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Book Yer Ane Fest IX is only a couple weeks away and we are beginning to get mad stoked (and freaking out!) about spending a weekend in the company of some of the finest DIY punk bands and best people we know. BYAF has grown into something we’d never envisaged when we started in the back room of Mucky Mulligans in Perth way back in 2008 and for that we are truly grateful. This year marks another step in the BYAF evolution and we’ll be hosting it in Buskers and The Vestry for the very first time. Dougie and the troops have been very understanding and accommodating of us, so hopefully everyone has an awesome time. This will also be the first BYAF with a proper stage (no barrier!) so please behave accordingly and look out for one another!

Thank you also to everyone who has picked Weekend E-Tickets thus far, it’s always a massive stress reliever when you know that people are stoked on what you’re doing. If you haven’t got one yet, you can grab one RIGHT HERE (cheap pop, right?). Ye can check out the day splits on the MTAT website. Also, both Pre-BYAF and Post-BYAF in Glasgow and Edinburgh on Thursday 26th and Monday 30th November respectively are pay-on-the-door and all early shows at Cerberus Bar are free on a first come, first served basis as it’s tiny.

For updates as they occur, keep your eyes on the event page and our twitter.


One of the best things for us about BYAF is the opportunity to bring new and interesting bands to Dundee and to catch up with friends that we may otherwise seldom see. As such, we’d like to extend a very warm welcome to the following bands to shall be playing BYAF for the first time over the weekend;

Make War (USA)

Formerly known as Sad and French, Make War are a three piece melodic punk rock band from New York who will play their first and only Scottish show of their debut European tour on the Friday night at Buskers. They’re touring in support of their new self-titled LP that is out now on Black Numbers / Gunner Records. The band shall also be playing an exclusive acoustic show on Friday evening at the pre-show/weekend ticket collection gathering at Cerberus Bar from 4-6pm.

FFO; Lucero, The Bouncing Souls, Gaslight Anthem

When; Friday 27th November at Buskers.

Above Them (ENG)

After many years of trying, we are absolutely thrilled to finally be able to welcome one of the greatest UK punk rock bands of recent times to Dundee for the very first time. Veterans of the UK DIY scene and venerated throughout the worldwide punk scene, these Yorkshire punks released their new “Water Lane” LP through the wonderful Specialist Subject Records earlier this year and will join us for an exclusive Scottish show.

FFO; The Weakerthans, Hot Water Music, Jawbreaker

When; Sunday 29th November at Buskers.

The Spook School

Currently setting the world on fire with their infectious and vital “Try To Be Hopeful” LP, these Edinburgh queercore indie pop punks join us at BYAF for the first time and play their first Dundee show since playing a packed Cerberus show with ONSIND and Spoonboy way back in February. The Spook School have had an incredible year, playing all over the world and we’re very excited to be hosting them in Dundee.

FFO; The Buzzcocks, The Slits, The Vaselines

When; Saturday 28th November at Buskers.

Good Grief (ENG)

Upbeat bittersweet fizzy bangers from these witty and intelligent Liverpool fuzzy melodic indie punks who will be bringing their lo-fi pop jams to Dundee for the very first time. Well traveled and with releases out on the esteemed Boss Tunage and Drunken Sailor Records and splits with BUZZorHOWL and Eureka California to their name, we’re very excited for a late afternoon sugar rush.

FFO; Superchunk, Dinosaur Jr, J Church

When; Saturday 28th November at Buskers.

Forever Unclean (DK)

Full blast bouncy gobby melodic Europunk from these three piece punkers from Copenhagen, Denmark who visit Dundee for the first time as part of their UK tour around BYAF. Bringing together slacker indie and tight 90s skate punk, their new EP “Shreds” does exactly that and was mastered by Jason Livermore at The Blasting Rooms in Colorado. They’ll be reunited with their old touring buddies Terrafraid, who will themselves be returning from their own three month European odyssey!

FFO; Kid Dynamite, Smoke Or Fire, Broadway Calls

When; Sunday 29th November at Buskers

Will Wood (NZ)

Kick-ass boot-stompin’ countrified punk blues murder balladeer from New Zealand joins us in Dundee for the first time on his UK tour with fellow one-man-band compatriot and partner in crime Freddy Fudd Pucker. Will Wood brings a wild-hearted whisky-soaked punk rock fire in his belly and a glint of wickedness in his eye.

FFO; Steve Earle, Murder By Death, Nick Cave

When; Saturday 28th November at The Vestry.

Great Cynics (ENG)

Another band that we’ve long hoped to play, we are delighted to welcome Great Cynics and their wonderful heart-warming melodic folk/punk bangers to BYAF for the first time. The band released their inspiring “I Feel Weird” LP on Specialist Subject earlier this year and have just returned from having everyone in Gainesville at Fest fall in love with them all over again. Excited to have them in Dundee again after last being seen with The Smith Street Band at Mini-Fest in 2013.

FFO; The Lemonheads, Billy Bragg, The Get Up Kids

When; Saturday 28th November at Buskers.

Chrissy Barnacle

From the “grimy side of the Clyde” comes nylon-stringed acoustic-wielding Glasgow singer/songwriter Chrissy Barnacle who brings her sharp-witted and heart-warming feminist political folk-pop to BYAF for the first time. We’ve been fans of Chrissy and her songwriting for a long time and we’re very pleased to finally be able to play host.

FFO; Kate Bush, Joni Mitchell, Ghost Mice

When; Saturday 28th November at The Vestry.

Rational Anthem (USA)

Life-affirming fist-in-the-air old school gobby melodic pop punk three piece straight outta Sarasota, Florida and out on the road on a European tour with kindred spirits The Murderburgers, Rational Anthem are an explosive fireball of punk rock power and will joining us in Dundee for the very first time. Their “Emotionally Unavailable” LP came out on Bloated Kate Records last year and is rammed full of bittersweet pop punk zingers. Guaranteed to be a fun time!

FFO; Lipstick Homicide, Dear Landlord, Screeching Weasel

When; Saturday 28th November

Lenin Death Mask

Aberdeen indie noise-poppers wrap up their ten day UK tour in celebration and support of their debut “Three Hits” 7″ that is released on November 16th through Fitlike Records, Allende Records and Dingleberry Records in Europe. As part of an active Aberdeen DIY scene, we are very pleased to welcome our east coast comrades to BYAF for the first time.

FFO; Husker Du, Titus Andronicus, The Cribs

When; Sunday 29th November at Buskers.


Glasgow Young Team emo/pop punkers shall be opening BYAF IX with their youthfully energetic take on classic emocore and modern pop punk. These troops have been super active in their local Glasgow scene and have organised a heap of benefit shows as well as touring the UK for the first time this year in support of their split EP with Brightr. One of the best young bands to emerge in Scottish punk in recent times.

