of The Overbites’ “Time To Go” EP, from Fractal.420, Wreaking Joy, Vægtløs, David Delinquent and The I.O.U’s, Truth Ruiner, Knives Chau Fan Club, catslash, The Last Mile, ALLDEEPENDS & more, plus classics from Kaddish, Stonethrower, Broken Stories, Franz Nicolay, UNIFORMS, Seas, Starry, Get It Together, Goodbye Blue Monday & literally hundreds more.

“TIME TO GO” EP preorder; http://makethatatakerecords.bandcamp.com/album/time-to-go-ep

The full MAKE YER ANE COMP collection is included, dating back to the inaugural Book Yer Ane Fest hosted in Perth in November 2008. The first compilation was a run of 100 CDRs we sold for donations on the day. If anyone still has a physical copy, we’d love to see it!

MAKE YER ANE COMP IX will be released this Friday and, we hope, follows in the #makeyeranecomp tradition of celebrating underground punk rock culture whilst introducing new artists, bands & ideas. I (Derrick) curated this mixtape in good faith with love. I did the art on this occasion also.

Hope folx enjoy it. It’ll be released in solidarity with Fans Supporting Foodbanks Dundee, with monies from pay-what-you-want downloads being split straight down the middle.

We ken times are tough for awbdy and it’s a big ask for a diypunk label to be asking the most supportive community on earth for more support, but we can only stoke these flames of discontent together!


Tribalism is an illusion that benefits only the oppressor.

Call it math-rock, post-sludge, metallic hardcore, moshcore or whatever descriptor ye like, stripped to it bare bones, this is simply lead heavy brutal METAL at its most gnarly.

The church of punk, metal and hardcore is a big tent; sectarianism truly Scotland’s shame and the cause of much suffering, when we allow ourselves to believe we don’t worship at the same alter of noise. There are folx in this city who’ve being doing great work, for years, to unify the communities.

This Thursday, your friendly neighbourhood cowpunks extend a hand of friendship to all those who enjoy extreme metal & hardcore, in all its various grotesque shapes and forms, to join us for the the first of a Thursday / Saturday from MTAT & JCHC Zine.

Thursday; Pound (northwestern usa) UK Tour w/ Kakihara throughout Scotland, joined by Codespeaker and Knives Chau Fan Club. 7pm doors, first act on sharp. £8 advanced, tenner on doors.


Friday; Cirque Du Corset return for their monthly alt-drag cabaret residence with your esteemed host SLAY GUEVARA. 7pm doors from 8pm showtime. Hit up their page and / or insta for full ticket information.


Saturday; Jute City Hardcore presents Newcastle & Dundee HXC Unity with Wise Up (Nuclear Family Records) and AGGRIEVED having an away day with Truth Ruiner & Wreaking Joy. 7pm doors, £8/10. Tickets from JCHC.


All shows in Conroy’s Basement at Rad Apples Dundee. Usual house rules apply. Gigs strictly 18+, sorry. Please bring ID (this is the law, not our choice), familiarise yourself with the MTAT House Rules and be aware that we work with Good Night Out Campaign.

Vegan kitchen serving until 8pm all days.
Bar open until 11pm Thursday, midnight weekends. Please be sound to the staff at Rad Apples and all the crew. Ken ye will be!

All gigs tickets; http://makethatatakerecords.bigcartel.com/product/e-tickets


Due to some kind of system failure, all overseas shipping is currently suspended. This is a worldwide issue over which we have no control, sorry. We’ll start shipping internationally again once the Post Office up the road say it’s sound.

Seems none I’ve taken since new year have gone and there’s a bunch stuck at customs in amerikkka. Deepest joy. More information will be shared as soon as it becomes available. Apologies for the fuckery.

That said, I’m positive developments, all ALLDEEPENDS bundles have finally been shipped. We’re working our way through the TRUTH RUINER and VÆTGLØS orders at the moment, keeping time with our stated goal of having everything signed, sealed and delivered by the end of January.

Your patience is deeply appreciated, thank you all for sticking with us!


If ye didnae ken, MTAT has a YouTube channel. It’s been online for maybe 15 years (?) and contains 420+ live performance and music videos from across cowpunk history.

