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This Is Not A Referendum Post

So it’s the eve of the Referendum and we’re on the crest of a wave of history; hysteria is at a premium and roasters of all persuasions are waving their flags and parroting rhetoric left, right and centre; none of which is in itself suprising. For the record, MTAT holds no official position. There is no authority higher than yourself; inform yourself and do what you feel is right. Personally, I’m pro-independence, anti-nationalist and against government-encouraged free market capitalism. All empires fall eventually. You know shit is getting out of hand when the polis are telling ye to chill out.

I wrote about this shit on my facebook page and said thus;

People not politicians, independence not nationalism. All governments are liars and propagandists in the pocket of big business and corporations concerned with profit, self-interest and self-preservation. Exchanging one brand of sycophant for another solves nothing. A fundamental change in the “system” is required for positive change to come about, not just the colour of the flag and the plaque above the door. Empire is no longer fit for purpose. Question all authority. Free movement for all.

There is no end of exciting shit on the Scottish independent DIY punk rock scene though and there’s a whole bunch of good stuff coming up in Dundee over the next couple of weeks. The Ickle Film Fest kicks off in Dundee tomorrow night and shall be running all weekend, culminating with a showing of FILM YER ANE; The BOOK YER ANE FEST Documentary and a live performance from homegrown emo punks Lachance on Sunday 21st September at the closing party of the festival at Tin Roof, Dundee from 5pm. The festival itself has gone from strength to strength over the last couple of years and there truly is something for everyone over the course of the weekend. Thank you so much to the organisers for asking us to be involved. Please check out the full programme of events below.

There are a couple of banging shows happening in Dundee the following weekend too. Friday 26th September sees our old pals Roughneck Riot return to Dundee for as part of their first full UK tour in 3 years in support of their brand new record “Out Of Anger” that is soon to drop on Manchester’s much respected stalwarts of DIY punk TNS Records. This band of rabble-rousers are true believers for sure and are some of the good guys. Collectively, we owe Matty and company more favours than we could ever hope to repay and they are also one of the hardest rockin’ shit-kicking punk rock bands around. Modernist “traditional” punk rock ain’t usually my bag beyond perhaps Flogging Molly (by virtue of Dave King’s songwriting) but these guys bring all the passion and energy of punk to their intrinsic understanding and respect for folk music. It’ll be great to see them back in Dundee.

roughneck riot

This show will also be the last for Jeff from Maxwell’s Dead before he departs for New Zealand, so it’s likely to be yet another emotionally charged affair. The Dundee ska-punk clowns have just released their new album. It’s called “A Deer In The Headlights” and it’s an altogether darker and more reflective piece of work than their earlier bouncy and super-melodic offerings. Lyrically, the album is more experimental and socio-political in tone whilst also being searingly honest and not proffering up answers, only asking more questions. Without descending into a metaphysical black hole, it’s a great record and a change of pace for the band that shows a more mature and reflective side, yet still retains it’s inherent playfulness and pogo-pop-punk swag. Check it out on bandcamp now. Dundee veteran punks The Eddies and Bathgate’s The Gimme Gimme Gimmes will also be on what should be a rare old Friday night bill at Non-Zeros.

The following day sees a whole bunch of busyness with the Dundee Together Against Racism and Fascism event happening in Dundee’s City Square from 11.30am through 4pm. There will be live music performances from The Cundeez, Buffalo Soldiers and heaps more, plus myself playing an acoustic set under the guise of Derrick Johnston (Uniforms). I think I’m having some sort of identity crisis with all the different pseudonyms I’ve adopted recently. I think I may have developed some sort of tri-polar messianic complex, but that’s probably a discussion for another time. The MTAT crew will be out in force handing out flyers and download codes for free music, so if you are about in Dundee next Saturday afternoon, do please stop by and say hello. We’ll be the ones dressed in black in front of the black flag…

arliss nancy

Later on that night sees a very welcome return to Dundee from our friends Arliss Nancy at an exclusive Scottish show and one of only 3 UK dates that they are playing in 2014. This will be the third time that these Colorado alt-country punks have played Dundee and we’re very excited that they’ve decided to come and play their only Scottish show of tour for us at Kage. Last year’s “Wild American Runners” LP is an essential document of US tour life and is packed full of all the hope and heartbreak of facing new frontiers. Road-wearing yet wide-eyed, Arliss Nancy are a pretty special band that have become friends of ours over the last few years and we are absolutely delighted to be hosting them in Dundee again.

They will be joined by a premier league supporting cast of locals in the form of emo-tinged Scottish mongers of angst, melody and rock Robot Doctors, who will be playing their first Dundee show since the packed-out launch night for their “Time Will Tell” album back in May, alongside the previously mentioned gang-chanted impassioned emo/punk nostalgic sounds of our own troops Lachance. The wonderful Broken Stories will be opening the show and will no doubt be treating us to some old favourites plus a handful of future classics from their forthcoming EP, full details of which will emerge in the next couple of weeks. Physical tickets for the show are on sale at Groucho’s, Dundee or you can save yourself a couple of quid by getting an e-ticket for a fiver here.

Talking of e-tickets, there are less than ten Super Earlybird Weekend Tickets for £20 left so if you want to ensure entry to all 7 BOOK YER ANE FEST shows, then I’d recommend getting on that shit now.

Next up is The Fur Coats in Dundee (at Kage) on Friday 10th October with The Shithawks, Salem Street and Overdose. Full details coming soon but wrap your cranium around this peach in the meantime.

In crust, we trust.

“As Autumn Falls” or Other Such Capers

photo (2)

August is always a busy month and, all in, I’d say it has been a pretty decent summer. Last month we hosted four shows featuring 15 acts from across the spectrum of punk rock and each show has had it’s own unique energy and atmosphere. The last minute scramble at the start at the month ended up with an absolute banger of a show at Kage on August 10th with Shatterhand, Get It Together, First Step To Failure, young Glasgow punks Veto and myself taking to the floor at a gig that highlighted camaraderie and togetherness that was both heartening and inspiring. It’s all too easy, at times, to let the head drop and question why you do what you do, whatever it is you do. After both the headliners and main support had to pull, it would’ve been easy to cancel the show and stay home. Thankfully I’m not the only one who’s having none of that caper and I applaud the spirit and tenacity of everyone who buckled down and made shit happen. To paraphrase Tosh from Shatterhand; “punk rock might now change the world but it sure as fuck makes it a better place to be for a couple of hours”. Wise words, spiderman!

