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JANUARY BARGAINS & more propaganda from the cowpunk cult


The full 142 release MTAT discography download music collection is available with 50% off the usual price, now downloadable in one package for £44.99. That’s like 30p per release!


We’ve got new music, including the preorder of The Overbites’ “Time To Go” EP, from Fractal.420, Wreaking Joy, Vægtløs, David Delinquent and The I.O.U’s, Truth Ruiner, Knives Chau Fan Club, catslash, The Last Mile, ALLDEEPENDS & more, plus classics from Kaddish, Stonethrower, Broken Stories, Franz Nicolay, UNIFORMS, Seas, Starry, Get It Together, Goodbye Blue Monday & literally hundreds more.

“TIME TO GO” EP preorder; http://makethatatakerecords.bandcamp.com/album/time-to-go-ep

The full MAKE YER ANE COMP collection is included, dating back to the inaugural Book Yer Ane Fest hosted in Perth in November 2008. The first compilation was a run of 100 CDRs we sold for donations on the day. If anyone still has a physical copy, we’d love to see it!

MAKE YER ANE COMP IX will be released this Friday and, we hope, follows in the #makeyeranecomp tradition of celebrating underground punk rock culture whilst introducing new artists, bands & ideas. I (Derrick) curated this mixtape in good faith with love. I did the art on this occasion also.

Hope folx enjoy it. It’ll be released in solidarity with Fans Supporting Foodbanks Dundee, with monies from pay-what-you-want downloads being split straight down the middle.

We ken times are tough for awbdy and it’s a big ask for a diypunk label to be asking the most supportive community on earth for more support, but we can only stoke these flames of discontent together!


Tribalism is an illusion that benefits only the oppressor.

Call it math-rock, post-sludge, metallic hardcore, moshcore or whatever descriptor ye like, stripped to it bare bones, this is simply lead heavy brutal METAL at its most gnarly.

The church of punk, metal and hardcore is a big tent; sectarianism truly Scotland’s shame and the cause of much suffering, when we allow ourselves to believe we don’t worship at the same alter of noise. There are folx in this city who’ve being doing great work, for years, to unify the communities.

This Thursday, your friendly neighbourhood cowpunks extend a hand of friendship to all those who enjoy extreme metal & hardcore, in all its various grotesque shapes and forms, to join us for the the first of a Thursday / Saturday from MTAT & JCHC Zine.

Thursday; Pound (northwestern usa) UK Tour w/ Kakihara throughout Scotland, joined by Codespeaker and Knives Chau Fan Club. 7pm doors, first act on sharp. £8 advanced, tenner on doors.


Friday; Cirque Du Corset return for their monthly alt-drag cabaret residence with your esteemed host SLAY GUEVARA. 7pm doors from 8pm showtime. Hit up their page and / or insta for full ticket information.


Saturday; Jute City Hardcore presents Newcastle & Dundee HXC Unity with Wise Up (Nuclear Family Records) and AGGRIEVED having an away day with Truth Ruiner & Wreaking Joy. 7pm doors, £8/10. Tickets from JCHC.


All shows in Conroy’s Basement at Rad Apples Dundee. Usual house rules apply. Gigs strictly 18+, sorry. Please bring ID (this is the law, not our choice), familiarise yourself with the MTAT House Rules and be aware that we work with Good Night Out Campaign.

Vegan kitchen serving until 8pm all days.
Bar open until 11pm Thursday, midnight weekends. Please be sound to the staff at Rad Apples and all the crew. Ken ye will be!

All gigs tickets; http://makethatatakerecords.bigcartel.com/product/e-tickets


Due to some kind of system failure, all overseas shipping is currently suspended. This is a worldwide issue over which we have no control, sorry. We’ll start shipping internationally again once the Post Office up the road say it’s sound.

Seems none I’ve taken since new year have gone and there’s a bunch stuck at customs in amerikkka. Deepest joy. More information will be shared as soon as it becomes available. Apologies for the fuckery.

That said, I’m positive developments, all ALLDEEPENDS bundles have finally been shipped. We’re working our way through the TRUTH RUINER and VÆTGLØS orders at the moment, keeping time with our stated goal of having everything signed, sealed and delivered by the end of January.

Your patience is deeply appreciated, thank you all for sticking with us!


If ye didnae ken, MTAT has a YouTube channel. It’s been online for maybe 15 years (?) and contains 420+ live performance and music videos from across cowpunk history.

MTAT began before the dawn of Web 2.0 and the birth of social media as we know it, so this page has received scant use over the last five years or so, as “culture” migrated to corporate control. It’s not monetised or used for financial gain, just as a shop window. Real life is not here.