MTAT began before the dawn of Web 2.0 and the birth of social media as we know it, so this page has received scant use over the last five years or so, as “culture” migrated to corporate control. It’s not monetised or used for financial gain, just as a shop window. Real life is not here.

We’re trying to move away and centralise everything, as part of a strategy to move away from social media entirely. By the end of the year, all our pages will be echoes from party central. Tom MySpace won the war; taught a generation to code, sold his company and bailed. Still the best front page for bands too.

That preamble is all to say that I’ve uploaded a whole bunch of videos to Cowpunk TV, including the “Anxiety” music video from the forthcoming “Time To Go” EP from The Overbites, Book Yer Ane Fest videos from ALLDEEPENDS, Burning Flag and Truth Ruiner, Tejas emo kids Riley from SUMMERPUNKS and a couple videos from newyearsemo from Slowlight and Gossiper.

I’ll steadily be adding to the live archives over the days, weeks, months and likely years to come. The work is never done. It’s always more than music.


Please like/share/subscribe!


No fools here!

01/04/23; BUYATICKETFORTHISFEST with JOEY TERRIFYING (only Scottish gig), THE SEWER CATS (Manchester), THE CUNDEEZ, KIDS ON FIRE (Seattle, usa), FLINCH (Glasgow), THE DISORDERLIES (usa), Scottish DIY fayre w/ JCHC Zine, Mutual Scum, Struggletown, more bands & artists and more to come.

Joey Terrifying will only be playing TWO SHOWS. Learn the words, breathe deeply, express yourself clearly. Prepare for ruckus.


05/04/23; PETROL GIRLS (eng / eu) with GET IT TOGETHER (ten year anniversary show!) & ARSENIC ANNIE. 7.30pm, £10/14.
Tickets went on sale last week and have been flying out. Grab one fast!




10/04/23; FRESH (eng) & CHEERBLEEDERZ (eng) with CROCODILE TEARS and possibly one more. Post-MPF Dundee full band show a long time in coming from two of English indie pop’s most beloved exports. Likely to be turbo rammed, Rad Apples open for the SHOW ONLY.

All of these gigs are likely to sell out so please grab tickets as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Full spring schedule coming soon!

📍 Rad Apples Dundee / Conroy’s Basement

Right, that’s enough blathers. Thank you if you’ve made it this far through the cowpunk cult propaganda newsletter. Know ye are loved and we can’t do this without you.

It’s all go.
What a time to be alive.

Derrick (MTAT)


A Poem; “An Experience of Nausea”

OG photo taken in Belfast, 2017(?)


The shattered self

and an ill sense of being.

Light a faint cold purple,

accepting of penance and repentance.


Spooked by the death of god

and developing understanding

of a thousand others,

living inside of all of us

every day,

at all times.


Fall into warm familiar darkness,

cosmic sadness.

Oscillator; contentment or resentment?


Utter disgust.

Sheer hell, a construction.




The slow unravelling.


Adequately translate

thought to mouth,

words and tangible,

reality-based action.


Damn the deconstructionists,

who enabled eugenicist mind control.

Clowns weaponising meaninglessness, ignorance.

Fuck poetics.

Constant nails down the blackboard,

third eye squeegee time.


An email written to a friend in “hostile territory” that an email server wouldn’t allow through. Published here as “an echo off the far wall”, as The Hotelier may put it.

Seabraes, Dundee


Apologies once more for the silence in the void, ‘tis not for lack of will or psychic connection, simply space, time and these peculiar things called “emotions” reeking havoc with one’s being. I’ve been thinking of you. I have also finally acquired a grail.

Twenty years or however long after first introduction at your masterly hand, I’ve finally stepped aboard the mothership and own a physical copy of Maggot Brain on 12” vinyl. Having my first spin on a dreich Saturday afternoon with no United to go see or work until later, I drift into another time and space, another wavelength, and I understand things I wished I did long before. Ten weeks deep into twenty years or more of theory, my heart is opening. Praxis > theory. Who knew?