The Jeffrey Lewis and The Jrams show the following week was sublime. Not only did the band play for well over an hour and pack the house on a dreary Tuesday night in Dundee, but they were also impeccable house guests. I’ve been listening to my newly acquired copy of “Em Are I” almost daily for the better part of the last three weeks and there’s always something new to discover on there. Jeffrey is an engaging character; wry, thoughtful and very funny on top of being one of the most influential musicians of his (our) generation. Seth Faergolzia and Heck Yup were certainly one of the more musically challenging acts that I’ve ever attempted to “do sound” for, mixing up all kinds of interesting instrumentation on top of loopers, synths, flutes, electric cello and multi-layered vocals; a hypnotic and engaging performance that was unlike anything I’ve seen before. The lovely Esperi opened proceedings and treated us to some older classics alongside fresh cuts from his new album “Seasons” that was released yesterday. Thank you to everyone who came out to the show; it seemed like there were a number of MTAT show “first-timers” so hopefully those that were new to our approach found it a positive experience!

Friday night saw the “official” launch of “Thick Letters To Friends”, the incredible new LP from Kaddish and it was one of the most intense shows that I’ve ever been a part of. Kage was absolutely rammed and it was roasting in there. Even so, as I stood at the side watching the band destroy for the thick end of 40 minutes, I had shivers up my spine. The journey to the release of this album has been a long one, more so for the band and producer Ross Middlemiss than anyone, and to see the lid finally bursting off the pot was something that I’ll carry with me for a long time; pure, raw, unfiltered catharsis. I could go on at length about how important and necessary I believe this record to be but I’ll stop myself short and say that it is a vital LP that is best experienced at high volume with full engagement. Thank you to the band for allowing me to be involved in something that is so personal and to Black Lake Records, Boslevan Records and The Ghost Is Clear Records (USA) for helping release the record. Special thanks also to Karol at Idioteq.com for his dedication, insight and support in exposing this record and the band themselves to a much wider audience. Please do take the time to read Karol’s illuminating interview with Dom here.

The show itself was amazing. Stonethrower (featuring the aforementioned Mr. Middlemiss and Cal Sutherland, the man responsible for the album art) kicked things off in suitably impassioned chaotic fashion with 25 minutes of driving yet intricate discordant noisy post-hardcore that seems to grow in power with each live performance. Keep your eyes peeled for their first release as it is guaranteed to be a banger. Next up were Glasgow indie/emo punks The Sinking Feeling who stepped in at the last minute to replace the sadly-missed Bonehouse, who were forced to withdraw on health grounds (get well soon GW!). The perfect replacement, TSF more than held their own and charmed everyone present with their super-infectious youthful grunge/indie/pop jamz, all harmonic yelps, three-way vocals, scorched riffs and fuzz-driven bass. Struggletown Records are just about to drop their new 12″ featuring new EP “Ugly” on side A and last year’s “Old Friends” EP on the flipside, so make sure and pick a copy up.

The masterful Carson Wells then took to the floor and once again demonstrated why they are one of Scotland’s finest musical exports, regardless of genre or geography. They treated us to the prime cuts from “Wonderkid” as well as a peppering of new songs from their forthcoming second LP and a track from their split 7″ with Human Hands. Carson Wells are a band that makes this whole playing music thing look effortless and are three of the most charming gentlemen that you’re likely to meet also. They are currently in the midst of recording with Ross Middlemiss and it’s no exaggeration to state that the album will be another hulking slice of angular angst indie/emo rock goodness. Undoubtedly one of the most powerful three piece bands on this hunk of rock, Carson Wells are a band worthy of your love that absolutely knock the piss out of most commercial rocks acts currently masquerading as emo.


Kaddish then took to the floor in a dimly-lit room at 10pm and proceeded to blast us all away and leave jaws on the floor, as they also do. There are few bands that play with as much conviction as Kaddish; the way that Chris attacks drums and plays with his whole being is something that I’ll never tire of seeing, while John underpins the chaos with his Fugazi-esque elastic basslines. Dom has presence; he radiates intensity. He also plays guitar in a way that I will never understand. I think that this may have been the longest set that the band have ever played and they delivered their near 40-minute set with exactly the same intensity as they would a standard 20 minute set. Not only did they play the majority of the “Thick Letters To Friends” album but they also dipped into their back catalogue with songs from the first album as well as their split 7″ with Battle of Wolf 359. In short, it was a mesmerising, compelling and memorable performance that had everyone engaged from beginning to end. Kaddish are one of our most treasured bands. There are few bands that make me feel as though hyperbole is not nearly sufficient to express their greatness. Kaddish are one of those bands. I am proud to call these fine gentlemen friends and am proud to have played a small role in bringing this masterpiece of a record to life. I honestly cannot recommend this record highly enough. Please buy a copy, your life will be instantly enhanced for the experience of listening to it.


Huge thanks to everyone who picked up a copy of the record at the show, those who pre-ordered and everyone who has purchased a copy since the launch show. Massive thanks to everyone who came and packed Kage out too; thanks to your attendance and support we were able to raise and donate £280 to Medical Aid for Palestinians. Thanks also to Alana at Minimal Media for filming the whole show and to Ross Middlemiss and Huw of Carson Wells for recording audio on. This documentation will be present in the forthcoming months as an exciting little project, full details of which will emerge soon. Cheers to all who came out to the show too, you may well have made it onto a live record!

The weekend (and the month) was rounded out with our first ever 16+ Sunday Matinee Show at Non-Zero’s in Dundee. Unfortunately, local kids Palida Mors had to cancel the night before due to injury but the show rolled on with the four bands. Elk Gang are a new band of familiar faces from Edinburgh who are comprised of ex/current members of Shields Up and Taking Chase. They play full throttle hardcore punk rock coming over like a cross between Rise Against/Touche Amore/Strung Out with plenty of hooks and heads-down riffage on display. Bassist Craig is moving to Berlin next month so it’s likely that this will be their only Dundee show with this line-up, but hopefully they’ll get a replacement in before too long as these jamz are top quality and Scotland needs another fine DIY punk band of this pedigree. These dudes are also the brains and brawn behind Anti-Manifesto, so you know this shit is on point.

Glasgow punkers Sink Alaska were up next and took to the stage in good cheer as we celebrated the “official” launch of their new Double A-Side 7″ single. “The Path of Least Resistance” / “Among The Wretched” is exactly what is says on the tin; two tracks of razor-sharp upbeat melodic punk rock bangers that melds the speed and energy of 90s Epi/Fat skate punk with the wry wit and passion of late 80s/early 90s UK punk, coming over like Lagwagon and Ten Foot Pole covering Leatherface and Snuff songs. A band of a high calibre, these troops have been playing punk rock since before some of the kids at the show were born and that experience shined through as they whizzed their way through a half hour set of refined punk rock bangers, including their tracks from the ROASTER split and last year’s demo. The 7″ is out now and is strictly limited to 100 copies worldwide. The record comes with a download code, lyric sheet and full colour artwork as designed by Mark Bell of Mug. Again, thanks to everyone who has bought one thus far and thanks to DyingScene.com for hosting the exclusive stream last week.