We’re trying to move away and centralise everything, as part of a strategy to move away from social media entirely. By the end of the year, all our pages will be echoes from party central. Tom MySpace won the war; taught a generation to code, sold his company and bailed. Still the best front page for bands too.

That preamble is all to say that I’ve uploaded a whole bunch of videos to Cowpunk TV, including the “Anxiety” music video from the forthcoming “Time To Go” EP from The Overbites, Book Yer Ane Fest videos from ALLDEEPENDS, Burning Flag and Truth Ruiner, Tejas emo kids Riley from SUMMERPUNKS and a couple videos from newyearsemo from Slowlight and Gossiper.

I’ll steadily be adding to the live archives over the days, weeks, months and likely years to come. The work is never done. It’s always more than music.


Please like/share/subscribe!


No fools here!

01/04/23; BUYATICKETFORTHISFEST with JOEY TERRIFYING (only Scottish gig), THE SEWER CATS (Manchester), THE CUNDEEZ, KIDS ON FIRE (Seattle, usa), FLINCH (Glasgow), THE DISORDERLIES (usa), Scottish DIY fayre w/ JCHC Zine, Mutual Scum, Struggletown, more bands & artists and more to come.

Joey Terrifying will only be playing TWO SHOWS. Learn the words, breathe deeply, express yourself clearly. Prepare for ruckus.


05/04/23; PETROL GIRLS (eng / eu) with GET IT TOGETHER (ten year anniversary show!) & ARSENIC ANNIE. 7.30pm, £10/14.
Tickets went on sale last week and have been flying out. Grab one fast!




10/04/23; FRESH (eng) & CHEERBLEEDERZ (eng) with CROCODILE TEARS and possibly one more. Post-MPF Dundee full band show a long time in coming from two of English indie pop’s most beloved exports. Likely to be turbo rammed, Rad Apples open for the SHOW ONLY.

All of these gigs are likely to sell out so please grab tickets as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Full spring schedule coming soon!

📍 Rad Apples Dundee / Conroy’s Basement

Right, that’s enough blathers. Thank you if you’ve made it this far through the cowpunk cult propaganda newsletter. Know ye are loved and we can’t do this without you.

It’s all go.
What a time to be alive.

Derrick (MTAT)



A Poem; “An Experience of Nausea”

OG photo taken in Belfast, 2017(?)


The shattered self

and an ill sense of being.

Light a faint cold purple,

accepting of penance and repentance.


Spooked by the death of god

and developing understanding

of a thousand others,

living inside of all of us

every day,

at all times.


Fall into warm familiar darkness,

cosmic sadness.

Oscillator; contentment or resentment?


Utter disgust.

Sheer hell, a construction.




The slow unravelling.


Adequately translate

thought to mouth,

words and tangible,

reality-based action.


Damn the deconstructionists,

who enabled eugenicist mind control.

Clowns weaponising meaninglessness, ignorance.

Fuck poetics.

Constant nails down the blackboard,

third eye squeegee time.


An email written to a friend in “hostile territory” that an email server wouldn’t allow through. Published here as “an echo off the far wall”, as The Hotelier may put it.

Seabraes, Dundee


Apologies once more for the silence in the void, ‘tis not for lack of will or psychic connection, simply space, time and these peculiar things called “emotions” reeking havoc with one’s being. I’ve been thinking of you. I have also finally acquired a grail.

Twenty years or however long after first introduction at your masterly hand, I’ve finally stepped aboard the mothership and own a physical copy of Maggot Brain on 12” vinyl. Having my first spin on a dreich Saturday afternoon with no United to go see or work until later, I drift into another time and space, another wavelength, and I understand things I wished I did long before. Ten weeks deep into twenty years or more of theory, my heart is opening. Praxis > theory. Who knew?

We remain afloat on the east coast, Dundee resembling somewhere more akin to Leipzig, or maybe further east, on a daily basis. It’s set to become a “FREEPORT”, as the fascists turn this island into Singapore or whatever money laundering enterprise these maniacs have in place to rob us blind. On the positive, general strike moves ever closer. All empires die.

I trust Mother Earth has nourished ye from her womb, if not the situations of your current employment and emotional satisfaction. I echo the restlessness ye referred to previously, a general malaise, mortality, a dawning, cosmic waves gathering. One cannot define exactly but something in my stomach has shifted, my soul moved, and I’ve felt your wisdom recently.

My dreams have changed. Where once there was only space for fear, violence and aggression, I’ve been dreaming of protecting the same white horse over consecutive evenings for weeks, when retention of images has occurred. What would Einstein say? Probably advise flipping the record over.

I think I told ye Peggy G died. If not, I’m sorry, but he did. It’s been awful and I feel a shell, bereft, the lingering sound of an octave chord sustaining at high pitch, delusions of grandeur shattered only by the horrors of our shared reality. It may be a salutary lesson in grace, or the death of fear. Maybe both, who knows?