FFO; Modern Baseball, Gnarwolves, Spraynard

When; Friday 27th November at Buskers.

Stonethrower (EP Release Show)

 Dundee’s latest Ecossemo punks of weel’ kent faces play their first BYAF and celebrate the release of their new “Swells/Repels” CDEP on MTAT by bringing us their angular and agitated take on alt/punk rock, combining math-y time signatures with an undeniable taste for the ferocious punk banger. Stonethrower are one of the spiciest Dundee bands to emerge over the last year and we’re very proud to be working with them to release the EP.

FFO; Faraquet, Kaddish, Future Of The Left

When; Sunday 29th November at Buskers.


It’s crazy to think that this is the first time that PMX have played BYAF but the band were already on hiatus when we started this shindig back in 2008. Reunited and refreshed, PMX have blazed back into action in 2015 with the release of the incredible “Dark Days” EP that we’re super proud to have been involved in and they’ve been absolutely shredding it since their return to action. BYAF will be their first Dundee show in over seven years. PMX also play Pre-BYAF at Nice N Sleazy, Glasgow on Thursday 26th November with Murderburgers, Rational Anthem and Dead Neck.

FFO; Propagandhi, Lagwagon, A Wilhem Scream

When; Friday 27th November at Buskers.

Edgarville (ENG)

Tour mates of Terrafraid throughout their three month European tour and veterans of the DIY punk underground, Lancashire two-piece Edgarville bring their folk-ish acoustic indie/pop punk to Dundee for the very first time to conclude their tour. These guys have faced almost every challenge imaginable throughout their time as a band and have lived to tell the tale. Hopefully we’ll be able to provide a happy ending for them at BYAF.

FFO; The Front Bottoms, Apologies I Have None, The Smith Street Band

When; Sunday 29th November at The Vestry.

Bettie Akkemaai (NL)

Bettie Akkemaai is a feminist folk punk singer/songwriter from Den Bosch, Netherlands who joins us in Dundee for the first time as part of a series of shows with her kindred spirit and Different Circle Records comrade Dave Hughes. Inspired by the global DIY anarcho-folk scene, Bettie plays acid tongued witty acoustic folk with bite and intelligence.

FFO; Even Greer, Mischief Brew, Kimya Dawson

When; Sunday 29th November at The Vestry.

The Exhausts (ENG)

These London born, Glasgow based super spiky gobby melodic punks started their European tour in October before playing as Misfits at our Halloween Party and have been on the road ever since with tour concluding at BYAF. The band has just released the awesome “Leave The Suburbs!” album through the excellent Everything Sucks Music and will bring a hefty dose of tongue-in-cheek garage rock’n’roll madness to night one of BYAF.

FFO; Misfits, The Shitty Limits, Bikini Kill

When; Friday 27th November at Buskers.

Paper Rifles

Skyscrapingly melodic beautiful acoustic folk/punk rock from the former Curators man now ploughing the field solo and knocking it completely out of the park. With a busy year behind him, we’re involved in a special little project to be announced soon that will precede the forthcoming 7″ coming soon on Struck Dum Records. One of the strongest voices in Scottish music, we’d highly recommend not missing this.

FFO; Manic Street Preachers, Chuck Ragan, Deacon Blue

When; Saturday 28th November at The Vestry.

Elk Gang

Hard hitting passionate punk rock/post-hardcore from the capital from the troops behind the Anti-Manifesto collective featuring the engine room of Shields Up, these fiery Edinburgh punks will play BYAF for the first time and will bring their lung-bustin’ melodic hardcore and scissor kicks to light a fire under your Sunday afternoon. One of the dark horse bands to watch out for over the weekend for sure.

FFO; Small Brown Bike, Iron Chic, Lifetime

When; Sunday 29th November at The Vestry.

Tim Loud (ENG)

Foot-stompin’ hard-rocking virtuoso country/punk/folk/pop masterclass from Leeds based one man band/singer/songwriter who plays BYAF for the very first time and joins us in the midst of his UK tour with the equally eccentric Tim Holehouse. Last year’s “Born To Lose” album is an under-rated pop masterpiece and was released on MTAT in conjunction with TNS and Gin House Records. Very pleased to finally get Tim up to BYAF.

FFO; The Levellers, Gram Parsons, The Beatles

When; Saturday 28th November at The Vestry.

Salem Street

Dundee Youth Crew wrap up an exceptional 2015 that’s taken them across the UK for the first time and seen them play some massive festivals including Nice N Sleazy. They’ll be bringing their first generation 77 inspired punk with deep reggae/ska grooves to the Sunday afternoon and will be the perfect band to ease your hangovers as ye get started for the last day of festing.

FFO; Stiff Little Fingers, Operation Ivy, One Man Army

When; Sunday 29th November at The Vestry.

Benny Monteux

Edinburgh based acoustic folk/pop punk singer/songwriter joins us at BYAF for the first time as part of his Scottish tour in support of his new single. Benny joined us in Dundee at Cerberus Bar earlier in the year and we are delighted to welcoming this charming, forthright and honest young man back.

FFO; Kris Roe, The Gaslight Anthem, The Wonder Years

When; Saturday 28th November at The Vestry

Brendan Dalton

Bruised and introspective lo-fi acoustic singer/songwriter from rural Perthshire playing solo at BYAF for the first time having played BYAF III with his former pop punk band Versailles many moons ago. Brendan in a talented and intelligent writer who’s had a great year including putting out his first single “Medium” through the emergent indie label Meraki Records. No stranger to Dundee, we’re delighted to welcome Brendan to BYAF.

FFO; Bon Iver, Belle and Sebastian, Ryan Adams

When; Sunday 29th November at The Vestry.

Please, Believe!

From the ashes of Ecossemo stalwarts Bonehouse comes Please, Believe! Ploughing a similar field as their predecessors in terms of emotive DIY post-hardcore/punk rock, PB bring an added sense of urgency and chaos to proceedings, creating a cathartic and noisy expulsion of emotion. No recordings yet but with such pedigree, we can guarantee some prime cuts of east coast Ecossemo goodness.

FFO; At The Drive In, Sinaloa, Life At These Speeds

When; Sunday 29th November at Buskers.


Can’t wait, bring it on yo!


Book Yer Ane Fest VIII; A Retrospective

Writing the post-BYAF blog is always daunting for me, so much so that I pretty much skipped out on writing about last year’s entirely.  I guess that had more to do with my own circumstances than anything else, though, as has been discussed in detail elsewhere. This time last year was a pretty dark time for me personally, but ultimately a time that led me into the light, so to speak. Without dwelling too much, it’s safe to say that I’m in a far better place this year. I don’t think that I’m alone in saying that BYAF VIII was pretty special and it may well have been the smoothest running fest that we’ve ever done. It’s humbling that so many people can come together and get behind the loose objectives that we all share and there’s no way that things would have ran so smoothly without the support and co-operation of everyone involved.