Rope Spasm are another compelling proposition and a much under-rated band from our area I feel. While people may feel the have them dialled on account of their previous bands (MAFAFI, Torturo Nervosa, Drug Couple amongst them), there is infinitely more depth there than just your average powerviolence/hardcore band; there are elements of hip-hop and hardcore as well as a more refined “classic” punk sound, on account of Rossko’s deceptively deft guitar playing and Steve’s stomping distorted bass. Front man Sam is another character altogether; a tortured writhing mess of pained cries and contortions in performance, softly spoken and eloquent between songs. They may be close to the bone and primal, but they’d argue that that’s your problem, not theirs. I’d be inclined to agree. Top notch noise here.

certain death

The last act wrapping up a weekend of delectable Scottish hardcore/punk was Kirkcaldy thrash punk’n’roll legends Certain Death, who arrived at Non-Zero’s fresh from obliterating the elder Steedo’s Harley. These hardened road warriors never fail to deliver and scream out the same impassionaed antagonistic noise whether it’s a Sunday matinee in front of 40 folk or the Masters of Rock festival in front of 10,000 German metalheads and are undoubtedly one of the most consistently devastating live bands around. With stomp and swagger aplenty, you know from the word go what you’re getting with these troops and Sunday was no exception as they rattled through their cacophonous set at breakneck pace whilst inviting us to check out the Certain Death Ice Bong Challenge. Check that shit out on YouTube!

Thanks to Dave and Simon at Non-Zero’s for having us and to Scotty Russell for doing the sound. I think it was a quality show and certainly a worthwhile endeavour, so I hope that we’ll be doing another one in the near future. While there are no firm plans in place yet, this is something that we’ll definitely be getting to work on. Cheers also to the youngsters who came down and had their first MTAT experience and to everyone who picked up some records from the distro. Getting home in time for tea before heading back out was an added bonus.

There’s no rest for the wicked, so the saying goes, and it seems there’s no rest for those who try to steer clear of the wickedness also. We’re straight back on the horse this coming Friday when we host SPILL YER GUTS #3 at Cerberus Bar, Dundee with the inimitable Chris Clavin of Ghost Mice/Plan-It-X Records infamy. Chris will be performing live and reading extracts from his essential punk memoir “Free Pizza For Life” and will be regaling us with tales of a life lived immersed in US DIY punk rock culture and more. Chris is an interesting character with stories to tell who has been an influence of countless punkers the world over so having an opportunity to see him perform and speak in the intimacy of Cerberus should be a unique experience. Chris is joined on his travels by the piano-wielding Turtle Lamone who shall be playing his first Dundee show since his victorious performance at Book Yer Ane Fest VII. Andy Chainsaw will be bringing his none-more-gruff Andrew Jackson Jihad influenced acoustic punk gravel to the party and I shall be hosting things and compering for the evening. I’d love if y’all came to join us for an evening of refinement and culture. Doors are at half 7 and entry will be by donations please!

chris clavin dundee

At the end of the month, we will be welcoming back our friends Arliss Nancy from Colorado for what is an EXCLUSIVE SCOTTISH SHOW and one of only four dates in the UK. They’ll be joined by some of the finest local acts in the form of Robot Doctors (last seen on home turf at their album launch show at Dae Yer Ane Club I), our own emotive punk rockers Lachance and the wonderful fiddle-driven folk/punk stylings of Broken Stories on Saturday 27th September at Kage. Advanced e-tickets are available for a fiver here and physical tickets are available at Groucho’s, Dundee (who featured on the Top 10 indie record stores in the world feature from The Guardian).

arliss nancy

Finally, some news as pertains Book Yer Ane Fest VIII; September 30th will be your absolute last chance to get yourself a Super Earlybird Weekend Ticket for £20. Having one of these e-tickets is the only way to ensure your entry to all 7 BYAF shows, including the pre and post shows in Glasgow and Edinburgh respectively and the two morning shows at Cerberus Bar on the Saturday and Sunday of BYAF itself. Cerberus is tiny and we’ll be running full band shows in there for the first time (including “The Menzingers” on the Sunday morning) so priority entry will go to Super Earlybird Weekend Ticket holders, after which it will be first-come, first-served. This is also the cheapest way to support the weekend and is not only a bargain but also cost-efficient. If you’re planning on coming along, get on that shit now!

BYAF Eyes peeledWe shall be announcing the rest of the bands, all of the acts for the acoustic stage, day splits, etc over the next month over on the MTAT facebook page so keep your eyes peeled over there and on the event page itself for updates as and when they happen. We aim to have everything announced, the final line-up confirmed, satellite events sorted, poster on point blahblahblah by the end of the month and hope to have all of this information available to you by the start of October. We’ll get to October soon enough though!

Thanks for everything.



Dae Yer Ane Podcast; Episode 1

Okay, I admit it; I am a philistine when it comes to music and technology. I dislike I-Tunes and tend to stick to what I know when it comes to downloading and such like. I’ve recorded music onto computers but have never done so myself, as I’ve always had someone there clicking the buttons and telling me when to start. However, my new-found sobriety has ignited some kind of fire in me and I’m keen to learn new things. As such, I finally did a little bit (very little bit) of light reading about podcasting and home-recording, then proceeded to download Audacity and have my first blast at creating a Make-That-A-Take podcast.

Naturally, I christened this new adventure in hi-fi as “Dae Yer Ane Podcast”. It only makes sense. I decided to start with a podcast as it’s something that I’ve talked about doing for ages but have never got round to doing it. That or I’ve never found anyone willing to give me free reign on a microphone. Either way, I have finally gotten round to it. So delightful did I find the experience that I imagine I shall do it again, although I’m not going to make any promises about how frequently they’ll be done as I seem incapable to sticking to any sort schedule when it comes to the written word, let alone the spoken.

Regardless of my foibles and scatter-shot timekeeping, doing the podcast was a little bit of fun if nothing else. It’s also a mighty fine excuse for my to listen to some of my favourite bands, not that any excuse is needed. If there’s anyone out there that has enjoyed the podcast, has any advice and/or criticism to impart, would like to get their band played on the podcast, or whatever else, please feel free to get in touch.

2013 was rare. Here’s to a belter in 2014.

Happy new year.