We remain afloat on the east coast, Dundee resembling somewhere more akin to Leipzig, or maybe further east, on a daily basis. It’s set to become a “FREEPORT”, as the fascists turn this island into Singapore or whatever money laundering enterprise these maniacs have in place to rob us blind. On the positive, general strike moves ever closer. All empires die.

I trust Mother Earth has nourished ye from her womb, if not the situations of your current employment and emotional satisfaction. I echo the restlessness ye referred to previously, a general malaise, mortality, a dawning, cosmic waves gathering. One cannot define exactly but something in my stomach has shifted, my soul moved, and I’ve felt your wisdom recently.

My dreams have changed. Where once there was only space for fear, violence and aggression, I’ve been dreaming of protecting the same white horse over consecutive evenings for weeks, when retention of images has occurred. What would Einstein say? Probably advise flipping the record over.

I think I told ye Peggy G died. If not, I’m sorry, but he did. It’s been awful and I feel a shell, bereft, the lingering sound of an octave chord sustaining at high pitch, delusions of grandeur shattered only by the horrors of our shared reality. It may be a salutary lesson in grace, or the death of fear. Maybe both, who knows?

I hope yer familial status is somewhere in the regions between happiness and communicative, as far as I understand these concepts to hold meaning at this time. I FEEL ye but Pearl Jam addressed something about the state of love and trust in some song they ripped from Neil Young once. I don’t trust Eddie Vedder. I trust you.

Once more into the breach, doctor. 

With love.


Wreaking Joy art by Hooligan

WREAKING JOY “demo” is MTAT145, replacing a canned project, and is out now for free/pay-what-you-want download above. They play their first ever show on Sunday (tomorrow) with ENDLESS SWARM, BELOW THE NECK & ASSIMILATE at Rad Apples for JCHC.

JCHC art by Kel


A Poem; “Consistency”





Evergreen consistency

low-key persistence

sees labour turn

to dust and dreams






Pharmaceutical efficiency

corruption-held supremacy

grinds teeth down

to the gums as

the electorate disintegrates.



Theft and misery,

straightness direct

to shareholders.

What a burden

for a fool to take

upon such slender shoulders.






compliments complacency,

progress slow when dealing

cards professionally.





based on dreams.

Imagined narratives help

broken beans process

trauma of the egoic

ignorance of crybabies.





signifies a fear in taking

action over theory.

You’ll be safe

in bubbles as we travel

to the end of history.





Burning books to hide

the truth is the domain of Nazis.


Red fascists.


Choose your battles,

lest they choose you,

as they do us all.

All neoliberal narrative

management makes Thatcher

the true mother of all dissonance.


A Poem; “Pineapple Heed“

Apocalypse in satire

A parody of leadership

Kicking holes in fake hate,

you counterfeits.

Towing the line,

doing yer lines,

standing around in a race against time.

Leading the race in testosterone bro rage,

cannae get a date with people yer own age.

You won’t have a hope when the sirens go off.

It doesn’t really matter who gets the last laugh


Mercedes Benz and gold-rimmed glasses

drawing red lines over social classes.

Fuelling the hate and rage of the masses,

you fucking poisonous inbred racists.

Paving the way for more to discriminate,

“they’ve got a lot to say”

Got a fucking lot to say now, yeah?

I’ll be taking these motherfuckers out all day.


but in line you’ll stay.

We’ve got some broken politricks.


Taking bribes in poisoned gold,

a ticking bomb about to explode.

It’s doesn’t matter about yer shitty weekend,

these pineapple heeds will ensure we all end.

But that doesn’t matter to corporate,

the cops

the bigots who make the law.

They’ll never ken the power o’ just chewing yer jaw.

Break the camel’s back

and draw yer last straws.

We’ll never see the world again

the way we do right now.


a legacy of conquest.

ethnic cleansing before the words “genocide” or “crimes against humanity” existed

the Socratic oath

entry into this realm and the comedown from the ecstasy of pre-human form

the gift and the curse of both

crimes of empire, the royal british legion, standard-bearing, cub scouts

repressed assault; bullies now polis

a stolen football shirt, heroin, double-murder

chords to an old song, four bank accounts.