To everyone involved, I personally and we as a collective offer our deepest thanks. I certainly can’t do it alone and debts of gratitude go out to everyone. Apologies if I miss anyone; the MTAT crew (Abbie, Barry, Jamie, Jonny, Kenny), all the BYAF volunteers who got on board with sound, feeding and accommodating bands (Gav, Sean, Laura, Ross, Russell, Gerold, Gemma, Gaz, Neil and Joanne), Fiona and all the staff at Kage, Audrey, Dave and all the staff at Cerberus Bar, Boab at Punk Rock Rammy, Tristan and Harris at Dundee Music Studios, the staff at Rainbow Music, Mitch and crew from Audiowave Dundee, Team Beard Records, Round Dog Records, all the crew at Shadow Sound Central in Glasgow, Kev and the Anti-Manifesto troops in Edinburgh, Black Lake Records, Alshy for being a top geezer, Mighty Vision Entertainment, Dave Hughes, everyone who donated tombola prizes including Kenneth and the good people of Highland Fling Bungee, Grant George at Badlands Barbers, all of the bands and labels who donated prizes, all of the bands who came and nailed it and every single person that came through the door to support what we do and, more importantly, to support the ongoing work of Safe-Tay and Tayside Mountain Rescue.

For the month of December, all donations for digital downloads from the MTAT Bandcamp page will be added to our total for donation to Safe-Tay. The Legendary BYAF Tombola was a roaring success over the weekend. Huge thanks to Abbie and her crew (Cheryl, Fraser and Barry) for taking care of everything at the tombola table and everyone who took a punt at playing as it made an incredible £444.50 over the weekend. We will have the final figure to share at the end of the month once all digital downloads are taken into account. You can find over 60 releases, most of which are available for free/pay-what-you-want download, on our bandcamp page here.

I’m always interested in hearing about the experiences of other people at BYAF, as I am usually running around like a headless chicken over the course of the weekend. It’s both a blessing and a curse; all of these friends from all over the place assembled in one place for such a short period of time that it’s rare I get a chance to have more than a five minute chat with most people. To this end, I am seeking to put together a BYAF zine of sorts featuring stories from those who have attended BYAF, not only this year but from all the fests that we’ve run since we started in the back room of Mucky Mulligan’s back in 2008. If this is something that you’d be interested in contributing towards and being a part of, please get in touch by emailing me here. With a bit of luck, I’ll manage to throw something together by the time Book Yer Ane Fest IX rolls around (running from Friday 27th through Sunday 29th November 2015, in fact). I realise I failed to make good on my promise of a zine this time around, but believe me when I say that it’s going to happen this time, dammit!

 While BYAF is pretty much a year-round job, I guess my weekend started on the Wednesday night on my way back from teaching a class in Blairgowrie when I got a heads up from a pal (cheers Pete) about potential problems with the pre-BYAF show the following evening. Cue some manic texting and a couple of phone calls with Alshy and we were all set with a new venue. Massive props and shout outs to the troops at Shadow Central in Glasgow for sorting us out with both a venue and a backline at the very last minute and to all of the troops for making it out despite the changes. Alshy and I headed down to Glasgow together on the Thursday afternoon and met Freddy Fudd Pucker, his crew of New Zealanders and the dudes from Austeros for the first time whilst hooking up with our old muckers in Mug, Sink Alaska and The Kimberly Steaks. The show itself was rare; all of the bands killed it, the space for the show was a great one, there was a veritable corridor of merch, we covered costs and everyone seemed to have a great time. After that, it was in the motor and up the road for the back of midnight. Solid job all round and a great way to kick off what was already shaping up to be a wild weekend.

The Kimberly Steaks slayed it at pre-BYAF.

The Kimberly Steaks slayed it at pre-BYAF.

First thing on Friday morning saw me cooking the biggest pots of rice my kitchen has ever seen, drinking coffee like it’s going out of fashion (nothing new there) and ringing round everyone making sure all was in hand. We try to take each BYAF as a learning experience and things were fixing up pretty smoothly. The crew met up at Kage around half 2/3 and we got everything loaded in before I left Boab in general charge of sound and setting up while I scooted up the road to meet Russell and get set-up for the pre-show at Cerberus. I’d like to thank Russell and Dave Hughes for the PA and for volunteering to help with sound over the course of the weekend, your contributions are much appreciated gents. I opened the show playing acoustic THT shit and I can barely even remember what I played. I do remember playing the blues at one point and pissing myself laughing. I guess I must’ve entertained myself at least. Gav and Sean then took to the floor of an increasingly busier boozer and played a quick set of beautiful stripped-down Terrafraid material before Maxwell’s Dead absolutely tore the place apart with a suitably raucous set of rowdy ska-punk stompers that very much set the tone for the evening. Then it was a quick bolt down to Kage to catch Lachance open up proceedings.

I was running around like an idiot at this point, so I didn’t really get a chance to watch any full sets as such for the first half of Friday night but I did manage to catch at least a few songs of every band; The Lemonaids absolutely nailed it and it was the first of drummer Ross’s three sets of the night, seeing as he was drumming for both The Kimberly Steaks and The Murderburgers. Hats off to that man for sure! Austeros were spectacular and definitely made some new friends with their sparkling pop-punk goodness. Speaking of the Steaks, the two shows at BYAF were the first times that I’ve seen the band with the new line-up and they were absolutely incredible both times. I’ve been friends with Grieg for a long time now and it makes my bosom swell with pride to see how far the band has come and how Grieg himself has grown as a songwriter. I’ve said it before that “To Live and Die in West Central Scotland” is one of the records of the year and I’ll reiterate here that it is, to my mind, one of the truly great Scottish punk records; an absolute pop-punk masterpiece. The fact that they wrapped up with a cover of “Going To Pasalaqua” was just the frosted icing on the bittersweet pop-punk cake.

The Murderburgers' Annual BYAF Rammy.

The Murderburgers’ Annual BYAF Rammy.