I hope yer familial status is somewhere in the regions between happiness and communicative, as far as I understand these concepts to hold meaning at this time. I FEEL ye but Pearl Jam addressed something about the state of love and trust in some song they ripped from Neil Young once. I don’t trust Eddie Vedder. I trust you.

Once more into the breach, doctor. 

With love.


Wreaking Joy art by Hooligan

WREAKING JOY “demo” is MTAT145, replacing a canned project, and is out now for free/pay-what-you-want download above. They play their first ever show on Sunday (tomorrow) with ENDLESS SWARM, BELOW THE NECK & ASSIMILATE at Rad Apples for JCHC.

JCHC art by Kel


A Poem; “Consistency”





Evergreen consistency

low-key persistence

sees labour turn

to dust and dreams






Pharmaceutical efficiency

corruption-held supremacy

grinds teeth down

to the gums as

the electorate disintegrates.



Theft and misery,

straightness direct

to shareholders.

What a burden

for a fool to take

upon such slender shoulders.






compliments complacency,

progress slow when dealing

cards professionally.





based on dreams.

Imagined narratives help

broken beans process

trauma of the egoic

ignorance of crybabies.





signifies a fear in taking

action over theory.

You’ll be safe

in bubbles as we travel

to the end of history.





Burning books to hide

the truth is the domain of Nazis.


Red fascists.


Choose your battles,

lest they choose you,

as they do us all.

All neoliberal narrative

management makes Thatcher

the true mother of all dissonance.


A Poem; “Pineapple Heed“

Apocalypse in satire

A parody of leadership

Kicking holes in fake hate,

you counterfeits.

Towing the line,

doing yer lines,

standing around in a race against time.

Leading the race in testosterone bro rage,

cannae get a date with people yer own age.

You won’t have a hope when the sirens go off.

It doesn’t really matter who gets the last laugh


Mercedes Benz and gold-rimmed glasses

drawing red lines over social classes.

Fuelling the hate and rage of the masses,

you fucking poisonous inbred racists.

Paving the way for more to discriminate,

“they’ve got a lot to say”

Got a fucking lot to say now, yeah?

I’ll be taking these motherfuckers out all day.


but in line you’ll stay.

We’ve got some broken politricks.


Taking bribes in poisoned gold,

a ticking bomb about to explode.

It’s doesn’t matter about yer shitty weekend,

these pineapple heeds will ensure we all end.

But that doesn’t matter to corporate,

the cops

the bigots who make the law.

They’ll never ken the power o’ just chewing yer jaw.

Break the camel’s back

and draw yer last straws.

We’ll never see the world again

the way we do right now.


a legacy of conquest.

ethnic cleansing before the words “genocide” or “crimes against humanity” existed

the Socratic oath

entry into this realm and the comedown from the ecstasy of pre-human form

the gift and the curse of both

crimes of empire, the royal british legion, standard-bearing, cub scouts

repressed assault; bullies now polis

a stolen football shirt, heroin, double-murder

chords to an old song, four bank accounts.

Duncan’s island descent in strange tongue

flag bastards screaming “progress” as the demons climb the rungs

the rapist. the metal bands. the clowns.

the blackened lungs. the hatred. the loathing. knowledge of how to

“safely use guns”.

high school biology.

that parents lie to their children

the inbreeding of fascist parasites

masquerading as the divine right of

kings. Brasso for brass, silver for blades.

how much I love purp’s face and smile

that a single bite can save a life

a boat trip back from an island to

it’s aggressive hostile neighbour and

a video of a toddler eating humous.

Price Edward Island. Geneva. Venice.

a lack of positive male role models.

the fuckin’ moonboot from Amebix

genius is merely insight, the separation of

art and artist.

church and state.

the impermanent impermanence of

all things for eternity experienced

through a youthfully underdeveloped

palette and how old cunts can

be thanked for brutal lessons.

tough love.

that the fiend club is home tomorrow

that home is where they let you in.

the existential misery of being

a lifelong dundee united supporter.

Love is real.




Disclaimer: I wouldn’t usually publish the BOOK YER ANE ANE FEST announcements and a massive screed of MTAT news on this blog these days. Indeed, I don’t publish much beyond gig news, record announcements and various stripes of press releases at all. Regardless, the MTAT website is currently experiencing technical difficulties beyond my skill-set and parameters of time. All hail Craig, Fernando and all the MTAT crew for their engineering and scientific wizardry. I have an ideas, not a practical brain, hence this piece of shit ten-year old reconditioned laptop.


What do you do when one of your best friends gets diagnosed with cancer? How do you handle losing someone close to you?