 Sink Alaska – “Hitless Wonder”
The Walking Targets – “Count Me Out”
The Kimberly Steaks – “All My Friends Are Ghosts”
Bangers – “Part Animal”
Sweet Empire – “Torches”
Get It Together – “Skinned Knees and Bruises”
Filthpact – “D-Beat Is Love”
Sufferinfuck – “Phoney Wars”
Rope Spasm – “Marlboro Man”
Black Cop – “Brain Contractor”
Billy Liar – “The Ghosts of Punk Rock”
Loaded 45 – “Joe”
Uniforms – “The Trouble With Trying”
Rebuke – “Going to Japan and Back”
Broken Stories – “Everything All At Once”
Mesa Verde – “Post-Youth”
Kaddish – “Treading”
Lachance – “Old Haunts”
The Murderburgers – “Turning 25 Was Shit”

PS – Free download of the “Roaster” split to the first person to email MTAT correctly stating the movie from which the opening sample on the podcast is taken.

BYAF VII; Videos (Part One)

I’ve been trying to write my Book Yer Ane Fest recap but that shit is currently running at a couple of thousand words and we’ve only just wrapped up “Day One” thus far, so rather than drip-feed bits and pieces, I thought it prudent to horse up some of the live videos that I’ve managed to wade through thus far. I’m not keen on serialisation and if a picture says a thousand words then moving images, music and song must say more than any artist can express.

I’ll be adding more videos to Cowpunk TV over the next couple of weeks and will (hopefully) get round to finishing my autobiographical BYAF opus by the end of the week. In the meantime, please enjoy the videos and share them round as you see fit.

Thank you so much to everyone involved in an incredible weekend. To add to the amount raised for Safe-Tay over the weekend, all donations for digital downloads from the Make-That-A-Take bandcamp page during December will also be added to our grand total, so please fill your boots!







BYAF VII; Three Weeks To Go!

poster official

Once again Book Yer Ane Fest has crept up on us. It’s one of those strange paradoxes; it seems like an age ago the last year’s happened and that we’ve been planning this one forever, but at the same time it seems like no time at all since we were cleaning up Kage last time and we’ve been so busy that times seems to fly in. Regardless of any philo-physical ramblings, Book Yer Ane Fest VII is now a mere three weeks away.

We shall be hosting an “acoustic cafe” pre-BYAF show at Henry’s Coffee Shop on Seagate, Dundee that will be running from 5pm until doors at Kage at 7pm on the Friday night. As enthusiastic coffee drinkers and regular customers, we thought it prudent to try and involve our local caffeine-fuelled community and, thankfully, Henry’s were happy to indulge us. This is the first time that we’ve tried something like this but we’re hoping things will run smoothly, as I’m sure they will in Jonny Domino’s capable hands. It’ll be a pretty informal affair but please come down and join us for the calm before the storm.

Mark McCabe shall be “headlining” this part of events and comes to us straight from a successful performance at the CMC in Gainesville, Florida at Fest 12. Who knows where else he’ll pop up over the weekend? As a heads up of sorts, the best place to keep up to date with any “last minute” or “secret” developments across the BYAF weekend is the MTAT Twitter page. Mark will be joined at Henry’s by the wonderful Gone Wishing, Turtle Lamone and Dundee firebrand David Hennessey. Things will be wrapped up by 7pm, giving ample time to walk the two minutes down the road to Kage to catch first bands.

One of the most exciting things about BYAF is the sheer number of travelling bands and convergent tours that cross over during the course of the weekend. We’re very excited for the Broadcaster (USA) and Muncie Girls (ENG) tour to roll into town. Their European adventures start today and will continue for the next three weeks as they wind their way around the mainland. The Friday night of BYAF will be the only Scottish show of the tour and we’re very excited to welcome both bands to Scotland for the very first time. Broadcaster just released the new “A Million Hours” LP on Jump Start Records and it’s a mighty fine slice of pop/punk rock goodness. If you’re into the likes of Weezer, The Weakerthans and Superchunk, then you’re absolutely going to fall in love with these guys. Muncie Girls released the “Sleepless” EP on the wonderful Specialist Subject Records earlier this year and have spent 2013 working their way around the UK and leaving an impression everywhere they’ve been. The tour with Broadcaster is their first adventure to Europe and I’d expect that they’ll smash it everywhere they go. This is one of the most exciting tours of the year and I’m very happy that we’ve managed to bring them up for BYAF.


Both us roasters in UNIFORMS and Sink Alaska shall also be playing the Friday night and I am delighted to report that we will have the physical copies of the “ROASTER” 4-way split 10″ featuring both bands and our brethren in Question The Mark and The Walking Targets. This will be the official release weekend for the record and will be your first chance to get your hands on one of the REIGN IN BLOOD coloured vinyl. We’ll be selling them cheap as well as in a number of different bundles, so make sure and come across to the merch table negotiate with Abbie for some bargains. We’ll be putting up the stream of the record and a pre-order over the next week or so. It’s safe to say that I’m pretty excited about this whole thing. Also, we put up a new song that won’t be on the record but is available for free download.

We are also very pleased to welcome Andy Thomas’ Dust Heart. The solo project of Denver, Colorado based punk rock journeyman Andy Thomas (former front man of Tin Horn Prayer and a million other bands), this will be his first ever show outside of North America and the only show that he’ll be playing on a fleeting visit to the UK. Taking Tom Waits-esque baroque and mixing it with some calculated punk rock murder balladry, Andy is a unique talent with a knack for twisting a dark tale around a haunting melody. We may also introduce him to Buckfast. Cheers to Josh from Loaded 45 for hooking this all up.

Those cheeky east coast ska-punk roasters Maxwell’s Dead shall be opening the evening’s proceedings at Kage. These dudes launched their first album “On The Floor” with a riotous show in Dundee last weekend and they are pumped to be playing BYAF again. These dudes work as hard as any band I’ve met and their dedication and commitment to their band is unquestionable. With new guitarist Bobby now firmly entrenched in the squad, there’s an extra layer of crust atop the sweet pop-punk melodies and sick as fuck basslines. These dudes love to party and are probably the most fitting band to kick off a weekend of madness.

Doors will open at Kage at 7pm and it’ll cost 7 bones on the door. Weekend Tickets are available on a “will call” basis from the MTAT Bandcamp page and in physical form from Groucho’s in Dundee.

Live; Nothington (USA) / Bonehouse / Shatterhand / Andy Chainsaw – Edinburgh

Nothington in Edinburgh

Walk The Plank Promotions hosted their second show of a very busy weekend on Sunday night at The Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh which saw San Francisco punks Nothington return to Scotland for the first time in over three years. “Borrowed Time”, their last LP, is one of my very favourite punk records thus far this decade and I hadn’t seen them since Fest 10, so I was very excited. Papa D and Jonny Domino picked Abbie and I up around half 5 and we made our way to the capital. We met up with Jamie and found our recommended-by-Boab falafel shop closed, so settled on the old favourite that is The City Cafe; always a good choice for pre-show scran. Once finished, we headed round to The Banshee (my mozzarella, tomato and basil bloomer was excellent btw).