The Murderburgers then rammied things up another notch and the usual BYAF Boiga chaos ensued. For a band that has spent the vast majority of the year on tour, the boys looked remarkably fresh and ready for a rammy at what was their first Scottish show after tearing it up around the USA. Jonny and I had to do a little of ye olde security at the front to make sure that people didn’t fall teeth-first into the monitors but, as always, the crowd capers were all in the best possible spirits and nobody was hurt. I think the mayhem was respectful over the course of the weekend, but I’m undeniably pro-mayhem so I may not be the best person to ask as far as these things go! Judging by the smiles strapped to awbody’s coupons though, all was good. Lipstick Homicide then stepped up and absolutely destroyed it, ripping through a half-hour of fizzy and gobby pop-punk bangers that reminded me why I got involved in this punk rock caper in the first place; short, sharp bursts of energy and attitude wrapped up in a sugary pop-punk coating. They were fucking brilliant and a more than fitting end to a wonderful first night of BYAF. After sorting out the last of the “business”, we slinked off home to try and get some rest before the madness resumed the next day. As usual, it was 3am bed, 8am rise!

Saturday started with the usual coffee and rallying of the troops before I spent a quiet minute being stoked that I didn’t have a hangover on the Saturday of BYAF for the first time ever. Neil from Bicycle Thieves gave me the heads up that he was running late so Turtle Lamone opened things up in Cerberus with some of his piano punk rock wonderment before Gone Wishing treated us to his first set of the day before hitting a bolt to Glasgow to play later on that evening. The assembled hardcore crew were then treated to something very rare and really rather special indeed; a secret acoustic set from Joe McMahon of Smoke Or Fire. As I have written about previously, Joe and I have been in each other’s orbits for some time and it was really rather surreal to have him sitting playing in the boozer where we throw our last minute shows.

Once Joe wrapped, it was a quick tidy up of the gear before heading down to Kage just in time to catch A Victory At Sea kicking up a storm upstairs in the main room. The acoustic stage was running one behind all day as we felt it important than Neil being able to perform after coming all the way from Wales to play, but I don’t think that anyone minded too much. Unfortunately I didn’t get to spend too much time downstairs during the Saturday but from all accounts it was truly intimate and memorable the whole way through. That’s one of the very few downsides of being involved in putting on a festival of any kind; you can never really catch all of the acts that you want to, despite having the very best of intentions. Luckily, and more importantly, we managed to stagger things so that clashes wouldn’t happen (on the whole) and that no attendees would have to miss out on any acts. I do hope that everyone managed to catch all of the artists that they wished to over the course of the weekend. That said, I managed to miss my pals in Terrafraid almost entirely as I was running around, I think I caught them playing one song. Fair play, that song is a banger; “always does what everyone does, what everyone does, it’s all the same”.

Random observation from Saturday afternoon; Joe McMahon somehow managed to sleep through the entirety of the In Tongues set in the main room, quite the achievement. In Tongues were fucking incredible, not to mention one of the heaviest bands I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing in Kage, truly tremendous stuff indeed.

Our boys in Sink Alaska were up next on the main stage and were a man down from pre-BYAF as guitarist Richie was unwell and deemed sidelined but Alshy, Brad and Sneddy put in a very admiral effort in his absence and ripped through 20 minutes of razor-sharp melodic punk zingers that could peel the enamel from your teeth. Get It Together then took up the baton and ran with it in the way that only they can; Mark a ball of frenetic nervous energy while Craig shreds the skin from your face with his riffage. Unfortunately we didn’t have the “Rebuild, Recover” 7″s ready in time for BYAF (and still don’t, but that’s another story) but their set was triumphant and celebratory nonetheless, with Mark handing out vocal duties to rest his heavily-infected chest. I’m pretty sure that me and Ade got involved in some sort of hardcore version of “Cuddyback Fights” at some point too; not overly dignified but undeniably guid craic. Uniforms played next and, again, it was pretty much a blur for me. We had some technical gremlins messing with us to begin with but that was quickly sorted and I think we hit our stride. BYAF is always a pretty emotional show for us and it was also our first Dundee show since Chic joined the band so we were super pumped. I probably talked a little more shit than usual but what can ye do? Thanks to everyone who checked us out and sang along with us, it truly was something pretty damn special and it means a lot to us.

It was a quick smoke and a quick change for me before getting stage-side for Guerrilla Monsoon. It was great to finally meet those dudes in person as I’ve built up a good relationship with Mark online over the course of the year and they are just a bloody tremendous band. If you haven’t checked them out yet, I’d strongly encourage you to do so; they blend an American emo/punk energy with distinct modesty and a bucketful of indie/punk bangers. Fucking great band and one of the hardest grafting yet ungrizzled bunch of dudes that I’ve ever met who deserve everything that is coming their way. Almost the exact same thing could be said of Algernon Doll, who were at their pulverising and chaotic best. They’re currently in the States recording their new record with Steve Albini and I have absolutely no doubt that it’ll be their best and most fully realised piece of work to date. Ewan is good friend of mine and it has been a pleasure to watch him evolve from shy acoustic multi-instrumentalist to full-on tattooed rock beast. Real as fuck.

Algernon Doll

Algernon Doll

It was great to finally get the dudes from Leagues Apart up for BYAF as it is something that we’ve talked about doing for a while. These dudes are a super talented band and know exactly how to bring the rukus, although I’m pleasantly surprised that there wasn’t more of a rukus in response to James balming everyone up. The dudes were playing only their second show with their new bassist Hub (of Pure Graft) and they rattled through a the pick of the bunch from their banging “Brief Interviews With Hideous Men” LP that came out earlier this year. They may have a reputation to uphold but these roasters have got some absolute crackers up their sleeves when they get to it. Standing at the side of the stage watching them, it was impossible for me not to have a massive smile strapped to my face at the sheer sight of everyone being pumped. Talking of being pumped, being invited onstage to sing “Dead Leg” with Bear Trade during their following set was one of the highlights of my year, if not my life. It’s no secret how much I love that band and their incredible “Blood and Sand” LP has been my most listened-to record of the year. It’s safe to say that they absolutely killed it and peeled out the choice cuts from the LP and dropped in a cheeky Replacements cover for good measure. There was a little bit of confusion towards the end as we’d run a little over time, but when they kicked into “Bastards of Young” as the last song of the evening, sheer joyous bedlam ensued. It sounds cliche and cheesy, but it was fucking incredible; one of those moments that makes all the shit that comes with it worthwhile. Life affirming stuff indeed.

Sunday started with a queue outside Cerberus and some sore heads before Shitgripper played our first show in Dundee and cracked some skulls open with some instrumental doom loud enough to rival the church bells before Ewan played a secret Algernon Doll acoustic set that included a delightful Fugazi cover. Lancashire punks Dead Neck than absolutely slayed it with their 1000mph skate punk, NOFX and Propagandhi covers and the most ridiculous version of “Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” that you’re ever likely to hear. Maxwell’s Dead then opened proceedings at Kage with a last minute set of stormers and “nah-nah-nahs” before Robot Doctors slammed it with their high-energy indie rock and enviable high-jumps for such a delicate hour.