Vægtløs are trying to wade into questions like these on their upcoming album, which solely includes songs about people close to the band who died or suffered deadly diseases.

Vægtløs focuses on a vulnerability and openness that are lacking in the music scene, but also in society, in general. Life is fleeting and fragile, and Vægtløs is a bridge to gap between the monumental emotional dread underlying the fact that all beauty will eventually die and the cathartic strength found in music.

Vægtløs are scene veterans coming together for their love of everything emotionally heavy, passionate, honest and sincere. The band is not afraid to wear their heart on their sleeves and paint a scenery of the remote and primitive Nordic landscape that is both silent and loud.

In these immensely bleak times, the need for melancholic and desolate music has never been greater. Vægtløs pours every last bit of passion into their aggressive yet emotional music which can be described as intense and atmospheric post-metal with hints of black metal, post-rock, post-hardcore, and emo, eventhough it is not a distinct variation of neither of those, but a mutated multifaceted modificaton of the sum. Musically the band never took any notice of trends and genres, as the band draws inspiration equally from life as from art and music.

Recorded: Vægtløs
Engineered: Rasmus Glassau Clausen and Vægtløs
Mixed and mastered: Jacob Bredahl
Backing vocals: Victor Kaas and Christian Bonnesen


MTATV026 is the incredible “KAKAFONI” 7” EP from danish black metal hardcore punx Vægtløs; two songs & sixteen beautifully punishing minutes of progressive reflective post-rock/shoegaze/bleakcore available on three gorgeous limited colours of 7” vinyl; gold, green & classic black.

Released via a plethora of global diypunk & independent record label crews worldwide, it’s an honour to be involved. We’ve a small number of records, preorders are shipping, Thirteen Records have one copy of each colour. Digital download too.

Much love and respect to Akaip, Angry Music (denmark), Bad Moon Rising (taipei), Dingleberry Records (germany), DIY Kolo (poland), Entes Anomicos (peru), Fresh Outbreak (italy), Geenger, Nasty Cut Records (greece), Nothing To Harvest (greece), Punk Bjarte norway), Rip Roaring Shit (doncaster), TNS Records (manchester), virklighedsfjern (denmark), Voice Of The Unheard (france) & 5FeetUnder (denmark) for being part of it. Please check them out and support diy punk worldwide.

“Rocksteady Girl” / “Hanging Out” is the new single from Dundee City Rockers DAVID DELINQUENT & THE IOUS and is the second release in the MTAT HOMEROWN SINGLES SERIES.

Written and performed by the band, these two jams were recorded live in Conroy’s Basement at Rad Apples, Dundee by Nicholas Mayer in August 2022. The recordings were then also mixed and mastered by Nicholas at home and released as a digital download and super-limited edition two-track CD single,



Our homegrown basement-born banjo-driven internationalist hardcore anarchist cowpunk riot that is ALLDEEPENDS are out on on tour in europe with The Sewer Cats.

The Sewer Cats jumped aboard in Manchester and are touring to Copenhagen, where the team will meet Forever Unclean.

We’re still awaiting confirmation of dates on 14/15 in eastern Germany, but if anyone can help with Berlin on 15/11, do please get in touch. Likewise for anything either side of Geneva. DIY tour booking is hard, even with an ace team, in this current climate. Much respect to TNSrecords, Disconnect Disconnect Records and Nasty Cut Records for all their help and all the rad promoters who’ve stepped in to help.

Sewer Cats fly home from CPN as ADE & FU tour back to the UK before the family reunite at The Flying Duck at the Pre-BYAF Glasgow show with Mutual Scum and Struggletown. Tour then wraps at BOOK YER ANE FEST XV.

ALLDEEPENDS released the “Throwing A Pit To Nothing” LP this summer, one of the most vital punk rock records in years, to these hefty biased ears.

There’s a whole bunch going down on the hometeam front too.

Very much looking forward to hosting Leeds-based fizzy feminist indie punks NERVOUS TWITCH at their first ever Scottish show this coming Friday. They’ve been out on the road since the summer in support of their awesome “SOME PEOPLE NEVER CHANGE” LP and I very much look forward to getting my hands on the vinyl. They’re joined in the basement by our lofi Aberdeenshire power/punk/grunge-pop pals ARSENIC ANNIE and local queer emo pups CROCODILE TEARS. 8pm doors, six bones advanced, eight on doors.

TINS FOR TUNES in solidarity with DUNDEE FOODBANK goes down on Saturday as the FUTURE SOUND OF DUNDEE throw a DUB’N’GRUB Saturday night basement special for the first time. Unfortunately DJ D-LOVE is unable to join us on this occasion but newcomer djxdrkrx will be joining regular DJs TACKITY BEATZ & FU MAN Q for an evening of roots, reggae, dub, ska, hiphop & whatever from 7pm. Entry is free/pay-what-you-want.