Duncan’s island descent in strange tongue

flag bastards screaming “progress” as the demons climb the rungs

the rapist. the metal bands. the clowns.

the blackened lungs. the hatred. the loathing. knowledge of how to

“safely use guns”.

high school biology.

that parents lie to their children

the inbreeding of fascist parasites

masquerading as the divine right of

kings. Brasso for brass, silver for blades.

how much I love purp’s face and smile

that a single bite can save a life

a boat trip back from an island to

it’s aggressive hostile neighbour and

a video of a toddler eating humous.

Price Edward Island. Geneva. Venice.

a lack of positive male role models.

the fuckin’ moonboot from Amebix

genius is merely insight, the separation of

art and artist.

church and state.

the impermanent impermanence of

all things for eternity experienced

through a youthfully underdeveloped

palette and how old cunts can

be thanked for brutal lessons.

tough love.

that the fiend club is home tomorrow

that home is where they let you in.

the existential misery of being

a lifelong dundee united supporter.

Love is real.



Rest in Power, Gordon James MacKenzie


May the force ever be with you, brother.

May the fourth be with you means different things to different people, a deeply important day for many reasons. For those of us who were privileged to know, live, grow and love Gordon, it shall now forever be both a beautiful and sad day, as it represents the day he arrived on this earth in his physical form.

I had the deep pleasure of first meeting Gordon in primary two; me a gobby five year old with too many thoughts and a frustrating speech impediment, he a taller, quiet, clearly smart six year old. Miss Littlejohn sat Gordon beside me; “Derrick’s a nice boy, hold his hand and he’ll show you around”, or some words to that effect. Little did she know that Gordon, both literally and figuratively, would be holding my hand for much of the next thirty-five years.

May the force ever be with you, brother.

Gordon’s love is not something that can be described, something that can only be experienced. His greatest love, greatest achievement and greatest source of joy was the love he poured into his children, family and forever loves. Gordon always the best of us. A loyal, ferocious fearless lily of the valley; a protector, sincere, honest, brutal, discrete, stubborn, strong, beautiful; the closest I’ve ever known a person to come to purity, something he’d belly laugh at. Those who know his love know this love will never end.

“Love is a dog from hell” (Chuck Bukowski)

Gordon was an artist, a watcher, a photographer, an observer, a commentator, a critic, an inspiration and a muse. Two weird kids met in ‘88 as caterpillars. One evolved into the most beautiful, engaging, enraging, consistent, persistent, compassionate sage-like butterfly who listened to too much radio. Maybe he was a moth. I’m glad he saw the world how he did, in the infinite shades of grey; a vision all his own. The other writes these platitudes today, attempting to keep a promise to my first co-conspirator.

Over ten years ago now, Gordon helped clear my father’s house after he died. My dad’s departure date was April 27th 2012, same day Boab sent me the final masters of the Uniforms EP. As Gordon told me then; “love never dies and neither do spirits. Dae the ‘hings, whatever the ‘hings may be”. The EP came out on May 4th 2012, the caterpillar’s thirtieth birthday. The gig doubled as my dad’s wake.

May the fourth ever be with you, brother.

Gordon lived. Gordon loved. Gordon will never truly die. He’ll be with us all until end of time as he knew that energy cannot die, it just transforms. Love is alive in story, song, poetry, art, blood, verse, heart, soul, thought, our bodies, our bones and everywhere at all times. That can only grow with time, Gordon the watcher ever watcheth over.

Gordon knew that “all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves” (Bill Hicks).

Thank you for lighting the way for us all. We will love you until the earth falls into the sun. May the force ever be with you, until we see you again.

Your forever pal, derrick.

Multiple Banger Alert; September Shows!!!

So that’ll be summer over then, eh? Just as well September is fixing to be moich show-wise. There’s heaps of shit going on and as Make-That-A-Take moves into our “Wrestlemania” Season in the run up to BOOK YER ANE FEST VII, I am very excited by the plethora of punk rock goodness we have cooking up over the next few months. It all kicks off next Monday night (September 9th) at Cerberus Bar with this banger;


These soulful alt-country/Americana-infused punk rock’n’rollers from Columbus, Ohio will be playing the only Scottish show of their European Tour at this special last minute intimate acoustic performance at Cerberus Bar in Dundee. Having released records through Suburban Home Records (home of Tim Barry, Drag The River, Arliss Nancy), their new record “The Death Of The Self Preservation Society” comes out this month on Last Chance Records. It is our distinct pleasure to be able to help these dudes out at the last minute and host them in Dundee.
FFO; Lucero, Drag The River, Drive-By Truckers.