Our pals Question The Mark then nailed it and it was great to see them playing with our friend Rich of Team Beard on the bass for the first time. He played with such style and slipped into the pocket so tightly that you’d think that he’d been in the band from the very beginning before reunited Perthshire indie/emo legends Venetian Love Triangle played their first show in Dundee since supporting a little-known Biffy Clyro back in ’03. It was great to hear some of those old songs again, bringing me back to my youth and young manhood as Stef and his bands were always a great inspiration to me as a kid. I remember seeing Tenesee Kait playing Ramones covers at Blair Live in the Wellmeadow when I was around 15 and it clearly left an indelible effect on me. Italian punks Low Derive then took to the floor and entirely blew the place away with their thoughtful European take on midwestern punk rock; such a tight band with intricacy and harmonies all over the place. I was very grateful to be able to catch their full set at post-BYAF the next night. Another truly great band of truly good dudes who I very much look forward to seeing again.

Random memory; “Your voice is part of the space you take up” – Andy Chainsaw. Wise words, my friend!


Billy on the Acoustic Stage

By this time of the weekend my memory was beginning to haze over a little, something in which I’m sure I wasn’t alone. I think that perhaps the atmosphere in the air at the acoustic stage whilst Billy Liar was performing best exemplified that of the weekend; excitement, humour, togetherness, positivity and everything that is good in punk. Billy is one of my bestest pals and his set was, to me at least, hilarious and I think he spent more time talking shit and going nuts than he did playing songs. Either way, it was another one of those special moments. Talking of which, the Broken Stories set was one of the most poignant and heart-wrenching sets that I’ve ever borne witness to. We were obviously all very excited that the set was doubling as the launch show for the “It’ll Be Alright” 10″ EP but I shall forever hold in my heart the feeling of complete awe and utter respect with tears rolling down my face whilst Kevin and Gillian performed “Playing On Repeat” from the EP. For Morgan Nicol, Jordan Cameron and all who’ve gone too soon, may you find peace. I had to go outside for a little while once they’d finished then helped Chris T-T and The Hoodrats load in. I caught a little bit of Bonehouse’s set beforehand and they were tremendous as always, delivering buckets of blood, sweat and tears as ever. My only regret is not getting to see more.

Our friends in Carson Wells had pulled an incredible shift in driving from London where they’d played at About Time 3 the previous day and destroyed it once more. I could labour on at length about the impeccably high standard of bands across the weekend but Carson Wells are very near the pinnacle of Ecossemo greatness. Truly a spectacular band, I have every confidence that their new LP will blow minds the world over once it is unleashed next year. Don’t sleep on these boys. I finally managed to pick up a copy of their split 7″ with Human Hands too, after many months of meaning to. The mighty Kaddish were up next and were at their mesmeric best, mixing in tracks from the “Thick Letters To Friends” LP with some classics and a couple of tasty tracks from their forthcoming full-length. Browsing facebook the next day, I saw a friend post that “seeing Kaddish at BYAF was the best twelve pound I’ve ever spent”, pretty much the perfect summation of things. By this point, my brain is mush, Fat Goth are on the floor decimating Kage and rattling the remaining skulls while shredding the roof tiles off the place. Then it was over.

To offset the imminent post-fest blues, I got dressed and headed along to Kage to load out the PA loading out all the backline from both Kage and Cerberus then returning them to their rightful homes (DM Studios and our spare room, respectively). A quick shower later and Russell was texting me from outside and we were off to the post-BYAF show in Edinburgh as hosted by our esteemed colleagues of Anti-Manifesto. Unfortunately we missed Dead Neck but arrived just in time to see Paper Rifles charm us with his impassioned Wildhearts-esque acoustic set before Question The Mark smashed it through the walls one more time. I bore witness to my third Joe McMahon set of the weekend and sat quietly before Low Derive rounded out the wildest yet smoothest-running weekend of my life with some rowdy punk rock bangers. Then it was back in the motor, up the road and back to DD1.

To all involved in a truly momentous weekend, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Ye are deece.

See ye at Book Yer Ane Fest IX.

Season Ticket

Book Yer Ane Fest VIII; Day Splits and Updates!

***Updated Saturday 22nd November***

Like winter, Book Yer Ane Fest always seems to sneak up on me. We spend pretty much all year planning for it but there is always a rush of things to get done at what kinda seems like the last minute every year. We’re pretty much on point for this year (I think) and BYAF VIII is shaping up to be the busiest weekend of shows that we’ve ever hosted; there will be over 50 separate performances over the course of 5 days, 4 venues and 3 cities across Scotland. If you haven’t yet seen my friend Adam Morrow’s “FILM YER ANE; The Book Yer Ane Fest Documentary“, then I’d thoroughly recommend checking it out as it tells the story with greater elegance than I could likely muster.

It never fails to blow my mind that something that started out as a premise behind a Joey T weekender has evolved into something that I feel is very important (to us). The most important thing to bear in mind, to my mind, is that BYAF is a benefit festival to raise money for Safe-Tay and Tayside Mountain Rescue. Obviously we want everyone to have to most rad of all possible times, but I’d also encourage mindfulness as to why we are gathered together and how we treat each other. With a little respect, everyone can enjoy the best time possible together. Please take a moment to check out the websites of these important organisations and support the vital work that they undertake.

pre BYAF Glasgow

Our first ever Glasgow pre-BYAF show happens exactly three weeks from tonight at the 13th Note Cafe and it’s going to be a banger. Scotland’s finest west coast east-bay punk rockers The Kimberly Steaks will be joining us to celebrate an amazing year that has seen them release on of their best records of the year in the form of “To Live and Die in West Central Scotland”; truly a modern pop-punk masterpiece. They’ll be joined by Round Dog Records’ newest recruits Austeros who played rowdy power-pop like The Weakerthans covering Jawbreaker, Glasgow melodic punk veterans Sink Alaska who are fresh from releasing their first 7″ single and their good friends Mug from London. The line-up is rounded out by the one man tour de force that is Freddy Fudd Pucker from New Zealand who will be joining us for the weekend. Doors open at 7.30pm and it’s a fiver a skull unless you’ve got yourself a Super Earlybird Weekend Ticket.

poster final

I’m going to be writing a zine of sorts for BYAF this year, a programme of events if you will. Set times will be posted both online and contained within the zine, but times will also be posted up on the walls of the venues over the course of the weekend. What will follow below is a breakdown of day splits. Times will be posted later and this division does not necessarily reflect the running order of events across the weekend. As always, with all of these things, the card is subject to change. Cannae legislate for folk, ken?