Our good friend Andy Chainsaw opened the show playing purely acoustic on the floor to the side of the stage and had (I think) already played a couple of songs before we appeared, but we arrived in time to catch the majority of his set. Andy was in full voice and belted out his grizzled punk tales of woe with ever-present passion and gusto that seems to grow with each performance. Nervousness may masquerade as self-deprecating humour at times and ending on a new song then forgetting how it goes isn’t the ideal, but Andy pulled it off with his usual charm and provided a warm, fitting opening to a mixed bill in the cosy confines of The Banshee. Andy will be touring later in the year so keep yo peepers peeled. You can get the “High Windows and Low Tides” EP for free from here.

Next up were those nutters in Shatterhand who were wrapping up a weekender after playing with No Contest and Sink Alaska in Stirling on Friday night then running the first all-ages matinee show in Falkirk on Saturday (check out Tub Thumper Promotions) and they were on fire. Seriously, Shatterhand exhibit more passion and energy than most bands half their age, marrying gobby snarled punk rock with incredible guitar-work and some of the wildest, hardest drumming you’re ear likely to see. Honestly, Brian “Big Baby” Hastings is an absolute beast on the kit, sitting in tight with the thumping running bass underpinning the whole thing. In between booze-fuelled bangers like “Brewdog Nights” and “The Tenpercenters”, Shatterhand are also a fiercely independent yet thoughtful entity, something often missed, as evidenced by the discussion and subsequent reaction to the song “Paradigm Shift”. Rather than regurgitate or paraphrase, here’s what the guys had to say about it (from their facebook);

shatterhand tattoo

“Mike’s Tattoo – The words are from our song “Paradigm Shift” which was written with a genuine positive intent and to show support with a friend struggling with suicide issues. It is intended to reach people in kindness and we hope that people can talk openly about the subject without judgement and know that they are not alone when they are at their darkest moments. If you’re at one of our gigs and we try to start a discussion about suicide before playing this song it is in no way intended to upset or offend, but rather to bring it into the open and to just talk about it like rational human beings who all have failings, limitations and face their demons every day and we hope it gives the song some context. Respect and Unity!”

A punk rock show isn’t a class room just as a stage or floor isn’t a pulpit, but I guess the ideal is that the best parts of punk rock are about the open exchange of ideas, safe spaces for all and tolerance. The key word there is “ideal”; if you’re going to be tolerant of ideas that you support, you have to be prepared to be tolerant of those ideas that you don’t support. Freedom of expression means freedom of expression for all. Punk rock should mean freedom across the board. I don’t know exactly what I’m getting at (well, I do, I’m just not articulating my thoughts very well), but I can only describe my perception of an atmosphere; there were some WEIRD VIBES BRO. Regardless, Shatterhand were rocking and Dave is a wizard of a guitarist and was playing slide with a Brewdog bottle at one point. Rare!

The Banshee was getting progressively busier as the evening rolled on and the place was pretty much packed by the time Bonehouse hit the floor. While they may have initially seemed a strange choice of support for a gruff punk show, there is no denying that Bonehouse are one of the finest bands in the country and their blend of intricate guitar work, soaring harmonies and paint-stripping screamo vocals really hit the spot, as always. Vocalist Dave was apologetic about his vocals, complaining of a sore throat (full sympathy from this guy) but he needn’t have been; the band were tight (as always), with drummer Iain laying the strongest foundation you could hope for with his solid, technical and progressive style. He makes it look so easy too. This was another exemplary performance from the lads and watching Sean writhe and wriggle whilst the band belt out the three-way vocals is always a treat. A whole room singing along with “The Bonehouse Summer Jam” and it’s hook of “In spite of it all she’s unable to tell the time” is always a goosebumps-inducing moment, this night being no exception. The crowd was increasing in rowdiness by the end of their set and I’d say it was a solid victory across the board.

Bonehouse are heading out on tour in Europe this summer with Brighter Arrows from Chicago this summer and will also be dropping a four-way split with Canadian punks Polina and Todos Caeran and Dundee heroes Kaddish, so keep your eyes peeled for that dropping on various labels in the next couple of months.

The place was rammed by the time Nothington arrived to blast us with their road-worn tales of loneliness, isolation, heartbreak and hope with a bunch of excited punks congregating at the front (okay; Jonny, Jamie and I on our side!) and certain members of the crowd were more drunk than others. Nothington have been in Europe for almost a month now and the band have that special “tour tightness” and didn’t miss a beat, although it was clear that the guys were a little road weary and are on the home stretch of tour. You couldn’t tell in their performance though as they ripped through their set with the same drive and enthusiasm of a band that has toured the world over and played the main stage at Groezrock a couple of weeks ago. It’s that kind of dedication that is inspiring; it doesn’t matter if it’s in front of thousands of people at a festival or a dark room in Edinburgh in front of sixty people on a Sunday night; the delivery is the same. That ethic is something a lot of people could learn from. Anyway, I spent the first half of the set pretty much screaming along with Chris and pumping my fist in his face as the band belted through the likes of “The Escapist” (a very close personal favourite song of mine) “I Should Stay” and the banger that is “Where I Stand” with it’s incredible woah’s and Leatherface-esque riffage from their debut LP “All In”. I’m pretty bad at remembering set lists as I’m usually singing along, this case being no exception.

The band played a good mix of material from their discography and were inspiring sing-a-longs and fists in the air from the start. The crowd were getting pretty rowdy and there was plenty of dancing, rocking out and pushing and shoving going on. I moved to the back as I wanted to film a little bit although it’s so dark in The Banshee at times that’s it’s difficult to see a thing at times. It also wasn’t ideal that the lights kept cutting out at various moments. Still, it all added to the atmosphere and the rowdiness, which soon got a little bit out of hand. Obviously everyone wants to have the best time at shows and enjoy themselves, but people also need to posses some self-awareness. I’m not going to tell people how to act and how to behave, but people need to be accountable for their own actions; there were a lot of elbows being thrown around at the front with some people acting like roasters and at one point it all kicked off and a pull apart happened, with people being knocked over, pushed around and escorted to the doors. Abbie got stomped on by some roaster and covered in beer and I had to pick two folk up off the floor at the door; not exactly what you’re looking for when watching one of your favourite bands. As I mentioned before, punk rock is not a church or a primary school, but there’s a line when it comes to acceptable behaviour and levels of drunken roasterism at shows. Far be it for me to call anybody on this as I’ve been that dick many times, but it was an unfortunate end to what had been an amazing show. It’s also not the first time that this has happened with these particular individuals. Between the rukus in the crowd and people getting up in the band’s collective faces, there was definitely a bit of an unsavoury atmosphere and this was reflected when the band stopped playing during the fracas at the front/at the door. Still, these things happen and it shouldn’t be allowed to tarnish the night as a whole, even if it did take the shine off things a little bit.