Acoustic cowpunk rock’n’roll from the Uniforms/MTAT roaster that is equal parts bleak, uplifting, sing-a-long and blackly comedic. Having managed to avoid making a full-length for the past ten years, THT has clocked up many miles and played with the likes of Tim Barry, Sundowner,Mike Park and literally hundreds more. A few super-limited “Summer Demo ’13” CDs will be available on the night.


High-octane fiddle and harmony-driven upbeat melodic folk/punk two piece from rural Perthshire. Mixing the introspective yet uplifting songcraft of the likes of Chuck Ragan/Austin Lucas to the rabble-rousing folk stomp of Flogging Molly and a classic full-blast punk rock delivery, Broken Stories have killed it at every show thus far this year.


.Mark is a troubadour in the finest sense of the tradition; an imaginative and emotive singer/songwriter, Mark has travelled all over Europe armed with only an acoustic guitar and thinks nothing of driving 8 hours for one show. From rural Angus via Paris, it is always our pleasure to have Mark play for us.

First Act at 8pm
Entry by donations on door (£3/4 suggested please!)

This is a last minute show so please give generously. All money goes to Two Cow Garage, so grab some merch while you’re at it!

PJ Bond Edinburgh


Incredible world-traversing passionate acoustic punk rocker from New Brunswick, New Jersey on Black Numbers Records returns to Edinburgh to bring us his unique and sometimes heartbreaking tales of a life lived on the road. One of the nicest guys in the DIY underground, PJ is a humble gentlemen who channels the spirit of Bob Dylan and Black Flag and delivers heartfelt melancholic acoustic Americana that is as charming as it is uplifting. The wonderful “You Didn’t Know I Was Alphabetical” LP has been repressed and is out now on Black Numbers.


Scotland’s finest angry young punk turned incredible tale-telling troubadour plays his first hometown show after wrapping up another busy summer of touring and festivals, including Rebellion, Nice’n’Sleazy and Strummercamp. With a new split release with kindred spirits Tim Loud and X-Ray Cat incoming and the sold out “Ghosts of Punk Rock” EP under his studded belt this year, Billy continues to evolve into something truly special.


Heartfelt and engaging lo-fi acoustic folk/indie/pop rock goodness, likened by Chris T-T as “the John Martyn of punk rock”. Edinburgh-based singer/songwriter Davey Nolan has done his time in the punk rock trenches with the likes of Slaphappy and The Barents Sea and is striking out on his own, mixing soaring melodies and traditional tongue with an emotive delivery and a dry self-deprecating humour.



Charming and witty ukulele-wielding singer/songwriter Nyla, originally from London, now residing in Glasgow. Playing introspective anti-folk along the lines of Kimya Dawson/ONSIND, Nyla has released two EPs; one about making someone smile, one about trying to cheer yourself up. That tells you almost everything that you need to know!

Doors @ 7.30pm
Free Entry!

arliss nancy 2013

This particular banger is on Abbie’s birthday!


We are delighted to welcome back Colorado’s finest whisky-drenched soulful countrified punk rock’n’rollers back to Dundee for the second time this year. Having last visited us in February, Arliss Nancy have charmed everyone they’ve met with their intense and passionate blend of Americana, soul and rock’n’roll delivered with a punk rock energy and this time they’ll be armed with their new LP. The band are only in the UK for one week on this European tour and we’re delighted to bring them back to Dundee for this exclusive Scottish show. “Simple Machines” is a classic LP, get into it before the new one drops. Think Drive-By Truckers / The Replacements / Bruce Springsteen. Anthems, I tell thee.