We’ve been running TINS FOR TUNES for almost a decade now and it continues to be a disgusting abandonment of duty on behalf of the state, whether they be the criminals in charge in Westminster or Holyrood. Foodbanks form part of government policy. There are more food banks on this shitty island than there are McDs “restaurants”. Fuck McDs, obviously, but also fuck this, fuck capitalism and fuck anyone who thinks this is a reasonable way to organise humans. Personal opinion, clearly, but it all fucking reeks.

Please bring items of non-perishable vegan foodstuffs, toiletries, hygiene products, warm clothes (socks, scarves, gloves, hats, etc) to trade for music, whilst stocks last. All donations will then be shared with Dundee and Angus Foodbank on Monday & Tuesday.

This coming Sunday, we’re thrilled to finally nailed down Glasgow finest new fuzzy indie pop media sweethearts THE WIFE GUYS OF REDDIT to give them the traditional basement once over. Thankfully, there are more than enough quirky pop zingers and math-y arrangements to keep the post-hardcore heads happy, alongside a bucketful of pop melodies and radio friendly unit shifting songs that’d sound great on the radio. They’ll be joined at their first Dundee show by the returning majesty of HOLY SNAKES and homegrown indie rock’n’roll mastro NICK SHANE. Early doors at 6pm, £6/8 for a Sunday funday.

The following Friday brings an evening of three distinct flavours of metal on our last MTAT stop en route to Book Yer Ane Fest XV. Edinburgh’s blackened hardcore doom / sludge / noise punks CODESPEAKER have just released their incredible self-titled debut album and they’ll be celebrating it’s lead-heavy launch with an evening of lacerating loathing in the basement. Joining them will be homegrown psychedelic stoner crew KURNEL FIST and black metal-influenced satanic thrash metalheads TYRANNUS will be destroying all in earshot to open. 8pm doors, £6/8 mosh tax.


A once in a lifetime opportunity to catch insurrectionary anarchist basque country post-punk legends ALGARA in Dundee as part of their ongoing campaign for total liberation. One of the most important, explosive and influential of the radical basque anarcho punk bands, and by proxy one of the most radical and motivated punk rock bands in Europe, it is our absolute pleasure to be hosting them in Dundee for one night only. Huge thanks to Paco at LA VIDA ES UN MUS for helping makes this happen. Support from THE MARX and TRAGICAL HISTORY TOUR. 8pm doors, £6/8.


For the first (and probably last) time ever, we’ll be hosting concurrent pre-BYAF shows across two Scottish cities. We’d like to extend our thanks and gratitude to the MUTUAL SCUM collective for supporting us in this endeavour and to Steven from Struggletown Records for going above and beyond the call of duty in support of the diy punk community. Thanks also for the sick artwork.

Having last ripped up the boards together in Copenhagen, the touring triumvirate of ALLDEEPENDS, The Sewer Cats and Forever Unclean reconvene on Plague Island to kick-off the weekend on the west coast. They’ll be joined for a unicorn shit-rare hometown show from pre-existence MTAT allies THE KIMBERLY STEAKS. Doors are at 7pm and the running order will be determined in the tradition of the very first incarnations of BYAF; by “lethal lottery” just before doors with no running order announced in advance. If it was good enough for Bad Religion, Ice T, NOFX and awbdy on those early, meaningful years of the Warped Tour, then it’s good enough for some ecossemopunx!

Gig tickets here.


Friday 25th – Sunday 27th November 2022

Rad Apples Dundee & Conroy’s Basement

Benefit music festival to raise money & awareness in solidarity with Wrasac Dundee & Angus, Dundee Women’s Aid & Dundee Foodbank. Individual day tickets now on sale. Having a weekend or day ticket ensures your entry to the building ONLY. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure you arrive in time at the stage for the performances you want to see. A full programme of events will be published the week before the festival begins but we’d encourage everyone to get in as early as possible, as ye never know what ye might miss at fest.

Thanks to Daniel Hughes Art for the illustration. Card always subject to change, as the bail of The Human Project yesterday after I’d already re-commissioned this piece for the third time. Time is money and all that, I’m running out of both. This will also be the last time I’ll be booking my ane fest. Thankfully, we have a tremendous crew of humans to pass the ball to. It’s been emotional but I’m out. Thank you all for everything.

Friday 25th November 2022 at Rad Apples, Dundee

Doors at 4pm. Day ticket; £16.50


THE SEWER CATS (england)





WORK TO RULE (first show!)

Plus who knows what?