Please note that all shows at Cerberus Bar are free but priority entry will be given to those with Super Earlybird Weekend Tickets. After that, it’ll be first come, first served. The place is pretty small so we’d encourage to get there early to make sure you get in. Please bring earplugs as you’ll likely need them! Also, please be aware that BYAF will be being recorded, filmed and photographed by a number of people for a number of projects throughout the weekend so you may well be caught on camera. If anyone is uncomfortable with that, please get in touch and make yourself known. Beyond that, please be cool and have an amazing weekend!

Get your Three Day E-Ticket for £25 here. Physical tickets are also available for £25 plus booking fee from Groucho’s, Dundee. Day tickets will be available in limited amounts on the door only and will be £7 on Friday night and £12 each on both Saturday and Sunday.

Friday 28th November

Cerberus Bar (4-6.30pm); Maxwell’s Dead / Terrafraid / Tragical History Tour + More (Free)

Kage Nightclub (Doors @ 6.30pm, First band @ 6.45); The Murderburgers / Lipstick Homicide (USA) / The Kimberly Steaks / Austeros (ENG) / Mug (ENG) / The Lemonaids / Lachance + Warped Club (£7 on the door)

Saturday 29th November

Cerberus Bar (12-2.30pm); Dead Neck (ENG) / Gone Wishing / Brian Curran / Mystery Guests

Kage Nightclub (Doors @ 2.30pm, First band @ 2.45pm); PAWS / Bear Trade (ENG) / Departures / Leagues Apart (ENG) / Guerrilla Monsoon (ENG) / Algernon Doll / Uniforms / Get It Together (7″ Launch Show) / In Tongues / Terrafraid / Sink Alaska / A Victory At Sea (ENG)

Acoustic Stage; Eric Ayotte (USA) / The Doublecross (WAL) / Billy Liar / Freddy Fudd Pucker (NZ) / James “Bar” Bowen (ENG) / esperi / A Hopeless Cause / Lovers Turn To Monsters

Sunday 30th November

11am; Keep your eyes on @makethatatake for details!

Cerberus Bar (12-2.30pm); Shitgripper / “The Menzingers” / Mystery Guests

Kage Nightclub (Doors @ 2,30pm, First band @ 2.45pm); Fat Goth / Kaddish / Avast! / Low Derive (ITA) / Chris T-T and The Hoodrats (ENG) / Bonehouse / Carson Wells / Venetian Love Triangle / Question The Mark (WAL) / Fair Do’s (ENG) / Alburn / Robot Doctors

Acoustic Stage; Joe McMahon (Smoke or Fire, USA) / Broken Stories (10″ Launch Show) / Tim Holehouse (ENG) / John Harcus / Dave Hughes and the Renegade Folk Punk Band / Turtle Lamone / Andy Chainsaw

Monday 1st December; Post-BYAF w/ Anti-Manifesto

The Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh (doors @ 7.30pm, £5 Tax); Low Derive (ITA) / Joe McMahon (Smoke or Fire, USA) / Question The Mark (WAL) / Paper Rifles

Poster to follow!

Think that’s it for now. Please keep your eyes on the facebook event page and the aforementioned twitter page for further and up-to-date information. A previously updated version of the Book Yer Ane Fest FAQ can be found here.

We’ll also be running the #BYAF photo competition again so if you’re uploading pics of the weekend, please use the hashtag to be in with the chance of winning a prize. We shall also be hosting the traditional tombola, merch sales, records and heaps more!

BYAF VII; Three Weeks To Go!

poster official

Once again Book Yer Ane Fest has crept up on us. It’s one of those strange paradoxes; it seems like an age ago the last year’s happened and that we’ve been planning this one forever, but at the same time it seems like no time at all since we were cleaning up Kage last time and we’ve been so busy that times seems to fly in. Regardless of any philo-physical ramblings, Book Yer Ane Fest VII is now a mere three weeks away.

We shall be hosting an “acoustic cafe” pre-BYAF show at Henry’s Coffee Shop on Seagate, Dundee that will be running from 5pm until doors at Kage at 7pm on the Friday night. As enthusiastic coffee drinkers and regular customers, we thought it prudent to try and involve our local caffeine-fuelled community and, thankfully, Henry’s were happy to indulge us. This is the first time that we’ve tried something like this but we’re hoping things will run smoothly, as I’m sure they will in Jonny Domino’s capable hands. It’ll be a pretty informal affair but please come down and join us for the calm before the storm.

Mark McCabe shall be “headlining” this part of events and comes to us straight from a successful performance at the CMC in Gainesville, Florida at Fest 12. Who knows where else he’ll pop up over the weekend? As a heads up of sorts, the best place to keep up to date with any “last minute” or “secret” developments across the BYAF weekend is the MTAT Twitter page. Mark will be joined at Henry’s by the wonderful Gone Wishing, Turtle Lamone and Dundee firebrand David Hennessey. Things will be wrapped up by 7pm, giving ample time to walk the two minutes down the road to Kage to catch first bands.

One of the most exciting things about BYAF is the sheer number of travelling bands and convergent tours that cross over during the course of the weekend. We’re very excited for the Broadcaster (USA) and Muncie Girls (ENG) tour to roll into town. Their European adventures start today and will continue for the next three weeks as they wind their way around the mainland. The Friday night of BYAF will be the only Scottish show of the tour and we’re very excited to welcome both bands to Scotland for the very first time. Broadcaster just released the new “A Million Hours” LP on Jump Start Records and it’s a mighty fine slice of pop/punk rock goodness. If you’re into the likes of Weezer, The Weakerthans and Superchunk, then you’re absolutely going to fall in love with these guys. Muncie Girls released the “Sleepless” EP on the wonderful Specialist Subject Records earlier this year and have spent 2013 working their way around the UK and leaving an impression everywhere they’ve been. The tour with Broadcaster is their first adventure to Europe and I’d expect that they’ll smash it everywhere they go. This is one of the most exciting tours of the year and I’m very happy that we’ve managed to bring them up for BYAF.


Both us roasters in UNIFORMS and Sink Alaska shall also be playing the Friday night and I am delighted to report that we will have the physical copies of the “ROASTER” 4-way split 10″ featuring both bands and our brethren in Question The Mark and The Walking Targets. This will be the official release weekend for the record and will be your first chance to get your hands on one of the REIGN IN BLOOD coloured vinyl. We’ll be selling them cheap as well as in a number of different bundles, so make sure and come across to the merch table negotiate with Abbie for some bargains. We’ll be putting up the stream of the record and a pre-order over the next week or so. It’s safe to say that I’m pretty excited about this whole thing. Also, we put up a new song that won’t be on the record but is available for free download.