After the show was over, we spent some time catching up with our friends Ryan Weber of Spanish Gamble / Boneshakers fame who was doing merch on the tour and Adam Bilboa who was driving. I acquired the new Nothington / Paper Arms 7″ which is a little cracker released on Cargo Records in Europe and features a particularly amusing answering machine message from a certain Ryan Young of Off With Their Heads. I also managed to blag a shirt with the last of the money in my pocket before we packed up and hit the road. It was good to see so many people venturing out late on a Sunday, even if more than half of the crowd were Dundee cowpunks. Thanks to Raph for putting the show together. Raph, under his Turtle Lamone guise, is touring the UK next month and is also putting on some killer shows across the summer, the next of which being Spoonboy with Delay, Martha, Joe Listen and Turtle Lamone (record release show!) on June 5th. All in, this was a great show with a fair few talking points and, while perhaps not the greatest display of togetherness and unity our little scene has ever exhibited, it’s good to know that there are still some things that can stoke the fires of passion and discontent; something to which Nothington are pretty much the perfect soundtrack.

Review; Cleavers – “I Can’t Wait Around For You/Give Up” 7″

cleavers 7 inch cover

I ordered the new Cleavers 7″ from Dada Tunes on Monday afternoon and it dropped through my letter box this morning. I had ordered the record/shirt bundle; the record itself is beautifully packaged in classic Wolf Mask style with lyric sheet, inner sleeve and sticker all wrapped up in a heavy gauge plastic cover. Purchase of the record also comes with instant digital download and features two bonus tracks. All for a tenner. Top quality all round with a rapid turnaround, as is standard from these guys.

Most importantly, however, is the music. This 7″ is a natural progression from last year’s “Life Is Shit” record and shows a more reflective and subtle side to the Cleavers lexicon whilst retaining their characteristic gleeful scuzzy punk stomp. This record tells a tale of life (a relationship) being short and messy with no time for taking things slow, echoed by the frantic Fucked Up meets Buzzcocks swagger of the verses before breaking into a full-blown pop-rock surf harmony-laden chorus with the simple desperate cry of “I can’t wait around for you”. The song moves into it’s second act with the middle before coming back round to the super-hooky chorus before things hurtle on towards the feedback drenched end.  Stirring stuff indeed.

cleavers merch

If side A was the sound of the impassioned sparks of argument and frustration, then “Give Up” is the moment of desperation when you finally snap and fuck it all. Starting out with some pure Pixies-worship, this is the sound of slacker punk admitting it’s own futility with a scream of “what’s the point in even waking up?”. Guitars are sharp yet sparse and the distorted bass moves things along with a Breeders-esque resignation. The story the moves into it’s fourth and final act, breaking down before building up into pure 80s hardcore two-step territory, then coming round full circle and ending up back where we started.

All in, this is a cracking little record on a format that serves Cleavers so well. They’ve created the audio equivalent of a bitter-sweet short story; chaotic yet controlled, expansive yet concise. Sonically, Cleavers acknowledge their past yet continue to evolve, experimenting and expanding their creative pallet. This is reflected in the choice of cover for the bonus tracks on the download; Joy Division’s doomed classic “Transmission”. Being a Joy Division mark, I remember being trepidatious upon seeing them play it live for the first time, but Cleavers once again stamp their own identity on the song whilst being reverent to the original.  A brave choice and one for which they should be applauded. Rounding out the release is a live version for “I Can’t Wait Around For You” which highlights just how much these guys kill it live. Go see them when you can.

The record is available now from Dada Tunes and comes highly recommended. Keep your eyes on the Cleavers page as they’ll have a shitload of stuff coming up across the summer. The band will play at our first show in Edinburgh next week at The Banshee Labyrinth with Canadian punks Fist City, The Kimberly Steaks and FUCK! (It’s Pronounced Shit!) so if you’re at the show, make sure and pick up a copy of this record. You can also get both this record and the “Life Is Shit” 7″ for £6 here. Don’t be a mook and miss out.

Onwards We March

Once again I have been spectacularly inconsistent with blogs posts. What can ye do? February has been pretty damn good for shows. UNIFORMS did our weekender with London punks It’s Not OK and The Kimberly Steaks at the start of the month and played deece shows in Stirling and Dundee with Shatterhand and in Perth, Edinburgh and Glasgow with The Walking Targets over five days. All the shows were great and all the bands killed it every night. It was great to finally get to play live again after two months off, which is a big break from playing shows for us. With all the stuff going on with the records, tour booking, promo and everything, sometimes it’s all too easy to forget exactly why you love this shit in the first place; that being getting sweating and singing your heart out with everyone. Shit feels good, yo. Massive thanks to Brian, Kenny, Raph, Greig and everyone involved in helping out with the shows. I sincerely hope that Jugs, Steve and Mike had a deece time. We’ll see you guys when we’re down your way at the end of next month.

Arliss Nancy came to visit us in Dundee and they were incredible, one of those bands whose records I love so much more after meeting them and seeing them play live. Sometimes it goes the other way. The limited edition woodcut sleeved clear vinyl is absolutely beautiful too. Mark McCabe opened that night and was his usual dry and charming self before Terrafraid played what I believe was only their second show. They are a great band that everyone should check out. I always get excited by awesome local bands, of which we’re lucky to have a good few. The Barents Sea also played their first show at Kage which also doubled as the last show with bassist Nico. They played a great show and there was some amusing banter between Nico and Grant, it’s just a shame the line-up is changing again. The show was really busy so big thanks to everyone who came out and supported, much appreciated as always.

I got a lift home from Big Ade and dropped my camera in his car and even though he was gracious enough to drop it off to me on Sunday night, I haven’t had a chance to upload any videos. Our main man Adam Morrow, however, put this little piece together covering the show the next night in Edinburgh. Adam is currently working on Film Yer Ane Fest, details of which will emerge in due course.


Next up is a trip to Shetland this weekend for UNIFORMS. I’ve played in Shetland once before, back in 2007 when Irish Leigh and I went up and I played my Tragical History Tour set. It’s a pretty amazing place and I’m excited to be going up with the band. I could probably live without the 32 hours sailing time, but we’ve done these sorts of ridiculous things before, so I’m sure we’ll be all good. I think the shows are going to be absolutely banging and we’re supporting The Roughneck Riot on Saturday night at the British Legion in Lerwick. Should be absolute madness. I’m very much looking forward to it. One important thing though; could anyone recommend a decent boozer for some scran and a certain Scottish Cup quarter final at Sunday lunch time? Shed rule.