Saturday 26th November 2022 at Rad Apples, Dundee

Doors at 12 noon. Day ticket; £22.00






SUNLINER (england)








Keep yer eyes peeled for morning events popping up!

Sunday 27th Novemver 2022 at Rad Apples, Dundee

Doors at 12 noon. Day ticket; £22.00

BURNING FLAG (england)

BROKEN STORIES (tenth birthday, first ever full band show!)

KAPIL SESHASAYEE (full band performance!)


KADDISH (the undefeated streak lives!)












That’s pretty much a wrap. There are loads of resources on the internet about the history, origins and story of BOOK YER ANE FEST. It’s been sixteen years since Graham passed, fourteen years of doing this festival and over twenty-five years of playing in punk rock bands. I turned 40 a couple of weeks ago, have been doing this label since I was 23. It’s been over a decade since my dad died and my best friend died a slow, horrible death after four year plus battle with cancer this summer. My own full time band called it quits at BYAF last year, Rad Apples takes up an incredible amount of our time and there are simply other things that I want to do with my life.

No doubt Book Yer Ane Fest will continue in some way, shape or form, but it’s time for the young team to step up and run with the ball. I never want to be one of those bitter old shitcunts who despises and fears the youth, fears change and discomfort. Fuck that, the entire philosophical history of western (capitalist) kind is “fuck you, old man”. Quite right too, really.

So it goes.

Tickets here. Music here.

Stay rad,


Rest in Power, Gordon James MacKenzie


May the force ever be with you, brother.

May the fourth be with you means different things to different people, a deeply important day for many reasons. For those of us who were privileged to know, live, grow and love Gordon, it shall now forever be both a beautiful and sad day, as it represents the day he arrived on this earth in his physical form.

I had the deep pleasure of first meeting Gordon in primary two; me a gobby five year old with too many thoughts and a frustrating speech impediment, he a taller, quiet, clearly smart six year old. Miss Littlejohn sat Gordon beside me; “Derrick’s a nice boy, hold his hand and he’ll show you around”, or some words to that effect. Little did she know that Gordon, both literally and figuratively, would be holding my hand for much of the next thirty-five years.

May the force ever be with you, brother.

Gordon’s love is not something that can be described, something that can only be experienced. His greatest love, greatest achievement and greatest source of joy was the love he poured into his children, family and forever loves. Gordon always the best of us. A loyal, ferocious fearless lily of the valley; a protector, sincere, honest, brutal, discrete, stubborn, strong, beautiful; the closest I’ve ever known a person to come to purity, something he’d belly laugh at. Those who know his love know this love will never end.

“Love is a dog from hell” (Chuck Bukowski)

Gordon was an artist, a watcher, a photographer, an observer, a commentator, a critic, an inspiration and a muse. Two weird kids met in ‘88 as caterpillars. One evolved into the most beautiful, engaging, enraging, consistent, persistent, compassionate sage-like butterfly who listened to too much radio. Maybe he was a moth. I’m glad he saw the world how he did, in the infinite shades of grey; a vision all his own. The other writes these platitudes today, attempting to keep a promise to my first co-conspirator.

Over ten years ago now, Gordon helped clear my father’s house after he died. My dad’s departure date was April 27th 2012, same day Boab sent me the final masters of the Uniforms EP. As Gordon told me then; “love never dies and neither do spirits. Dae the ‘hings, whatever the ‘hings may be”. The EP came out on May 4th 2012, the caterpillar’s thirtieth birthday. The gig doubled as my dad’s wake.

May the fourth ever be with you, brother.

Gordon lived. Gordon loved. Gordon will never truly die. He’ll be with us all until end of time as he knew that energy cannot die, it just transforms. Love is alive in story, song, poetry, art, blood, verse, heart, soul, thought, our bodies, our bones and everywhere at all times. That can only grow with time, Gordon the watcher ever watcheth over.

Gordon knew that “all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves” (Bill Hicks).

Thank you for lighting the way for us all. We will love you until the earth falls into the sun. May the force ever be with you, until we see you again.

Your forever pal, derrick.


This is usually the kind of post that I’d do from the MTAT website but, for some reason, I’m writing it on here instead. Maybe I’m a little less hyperbolic when I write on my own blog, perhaps I find it easier to ebb into the flow of stream-of-consciousness, the style I so admired for so long, or simply maybe my anxiety is through the roof at the moment and it’s easier to splatterpaint in a less “official” capacity. Whatever the weather and whatever the blethers, there’s a veritable fuckton going on.

We’ve got some US melodic hardcore punk legends in the house tomorrow night and it’s our biggest show for a wee while. Moving Targets are a seminal 80s US hardcore punk rock band from the notorious Massachusetts scene that was equally as important and influential in the development of emo, post-hardcore and melodic punk as the scenes in DC, the Midwest and California.