We are also very pleased to welcome Andy Thomas’ Dust Heart. The solo project of Denver, Colorado based punk rock journeyman Andy Thomas (former front man of Tin Horn Prayer and a million other bands), this will be his first ever show outside of North America and the only show that he’ll be playing on a fleeting visit to the UK. Taking Tom Waits-esque baroque and mixing it with some calculated punk rock murder balladry, Andy is a unique talent with a knack for twisting a dark tale around a haunting melody. We may also introduce him to Buckfast. Cheers to Josh from Loaded 45 for hooking this all up.

Those cheeky east coast ska-punk roasters Maxwell’s Dead shall be opening the evening’s proceedings at Kage. These dudes launched their first album “On The Floor” with a riotous show in Dundee last weekend and they are pumped to be playing BYAF again. These dudes work as hard as any band I’ve met and their dedication and commitment to their band is unquestionable. With new guitarist Bobby now firmly entrenched in the squad, there’s an extra layer of crust atop the sweet pop-punk melodies and sick as fuck basslines. These dudes love to party and are probably the most fitting band to kick off a weekend of madness.

Doors will open at Kage at 7pm and it’ll cost 7 bones on the door. Weekend Tickets are available on a “will call” basis from the MTAT Bandcamp page and in physical form from Groucho’s in Dundee.


What is Book Yer Ane Fest?

(Revised(ish) 32/05/2018)

BOOK YER ANE FEST XI happens in Dundee, Scotland from Friday 1st through Sunday 3rd December 2017. Tickets are on sale here.

Book Yer Ane Fest is a DIY punk/hardcore/emo/whatever festival hosted in Dundee, Scotland by Make That A Take Records.

For the last nine years (and ten festivals, as we did two in 2009), Book Yer Ane Fest has raised money and awareness for Safe-Tay, a Tayside-based water safety charity formed in Perth following the death of our friend Graham Motion in 2006. The PCC, Graham’s core group of hardcore punk friends, organised “Motionfest” in 2006 and 2007. After consulting with the PCC and learning that they wouldn’t be holding a third event, we asked if they’d hold any objections to Book Yer Ane Fest being a benefit for Safe-Tay. They held no objections, thus our tradition was born.

 The first Book Yer Ane Fest took place at Mucky Mulligans in Perth on November 15th 2008. Book Yer Ane Fest III saw BYAF move to Kage Nightclub in Dundee, which became our home for the next five years, including for our first three-day BYAF in 2011, which saw Leatherface headline on the Saturday night at what would prove to be their final Scottish show. That weekend also proved to be, in hindsight, somewhat the turning point for our collective. 2015 saw Book Yer Ane Fest IX move to Buskers and The Firefly in Dundee, with great results, and Book Yer Ane Fest X was also held there.

Book Yer Ane Fest X also marked the final festival in support of Safe-Tay, as they have wound up operations after ten emotionally difficult yet incredibly productive years. Safe-Tay has achieved a great deal amidst great personal suffering over the last decade, including the erection of many water-safety and caution signs throughout Tayside, the bringing together of many divergent government and non-profit organisations concerned with water safety and education, and increasing awareness of water safety and education throughout the region. With cross-sector connections made between groups with greater reach and influence, Lisa and family felt they had taken Safe-Tay as far as they could. Their influence and legacy cannot be denied.

We cannot thank Lisa Stuart and her family enough for all of the hard work, commitment and dedication that they have shown over the last decade. Our gratitude to Lisa and family for all of their support over the years cannot be understated. Thank you, for everything.

Over the years we’ve had the distinct privilege and honour to host friends and artists from all over the world, collectively raising in excess of ten thousand pounds for charity. We are very proud that something that essentially started as a Joey Terrifying gig in the back room of a Perth pub to raise some money for our pal’s charity has developed into something for which people are willing to travel from all over the globe to attend and a central fixture on the Scottish punk rock calendar. While never expressly the intent, it continually blows our mind what Book Yer Ane Fest has evolved into and would couldn’t be more humbled at the interest we’ve been afforded over the last few years.

Over the years, we’ve aimed to provide an accessible, interesting and diverse celebration of DIY punk culture and have had the honour of hosting hundreds of local, national and international bands/artists including, but not limited to; Leatherface (ENG), The Slow Death (USA), Franz Nicolay (USA), Rational Anthem (USA), Lipstick Homicide (USA), Antillectual (NL), Bangers (ENG), The Arteries (WAL), Mikey Erg (USA), Oi Polloi, Kaddish, Departures, The Spook School, ONSIND (ENG), Helen Chambers (ENG), Chris T-T (ENG), Beauty School Dropout, Rebuke (SWE), The Bomb (USA), Bear Trade (ENG), The Living Daylights (ENG), Sink Alaska, Uniforms, The Upstarts, Chrissy Barnacle, Wonk Unit (ENG), Slaves (ENG), The Murderburgers, Billy Liar, Make War (USA) and many more. We aim to continue to do so!


Book Yer Ane Fest XI sees the evolution continue once again and will happen in Dundee from Friday 1st through Sunday 3rd December 2017. Our venues for this year will be Abertay Student Centre, Conroy’s Basement and The Firefly, all within easy walking distance of each other in Dundee city centre. This year we shall be raising money and awareness for Insight Counselling, The Royal Life Saving Society and Tayside Mountain and Water Rescue. This year, we shall also be running our TINS FOR TUNES programme to support Dundee Foodbank.

There will also be both pre and post-Book Yer Ane Fest shows this year, full details of which will emerge over the next few months. While we have yet to announce any bands, there are bands booked and we look forward to hosting our most open, accessible and inclusive Book Yer Ane Fest yet.

Limited Earlybird Weekend Tickets for Book Yer Ane Fest XI will go on sale on Sunday 21st May 2017. These tickets will be £20 and will be strictly limited to 100 in total, as this is the capacity of our smallest venue.

Possessing an Earlybird Weekend Ticket is THE ONLY WAY to ensure entry to ALL MAIN BYAF SHOWS in Dundee.

Please make sure to grab one if you want to ensure your entry!

Earlybird Weekend Tickets will be available for £20 HERE from 12 noon on Sunday 21st May. Don’t snooze on it!

Both the pre-BYAF and post-BYAF shows will be pay on the door only.

“Can my band play?”

It really depends.

There is NO FORMAL APPLICATION PROCESS for Book Yer Ane Fest. Let’s be honest, there’s no way to say this without sounding like a roaster, but BYAF is booked collectively with no one individual in a position to impose their will. We are all actively involved in our musical communities, hosting shows and touring all over, so our booking decisions come from an informed perspective and not just on the whim of Dr. Deeker!

However, all that said, we do love hearing from new bands so if you want to get in touch, please do so by email only. Please do not message our FB page as it is collectively run and a timely response cannot be guaranteed.