Once we get back from Shetland, it’s straight into another busy week. The Murderburgers kick off their 53 date European tour in Glasgow on Thursday night (7th March) with support from Cleavers, The Kimberly Steaks and The Walking Targets (full details). The tour then rolls into Dundee for it is looking like being a pretty special night.

moidaboigas march 8th

It’s going to be the release show for the incoming Maxwell’s Dead / Walking Targets split and is also the very first show from new Dundee “supergroup” Robot Doctors. Topping this off, we’ll be joined by new Lockjaw Records signees Trails, who were last up this way supporting Elway back in September.

We’ll have copies of the split CD so please come buy one! Full details here.


Then the Thursday after that, we are delighted to be welcoming The Arteries back to Dundee. They’ve got a new 12″ EP coming out on Specialist Subject Records and they’ll be touring the UK to promote it with Dundee being the ONLY SCOTTISH SHOW of the tour. The band headlined the Friday night of Book Yer Ane Fest V and were absolutely incredible. They were originally booked to play last year too but had to cancel due to the unforeseen circumstances known as “life”, so it’s with great anticipation that we wait for them to destroy Kage once more. They’ll be joined by us roasters in Uniforms, the mighty Cleavers and Dundee’s coolest blues punks The Shithawks. Sounds like an absolute winner to me. Get full details about that banger here.

arteries dundee

Talking of splits; both our split 7″ with Question The Mark on Team Beard Records and our Make-That-A-Take split with Loaded 45 are currently at the pressing plants. This is the first time I’ve ever been personally involved in the production of vinyl, so I’m pretty excited. Jamie has done an incredible job with our artwork (as usual) and I can’t wait to get my hands on the finished product, let alone share it with everyone. It feels good to finally get these songs out there as they were the first that we wrote after Big Mick’s passing and our crazy summer tours. It feels like they were written a lifetime ago but we haven’t really played them live too much and they’re only just coming out publicly. Massive thanks to Boab at Punk Rock Rammy for doing an incredible job of the recording and mixing. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for a pair of releases. Big thanks also to Chris Fogal of The Gamits for the mastering job at Black In Bluhm studios in Denver for the Loaded split.

The Question The Mark split can be pre-ordered with instant digital download from the Team Beard Records website right here. Our split with Loaded 45 will be up for streaming on the MTAT bandcamp page in the next couple of weeks before we head out on tour starting in Perth on Thursday 21st March at The Green Room. We’ll be playing with Vicenti and Sink Alaska that night, with both bands playing their first ever shows. Vicenti feature Gash and Dav of Dirtbox and this is their first show together in over three years I believe and Sink Alaska are well-seasoned veterans from Beauty School Dropout and The Day I Snapped. High calibre punk rock for fuck all in Perth on a Thursday night, so don’t say that nothing deece ever happens!


We’re also tying up the loose ends of our tour with Loaded 45 but we are still looking for a couple of shows in England, specifically Friday 29th March anywhere around the south coast as we’ll be between Exeter and Brighton, and Tuesday 2nd April literally anywhere in middle England as we’ll be between Cambridge and Liverpool. If anyone can help us out or give us a heads-up or let us jump on something, please get in touch and let us know!

As it stands, tour is looking a bit like this;

Thursday 21 March @ The Green Room, Perth w/ Vicenti + Sink Alaska

Friday 22 March @ 20 Rocks, Stirling w/ Get It Together + Empty Lungs

Saturday 23 March @ The Tunnels, Aberdeen w/ Maxwell’s Dead + Empty Lungs

Sunday 24 March @ The 13th Note, Glasgow w/ Sink Alaska

Monday 25 March @ Santiago’s, Leeds

Tuesday 26 March @ North Wales Inn, Rhyl

Wednesday 27 March @ Gwdihw Cafe Bar, Cardiff w/ Question The Mark

Thursday 28 March @ The Cavern, Exeter w/ Bleach Blood (ex King Blues)

Friday 29 March @ ***BOOK US PLEASE***

Saturday 30 March @ The Cowley Club, Brighton w/ Fighting Fiction

Sunday 31 March @ Till The Wheels Fest, New Cross Inn, London

Monday 1 April @ The Corner House, Cambridge w/ It’s Not OK

Tuesday 2 April @ ***BOOK US PLEASE***

Wednesday 3 April @ The Lomax, Liverpool w/ Throwing Stuff + Addictive Philosophy

Thursday 4 April @ The Dog and Partridge, Bolton

Friday 5 April @ The Central, Gateshead (early show!) w/ The Social Club

Friday 5 April @ Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh (late show!)

Saturday 6 April @ The Forest Cafe, Edinburgh (acoustic matinee show)

Saturday 6th April @ Kage, Dundee *End of tour party* w/ Sink Alaska + Get It Together

You can keep up to date with any changes/amendments on the tour event page.

Right, that’s more than enough from me for one day. It’s a beautiful sunny day outside and I’m heading to work in just over an hour, so I’d best go and get my shit together. I’ve listened to “Today’s Empires Tomorrow’s Ashes” by Propagandhi, “Exodus” by Bob Marley and The Wailers and The Cut Ups “Building Bridges. Starting Here”, drank two cups of coffee and went outside for two tabbies during the composition of this blog, as I know you were dying to know.

Hope to see some of y’all at the upcoming shows!



(Click cover for download link!)

Today marks the release of the fourth instalment of the MAKE YER ANE COMP series. This is by far the biggest one that we’ve ever done and it features 33 absolute bangers from all branches of the Make-That-A-Take family tree; punk, hardcore, emo, ska, acoustic, indie,  folk; there’s plenty to feast upon.

The comp also features a number of exclusives, including being the very first place to listen to and download a brand new track from the upcoming Kaddish LP as well as tracks from the forthcoming UNIFORMS/Loaded 45 and Maxwell’s Dead/The Walking Targets splits on MTAT Records.

This is also the first comp that we’ve charged for and we hope that you don’t find £2 (or more if you’re feeling generous!) to be unreasonable.  It’s looking like 2013 is going to be a crazy year for the collective with loads of awesome shows, our first ventures into putting out other bands and putting out vinyl, all leading up to Book Yer Ane Fest VII at the end of November.

We couldn’t do what we do without the people who support us. Thank you all so much. We sincerely hope you enjoy MAKE YER ANE COMP IV. Please feel free to spread it around and share it with your friends.