Big hearted anthemic emo/indie rock from Perth fronted by the inimitable Grant George. This will be the second time that The Barents Sea have played with Arliss Nancy, having struck up a kinship last time they were over. Expect introspective yet ultimately uplifting melodic rock bangers dealing with passions, frustrations and a healthy dose of the small town blues.


Fresh Dundee five-piece with an ear for the infectious melody and a thirst for the balls-out rock’n’roll banger return to Kage for the first time since their debut show back in March. Featuring ex-members of Cole Appleyard, State Of Affairs and The Barents Sea, soaring melodies, hearty riffage and sing-a-long goodness are a guarantee.


Doors @ 7.30pm
£6 Tax (includes entry to club night thereafter)

mini fest


We are delighted to welcome one of UK punk rock’s most beloved, endearing and hard-working bands to Dundee for the first time to headline Mini-Fest; three-piece London punks Great Cynics. Coming on like a more youthful and upbeat Billy Bragg fronting The Lemonheads with a modern punk energy, Great Cynics have grown from being the acoustic project of front man Giles Bidder into the hulking rock beast that they are today. Their second full-length “Like I Belong” is out now on Household Name Records of London and is one of the best records thus far this year.


Incredible, anthemic, searingly honest and gut-bustingly passionate folk-punk rockers from Melbourne, Australia play their first ever Scottish show on their first visit to the UK. One of the most inspiring and uplifting bands in modern punk rock, The Smith Street Band is based on the songwriting genius of Wil Wagner and have been setting the world alight since 2009. Last year’s “Sunshine and Technology” LP was a masterpiece and the new “Don’t Fuck With Our Dreams” EP is out now on Poison City Records. Expect grown men to openly weep with fists aloft.


Scotland’s greatest pop-punk exports come back to Dundee for the first time since March and the last time before they head off the USA once again to tour to Fest 12 in Gainesville. You know these dudes already; lightening quick super-melodic bittersweet sing-a-long pop-punk bangers played full blast. Freshly signed to the mighty Asian Man Records, their new “These Are Only Problems” LP is due out this “fall” and will blow your mind once again. Make sure you catch them in Dundee before they blow up!


Premier league “Ecossemo” three-piece from Aberdeen come back to Dundee to charm us with their unique and noisy blend of skewed 90s emo, lo-fi 80s indie rock and 00s skramz. One of Scotland’s most treasured bands, the band have toured throughout the UK/EU and last year released the “Wonderkid” LP through Art For Blind/Black Lake Records. It’s always a pleasure to welcome these fine gentlemen back to Dundee.


Dirty, driving and danceable high energy punk rock blues madness from Dundee’s finest art school garage band. There are few bands that kick out the jamz quite like these troops; coming on like Howlin’ Wolf fronting The MC5, The Shithawks are a wild rock’n’roll thrill ride marrying nightmare blues, stoner rock and hardcore into punk rock moonshine. Rumours of an upcoming record are making the rounds too. Get ready to bust out some serious dance moves.


Wise beyond their years Edinburgh young team punks bring their ridiculously infectious brand of grizzled gruff melodic punk rock back to Dundee. One of the most exciting young bands in the country, these boys have toured with The Murderburgers, released the “Controlling The Motions” mini-album and the “Shape Of Cowpunk To Come” split EP with Maxwell’s Dead in the past year. Big things to come from these troops so get in early.

Doors @ 6pm. First band @ 6.15pm
£8 Tax (includes Asylum club night thereafter)

There will also be distro, stalls (including Sea Shepherd and The Rusty Hip Collective) and a mix-tape/CD swapbox, so bring along a mix to swap and some extra pennies for records.

Advance tickets here (includes free download of Make Yer Ane Comp IV); http://makethatatakerecords.bandcamp.com/merch/mini-fest-ticket



BYAF VII; The Acoustic Stage

Earlybird Weekend Tickets for Book Yer Ane Fest VII will be going on sale for the bargain price of £20 one week from today. We will have the lion’s share of the line-up announced by then and will have news about this year’s chosen cause from the good people of Safe-Tay. Last year we donated to Tayside Mountain and Water Rescue and the money went towards the purchase of a new life-raft. Since BYAF’s inception, we’ve raised over £5000 for Safe-Tay and their supported causes; something that we’re proud of and that wouldn’t be possible without those who have helped make BYAF what it is. I think it’s important to keep the primary purpose of BYAF in mind; to raise money and awareness for a cause that is close of our collective hearts. We aim to continue this tradition.