They’re joined on the UK leg of their European Tour by DIAZ BROTHERS, featuring some of the great and the good from the fertile Sunderland & north east punk rock scenes and members of Dickie Hammond’s legendary HDQ. These punks of the finest pedigree will be joined in Dundee by the mighty Kaddish, who need no introduction to a Scottish audience. To have them play their very first show of the year in such illustrious company is a rare privilege. I’d encourage all who can to come out, this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime basement show and we’ll take all the support we can take right now.

Eight quid advanced e-tickets available until 7pm tomorrow evening then it’s a tenner a skull on doors please. Ye ken the craic by now; cash only in the basement, exact change is helpful, no bozos.

The RAD PUB QUIZ happens on Thursday night this week. All the usual craic applies. This will be the last time that the quiz is moving and we will no longer be booking Wednesday night shows. It takes a lot of labour, time and organisation to make things happen; the crew at Rad Apples and the pub quizzers have all been very understanding of the need to shift things around, but in light of the last minute cancellation of the Bob Nanna / Andrew Paley tour kick-off we were supposed to be hosting next week, such accommodations no longer feel justified.

If I’m being honest, I’m pretty sad about how things went down in that regard. I know that shit happens, damn, Uniforms once cancelled a five-week European tour with three weeks notice and there are still booking agents across the continent who will never return my emails. We messaged every single one of the promoters though, apologising for putting them out and thanking them for booking us in the first place. To find out about things via the internet, social medias in particular, whatever the subject matter may be, really sucks, especially when shit is so precarious right now.

Refunds for the show will be sorted by this time next week. Cheers to those who bought tickets and deepest apologies to everyone who was looking forward to the show. It was going to be my only solo Tragical History Tour Dundee gig of the summer but we’ll see what happens. THT Band are going to record a show in the basement for a live album that we’ll be selling to help raise funds for Gordon’s leaving party. Will have details on that before too long.

Apologies also to everyone who preordered the Gooberfest CD & zine, the truth of the matter is I’ve found dealing with this whole experience and writing the stories a very difficult experience. I haven’t fully finished it yet and for that I can only ask for your understanding and forgiveness. Keep yer eyes on yer inboxes over the next week or so though, I’ve got something for y’all nobody else has.

In the spirit of anxiety, being insanely busy and generally having somewhat the midlife existential crises as I hurtle through the last summer of my 30s, I reached out to some friends for help and, with deepest gratitude, came up trumps. Referring to the aforementioned labour of organising, the good folx at THE ART BAR have come to our assistance and will be hosting me olde mucker TIM HOLEHOUSE and his Scottish tour mate, Scottish folk / sound artist Craig John Davidson.

They’ll be taking to the floor at 9pm and donations for the touring acts are very much appreciated. Thanks to Avril for sorting this on my behalf, it takes a village to host a folk show. Dig the old school GED McDEAR flyer, basically used the same one for the BURST gigs over twenty years ago and a bunch of the first MTAT shows.

Friday brings us FRESH FRUITS II, probably the closest thing we’ll ever get to some kind of new bands showcase or whatever (incidentally, on that front, someone who runs one of the these bigger wee festivals that happen in Scotland should get in touch, MTAT could totally curate a sick as fuck underground punk/hardcore/alternative stage for ye. Anyone who reads this with like, rich mates or something, or who works for some promoters who aren’t wretched, who wants to get in touch should email me). This time round, it’s round acts!

SAVAGE DINK are a pop-punk band who played the basement years ago before Rad Apples came int existence and we’re happy to welcome them back fresh from reforming. Crocodile Tears were supposed to be playing their full band show but, unfortunately, it’s not to be. However, Beth will be performing a short solo set so get ready to sing along. New Dundee emo/glam/goth crew DOPAMINE join us for the first time and Perth indie/alt-rock mob THE CROM will be opening proceedings. Fiver e-tickets, seven bats heads on the door. On the subject of currency; make yer ane in a new republic.

The ALLDEEPENDS “Throwing A Pit To Nothing” LP is out THIS FRIDAY. The vinyl arrived way earlier than we expected so we’ve brought the release date of the album forward from 4th July to June 10th to coincide with the band’s forthcoming US dates.

Vinyl preorders are shipping now but, with them getting here early, shirts and CDs are still in the production process. These will be shipped out separately as soon as they arrived. MEGA BUNDLES contain one-off exclusive artwork pieces and will ship out upon their return to this shitty disunited archipelago after their transatlantic adventures.