UNIFORMS – Not Tonight *exclusive*
The Kimberly Steaks – Self Destruct
The Walking Targets – There’s Nothing Quite Like Indecision *exclusive*
Oi Polloi – Na Geill Is Tu Beo
Kaddish – But A Beat From Your Bones *exclusive*
Billy Liar – The Ghosts Of Punk Rock *exclusive*
It’s Not OK! – The Captain
Sweet Empire – Torches
Bonehouse – A Grasp Too Far
Min Diesel – Love Disease
Terrafraid – Self-Indulgent Spotlight
Carson Wells – Home
From The Cradle To The Rave – 48 Years
Taking Chase – Jaws V
Maxwell’s Dead – Chemicals
The Murderburgers – Gimme Gimme Negativity
Loaded 45 – 3 Beers

Question The Mark – W.t. H. I. H. N (The God One)
A Victory At Sea – We Both Know
Get It Together – Skinned Knees and Bruises
Holiday – They Said We Could Have Everything In The Argos Catalogue
The Screichs – Conrad Brooks *exclusive*
Shatterhand – Just For A Minute
Müg – Tigers and Bears
Boneshakers – Empty Pockets
Dave Hughes and The Renegade Folk Punk Band – Tacitus
Little Anchors – My Grandfather Was A Projectionist
Gone Wishing – A Course You’ve Plot
Broken Stories – First Impression
Mark McCabe – Just Ask Nicely
The Won Over – Chances
Davey Nolan – A Better Model
Algernon Doll – Son of a Gun, Brother To None


Book Yer Ane Fest VI – Day Splits

Book Yer Ane Fest VI is only a few weeks away and we’re all getting pretty excited about it, mixed with the usual trepidation, fear and nervousness about whether or not all the bases have been covered. Hopefully most of them have been by now. One thing that hasn’t been addressed, however, is which bands are playing on which days. This post shall seek to remedy this.

As usual, things are subject to change, especially with so many bands involved. I’ll only be covering day splits; set times and running order will be announced on the day of the shows themselves, with the exception of Oi Polloi headlining on the Friday night and Vic Galloway‘s DJ set thereafter.

I’m stoked on this year’s line-up. Hopefully you will be too!

Weekend tickets are on sale for £20 here.

All individual days will be £10 on the door, so don’t sleep on the cheap weekend tickets. Physical tickets can also be purchased at Groucho’s Records and Cerberus Bar in Dundee.

Again, bands not in order of appearance! Running order to be announced on the individual days.

Friday 30th November @ Kage Nightclub, St. Andrew’s Lane, Dundee


Anarcho punk legends play their first Dundee show in nearly a decade.


Exeter’s finest return for a flying visit with their new album “Building Bridges. Starting Here”.


London’s darkest punks are back in Dundee armed with their new record “Muffy”.


Riot-step/ska-core/drum’n’bass/hxc mash-up mentalists play their first ever Dundee show.

SLAVES; Dark’n’sleazy London punk two-piece on tour with Wonk Unit visit Dundee for the first time.


Glasgow’s gnarliest punk rock’n’rollers return to bring us their infection.


Fife’s most mental come back to bring us their brand of rap/hxc/metal mayhem.


Saturday 1st December @ Kage Nightclub, St. Andrews Lane, Dundee


Glasgow’s finest hard-working pop-punk princes cap off an amazing year.


Swansea’s finest come back to destory after last year’s riotous Friday night show.


Glasgow’s fastest thrash punk rock’n’rollers will decimate everything in their path.


Aberdeen’s bleakest play BYAF for the first time and bring with grindpunk madness with them.


The heavyweight champions of cathartic screamo/hardcore maintain their 100% BYAF record.


Ramshackle melodic “doom-punks” play their last show of a very eventful 2012.


Shred-tastic melodic post-hxc/tech-core mayhem from Glasgow playing their first Dundee show.


None-more-gruff sing-a-long melodic punk rock from the dark depths of south Wales.


Super-speedy melodic tech-punk from the grim north-east of England.


The fast-as-fuck gobby melodic punk rock equivalent of a nervous breakdown.


Larkhall’s cheekiest pop-punk charmers play their first ever BYAF with new EP “Terminal Boredom” in the bag.


Fuzzed-out garage pop-punk/rock’n’roll/hardcore mercenaries from the far north bring the rukus.


Dundee’s finest purveyors of intense melodic sing-a-long indie/emo/punk jamz crown a cracking year in style.


Fiercely passionate intense screamo/punk/hxc jamz from Aberdeen play their first BYAF. A treat for sure.


None-more-bouncy upbeat ska-punk from Ayrshire full of horns and super-catchy choruses, fronted by an actual American!


Sunday 2nd December @ Non-Zero’s, Castle Street, Dundee


Thoughtful, aching, introspective yet soaring melodic indie rock from Dundee.


Soaring atmospheric post-rock from Glasgow on Overlook Records play their first Dundee show.


Vic Galloway’s favourite hulking rock behemoths return to decimate BYAF one more time.


Epic, swirling soundscapes and hauntingly melodic lo-fi twisted pop goodness from Glasgow-based songwriter Ewan Grant.


Scotland’s finest acoustic punk rock poet returns to charm you all the way to the bar.


The first east coast show from the freshly invigorated and new looking melodic indie rock band with the new line-up.


Scuzzy garage blues punk from Dundee’s most handsome art school dance band.


Dundee’s most menacing hardcore band bring their brutal tech-punk madness back for their first show in a year.


Young Edinburgh melodic punk rockers play Dundee for the very first time.


Tayside’s most brutal and sadistic hardcore band will give you the hangover cure you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.


Acoustic Stage


Soulful piano-led soul punk balladry from Raph, erstwhile frontman of The Stay Gones and perennial punk rock institution.


WeCameFromWolves drummer, former PMX frontman and all-round musical machine John Harcus bares it all flying solo.


Well-travelled acoustic punk rock troubadour brings his soulful tales to BYAF for the first time.


Acoustic cowpunk (at heart) from a young Scottish boy returning from time away in Canada. First show in a year!


“The John Martyn of punk rock” (in the words of Chris T-T) returns to bring his heart-warming/wrenching songs to BYAF one more time.


Andychainsawiswithoutadoubtatwopintgrowler. Absolutely none-more-gruff passionate acoustic beard-core goodness.


Owen from Bonehouse/The Won Over/Fall Of Boss Koala brings his exceptional talents to his first ever solo acoustic show.


Solocore acoustic cowpunk from UNIFORMS/MTAT man.


First ever solo acoustic show from former Pensioner man, most recently seen behind mixing consoles for the likes of Kaddish and Bonehouse.


That’s it; 3 days and 2 nights of punk/hxc/emo/indie/acoustic/ska/screamo madness in Dundee to benefit Safe-Tay and the projects that they support. This year the money will be going towards buying a new lifeboat for Tayside Mountain/Water Rescue. Hopefully you’ll join us for what should be an amazing weekend for a great cause that is close to all of our hearts.

Part One of the BYAF Compilation can be downloaded for a £1 donation here.

Don’t forget your cheap weekend tickets here.

I look forward to seeing your faces.