BYAF VII will also see a couple of firsts; it will be the first time that all three days have been hosted in Kage and also the first time that we’ll be running the Acoustic Stage over two days. Bands will be upstairs in the main part of the venue and we’ll be running the Acoustic Stage in the downstairs bar. While it presents some logistical gymnastics for us goofs to tackle, there will be no crossover between acts, so we should have performances running pretty much from when doors open until the club nights begin. We are as excited by the challenge as we are the line-up!

Lach is the “King Of The East Village”, the man who hosted the longest running open mic night in New York City that gave birth to the “anti-folk” scene and helped launch hundreds of careers, from the likes of The Moldy Peaches and Jeffrey Lewis to Lady Gaga. Fresh off a hugely successful and critically-acclaimed run of “Anticdotes” performances at the Edinburgh Festival and a new “Chronicles” show on BBC Radio 4, it is our absolute pleasure to host Lach’s very first show in Dundee and we’re delighted that he’ll be headlining the acoustic stage on the Sunday of BYAF VII.

Divided Heaven is the solo acoustic project of Jeff Berman from Florida punks Protagonist. Now transplanted to LA, Divided Heaven released the “A Rival City” LP through Paper + Plastick / No Panic Records in 2011 and has been touring the world ever since with the likes of Joey Briggs, Into It Over It and loads more. It is our pleasure to welcome Jeff to BYAF for his first Scottish show headlining on the Saturday night.

Billy Liar, Scotland’s finest angry young man turned enchanting storytelling troubadour returns to BYAF for the fourth consecutive year. Having sold out of “The Ghost Of Punk Rock” EPs earlier this year, Billy will be touring the USA for the first time in 2013 leading up to Fest 12 in Gainesville and has played at Rebellion, Strummercamp and heaps more festivals throughout the summer. New single coming soon too!

Some Sort Of Threat is a one man acoustic punk/freak-folk riot from Exeter. Influenced in equal parts by Dead Kennedys and Paul Simon, Rory Matthews is a very accomplished singer/songwriter and incredible guitarist who carves out impassioned intelligent melodic hardcore bangers. The new “Not The End Of The World” 7″ is out now on Specialist Subject Records.

Virtuoso punk-infused rowdy country/folk/blues madness from Leeds courtesy of the front man of aggro-punx Bootscraper, Tim Loud will deliver smart and intelligent sea shanties guaranteed to get your feet stomping. We’re very pleased to have him back after his riotous show at Cerberus at the start of the year. New split EP with Billy Liar and X-Ray Cat is coming soon.

Beautiful and haunting introspective melancholic lo-fi acoustic indie/emo jamz, Gone Wishing is the alter-ego of Owen from Bonehouse and The Won Over. Having played his first solo show at BYAF last year, Owen has grown tremendously as a solo performer and has released the incredible “Gone Wishing Tape” through Wolf Town DIY.

Mark McCabe is a troubadour in the finest sense of the tradition; an imaginative and emotive singer/songwriter, Mark has travelled all over Europe armed with only an acoustic guitar and thinks nothing of driving 8 hours for one show. From rural Angus via Paris, it is always our pleasure to have Mark play for us. New album is coming soon, we’re assured!

High-octane fiddle and harmony-driven upbeat melodic folk/punk two piece from rural Perthshire. Mixing the introspective lyrics with the uplifting songcraft of the likes of Chuck Ragan/Austin Lucas to the rabble-rousing folk stomp of Flogging Molly with a classic full-blast punk rock delivery, Broken Stories are the real deal and have killed it at every show this year.

Right, those are the first eight acts for the Acoustic Stage this year. The rest of the line-up will be announced next Sunday. Keep an eye on the Make-That-A-Take page for loads of updates throughout the week including news of four bands who’ll all be playing and sharing a split 10″ record that we’ll be releasing at BYAF itself. BYAF is going to serve as the release show for at least two new records that we are involved in and there could well be more by then too!