Almost half of the first pressing of vinyl is already accounted for so if ye want to get in on the ground floor of an instant cowpunk classic, don’t snooze on grabbing one. There won’t be very many left by Book Yer Ane Fest XV. Check out this sick in-depth interview and FULL ALBUM STREAM courtesy of our good friends at Idioteq.com. The album will also be available digital download for MTAT and across all global streaming platforms.

This Saturday brings us SUMMERPUNKS and I can’t quite believe that it has come around so quickly. It’s the age and organisational things again, I don’t have a full time band anymore, rarely get the luxury of playing music at all most of the time, yet I’ve never had less time. Slip slip slipping away. Regardless, this should be an absolute pearler to kick-start the summer months and who doesn’t fancy a cheeky half-dayer of a Saturday afternoon. It’ll be BAR SERVICE all day at Rad Apples and a TOP ROASTER dropkicks any cheeky chicken guts shack any day of the week.

RILEY are an uber-melodic emo/pop-punk band from the States on Chillwaave Records hitting the road in the UK for the first time in the company of South Yorkshire’s finest fuzzy queer emo-pop band SLASH FICTION. Riley’s “Already Fucked” LP is an pure modern pop-punk pearler and I sure hope they’ve managed to bring some vinyl records with the. They’ll be joined in Dundee by a plethora of our pals; the east coast’s furriest posi pup-punks DOG EARED, two bands courtesy of new Aberdoom pals Punch Face Champions who send UGLY CLINIC and CERAMICS our way. David Delinquent will be joining us for a tune and a blether at his first solo show in ages and Edinburgh riot punk’n’rollers THE STIFF LIPS join us from Edinburgh. Dundee’s sickest new punk rock three-piece SMOKEY REAPER open the show at 4.20pm (lol), Download their first EP now, it’s a total banger.

E-tickets are a tenner until Saturday at noon.

I’ll post set times on the socials as soon as they’re sorted.

I’m working my way through all the orders. Its generally only me working on the mail order and much of the label organisation but none of these shows could happen without the incredible and selfless work of entire Rad Apples staff and MTAT crew. This cannot be overstated. I ken these are the hardest times we’ve faced, certainly in my lifetime. I remember the faint waves of optimism of ’97, before it became clear that New Labour were now the Tories, starting illegal wars and further eroding society. We’re living a dystopian late-capitalist nightmare and everyone is hitting breaking point. We need all the help we can get, we all need each other to get through whatever is coming down the road. Hopefully we can do it together.

Thanks to awbody for sticking wi’ us and awbody that’s smased the Truth Ruiner “Demo”. I *think* all orders have now been shipped. Holler at me if they huvnae. Thanks to Karol at Idioteq for this sick introduction for the Euro and worldwide hardcore communities.

I’ll write more about awhin when I can, first to finish the Gooberfest zine. Sometimes I find it hard to write because I don’t know where the fuck to start. Sometimes I forget how to write personally because I spend half my time writing press releases and blurbs, marketing and advertising tasks, a necessary evil if some are to be believed. We shouldn’t believe them, never pay for corporate advertising, take an ad out in Razorcake instead. Buy one at Rad Apples or I’ll send ye a free one if ye spend £30+ on records.

I’ve been thinking about doing it but paying for advertising is selling out, Deeker man……..

Stay rad.

Good Vinyl News!

Some posi vinyl news, after the last moan!

The “Legacies” LP from Stonethrower is MTATV024 and is at now at press!

Thanks so much to everyone who got involved in the pre-press preorder, your support is deeply appreciated and we couldn’t have done this without you. Much respect also to Clever Eagle Records for handing North American duties and GoldMold Records for hooking us up with cassette tapes.

Preorders are still available, as are tapes. 50% of proceeds from digital downloads continue to be donated to CRER Scotland. http://www.crer.scot


MTATV021 is the incredible and life-affirming “LIVE FREE” LP from Scotland’s most posi hardcore punks GET IT TOGETHER and was released two years ago today.

The culmination of years of graft, this piece de resistance was produced by John Harcus (PMX) and contains thirteen tracks of raging fists-up bangers. Available on classic black 12” vinyl, six-panel digipack CD and as a digital download. The band have 10% off everything on their Bandcamp page right now too!


Finally, MTATV010 was the “Short-Brain” 7” from Chicago queercore pop-punks THE FUR COATS, co-released with Rad Girlfriend Records and Drunken Sailor. The record was on snot green vinyl with artwork by Wolfmask.

The record has been sold out for ages but we’ve got our hands on EIGHT COPIES. The EP is a short, sharp zap of spiky cynical pop-punk and can be grabbed online now.

Hope awbody is getting on sound.


122 releases on Bandcamp; https://makethatatakerecords.bandcamp.com/

Heaps of vinyl, CDs, tapes, zines, etc; https://makethatatakerecords.bigcartel.com

Have a guid week.