The best way to get involved is to come along and support the scene on a regular basis. With limited space for local bands, those who support the scene and what we do all year round are more likely to be considered for BYAF.

Please bear in mind that BYAF is a charity fundraiser. While we do have a small budget and do our best to accommodate every reasonable request, we aren’t in a position to offer anything extravagant. For a fuller discussion on this subject, please check out this post.

Local bands can drop off a demo CD/tape/USB/download code/floppy disk to the DEMO DROPBOX that will be in situ at all upcoming shows at Conroy’s Basement.

Also, we’d appreciated it if any/all booking requests went through our email address at; info@makethatatakerecords.com

Also, and we cannot stress this enough, please DO NOT add or message individual members of the collective on FB or any other social media platform to enquire about playing BYAF.

 When will tickets be on sale?

100 Earlybird Weekend Tickets will be on sale for £20 from Sunday 21st May. An Earlybird Weekend Ticket will be the only way to ensure your entry to all BYAF shows in Dundee.

Thereafter (once all 100 Earlybird Weekend Tickets are gone), a Weekend Ticket will be a straight up thirty quid. As it stands, there will be no advanced single/individual day tickets but walk-ups will be available on the days.

Keep your eyes peeled on the Make-That-A-Take facebook page for further details.

 Are you doing accommodation packages this year?

Afraid not. While we’d be love to be able to offer accommodation packages, we already have our hands full accommodating bands. However, Dundee has an excellent Backpackers Hostel and loads of hotels that you can get cheap if you book in advance. Again, please keep your eye on the MTAT page for further developments on this front.

 “Can I have a stall?” “Can I bring my distro?”

Very possibly.

Given that the main events of Book Yer Ane Fest XI will be taking place at Abertay Student Centre, we have a bit more space at our disposal. We’ll be hosting a “Punk Rock Flea Market” of sorts and are seeking to involve as many community groups as possible. If you’d like to get involved and claim a space for your activism, please get in touch.

We have limited space but are always keen to hear from progressive thinking organisations, labels and those that run distros. All decisions are made by the collective and are considered on a case-by-case basis.

 Is BYAF all-ages?

All shows at Abertay Students Centre are 14+ (under 18s must be accompanied by a responsible adult). All shows in The Firefly and Conroy’s Basement are 18+, sorry. Please bear this in mind when ordering tickets.

 “My band is playing, can we get our friends on the guestlist?”


We operate a strict “no guestlist” policy so please don’t embarrass us or yourself. Van drivers, tour managers, etc, are obviously exempt. As Mike Watt says; “If you’re not playing, you’re paying”. Take it up with him.

 “I work for the press/TV/PR/blog/blahblahblah. Can I get guestlist?”


 “Is there anything that I can do to help?”

Yes, there are many things and we’d be very appreciative if you could!

This year especially we are looking for some troops to get involved in the BYAF CREW. Please do hit us up if you’d be keen to support in any way, shape or form!

We will also be looking for some volunteers to help us out with spreading the good word in terms of flyering, PR, postering, zine articles, radio play, interviews and all that other weird and wonderful stuff. If you feel like you’d be keen to help in this capacity, please hit us up. The spreading of the good word, even to your pals, is very much appreciated!

The best thing you can do is come to the festival and have an amazing time. It’d be great if you brought some friends with you and spread the word too. We’re always looking for people in Dundee who would be willing to have a bunch of punks sleeping in their flat for an evening and are always keen to hear from volunteers to help with this.

If you think you meet this description, please drop us an email.

 Why put on a festival in winter? In Scotland?

What’s a punk to do, eh?

For a more detailed background and history, we’d thoroughly recommend checking out “Film Yer Ane; The Book Yer Ane Fest Documentary” made by our friend Adam Morrow and the crew at Funguerins.

We’d also recommend checking out both the GGM Photography pages and the Smalbob YouTube channel for loads of BYAF photos and videos from over the years. Ye can also find some more at Cowpunk TV.

The first Make Yer Ane Comp was released at the original BYAF also. It’s still rad some ye should download it (and awhin else in the MTAT catalogue).


Keep your eyes on the BYAF XI event page and MTAT website for developments as they happen.




(Click cover for download link!)

Today marks the release of the fourth instalment of the MAKE YER ANE COMP series. This is by far the biggest one that we’ve ever done and it features 33 absolute bangers from all branches of the Make-That-A-Take family tree; punk, hardcore, emo, ska, acoustic, indie,  folk; there’s plenty to feast upon.

The comp also features a number of exclusives, including being the very first place to listen to and download a brand new track from the upcoming Kaddish LP as well as tracks from the forthcoming UNIFORMS/Loaded 45 and Maxwell’s Dead/The Walking Targets splits on MTAT Records.

This is also the first comp that we’ve charged for and we hope that you don’t find £2 (or more if you’re feeling generous!) to be unreasonable.  It’s looking like 2013 is going to be a crazy year for the collective with loads of awesome shows, our first ventures into putting out other bands and putting out vinyl, all leading up to Book Yer Ane Fest VII at the end of November.

We couldn’t do what we do without the people who support us. Thank you all so much. We sincerely hope you enjoy MAKE YER ANE COMP IV. Please feel free to spread it around and share it with your friends.


UNIFORMS – Not Tonight *exclusive*
The Kimberly Steaks – Self Destruct
The Walking Targets – There’s Nothing Quite Like Indecision *exclusive*
Oi Polloi – Na Geill Is Tu Beo
Kaddish – But A Beat From Your Bones *exclusive*
Billy Liar – The Ghosts Of Punk Rock *exclusive*
It’s Not OK! – The Captain
Sweet Empire – Torches
Bonehouse – A Grasp Too Far
Min Diesel – Love Disease
Terrafraid – Self-Indulgent Spotlight
Carson Wells – Home
From The Cradle To The Rave – 48 Years
Taking Chase – Jaws V
Maxwell’s Dead – Chemicals
The Murderburgers – Gimme Gimme Negativity
Loaded 45 – 3 Beers

Question The Mark – W.t. H. I. H. N (The God One)
A Victory At Sea – We Both Know
Get It Together – Skinned Knees and Bruises
Holiday – They Said We Could Have Everything In The Argos Catalogue
The Screichs – Conrad Brooks *exclusive*
Shatterhand – Just For A Minute
Müg – Tigers and Bears
Boneshakers – Empty Pockets
Dave Hughes and The Renegade Folk Punk Band – Tacitus
Little Anchors – My Grandfather Was A Projectionist
Gone Wishing – A Course You’ve Plot
Broken Stories – First Impression
Mark McCabe – Just Ask Nicely
The Won Over – Chances
Davey Nolan – A Better Model
Algernon Doll – Son of a Gun, Brother To None